Diary from the Inside 26 September – 19 October 2018 Part 125 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Wednesday 26 September 2018

07.36am – Have you ever considered why the number ‘40’ is mentioned so much in our everyday life? Probably not, but those who read my daily missives, like Freddie Ross Johnson aka Dougie Coombes, my truly good friend, finally enjoying life in China with his family as he should have been a long time ago were it not for the Ministry of Injustice (wow I’ve forgotten the point now…oh yes) the number ‘40’! When we sleep we have 40 winks? If it rains on St Swithin’s Day it will rain for 40 days and nights, and the Israelites (Do you remember Desmond Dekker’s? Song Spent 40 years in the wilderness! Why 40? In the Bible, the only other number that is more cited than 40 is 7. In the Talmud, the text from which all laws are founded, at the age of 40 there is a transition from one level of wisdom to the other. You reach what my friend Freddie Ron Johnson would call Binah – the deeper insight. Now after Moses led the Jews for 40 years in the wilderness he told them…well, read what he said in Deuteronomy 29: 34! It took them 40 years to reach full understanding. 40 seems a period of any trial, the temptation of Jesus by the devil lasted 40 days and nights. The Greeks thought that the 40th year as the top of a man’s life. Even Marcus Aurelius wrote about how a man of 40 who has moderate intelligence “has seen the entire past and future.” In Islam, Muhammad was 40 when he received the revelation from the Archangel Gabriel. Seems like 40 is an important number but why – eff knows!!!!

Thursday 27 September 2018

07.25pm – This afternoon I was, shall we say, ‘normal’ in the sense that it’s the first visit from outside I have had in about six months and, it follows, I have not seen any of my family for years, today also is 5 ½ years since I was wrongly convicted. I have today served equal to on 11-year sentence and how the Crown have falsified documents in my case at trial in 2013 is disgusting! Contemptuous! Criminal! But still, I am not bitter just disappointed that British justice should remotely use such tactics to ensure a conviction. Oh well, so be it. Today, I saw Alan Burcombe from Wells Burcombe Solicitors and how kind of Alan to come to see me and restore, for a couple of hours, the sense of normality. So, I thank Alan very much.

07.56pm – What’s the name of the British woman in jail, in Egypt, for 3 years, for bringing in 290 tablets of Tramadol? (Laura Plummer) I see she is moaning that the British Government has done nothing to help her. I agree with her but rest assured that if she had been caught in England with 290 Tramadol tablets, she would have been charged with possession of a controlled drug, and that is not to say that when she does come back to the UK, the police won’t interview her as to how she came into possession of what is a heroin substitute x 290 times!!!!

Friday 28 September 2018

07.29pm – I do not know what you know about money laundering but did you know that, in the USA, if you pay in $1,000 or, try to withdraw $1,000 or, more in cash, a note is sent automatically to the FBI. But, there is an effing but, the Federal Reserve Bank accepts cash no questions asked!!!!! I also don’t know, if you are aware, but (for example) there are currently sanctions against Russia but all the major banks carry out Forex trades with Russian Banks with hundreds of millions each day in several countries, and Russian Banks/Foreign Banks have ‘open line’ credits with each other and what are called ‘acceptance credits/LC confirmation Credits, also, with hundreds of millions. How do any Banks know the source of US dollars/Euro/Rubble or any other currency traded by Banks? They don’t and at the end of the day criminals deposit criminal property and proceeds in Banks, so, how does anyone know the real source??? So, let me tell you this, there is no such crime as money laundering because there is no crime until a crime has been proved, so, you cannot or should not be able to charge anyone until after a crime has been proved. More on that tomorrow.

08.24pm – Today has been nice weather but the rest of the week will not be so inviting.

Saturday 29 September 2018

07.54pm – A wonderful day with lots of sunshine and I hope to God I have not caught sunstroke – what a laugh…it’s almost October and sunshine! Now, I don’t know who said that in life you only need three things: (1) a good doctor; (2) a forgiving priest and (3) a lawyer but until 2011 I had no need for any, especially the first two, but I may need one of them – not saying which. Yesterday, the Ministry of Justice disclosed to me more documents that have made what little hair I have curl, I got no hair but the odd strand went white when I received the documents. What the hell is going on with me I don’t know. I now have no idea even what sentence I am serving other that it’s less than what I was given in March 2013!!! How it’s happened eff knows.

