Diary on The Inside 1 – 27 March 2017 Part Ninety-Four By Giovanni Di Stefano

Wednesday 1 March 2017

07.15am – Mad March has well and truly kicked in. Yesterday the Ministry of Justice won an injunction stopping prison officers from industrial action but will they comply? We shall see!

At the end of the day, if the disobey a Court Order, it is contempt of Court and they can be jailed!!! Ha!!! There is the joke. Who the hell is going to put officers in prison and even if they find the way where will the government find the spaces????? The POA has the government over a barrel as they say.
07.18am – When I saw the news article below I chuckled because it brought back memories of HMS Vengeance.
Anyone, who watches the BBC documentary ‘Notorious’ will see what I mean!!! 


Thursday 2 March 2017

06.34pm – A very busy day and afternoon. Have been working on my appeal document but the only problem is that I have not received the documents from the Court of Appeal. Anyway, whatever will be will be, will be.


Friday 3 March 2017


12.14pm – Funny thing happened today. I was giving my usual and well-rehearsed speech to the newly arrived and I just froze up for a few seconds. Never happened to me before, ever, but it has now, so let’s hope it won’t happen again. Not much longer now before 9 March when my appeal is heard. What a tragedy that all those I have helped make their career in law only one person stepped forward to help me. David Martin-Sperry. Oh well, such is life. We have to accept the failings in human life. The very fact we humans die makes the human machine a failure!!!!


06.09pm – I saw the below news cutting about Milan Football Club being sold to a Chinese group.



It was supposed to be all completed today but my son tells me that something went wrong and the deal is not done. It’s a pity if Berlusconi sells. My advice to him is to keep his shareholding but I understand why he wants to sell.


Saturday 4 March 2017


06.46am – Woke up early and turned on the TV. Watching BBC 2 film ‘North West Frontiers’ and I remembered that at the tender age of seventeen, I had lunch with the producer of that film an old man called Marcel Hellman. What I was doing at the Dorchester no less having lunch with a famous producer, well you will just have to wait to read part II of my book but it is an encounter that I have not forgotten.


07.15pm – A very quiet day and the Governor has been able to perform a miracle and obtained staff so the place can run ‘better’ and of course, all are happy that at weekends there are no sudden ‘lockdowns.’ Now take a look at the other miracle:- 



The news report above about a kidnapping 35 years ago and maybe, just maybe, the toddler snatched all those years ago could be alive!!!! But how awful for the parents who have missed the entire life of their daughter. I am so upset missing four years of my son’s life so imagine 35 years!!!!!


Sunday 5 March 2017


12.58pm – What a surprise to see the news article below.


The SIS has always recruited from the so called wider range of backgrounds even serving and ex-prisoners in different countries. All this crap about being physically fit and ability to shoot is just that – crap. The final part of any operation, including elimination, is never left to ‘serving personnel’ but to other departments. But then if all that is divulged it would hinder the 007 franchise. Bearing in mind that Boris Johnson is actually in charge of the SIS, can you imagine him with a gun and fist fighting the super fit foreign agents??? Can you imagine Boris Johnson as 007? Well, he looks good in a bow tie and dinner jacket but he could not even go on a blackout maneuver because of his goldilocks!!!!! Now I had better say no more or I will have Barbara Broccoli on me, saying I’m ruining the Bond image and we would not want to ruin entertainment would we? It’s all we have left after the hell of living in this country. As Les Dawson used to say we can’t even tell politicians to go to hell because they are building it in this country!!!!
Monday 6 March 2017
07.40am – I must admit that for Alex Younger to give an interview to ‘The Guardian’ which has Jimbo Wales (founder of Wikileaks) on its board is highly questionable. But then as they say it’s best to keep your enemies close to you!!! I say no more.



