Top Stories 2013 Volume Three by Giovanni Di Stefano

Part three of  year 2013  ‘Top Stories’ revolving around a compilation of intriguing stories surrounding untold history, conspiracies and treacherous, undisclosed official secrets that have been kept from the public eye… until now.

Some may say that these secrets have been kept from the public for their ‘own benefit’. However, Giovanni Di Stefano, known as the Devil’s Advocate, is not afraid to publish the truth and says it is time to expose ALL in the public interest.


Online Publishing Company have also included in ‘Top Stories 3’, articles on ‘American Injustice’ by Barry Scott Sussman and ‘The Bizarre Case of Prisoner X’ by the late World known Investigative Journalist Barry Chamish together with a glimpse of the diaries ‘Inside’ by Giovanni Di Stefano and the first part of his latest book ‘On Trial.’


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