07.59pm – I have been watching the Confirmation Hearing in the Senate in Washington DC. How a woman can decide after 36 years – yes 36 years – that a person assaulted her 36 years ago is beyond me. It’s on the verge of criminal, and the effect it has had on Judge Brett Kavanaugh is just incredible and sad. I know what it’s like to be the subject of false allegations and the effect it has had on me and my family so I sympathise. I hope next week Judge Kavanaugh sits on the Supreme Court as he fully deserves it. Shame on the accuser after 36 years to make these false allegations. The woman may have been assaulted 36 years ago but there is no evidence it was Judge Kavanaugh

30 September – 4 October 2018 Diaries lost in the postal system.

Friday 5 October 2018

08.06pm – There is nothing in this life worse than a pain in the backside that is also boring. I feel the last few days my diary has become boring and full of Quan, self-pity, which is not at all like GDS. Could be wrong! I hope I’m wrong so I must start to get back on track. (Ahhh that explains why diary inserts are missing the pigeon must have dropped them in-flight through boredom CB) So, I was thinking ‘dangerous’ but I was thinking, as you do, about St. Paul who was converted to Christianity was also called Saul, and was a Jew who persecuted Christians in the early years. His conversations are well documented in the Bible – Acts of Apostles. One day he was traveling to Damascus and was blinded by divine light (today he would be probably struck by a bomb) but after a few days a Christian, called Ananias, performed a miracle and made him see again. From that day onwards, he became a Christian and an Apostle. Now you will say, so the New Testament, 13 are written by him and mostly letters – long letters – to Christian enclaves explaining the teachings of Christ and Christianity. Some of the letters were, in fact, quasi sermons and others like Corinthians, were part of a dialogue even dealing with the sexual relations between husband and wife. So, what you will say? Well, so this – if I write a letter to you I expect a reply – yes? So, of all the letters he wrote why in the New Testament do we not have a single reply to any of his letters? The Vatican says many letters back to St. Paul were not preserved! Well, how do we know then that there were answers? Interesting question don’t you think?

Saturday 6 October 2018

01.21pm – OK folks, let’s see if my retentive brain is working and has remembered the teachings of Mr. McDougal, my history teacher, who got his degree from Halifax University in Canada – Ten important executions in the history of the United Kingdom (Queendom).

  1. Baron Hastings known as William in 1483.
  2. Anne Boleyn, Queen of England in 1536.
  3. The Countess of Salisbury (Margaret Pole) in 1541.
  4. Catherine Howard, Queen of England in 1542.
  5. Victoria Rochford called Jane Boleyn in 1542.
  6. Lady Jane Grey known as the nine-day Queen in 1554.
  7. Earl of Essex Robert Devereux in 1601.

Jeez, I’m having difficulty, of course, Charles I in 1649, and if my memory holds two brothers Macpherson (Sam and Malcolm in 1743 with another squaddie called Farquhar Shaw, I mean, who the eff calls his child Farquhar??? Also, if I’m not wrong all the above, save King Charles I, were topped at the Tower of London, remind me not to be ever invited there to stay. I’m not sure about the dates but I’m certain that Caroline will correct me if I’m wrong, but she won’t correct my diary because I want to ensure my effing brain is still intact which I’m having my doubts. I’ve just written this and its now 01.31pm and Jesus C, I have forgotten all the dates and names, save a couple. Must be getting really old. I feel it!!

Sunday 7 October 2018

01.04pm – This is part of the letter that came to light written by Prime Minister David Cameron : “In the discharge of their function to protect national security, the security services has a long-standing policy for their agent handlers to agree to agents participating in crime, in circumstances where it is considered such involvement is necessary and proportionate to providing or maintaining access to intelligence that would allow the disruption of more serious crimes or threats to national security.”

18.54pm – I am not really a ‘what effing if’ person but boy, oh boy, what if I’d had that effing letter in 2013? Who knows? Best not to think of the what ifs, because if my dear grandmother had a scrotum she would have been my grandfather! So, let me concentrate on the question: now I have the letter what am I going to do about it? You know the answer? I don’t! I just don’t know what I will do. So, do you know what to do when you don’t know what to do? I’ll tell you – nothing. Just hold and wait and as they say in Baghdad: “The night brings good Counsel.” It had better be good!

