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Secrets Behind The European Union By Giovanni Di Stefano And Caroline Bayford


There is no doubt that Margaret Thatcher was the most right wing Prime Minister ever elected to the office of the United Kingdom. It was no surprise then in 2002 the ‘Iron Lady’ claimed that the European Union was:-




‘Part of a secret plot – possibly instigated by the Nazis – to take control of the people of Europe and strip them of political rights.’



Her demise was primarily thanks to covert Soviet Agent, Michael Heseltine, who after ensuring her removal from office suffered the indignation of being ordered by his Soviet Masters to bow out of the race gracefully.”



The ‘Creators of the Euro’ – the single currency – and the planned expansion of the EU from fifteen to twenty five countries plus… persuaded many to turn scrutiny on the dream of European political and Economic harmony.




With Latvia, Malta, Slovenia, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus and now Croatia joining and thus pushing the EU both further East and further South, the view that there must be more to this EU than has been revealed has become of considerable concern to many none the least the United States of America. 




The official view of the history of the European Union claims it grew out of an initial plan by France and Germany, to pool all of their coal and steel production under a joint authority as a sign of co-operation and friendship after World War II. However, even the European steel and coal community of 1950 showed ‘early grand plans.’ Its founding declaration states:-


‘The contribution which an organized and living Europe can bring to civilization is indispensable to the maintenance of peaceful relations. Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single, general plan. It will be built through concrete achievements.’


Many jurists, economists thought the direct ancestor of the EU – the European Economic Community – would be a purely economic and technical organisation. It was envisaged as covering issues such as ‘common standards for tomato paste or safety in steel plants,’ so it is no surprise that jurists made little or no provision to include democratic elements in the Treaty of Rome which founded the organisation in 1956.




By the end of the Cold War, the EEC had suddenly become the EU, which is today responsible for almost 90% of economic and social legislation and it has a massive impact on the lives of all who live within its boundaries.


The European Union has eroded the importance of the centuries old nation states that form its membership. The so called ruling body of the EU is a very long way away from offering to the Citizens true democratic representations. These principles echo the many shadowy organisations that have been hoping to achieve such a status for centuries.



It is interesting to note – and a fact neatly hidden away and purposely forgotten – that Adolf Hitler’s ultimate plan after he had defeated his opponents was to establish:-



‘A Europe of Regions’


The plan for this European Union – the:-





Was published by the Nazis in 1942!


Written by the Nazi Economic Minister and convicted war criminal, Walther Funk the book entitled:-

‘THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY’ ECHOED Goering’s talk of a post war project for the:-


‘Large scale economic unification of Europe.”


The book and its ideology was the facsimile of the guiding principles of today’s EU.



Nazi propaganda Minister Goebbels was also cited as saying:-



‘In fifty years Europe will be unified and people will no longer talk or think in terms of Countries.”


He was right!


The EU was founded, formed and is administered from 1950 to today by a Cabal of deep NAZI agents who have infiltrated the governments of Europe.


When Margaret Thatcher realized and discovered this she had to be removed. It was the reason why Heseltine was chosen to remove her.



Enter the arena the Vatican. The idea of a United Europe was hardly original or limited to the Nazi regime. It has existed in the past in the form of the Holy Roman Empire, as a confederation of European States where the real power laid with the Roman Catholic Church. For the past forty years the Roman Catholic Church has tried to recreate its glory days by restoring the Holy Roman Empire under the new name of the EU which has a majority of Catholics as its citizens.


When a Pope wanted to change the policy he was murdered within days of his election! But murdering those who expose the European Union is not new.


In 1973, Swiss Journalist, Mathieu Paoli began investigating links between the EEC, one of the bureaucratic entities – the committee to Protect the Rights and the privileges of low cost housing – the Grand Lodge Alpina of Freemasonry and General de Gaulle (the prime mover behind the EEC).



He published the results of his investigation as the book Les Dessous – ‘Undercurrents’ and was warned by Mi6 to leave Europe quickly for his safety.


On assignment in Israel, he was arrested by MOSSAD, found guilty of spying WITHOUT A TRIAL and SHOT!



More than fifty years after it was founded, the EU is without doubt less popular now than ever it has been, yet every country wants to join and those who are members’ afraid to leave. Fewer than half of the voters in Europe think their countries membership of the EU is a good thing or that their country benefits from EU Membership.



There is also a feeling that a European policy elite brought about the institution behind closed doors.


Those decisions were made without the consensus of the electorate. Few direct votes have ever been taken on the subject of the EU, and its growth seems more and more stated by Margaret Thatcher who was quickly removed from office.



The Nazi dream of the European community has come to fruition and its ideologists now run and administer the EU.


One only has to read the book by Walther Funk to realize the Nazi dream is here. That is if the book can be found for it was hidden in 1950 and remaining copies destroyed – save a few!


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Originally published 10 September 2013 on previous site

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