07.41am – This place where I am, and have been here one year, is truly worrying. I’m on the unit where lifers are kept. One guy goes out in all weathers picking up worms on the road and pavement, and putting them in the flower pots – strange behavior, and another making the noise of a sheep when he goes past you – so you hear instead of ‘good morning’ etc ‘bah bah.’ Now that is just the tip of the iceberg in behavior, but then, since most of the guys have been locked up over twenty years – one person since the late 1960s – that is the effect of such long terms of imprisonment. I’ve only been 4 years but imagine serving 20/30/40 years plus without ever having been outside? What effect does that have on the human mind??? Surely, maybe once a year, someone could take certain people out in the community. Also, there are limited colours you see. For example no colour of burgundy, brown, mauve, red (unless you see blood) so many colours, smells, that are missing and that affects the brain.


Tuesday 7 March 2017


07.31am – Look at the two news reports below about people accused of offences in the 1960s. You know there is something offensive about people getting away with historic offenses but it is more offensive pretending that those accused get a fair trial.



That is why normal countries have Statute of Limitations on such offences where no independent evidence exists. The biggest problem is that we try people today on the basis of today’s morality not the thinking and customs and morals of yesterday’s ear. That is why it is vital this country introduces immediately a Statue of Limitations for offences where no third party or independent evidence is available. In the meantime more and more old people come to jail most of whom may well be innocent. On the other hand look at the news report below!!!



Taking up prison places for a fool who throws water over a magistrate is pure folly. Jail is not for those purposes. Then again what actually is the purpose????
Wednesday 8 March 2017
01.00pm – I was due to move today but that will be tomorrow now which coincides with, of course, my appeal in London. Never mind because it’s another day relaxing and also its raining cats and dogs so it’s not a good day to move but tomorrow should be better. I have packed my room and would you believe it???? I have ten boxes to carry?? I mean I had zero in March 2013 and now have ten boxes what the hell have I accumulated? Clothes, books and most of all files!!! Need to get rid of a lot of stuff.
01.01pm – Am watching the Chancellor rabbiting on about the budget. Nothing new and nothing we all did not already know that the national debt is too high!!! There’s a surprise eh??? Let’s see what happens tomorrow – I do not hold out any confidence at all but no matter the criticisms, it’s the only system that is available so it is what it is and until someone changes it we must accept the situation and outcome.
Thursday 9 March 2017 – Unit 6 Room 25
08.42pm – Today it was confirmed to me the judicial bullying emanating from the Court of Appeal. The Judges like to exhibit their power and prey on the weak and unrepresented. Never mind because bullies always end up miserable and if there is a paradise, they are surely exempt. So, to the judiciary in Court 6 at the Court of Appeal, today, I salute you, and wish you well, regardless.
08.44pm – Well this afternoon just as the Judges in the Court of Appeal were behaving to form I was moved to the open section of the prison and will now just concentrate on getting on with what has been imposed upon me and doing as much good as I possibly can.  You see, unlike the judiciary who are out to protect their misgivings, I do not seek revenge or vendetta. Instead, I wish those who cause me harm all the good things in the world. Not much in history has ever come of revenge or vendetta but good and love achieves Hercules tasks. I will, however, never stop pointing out the deficiencies of the judicial system and the judiciary but always seek for them to learn and change. There is no room in this world for hatred – I prefer love!!!!!
Friday 10 March 2017
07.22am – Last night took me a while to get to sleep. New room, new people, new routine, and as you know it takes time to settle but once I did it was OK. Nice to wake up go to the kitchen and make some coffee, and look out the window to see a clear sky. One of the reasons I slept great last night is that although I was sad for justice and the citizen of this country who soon will be isolated and without protection, I had no hatred in my heart just pity and empathy for those who pose as appeal court Judges. There is a great saying that comes to mind: ‘be ye so high, the law is above you.’ Look first at this statistic: they say 10% of people in prison are innocent or potentially innocent. Well, there are about 100,000 in the prison system, so that means about 10,000 people in jail are either innocent, or potentially innocent. 10,000!!!!! That is a hell of a lot of people and no joke. There is no protection from the courts at all now and less from the Appellate Division. Instead, they prey on the weak and vulnerable and become bullies. Well, in the playground – now and then bullies not always get their way!!!!
Saturday 11 March 2017
05.40pm – Today I cooked pasta with Italian sauce olla ‘cacciatore’ with leg of chicken in the sauce for four. It turned out so good that I did not eat anything for tea tonight. The atmosphere in this open section is much more relaxed and the television is almost superfluous. I am convinced the better you treat people the better the results. You need to have a goal in life. You need something to achieve. I really believe that this governor has the right idea but may not have the full support required. I know that the people in this section cost less to manage than those in other sections, and are a million times less needy. It will take me a while to get used to the new – regime – which actually is self-imposed, so you can imagine I have spent four years being told what I can do but here I am informed what I should do to move forward. Hardly anyone eats the prison food because all can cook for themselves. I am truly grateful that at my age I have learned useful skills that allow me to integrate into any society. My concentration now is the road ahead. I must make plans, have an objective legally and attain it. I will!!!!!!
Sunday 12 March 2017
12.36pm – Today my daughter and her husband is coming to see me – this morning woke up about 7ish and went to the common room, had a coffee watched some TV and thought to myself ‘what a journey I have made to arrive here.’ I have noticed the news article below about Phil Saunders who head butted Mohammad Reza in the precincts of the High Court.

