An Opinion Surrounding the Legalities of the Falklands Islands by Giovanni Di Stefano

The problems surrounding the legalities of the Falkland Islands attracted the attention of The Devil’s Advocate, Giovanni Di Stefano, as early as 1999 and subsequently thereafter. In a published opinion in June of 2012 to the Argentinian President, Di Stefano made a clear case based upon the jurisprudence prevalent that the Falkland Islands states ‘To date, the myth surrounding the territorial ownership of the Falkland Islands has been solely founded upon the ‘Letters Patent’ but that may well have been misleading.’ Di Stefano stated clearly to the Argentinian President that ‘What has always been at the heart of the dispute centres upon commerce. There is no doubt that Argentina owed at one stage £2,000,000 plus to Barings Bank at the relevant time and Argentina had defaulted on those loan payments. There is a suggestion that any claim on the Falkland Islands by Argentina may have been surrendered in return for Barings Bank cancelling the debt. This remarkable situation confirms that even in the 18th century the British Government were in the hands of bankers. As stated, ‘Letters Patent’ and any instrument that is found defective by virtue of procedure can be challenged.’

The Argentinian President accepting the views expressed by the Devils Advocate in June 2012 took the unusual step of reclaiming back, in a peaceful manner, Islands that were never the property of Britain.

Sources in the capital Buenos Aires stated that Argentina was prepared to take the matter to court if necessary.

Letter Sent To President Cristina Elisabet Fernandez De Kirchner From Giovanni Di Stefano On 17 June 2012



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