Diary on The Inside 16 – 25 January 2017 Part Ninety One By Giovanni Di Stefano

Monday 16 January 2017


03.16pm – Last week a truly great person passed away albeit aged 88 – Victor Lownes.



I first met Vic in 1973 before I was even 18 years of age, and I had my very own playboy key card – two years later it was a gold card which allowed me to charge all expenses I made, and he introduced me to the head of Great Metropolitan Hotels who gave me a black GM card, meaning I had access to all GM Hotels – Plaza Hotel in New York, and Café De Paris in Rome, as well as the Mayfair Hotel, and it was Vic who paid for a week for me in the Monte Carlo Suite at the Mayfair Hotel. Before anyone makes 1 and 1 makes 11 no Vic just liked me as did Maxwell Jospeh of GM hotels, because Vic said, I reminded him of himself at that age. I went to Stocks few times and I remember he was always on about Bob Guccione of Penthouse Magazine and Vic felt that Bob copied the Playboy concept. I remember saying I did not think a concept could be patented. ‘That’s why I like you’ he told me. Rest in peace Vic.


Tuesday 17 January 2017


06.58pm – I forgot one other matter why Victor Lownes liked me a lot:- he opened, he told me, his clubs on 1 July 1966, and he thought 1 July was always a lucky day. I was born on 1 July 1955 so he thought I would bring him luck. In the beginning of the 1970s I also went to the Playboy Club in San Francisco and Los Angeles and I committed the Cardinal sin of beating a bunny girl at pool!!! I was just lucky, but it got the bunny girl in trouble so he was going to be sacked I sent a telex (no faxes or internet then) to Victor Lownes and he sorted it all out!!! Her name was Dia Hassour and American/German who I think went on to be a painter of some sort but she was truly grateful and not in the way some are thinking. She was just a nice lady who if I remember right lived in Sunset Tower near what was then Art Loboes Club near the Hyatt Hotel. She bought me my first blueberry pie and, of course, it was all very new and strange to me, and we had café latte. I remember she gave me some playboy jugs which Pina Colada was drunk in. At the New York Playboy Club things were much different – far more exotic but loud as hell and there Victor Lownes introduced me to another German girl called Helen Hochberg, again, nice girl. Long time ago now but those were clean days.


Wednesday 18 January 2017


07.12pm – This, my friends, is what the world has come to:- that a load of crazy, minority, animal rights group have succeeded in closing the most famous circus in 150 years – Ringling Brothers. What a truly shite world we do live in.




I really have no idea how it has reached this level where the minority can lead the majority, but then again eight men in the world are richer than half the world population!!!! Something is truly not right, because at the end of the day I thought we were all supposed to be equal? Seems not eh? I mean eight men worth more than nearly four billion people???? That kind of fact almost wants to turn me into a communist!!!! I received a lovely card from Christine Legarde of the IMF. She is a truly nice lady and it’s nice that a person in high public office has not forgotten me. She also has been targeted but survived. I guess all of us do survive but the scars never heal. Tomorrow is one of the strike days when hardly any staff come in, making running the prison really hard. I wish the Governor Lee well, because he is trying hard and so are the staff – pity they can’t find a common denominator!!!


Thursday 19 January 2017


09.45am – One day to go before Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States of America. Do you know the only advantage he holds over the rest:-????????????? He is totally unpredictable and that is the ace card the US holds. He is just as likely to free Charles Manson as he is pressing the nuclear button on Syria, or wherever he feels I.S. is based and believe you me it will happen. However, we must all remember this: the President of the US can only authorise a nuclear strike or war he cannot order it. The final decision rests with the Military but the power to authorize and what authorize means in law has never been tested – yet!! You see if he were to authorise a nuclear attack and the military refused the authorization it would go to the Supreme Court, by which time the actual strike would not be effective since the enemy would get to hear of it and run away. So let’s see what happens but I reckon he will be…. Shall we say different?



Regarding the so called chemical attack above, well the SIS were notified of the possibility in 2014!!! If it takes three years for the info to come out God help us all if it were to happen, which I doubt.


Friday 20 January 2017


07.23pm – With the following words Donald Trump now President of the United States indicated he will use nuclear weapons on I.S. : “I will eradicate from the face of the world Islamic terrorists….” So welcome to the nuclear age and with those words thousands of European I.S. fighters will now return to Europe and cause havoc with our security, because they fear if they stay in Syria and Iraq they will face a nuclear attack, and what is more Russia will support the US diplomatically, but not use weapons themselves. You see this is now a big game changer that will affect Europe totally. So I say again, I.S. must be spoken to, and quickly to, stop immediately any attacks on other countries, and enter diplomatic negotiations to form some kind of State where they will not be a danger to others. Donald Trump is one person I have not met, but I know many who have done business with him and he does not give a damn about how he got to the top and how he obtained the favours of women, but I also know all the women who went with him did so of their own free will. They may have expected things but it was not a condition of any favours. Trump has the nuclear numbers and we all must live in a State of attention.


