Diary on The Inside 1 – 15 January 2017 Part Ninety By Giovanni Di Stefano

Sunday 1 January 2017


12.05am – Well, I reckon for the first time in a long time I was able to stay awake – just – to see the New Year in. So – to all – Happy New Year. I won’t be going to any party, in fact, I am going now to a long earned sleep, goodnight and Happy New Year………..



08.41pm – New Year Day has gone by quite quick. At the end of the day – other than it gets dark ha ha – nothing much, well none until next week so patience is required. I’m lucky, that for the moment I can talk with my family but as I have said next week I will go to Court over my transfer to Italy. I should really have prepared my witness statement, but I have been very lethargic the last few days. I’m hoping to see a doctor because I’m out of antibiotics and, although I walk around with a smile, it’s getting a bit anxious the situation. Today is the beginning of the future I can feel a wind of change taking place. It really is!!!!!


Monday 2 January 2017


07.35am – Its one thing the British like to do, and they do it well, is making excuses as to why they should not go to work. Today is a prime example. Most EU countries go back to work as normal but Britain, Bank Holiday today by order of Parliament. Well, at least it’s one day less for banks to rip people off. You know you can’t even really tell the Government to go to hell because they are well into building it for all its citizens!!! Now look at the news comment below.



One could just write it off as banter for the New Year aspirations, if, it were not for the fact, there is more than a good chance it is quite true. When I was in Yugoslavia and head of a major building company called Sumadija, one of the pre-requisites before building any block of flats or home, was that it had to have a ‘war-bunker.’ Now, of course, me not being a communist I laughed it off as to how stupid the Government was but I was wrong. It is I see the good sense in it all. I still, though, hope and pray none of it will be necessary, but somehow I think I am an eternal optimist.


Tuesday 3 January 2017


02.41pm – The New Year – shall we say – has started really well with staff arriving on time and everything on a timely – basis. How long that will last is totally another matter. I give it a few days, but I do truly hope it lasts. Now I happened to come across this news cutting about a Finnish police chief.



Let me say, that it is truly rare that in Finland police are corrupt and even rarer at this level. Could it be he was telling the truth? I hope he appeals because something is not quite right about all of this.



02.26pm – Something is also not right about Kevin Crehan in the news article above. Why was he not given HDC (Home Detention)???? Months back he qualified for such. Why would anyone with days left to serve suddenly die in prison at the age of only 35? This needs enquiry!!!!! (Since writing this insert I have been informed that Kevin Crehan broke his HDC previously, however, in my view this should not have stopped Kevin Crehan been given home detention, especially when you look at the ridiculous sentence for such a crime).


Wednesday 4 January 2017



12.09pm – I was very sad to hear that Vesna Vulovic died at the, not so old, age of 66. Her story is what I call a ruddy miracle. I mean she fell from 10 kilometers high and lived. I did get a chance to meet her just before NATO bombed Belgrade and I was impressed because not once did she say she was lucky to be alive. She was sad that so many had died without cause. I hope she rests in peace and more important that the authorities in Belgrade find the cause of death. The age of 66 is not old, so, proper enquiries need to be made with the word ‘proper’ having its actual meaning.


12.13pm – I note that Charles Manson has been taken to hospital in America. It will not be the first time he has been out of prison and really, at the end of the day, its time he was released to live out his life – what there is left of it – out of prison.


Thursday 5 January 2017


06.06pm – When I read the news article below about making love at 10.36pm on 2 January 2017 I said to myself ‘chance would be a fine thing.’



Anyway, what a load of crap that money for research is being spent on. How the hell can anyone predict or plan when to procreate? It is simply not natural and an absurd waste of money or research. Today, I had a nice letter from my MP with excellent legal advice. Another really fine day with some wonderful sunshine, and in the evening I can see a clear half moon and a bright star right in my view from my window. My handwriting is getting worse and worse and my memory fading, but, then, that is what jail does to you. I could not even remember for example the name Bruno Contrada for about five days. My brain hurt because I tried to remember then it suddenly came to me. Now I have to associate another word with a name to remember names. I guess its old age.


