Coming soon: The Appeal of Al Megrahi – The truth revealed surrounding the Lockerbie bombing of Flight PA203 - 21 December 1988. M25 killer Kenneth Noye reveals the truth about how he evaded justice for so long by Caroline A Bayford Italian Prosecutors open official criminal investigation into Labour Leader Sir Kier Starmer and the top Crown Court Judge by our European correspondent
Kiko Martínez Fights For His Farewell Tour: The Champion Who Became A Myth Fighting Outside Of Spain

‘La Sensation’ returns to get into a ring and does so with the world championship of weight hanging on his shoulder. Kiko Martínez (Granada, 1986) puts in defence for the first time the title won last November in Sheffield against the local boxer Kid Galahad. Kiko will have to face an opponent at home again, but throughout his career he has shown that this should not play against him.

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