A funny place to actually start a row but what the hell – who cares? But the sentence of a suspended sentence is truly amazing. That just goes to show the prejudice within the system. Anyway, good luck to Phil if that is the quick fix method of debt collecting. I guess even lawyers get pissed off with the law’s delay in getting things done, so he took a shortcut. What Phil must accept though is that he won’t be welcome in the USA anymore now he has a criminal record and I hope he notifies the insurance company that covers him for negligence!!! Quite apart Phil is a great lawyer though and it goes to show just how stuff can happen to anyone.

Monday 13 March 2017
07.17pm – Life here on this unit is very much different. First health wise I feel much better and that is a big achievement – to say the least. Second, the food I am cooking is also a big help both physically and psychologically. Third – well today Scotland stated it will hold another independent referendum. Good luck to them. You see my first wish came true last year – Britain got its backside kicked out of the EU but by its own population. The Government being so stupid allowed a negative move on the wish of a misinformed public. Well so be it. Next will be Scotland out of the UK and then the validity of Hadrian’s Wall becomes evident – it was not made to keep the Scots in but to keep the English out!!!!! Yes, this Government has caused me considerable harm and damage but by God has it received some bad karma. Talk about the Raven and Owl curse – did not even need it. What has happened has been self-induced and that makes my wishes even more palatable. Well, tomorrow another day and a day closer to what will be. In other news – well tonight Man Utd plays Chelsea and I will be watching with the boys here.
Tuesday 14 March 2017
07.17pm – Was a long day today and I did work quite hard. Am examining and evaluating my options and I’m quite confident about an unlawful sentence I was given. I need to do some work on it so I need to concentrate fully and that I will rest assured. Tomorrow I will cook some food and you know what? I’m feeling quite good at the moment health wise. I will need also to cut my hair soon – but not just yet. The weather today was quite inclement. Now I wrote a story about an Italian singer Luigi Tenco who was asked to spy for the Italian SISDE in Cuba, and I was told it could not be true but as you see singers and action all played a part in espionage in the 1950s to 1970s/80s and probably even now. You see many secrets come out sooner or later.
NB: We will republish the story on Luigi Tenco when our new website is up and running.
07.35pm – Another mystery is also about to be solved – soon, but I can’t say much about that just yet but it involves a man who flew from Pakistan to Manchester to supposedly kill himself. You may ask why the hell he would want to die on Saddleworth Moors – well the answer to that is very much in the hands of one man – still barely alive and in a mental hospital also at death’s door.
Wednesday 15 March 2017