09.09pm – I do not see the Star that I have been seeing so, I think what I was actually seeing was the European Space Station! I think that makes sense but it could have been the wonderful Star. Who knows? It was lonely anyway.

Monday 8 October 2018

07.42pm – Yes! I can see the Star or the European Space Station whichever it will bring me good luck. Which it has because I hope next week some good event will occur. Let’s be continuously optimistic, shall we? Yes!!!

07.44pm – Now – do you trust the Government? Perhaps not, but let’s say you are the most famous person in the UK, would you trust the Government? Let’s say that you saved this country from occupation would you trust the Government? Wait until Coronation Street finishes and I will answer the question for you.

07.58pm – Now, what do you know about Admiral Nelson? He was married to Frances but had a long affair with Lady Hamilton and, in fact, they even had a love child called Horatia. Yet, in his will of 1798, he left all he had to his wife, and to his mistress the following: “I leave Emma, Lady Hamilton thereafter a legacy to my King and country that they will give her an ample provision to maintain her rank in life.” That was in the Codicil on 21 October 1805. Later that day Nelson was killed in battle. You would think, would you not, that after all Nelson did, the Country could spare a few pounds to meet the request of the man that saved England? Nelson trusted the Government to his death. What did the Government do? I will tell you: it ignored Nelson, and Emma, Lady Hamilton, ended up in a debtor’s prison and died penniless!!! Trust the Government? No, effing, thank you!!!

Tuesday 9 October 2018

07.18pm – Look I’m really sorry for having to tackle a morbid subject but I’m afraid I must. Some years ago, I remember reading a book called ‘I was a Doctor in Auschwitz’ by Dr. Gisella Perl and, yet again, I ask myself why is it that after everything Europe is led by Germany? The Nuremberg Laws of September 1935 declared that German citizens were those with German blood or that of a ‘similar race who were suited to save the Reich. Jews were excluded and, of course, Jewish doctors or dentists were prohibited from treating non-Jews. So, they worked only with their own people. In 1942 some 50 Pediatricians sent to the Concentration Camps only seven survived. That leads us directly to Dr. Josef Mengele who took Dr. Perl to work for him. Read the book she wrote. How can anyone forgive the Germans after reading such a book is beyond me. Pregnant women would be beaten and killed, and their bodies dissected. All by Mengele. Dr. Perl saved hundreds of lives. I’m Italian yet, notwithstanding, Italy fought with Germany my Uncle, Nicole Di Lisio, spent four years in a Concentration Camp in Poland, and when I was 22 I made his dream come true, with my parents and Uncle Nicole we went by car from Italy to Poland to visit the camp as a free man. He came back in 1945 from there to Italy weighing 42 kilos!!! He refused to hate the Germans and told me of his favourite Xmas in 1944 because a German Soldier gave him two potatoes which he made into a soup. Sorry, but it’s hard to forgive but I must for the good of my country.

Wednesday 10 October 2018

08.07pm – I received an email from Yazmin who tells me that the Star I see at night is, in fact, Mars or Venus, and lo and behold I see it again tonight. Right in the middle of my window, it’s really bright but I haven’t the last few days seen the Moon. Whether it’s a Star, the European Space Station or, as Yazmin says, Venus or Mars, thank God it’s there because for some weird reason I feel good seeing it. That reminds me I recorded a song called ‘How Near Is Love’ which goes:

‘On Venus and Mars

We would be very soon,

But I want to know,

How near is love’

It was a song by Engelbert and one of my favourite that I recorded. I did ask Caroline to put it on my diary. I hope you enjoy it.

08.11pm – Now, I don’t know if you know but in 1941 under the Lend-Lease Act, the United States of America loaned the USSR (now the Russian Federation) almost 8,000 planes to be able to fight Germany. Talk about the US being neutral. They also placed a blanket ban on the news and how they shipped the planes ‘to be collected’ in Alaska. Some Russian Pilots stayed there after the War. Interesting eh???

Thursday 11 October 2018

07.57pm – For all my Italian readers: rest assured I will not ever allow Italy to exit the Euro or the EU. We are the founding fathers of a peaceful Europe and I won’t allow any political party to threaten the European Union. It has taken so many years to develop and yes, it is true that at one time I campaigned against any ‘Union’ but that was only after the UK entered. I never wanted to be part of any kind of political Union that had the UK as a member – even a late one – because I knew that they did not belong and would only hinder any kind of progress. I was proved right and as soon as I knew that the UK was on its way out, I knew of voices since 2008/2009, yes 2008/2009, then I altered my political ideology. My Party the Partito Nazionale Italiano was formed to ensure that Europe would be one of Regions, not Nations.

