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MJ-12; Thatcher, The Challenger Explosion And A Secret Revealed By Giovanni Di Stefano

On January 28, 1986, The Challenger space craft blasted off on a voyage that was the centre of media attention.


On board was the darling of the world media, a school teacher called Christa McAuliffe who was to be the first teacher in outer space. McAuliffe had been chosen specially by NASA for this great honour and there is no doubt she was good looking and had an upbeat spirit. She really did become a favourite of the media. 

Years later, and for the first time to be revealed, the head of a man’s magazine Bob Guccione, offered her  $1 million to pose nude, an offer she had accepted and upon her return a cover page was already in draft.
But neither the flight nor the naked photos would take place.


Seventy three seconds after takeoff, the world watched in horror as Christa McAuliffe’s dream ended in a mysterious massive explosion. Smoke from the shuttle, totally destroyed, billowed across the sky, throwing debris into the Atlantic Ocean the whole world watched in shock and awe at the tragedy.


Something went terribly wrong.
Seven crew members had met horrible deaths in the destruction of Challenger.
This was not the first time NASA had lost crew members. Three Astronauts perished on what would have been the Apollo One mission. But that was in the rally days of the space exploration, days. But exactly what was the purpose of NASA?
Covert documents, within the office of The President of the United States of America, show that space exploration was to be given a high priority, in order to find a way ‘out of the alien agreement’ and to explore the capabilities of the aliens. Even then the United States of America was hoping for a way to ‘get out’ of the agreement and it had the full support of MJ-12.
NASA however, hoped that such ‘tragedies’ and, of course, public relations disasters would be things of the past but then only two NASA officials were even remotely aware of MJ-12. The bulk of the staff were idealists and true professionals who believed in space exploration. There was optimism within NASA because they were not aware of the objectives and when any of the astronauts even second-guessed the result would be fatal.
Christa McAuliffe was but one.
In 1986 when the Challenger exploded NASA halted all programmes for two years. Those that counted at NASA had to make sure there would be no repeat of ‘nosey’ astronauts’. McAuliffe was a teacher and one with too much of an inquisitive mind.
So what went wrong?
In the investigation that followed, blame for the explosion was placed on the O-Ring, a simple rubber seal, positioned between the solid rocket boosters, which gave the shuttle the power to escape earth’s gravity.
But what was the reason for the O-Rings failure? Hundreds of millions of dollars blown to pieces over a few dollars’ worth of rubber ring?
The weather on the day of the Challenger launch was cold, quite cold for Florida and it registered 28.5 degrees Fahrenheit.
The O-rings were not designed to operate under such conditions, and as a result, were unable to restrain hot gasses from igniting the main liquid fuel tank.
This was clear, obvious and known to the technicians of NASA and the go ahead to launch was made not by NASA but by two people – Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher.
This glaringly obvious mechanical problem, led to the explosion, the death of all on board and to an inquisitive school teacher that may have discovered the true objects of NASA.
Engineers at NASA knew full well that the O-Rings were not designed to function in the unusually cold weather, but on the orders of the President of the United States and the British Prime Minister, went ahead with the launch anyway, even though the launch manual expressly forbade such action.
For the first time revealed that disturbingly, it was not the first time NASA had experienced performance faults with O-Rings – erosion of the rings had been discovered after flights in 1981 but nothing had been done to correct the problem.
In a phone call in late February 1986 recorded by GCHQ between Reagan and Thatcher, a dry American President is heard saying to the British Prime Minister: ‘It’s a good job that Lt Colombo is not on this case.’

Documents kept both within the office of the President of the United States, and at the British Secret Intelligence Services, clearly show that in 1977, the parts manufacturer and engineering company that designed the O-Rings, apparently, became aware of the defect the equipment experienced in cold weather. The company even reported its findings to the commission that had appointed the company to design a new rocket but the report was suppressed, on the orders of President Ford and UK Prime Minister James Callaghan.


So nothing was done.
In the case of Challenger, NASA had put pressure on the company to provide a waiver concerning the functionality of the O-Rings in cold weather, a waiver that would allow the launch to proceed and exonerate – if ever it came to light – President Reagan and, British Prime Minister and, ex lawyer Margaret Thatcher.

For the company, faced with angering one of its most lucrative contracts, it simply agreed.
For the politicians it was a license to kill and with no Lt Colombo investigating, there would be a further plan to avoid unnecessary difficult questions.

Both Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher, when faced with difficult situations, had similar solutions – money.

Huge sums of money, running into the millions, were granted to the bereaved families of the Challenger explosion both by the US Governments and the Morton Thiokol Company. The speed with which the money was handed over clearly implied not only a guilty conscience but a need to brush the entire incident under the carpet as quickly as possible.

In many cases against the Government that come to court, civilian claimants and next of kin all subjected to ridicule and forced to navigate a costly path through a jungle populated by lawyers, determined to break them down emotionally and financially. Ask any next of kin of military killed in action the anguish to obtain a few thousand for the family to live.
Not this time though.

Money adjourned, questions and money was paid not only to the families of the departed but also to certain members’ of the media, to ensure no serious investigative journalist made trouble.

It makes sense, of course, that the agency with the most knowledge about UFO’s and extraterrestrials would have certain operatives within its organization but even these operatives were not prepared to sanction the launch. It required the highest order and NJ-12 was convened
On the 27 January 1986 MJ-12 the Majesty committee was convened. Margaret Thatcher attended on the fateful Monday, by secure telephone link.
What was agreed, that increasingly concerned, was that space exploration would in fact reveal evidence of alien life.  They were decided that NASA was to be slowed down and could not advance NASA efforts to establish a greater role for man in the solar system because that would be a breach of the agreement at a time they were not ready for confrontation.
By allowing the launch and destroying the shuttle, not only did they bring the agency into disrepute, which led to a massive shakedown of personnel, and MJ-12 managed  – with the deaths of just  seven – to stall NASA operations long enough to ensure the next time the shuttle went into space they had the whole of NASA under their control.
The deaths of seven was a price both Reagan and Thatcher were prepared to pay.
That should have seen the end of the matter and so it did for a while. To lose one shuttle could be a disaster but when a second was lost then urgent action had to be taken.

Seven Astronauts’ died after space shuttle Columbia disintegrated on re-entering the earth’s atmosphere on February 1st 2003.

What was the problem that caused this?
A compromised heat shield and the O-Rings, yet again.
What caused the disintegration and why did Colombia come in when it had more time?
Some say, that MJ-12 ordered early return because the astronauts were bringing in a message from aliens. Some have seen a grim significance in the fact that debris from the shuttle carrying an Israeli – astronaut rained down over an area of the Texas called ….Palestine.

For George Bush and Tony Blair, the US President and UK Prime Minister they would follow the lead of Regan and Thatcher, and again millions of dollars awarded to the families of the dead/murdered astronauts.

 Giovanni Di Stefano

Written 28 March 2014

NB: Some images retrieved from Google, will remove at owner’s request.

Originally published 24 April 2014 on previous site

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