Friday 6 January 2017



07.12am – Well, now I read the news article above from no less than McGill University in Canada it explains the great memory of Caroline!!!! (hahahah) No, but honestly, what a complete crock of shite, and, waste of money on totally useless research. It is time that someone started to really properly evaluate what use – research grants are for. McGill University is one of the greats. I’m astounded at the useless and total waste of public funding. However, if the research is a way of getting women to have more sex, well they should use another less public expense method.


07.05pm – So far, so good. Nothing but good news seems to arrive and a good few influential people are willing to help me. In the meantime, here, also, all OK and somehow the governor has found staff to run what can be described as a normal regime. No complaints from any here, and rest assured, there are a number of people who have served 30 years plus. I mean how can anyone justify keeping a man 30 years. Sorry but as I have said – thank F… that the UK is out of Europe. It was dragging the EU down.



Saturday 7 January 2017


09.05am – Some years back, as far as 2005, in fact, I predicted that vinyl records would make a comeback, and a few people told me that was crazy, and it would not happen. Now you see that some 11 years later what I said has come to be. The problem is I did eff all about it, and even the songs I did I made them into CDs, not vinyl, even though the manufacturer did give me the option. That means that I failed to heed my own prediction and advice which is typical of GDS.



The same applied to my trial:- I never took it seriously, and failed even to take the advice of Desmond De Silva QC(Sir) but then, of course, GDS knows it all doesn’t he???? And look now!!! No it’s not feeling ‘sorry for myself’ because I don’t do ‘sorry for myself’ and ‘it’s everyone else’s fault but mine’ shite because it is my fault but now I must get back on track and, although its 4 years on, its better late than never.


Sunday 8 January 2017


08.03am – You see the article below? That is what a trial in this country is all about:- it’s not about justice but wholly about money.



In this prison I have filed Habeas Corpus for two people convicted of drug offences and you know what? Up to trial there was no indictment. For those that know anything about the law an indictment is the foundation of any trial. There has to be one of any trial. In the case of the two people here (Dave R and Roy G) they had four co-defendants, and each had two barristers, so, all in all 12 barristers,  plus, two from the prosecution making 14, plus, the court clerk and the Judge making 16 experience counsel. Then each had solicitors, so, that is another 6 lawyers and the crown prosecution service with two lawyers making 8 other lawyers, a grand total of 24 lawyers. Now that trial was 6 weeks so it would come in at over £3 million so which lawyer would want to stop the pay day by arguing that there was no indictment???? Who could face the 23 other lawyers stopping their pay day? So the two guys get convicted and, of course, no lawyer can now appeal on the basis of an important technicality, because they would have to concede they knew!!! See what I mean? So the two guys just do 20 years and no one gives an eff!!! Except that is…….


Monday 9 January 2017


08.15pm – Well, there is an awful lot going on today even though there is an underground and rail strike which has crippled the capital. I received a letter from the Criminal Appeal office and the contents are excellent news. After a year of asking a simple question the answer is further exculpatory evidence on me. Now I will build the ‘house of innocence’ on that foundation.


Thursday 10 January 2017


07.35am – I am in favour of the anonymity orders for those under age who commit serious offences. It is a form of rehabilitation. You see at some stage all people need a second chance and this is a way ahead.



07.33am – I have finally understood why I enjoy watching films/TV about the 1950s/1960s!! Why? Because, regardless of all the prejudices I suffered as a child in that period in England, the country was a land of hope, glory and opportunity and within that prejudice one felt safe and stable. How I wish those times were back. They never will be though.