08.11pm – Today justice was served by the Marine ‘A’ (Mr. Blackman) having his murder conviction quashed and substituted with manslaughter. Now had he not had money and had he not had a massive media campaign he would have rotted in jail with a murder conviction as no doubt he deserved. However, he did have funding and he did have a great media campaign and the result: – success. That shows that justice in this country is not per se for sale but was a massive influence in any decision. Remember, the customs of people change through the years and the change is often codified via the application of a strong media campaign and use of the best lawyers which require funding. But having said that well done to Sgt. Blackman and I sincerely hope that he receives a short sentence next week and can get back to his wife who clearly loves him and supports him.
08.22pm – I went to the doctor today and he has prescribed some quite heavy medication but I’m afraid at my age and with the associated medical issues it must be done. So by a miracle I received the medication half an hour later than I saw the doctor and that tells me a lot and I must take things seriously.
Thursday 16 March 2017
12.47pm – Last night took me back to memories of when I was seven years of age at infants’ school. Somehow, I got into a fight when I was seven years of age and the children formed a circle and all shouted: “we want Peter – we want Peter.” As an Italian, of course, the crowd was for the English boy and as soon as it started the fight stopped. What was interesting was the feeling I had at the age of seven to be chanted against. Now move forward to last night. I was playing pool with the Unit Champion and throughout the game, people were chanting “We want Gio, we want Gio – go on there Gio.”  I felt inspired and by some miracle, I won and the whole room cheered and whistled. I am Italian and the Unit Pool Champion is English. We shook hands at the end as I did many years ago and all returned to normal. What the point of it all is that I felt a million dollars but then again in this open unit foreign nationals out number English nationals and we all get on great. So I ask myself the question: – if we can all get on well, and we are in prison, then why the hell does it not work outside prison. We have no racism here and no ill feelings against each other. The Governor here is doing a good job under hard circumstances.
Friday 17 March 2017
06.45pm – What horrible weather today, my God how cold but not of course, in my room. I have been taking very strong medication the last few days but I feel getting better. My judicial review is still with Mr. Justice Fraser. Let’s see what happens soon. I do see so many foreign nationals being removed. This month the Home Office needs to reach a specific target. We shall see.
Saturday 18 March 2017
08.31pm – Feeling better each day. You know health wise I’m getting in great, great shape. Someone here thought I was only 45 years of age wow!!!! Not bad for 62 eh???? Things in this open section really are better not just for conditions but actually for rehabilitation. I do think these more open sections can be good for the prison service. They require less staff (hardly any) and more cost effective. I really do hope that at some stage the prison service drives towards the ‘open estate’ for as many people as possible and the high-security estate really only for those who really require locking up for the safety of the citizens. As I say I wish this country well and I hope the government starts thinking of its citizens rather than of itself.
Sunday 19 March 2017
04.32pm – Magna Carta 1215 chapter 40 says that:
“To none shall we sell to none shall we deny or delay right and justice.” 



However, that is exactly what has occurred in the Blackman case. £800,000 of private money enabled Sgt Blackman to be acquitted of murder and substituted with manslaughter.