Friday 12 October 2018

12.25pm – I am a father and my daughter has married and I ‘gave her away’ and yes, I was a bit sad, why, because no matter what a daughter to her father is always his little girl. So, I fully understand why Prince Andrew looked sad at the wedding of his daughter Princess Eugenie today. It’s what I call a ‘happy sadness.’  So, to Prince Andrew, don’t worry you will have to go through it all again the next time when Beatrice eventually marries.

01.16pm – I’m sorry to hear that Sir Doug Ellis has died. I met him in 2002 at Windsor, as he wanted to buy out John ‘Goldfinger’ Palmer’s interests in timeshare, in Tenerife. I found him to be sharp and so polite. When he spoke to me it was as if he was showing me the reverence and politeness that I had for him. Then he asked me “Wada, you think mate shall I go for it. Wada you think eh.” I told him that under the circumstances with Palmer still in Jail, at HMP The Mount, it was probably best to wait until Palmer was released. “Yeah OK, OK, but I’m ready for it if you give the go ahead.”  As I was compromised I told Sir Doug “I can’t have my bum on two horses at the same time.” He replied, “your bum grows if you eat more and well.” Funny eh! Rest in peace, Sir Doug!!!!

Saturday 13 October 2018

“The State does not exist here. They don’t want the State. People don’t study they don’t work – their only solution is crime.”

That was the statement on Simon Reeves, ‘Mediterranean.’ Well, rest assured that will change, but change will come at a cost and it’s a cost that all of Italy will have to pay for the Region of Calabria but it could be any of the other Regions too. I will make sure that the Italian Passport and Italian Citizenship will have the same value worldwide as the past’s Roman citizenship, why? Because it will protect the Citizen!!! The State will be present and all will have access to it.

08.27pm – The last two days Mars/Venus or a Star, has not been around or at the least, I could not see it but tonight its back. I mean, it’s so precise, and it can be seen so easily. Is it Venus? Yazmin says its Mars or Venus. I have to say looking at it, truly, it feels like you just feel safe, as it’s there.

08.30pm – Strictly was clever tonight. The couple got caught kissing in the week were placed last but one to dance – kept people watching. Very clever the BBC used someone’s misfortune to their advantage. I’m glad in a way I did not do ‘Strictly.’

Sunday 14 October 2018

07.25pm – Today is my eldest son’s birthday and I think he is 39! My Jesus C. Christ! 39 years of age. Where have all those years gone? It’s a question all parents, I’m sure, ask themselves. I am asking myself it every blessed day. Have I lived my life to the full? I think so! I hope so but I’m not sure. You know a good test for all of you, morbid as it sounds, but write your own funeral service, readings, and sermon, and write out the speeches of all those you truly love and a couple of those you detest. How do you think others see you? Not just for now, the present, but also in the past! Write it out and now and again look at the service you have written, and what people you think write about you and keep a script! For me, I’m just sorry I gave not enough time to those that deserved it – my beautiful Consort and my whole family. I can say I won’t make that mistake again but, of course not, because we don’t get a re-run of our lives. It’s not a film. We don’t follow a script. We don’t do takes. We just do our best to get the most out of life before we pass to eternity.

07.31pm – Last night I saw the Star/Venus/Mars, tonight it’s not there!

Monday 15 October 2018

12.51pm – Have you ever read Robert Greene’s ‘The Scottish History of James the fourth’ which was published in about 1592 (give or take a year or two)? No, probably not. Then, why the hell would you? It’s not exactly on the Bookers Club reading list and Robert Greene did not win the Nobel Prize for Literature, probably, because Alfred Nobel was born hundreds of years later. So, why do I mention ‘The Scottish History of James the Fourth’? Let’s see if you can guess but doing so means you must read the damn book. OK, I’ll tell you because it won’t be available on Amazon – It is the first time that the phrase “I’ll have your guts for garters” is mentioned. In the late 15th Century disemboweling was normal – remember the punishment ‘Hung, Drawn and quartered’? So, if you make an eff up, the phrase is that literally, one would disembowel you then take your intestines and use them to hold up your socks! Thank God we have socks that hold themselves up! Anyway, good book that about James IV.