Wednesday 11 January 2017



11.46am – I saw the above news article about my ex client Charles Manson. As I have said before he should have been released years ago. The state has made him into a cult figure and, of course, he has played along with it. Frankly it is absurd that he was even convicted because inspiring’ murder is not really any known offence in law. But let me say this about Charles Mansons’ DNA – a few selected people already have his DNA and have had it for some time. Whilst sperm is not – yet- in the hands of any third party rest assured that DNA is already with a few selected people. Charles Manson is ‘no monster’ in the sense of the word as he has never himself killed anyone, but whether he was the inspirator of those terrible murders is a matter of discussion even. You see Charles Manson played the part of ‘would be cult figure’ well, and the State jumped on the bandwagon. The reality, however, is that he is or was a man who liked to copulate with as many women as possible and used a commune as his modus operandi.


I look forward to reading the article from Robin Graves when I receive it from Caroline.



Put new article in


Below one of my drug testing procedures.



Thursday 12 January 2017


12.56pm – When I see media coverage on Kenny Noye as the one below it really does make me wonder what kind of rubbish country we live in.



Kenny Noye has served a sentence for an offence he never committed. He did kill a person with one stab wound in a fight, but he certainly is not guilty of murder. Nevertheless he got on with the sentence, has served in full, the minimum term and the government flagrantly violated the agreement I made in Court way back when which I was honoured to represent Kenny, that upon the expiry of his tariff (minimum term) he would be released on license. Notwithstanding that he was refused release but granted CAT D and even at that the government flippantly broke the law. You see the Government are the greatest violation of the law. As for Kenny he has been a model prisoner and has done everything correctly without rancour. I hope on the 19 January he wins.


Friday 13 January 2017


06.16pm – The news article below shows just how stupid those who work in the Criminal Justice system are.



Peter Smith is a great Judge, a brilliant lawyer, and a great human being. He looked through cases, got to the core of any problem making the law accessible to all. Rather than promote a Judge of the people, the system wants him out and you want to know why? Because he is honest, just and refuses to be told how to deliver his judgment by the politicians.  So what if he complained about losing his luggage trying a case where the party responsible was in his court? Look what is happening at BA now – strikes delays and a crap service. Now to get rid of Peter Smith will require an Act of Parliament and that will not be forthcoming easy. The competition, intellectually, is epidemic at the highest level in the High Court and starts right at the top. Peter Smith refused to be part of the system, of being intellectually dishonest, because he is an honest man and honest judge.  By the Lord our God if he is removed from office I will petition parliament because it is clearly not correct. I hope Peter Smith wins and gets back to Court asap.


Saturday 14 January 2017




12.22pm – What is interesting about a tweet from the Russian Embassy is this: ‘Ml6 officers are never ex’ how very true, and how very sad at the same time: What other job does not permit a person to ever retire, only the intelligence agency. You see, in the USA and Russia, even a CIA or FSB operative comes an identification and both agencies confirm, or deny, either way, if a person is an employee. Not though in the UK. Ml6 and Ml5 (more so Ml6) never say that a person is employed by the agency. The best anyone can get is… a letter from the Director saying ‘we can neither confirm nor deny that such and such is….’ But then again the whole point of a secret agency is that it is secret. What secret service wears uniform with the words ‘secret service’ displayed? That is why it is secret? At Ml6 especially many are ‘protected agents’ and each has a grade. Some agents reach a level that only a serving Prime Minister or Foreign Secretary are aware of the identities. There is never a whole complete list of say all SIS employees because if there were it could be compromised.  Each world, region, has its own and no one person knows the whole story about any ongoing operation. That too could compromise matters. Prime Minister Harold Wilson was regularly given totally false or incomplete briefings as was Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair. I wonder why?


Sunday 15 January 2017



What is also quite concerning is, exactly what I have been saying for too long: – too many citizens are in detention. I mean 124,000 people in all. Terrible situation. Because either this country is full of criminals or it’s a police state where even walking on the pavement is a criminal defence. I just hope to God I get out of this country as soon as possible just for one reason – this is not the England I know, or the country that harboured me and educated me. I really do not know what has gone wrong in the past few years but I believe it is beyond repair. Until there is another war – which there will not be – this country will continue to slide. On the other hand Brexit may just kick start England into touch and restore itself and rise like a phoenix from the ashes. I hope so.