Coronavirus In Cronus by Robin Graves

2020 End of the World leap years

$5 Trillion Wasted World Stock

From the 20’s Capitalism & The Great War, we’re all going to die.

From the 30’s Depression & Stock Market Crash, we’re all going to die.

From the 40’s Nazi’s, we’re all going to die.

From the 50’s Aliens, we’re all going to die.

From the 60’s Assassin’s, we’re all going to die.

From the 70’s Nuclear Bombs, we’re all going to die.

From the 80’s Aids, we’re all going to die.

From the 90’s Mental Health, we’re all going to die.

From the 00’s Y2K, we’re all going to die.

From the 10’s Mayan Prophesy, we’re all going to die.

From the 20’s CORONAVIRUS, we’re all going to die, Again!

This is not a drill …

Weaponized diseases …

The ‘Biological Weapons Act of 1989,’ says, “The 2019 Wuhan coronavirus is a biological warfare weapon, and that the Wuhan Bio Safety Lab-4 appears to be the source.”

Letter: Biological warfare is real

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Population Control NWO XXX 2020 Cease to Exist

Abstract: Am J Vet Res. 1981 Mar;42(3):368-77.

An enteric coronavirus infection of cats and its relationship to feline infectious peritonitis.

So, cats had Coronavirus in 1981 when fiction author Dean Koontz wrote about it in ‘The Eyes of Darkness.’

Did a 1981 Dean Koontz novel predict the coronavirus?


CORONA STOCK – 956.00 JPY -42.00 (-4.21%) Official Close 2/28/2020 TOKIO


Lysol + Coronavirus = Conspiracy


US stores start running low on masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and more amid growing fears of coronavirus


As stock markets tumble because of coronavirus, this time feels different


Stocks Suffer Worst Week Since Financial Crisis Amid Coronavirus Fears


Bad News:


COVID-19 is worse than SARS, especially for China.

Ok, now, the first thing I have to say for myself is, that the wisest thing that I know is; how little I actually know.  However, now, 100 years later, in 2020, for some reason, some things really scary!  We’ve all digested a century of, ‘we’re all going to die’ simulations.  So, what makes this one any more special then it is?

Introducing: Professor Robert Buxbaum: Princeton Chemical Engineering, giving us all the bad and good news about the Coronavirus-Pandemic?

The smartest man I personally know.

This is the kind of guy who governments take patients from:  In the Name of, ‘National Security’!

The kind of guy who can, ‘neither confirm nor deny’ what I am telling you about him; as a man, who some might say, comes with Presidential, ‘plausible deniability’!!

A home town Oak Park, MI (Great lakes) genius.  My friend, who allegedly damn near invented perpetually powered drones for President Obama!!!

These are his numbers ### on the CORONAVIRUS.  The good news is, you don’t have to shave your beard and mask sales are up.




as an added bonus …

Good News:

Robert Buxbaum Yesterday at 10:53 AM ·

A way to not panic about Coronavirus. Consider Italy, a country with 655 coronavirus cases and 17 deaths the >2.5% death rate are bad, but the number of cases is relatively few. There are 60 million Italians if 20% get flu this winter, and 0.02% die, that’s 2,400 Italians dying of regular flu this winter. Even if Coronavirus deaths increase by a factor of 20, it won’t increase the number of flu deaths significantly. The key is limiting the disease spread, and that’s do-able.

A comment and addition to Robin Graves article from Selena

Hi there  –

I wanted to reach out to tell you how much I appreciate Thank you for providing such a great resource!

One thing that I found out about was on your page here, and it really provided some interesting insight about fake news.

I dug into it a bit more and found this helpful guide  

(The guide for fake news about Coronavirus is particularly useful right now, IMO.)

I think it would be a timely addition to your page, especially for all of your users affected by COVID-19.

Thank you Selena for your kind words and input it is very much appreciated OPC GLOBAL team.


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