12.59pm – An author that is not read much today but one of my favourite is the author P.G. Wodehouse who died when I was 20, in 1975 and who wrote the Jeeves books. One funny factor is that the UK prize for comic fiction is named after him but this year no one won the prize as no book was deemed funny enough. What a sad, sad, situation and it’s getting sadder – just wait until after Brexit!!!!!

Tuesday 16 October 2018

08.27pm – Today I cleared up a mystery regarding a situation a few years ago. Someone was expecting a visiting order from me in 2013 and 2016 but what they did not realise was there are no visiting orders because all visits are booked online. How it works is, that I add your name to my list of visitors, I accept, and then it’s up to the visitor to book online, or by telephone, the visit. So, the person was expecting the old system of a physical visit note and when one did not arrive the person got peed off as I would too. Had the person looked carefully at the system it may have been different. Anyway, that was yester-year or as Stevie Wonder sang ‘Yester-me, Yester-you, Yesterday!!!’ I must think of tomorrow because some nice things are about to happen including a letter I will receive from Buckingham Palace. What are the contents? Well, we will have to wait and see, won’t we!

08.33pm – This week will be quite important for the future of this country and exiting the EU. I believe the Home Secretary may well announce something regarding ‘Foreign National Prisoners’ in the system for after exiting the EU. We await the news. I am awaiting hearing from Sajid Javid MP, David Gauke MP, and. Theresa May MP. I think some replies to my application may well be here soon!!!

Wednesday 17 October 2018

08.18pm – The world has gone nuts! I heard on Good Morning Britain that ‘Cinderella’ is racist because no woman should wait for a man to resolve her problems or to give her a lift in life. I’m sorry but I totally agree with Piers Morgan – the world has truly gone nuts! Whatever next???

08.20pm – I see that the media is giving Stefan Sylvestre a hard time for the fact he has been released. I know the boy well and was with him for a year, and never a more remorseful boy have I met. He accepted what he did was wrong and not only was he full of remorse but he was ashamed of himself. Now in a democratic society if someone commits a criminal offence the police are called, the matter is investigated and if charged it goes to Court and a Jury decides guilty or not guilty. The Judge sentences and when the sentence has been completed the person is released from prison. Now, I’m sorry for Katie Piper and I’m sorry she was voted off ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ but that is not the fault of Stefan Sylvestre.  The Parole Board released him. That is their call in a democratic society. If we don’t ever want anyone to be released, then vote in a political party that keeps people in prison until they die. That is our system. Charge, trial, sentence, prison, release. Stop effing moaning and use the ballot box instead. I wish Katie Piper well and to succeed in life, and I wish Stefan well, learn from the mistakes of the past and succeed.

Thursday 18 October 2018

08.05pm – How important it is to send children to the best possible school. My fourth child went to Gordonstoun and he made a lot of friends because he used the school as his social calendar, as my daughter did at Marymount School in Rome – used for social agenda. However, making important friends for life is in my view better than learning the E = mc2 and what it all means. I am today the beneficiary of my son’s school friend of over 15 years, and I thank him for helping me. If you can, do try and get your children to the best possible school not necessarily for scholastic achievements but for the connections. They are so important in life. In I Claudius the future King Herod goes to school with the future Caesar Claudius and tells him at school “alliances are what makes man and history.” Herod also tells Claudius at school to “trust no one.” Well, Herod was not welcome to any one-year old’s birthday party but it is what ensured that Rome, through Claudius, would allow Herod to rule his Kingdom with limited interference. Thus, Pontius Pilate washed his hands of the Jesus problem! I think you all get the drift of what I’m saying.

Friday 19 October 2018

07.48am – I missed the above in the paper yesterday but reading it today I thought to myself. “Effing hell, someone get me the hell out of this country and, effing hell, someone get this country out of the EU…” This whole country has – as Piers Morgan says – has gone nuts. Now, Kleenex is sexist and Waitrose, yes Waitrose, has had to apologise because it sells ‘Gentlemen’s ….’ No, I can’t stand it anymore. Elect Piers Morgan as PM quick so the country can escape the lunatic asylum it has created.



This song is dedicated to Yazmin, GDS








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