Saturday 21 January 2017



Saturday 21 January 2017


01.13pm – This is the problem I have with this so called ‘reward of 72 virgins’ as per the article above:- logic applies OK? Presumably, the virgin come from this world because the reward is in the next world? So how many women between 18 plus died virgins in this world? It is damn near impossible to find one virgin of lawful age in this world, so where will all these virgins come from? I presume also that the lawful age in the next world will be the same as this world? So if each person is rewarded with 72 virgins so far, there have been over 100,000 sacrificial people meaning that in the next world there needs to be 7,200,000 virgins!!!! Further, the word reward, Collins dictionary says the word ‘reward’ means Thing given in return for services.” Can someone please tell me when a woman – virgin or not – is a ‘thing.’????? Sorry but I’m not buying that. Look I’m one for no discrimination and freedom of religion belief. When I am asked what is my religion I reply any and all because I don’t want to be excluded from heaven on a technicality.” You see, if we apply some logic, put aside blind faith, you see none of this makes any sense at all but then life makes no sense – why do we need to die????? Why are we born?????


Sunday 22 January 2017



01.24pm – When I saw the news article I hope that Caroline lets me know the sentence that will be imposed upon the Judge who stole £1 million, he will be sentenced next week.


01.25pm – Next week also the Supreme Court will rule on whether Parliament has to be consulted on Art.50. I am of the view the Government has lost, but am not allowed to give the result until Tuesday when they will give judgment!!! Donald Trump yesterday gave another indication he will use nuclear weapons on I.S by saying “we have not used the real abilities we have.” Trump will use the precedent of President Truman who bombed Japan!!!! Difficult times ahead for all.


01.35pm – A nice day with plenty of sunshine but damn cold. I am just biding my time and will see the outcome of my judicial review and hope this week I get back the sealed copy.


Monday 23 January 2017


12.03pm – Now have a ‘gander’ at the news report below.



All that I can really say on it is that “mums the word” meaning shushhhhh but all will be revealed very soon. Tomorrow is the Supreme Court ruling on the Art.50 challenge as to who actually has the authority to trigger. Let’s hope the matter is settled and frankly it could all have been avoided had the government not tried to act in a despotic manner and simply put it to Parliament. The only ones that have benefited are, of course, the lawyers all handsomely ‘over paid except Jeremy Wright ‘QC’ the Attorney General who is on a fixed wage – plus of course, his salary as an M.P.



12.11pm – I saw above short comment about Bernie Madoff. I mean that is what is bad about the U.S. 150 years? Really? Is that democracy? Is that what the founding – fathers wanted? I think not. I may well petition President Trump to commute his sentence.



Tuesday 24 January 2017


07.31pm – When I saw the news article below, I thought to myself ‘Déjà vu’ because Duff and Phelps did exactly the same, when I exposed them in the Rangers Football Club Administration, leading the administration from Duff and Phelps to be prosecuted in a Criminal Court.



I hope Caroline will send this diary entry to Frank Field MP, because Duff and Phelps have a modus operandi in these matters. With regard to Phil Green and his wife Tina do you know what I would have advised him, if I had been in Monaco, instead of wrongly convicted based on a wholly politically motivated trial – I would have advised him and, do advise him (I known Chloe his daughter reads this) to buy BHS out of receivership or bankruptcy for £1 and assume the debts. He can get back ¾ of the properties, slim down the operation, and it will cost him much less that the £ 600 million pension shortage and get his gravitas back as soon as possible.


Wednesday 25 January 2017


01.02pm – This is what the UK has become – stupid! Look at the article below – here is a man who wants and has rehabilitated himself and that silly Tory MP Anne Main slags him off, for getting out of jail and setting up a company, paying his taxes, leading an honest life after having paid his debt to society. Why? Because a Press Regulator financed by Max Mosley – whom I know and met good few times in  Monaco – and only because Mosley is the son of an ex fascist who really was out of politics more than 70 years ago!! Do you not see just how stupid the attitude of the Tory MP is? Worse that kind of opinion is epidemic throughout society. Once a person has been subject to the Criminal justice system most people want that person to pay for life!!!! Great, but if it reduces its prisoners by reducing crime then the ‘G’ will be back in Great Britain.



As I said in my opening at the Partito Nazionale Italiano that a country is best judged on the number of prisons and prisoners it holds. When a country has zero progress and zero prisons then it will be utopia because that will be a great country. The USA will never be a great country because it holds 3,000,000 prisoners plus. Britain never great, but if it reduces its prisoners by reducing crime then the ‘G’ will be back in Great Britain.