When he went to trial on Legal Aid he lost – I say lost because he was convicted of murder. Rest assured in this prison alone I know of forty plus people serving a life sentence because of the time of the murder they were not of the right frame of mind – the only difference they had Legal Aid lawyers and nowhere near the £800,000 it has cost to change a verdict. Anyway, this country has always been one of justice only for the ‘haves’ where the ‘have nots’ get knotted. I am though pleased for Sgt Blackman but for justice, the decision makes it a, very, black day!!!!!
Monday 20 March 2017
03.58pm – What absolute terrible weather this afternoon, rain, rain, rain. It reminded me of the short story of Somerset Maugham called ‘Rain.’ Maybe not quite so fascinating though!!!! Today the Prime Minister announced she would trigger Article 50 to leave the EU next Wednesday. That means that at the end of March 2019 is the latest time that the UK departs the EU and my dream will have come true.
08.18pm – Tonight I was well enough to cook for four of the guys here, pasta with ‘cacciatore sugo’ made with finely chopped onion, one small piece of garlic, one carrot finely chopped and half a red pepper again finally chopped. Fry with extra virgin oil then add three tins of chopped tomatoes, two fresh tomatoes chopped in four and some basil and a pinch of salt. Bring to the boil then add four pieces of chicken leg and breast (four people eating) and leave to simmer for 2/4 hours. Switch if off and add concentrate tomato paste and simmer again for 2/3 hours and the sauce is ready with the pasta. Boil the pasta, then add the sauce but get a baking tin and add pasta in the tin in a pre-heated oven at 250 and grate some cheese on top. Leave in the oven no more than 10/15 minutes and serve on a plate with the chicken on the side. Delicious!!!!
Tuesday 21 March 2017
The sun is shining but the wind is bitterly cold. Taking the medication prescribed to me has caused me to have mouth ulcers and boy, are they painful but then life can be a pain. No matter we move ahead. Today Martin McGuiness of Sinn Fein died of a ‘rare heart disease.’ I knew Mr. McGuiness and was aware he was not well but I don’t think anyone could have guessed just how ill he was. What he did do, as his last political act, was to cause a general election in Northern Ireland. Not sure that was the right move as far as the political arena in Belfast goes but he did it. Was he a serious member of the IRA? Well, many say yes he was but the reality of it all was that he was never any good at being an ‘active’ participant and his competency in operations was always in doubt. But he was an ‘academic.’ That was the reason he was allocated to the political arm of the IRA called Sinn Fein. No one could ever doubt he was vital for the Good Friday Agreement and one day – not yet – his dream of a United Ireland will happen.
12.44pm – this weekend the media published a sequence of events when Queen Elizabeth passes away. If it’s one person whom I admire and fully support it is the Queen. If only the British Government had one hundredth the morals, standards of the Queen Great Britain would be great! I hope the Queen lives to be a thousand. I have served her over forty years and gladly continue to do so.


Wednesday 22 March 2017
11.11pm – Today there was a ‘terrorist’ attack in Westminster London. You know what? It’s almost safer in prison. The Government is reacting all with a brave spirit and heart and I pray for those that were killed and injured. I hate any form of violence and never condone it as a means to a political end. I pray for peace always and for inner peace within myself.
Received nice card from Dec Cluskey and Sandy – thanks!!!


Thursday 23 March 2017
07.19pm – Today the news was full of the events of yesterday and quite right too I guess, although, I do believe too much press is not good as it gives terrorism a platform it does not deserve. All else is OK.
Friday 24 March 2017
07.23pm – I noticed this news article and again wonder why the Carol Weston murder has not been revisited.

It seems to me no one anymore actually gives a hoot, she worked for one of the biggest law firms at the time, sad to say the least. Today was a good day. No post the last few days. Soon I will have been in for four years and, of course, people quite right forget.

Saturday 25 March 2017

10.31pm – Tonight the clocks go forward one hour. It was a sunny day but with a cold wind. This evening I cooked pasta with tuna and it was nice. I also cut my hair short. I now look like the real GDS.
Sunday 26 March 2017
08.42pm – I noticed the article in the Times and of course if you are English the Courts will absolutely treat any offender with leniency.
I mean if the Judge directed the jury wrongly, it clearly has an impact on the verdict, or, could have an impact. For the Court of Appeal to say otherwise is being intellectually dishonest. That is why the Court of Appeal Judges are enemies of justice. Some try their best but they are in the minority. I am surprised at Anne Rafferty because she is usually truly one of the select correct judges. It is out of her character, especially as her husband was a great Judge at the Old Bailey who was also a very just and correct Judge – Brian Barker. So something must have happened that it has affected even lady Justice Rafferty who incidentally was one of the best Barristers when she was practicing law.
07.16pm – Today I got a sun tan. I have ‘styled’ my hair that people say I look 45ish – lucky me eh!!!!

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