Letter to Rishi Sunak Regarding Inheritance Tax Paid by Widows – Giovanni Di Stefano

We publish a letter sent to Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer from Giovanni Di Stefano with reference to the Magna Carta 1215 chapter 1 and Magna Carta 1215 chapter 7, regarding the rights of inheritance tax by widows, and asks that he rectifies what his predecessor did on the, 1 June 2016.


Giovanni Di Stefano, A9470CW

HMP Highpoint, Stradishall,

Newmarket CB8 9YG

30 September 2020

Rishi Sunak

Chancellor of the Exchequer

11 Downing Street




Dear Mr Rishi Sunak,

Inheritance tax paid by widows.

I understand that from 1 June 2016, your predecessor increased the amount that widows could inherit prior to being subject to taxation to the amount of £650,000.00.

However, I must remind you of Magna Carta 1215 chapter 1 which states “we have also granted to all the freemen of our kingdom, for ourselves and our heirs in perpetuity, all the following liberties, for them and their heirs to have and to hold of us and our heirs”. One of the grants involves the question of widows and taxation.

Please note that Magna Carta 1215 chapter 7 states as follows “after the death of her husband a widow is to have her marriage portion and inheritance immediately and without difficulty, nor is she to give anything for her dower, or for her marriage portion, or for the inheritance which she and her husband held on the day of his death, and she may remain in her husband’s house for forty days after his death, during which she is to be assigned her dower”.

Whilst it is very noble of the Conservative Party to increase the threshold prior to tax, unfortunately, Sovereign statute commands you to ensure that the entire inheritance, whether it be one penny or one hundred billion pounds, is tax-free.

I expect you as a person of honour to ensure that, upon receipt of this letter, you will amend the legislation accordingly and repay any tax that has been paid by widows since 1914, back to the widow and (or) respective family.

In the event that this does not occur forthwith, please forward this letter to the Government Legal Department as I shall be taking legal action for this extremely serious injustice to be corrected.

I take this opportunity to thank you for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Giovanni Di Stefano