Diary From the Inside 1 -30 November 2021 Part 175 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Monday 1 November 2021

12.01 am – Well, well, well it does seem health wise I have a bit of a problem, but I will take on any kind of health attack on me and fight it out, GDS does not ever surrender.

Tuesday 2 November 2021

16.23 – Today is the day when we remember the deceased. Of course, from the moment we are born our time is numbered, and we do all we can to delay death. For example: why do we have doctors and surgeons? To repair our bodies and defray death. Why do we have laws? To ensure that our conduct does not anticipate danger and death and controls the risk. Let me explain: why do we have speed limits? Because the faster we go the more danger and the greater the risk of accident and death. That is why stone age man may have had an advantage over us today – they did not evaluate too much the risk of death as it was a necessary risk. I wonder if our lives would be smoother if we took the same attitude as stone age man????

Wednesday 3 November 2021

08.12 – It was Shakespeare that wrote (I think)

“There is a tide in the affairs of men that taken at a flood leads to fortune – or the grave.”

Let’s see if that is correct, eh?

Thursday 4 November 2021

17.08 – Well today was a very relaxing day, and by relaxing instead of rushing around I may have come up with a good idea

Friday 5 November 2021

06.18 – AT 2.24 pm I served the Secretary of State a claim for £19 million loss of earnings for false imprisonment a good bonfire night present.

Saturday 6 November 2021

06.11 – Tony Blair (the liar) is not the first and sadly won’t be the last to lie about a military threat to convince parliament to go to war in his case it was Iraq! He copied the idea from – yes – Julius Caesar who lied to the Roman Senate and exaggerated the threat of the Helvetian Army allergy wanting to invade Roman territory. You see Blair was not even able to be original in his lies!!!

Sunday 7 November 2021

14.15 – I effing despair with the woke world we live in. Ms Thao a Vietnamese (and billionaire has given over a hundred million pounds to Oxford University and a College will be renamed after her. Yet there is a complaint that her Air VietJet uses semi naked air cabin crew!!! There is pressure not to accept the money. What a load of tosh. There are enough businessmen who have founded their fortunes on sex industry – look at West Ham United FC – yet who gives a damn? If I fly on a jet and a semi naked air stewardess serves me, so what? Now if the price of my ticket increased as a result of cabin crew being semi naked, I won’t fly that airline. But to try and force Oxford University to refuse hundreds of millions is effing crazy which reflects the world we live in.

Monday 8 November 2021

18.21 – All I can say is that today has been a very good day, tomorrow may be better or worse but today has been truly great.

Tuesday 9 November 2021

18.34 – Today I was expecting some kind of breakthrough day, but it was not. everyone is appalled as to how I am still in prison for fuck all, but no one seems to know the solution. So, we keep marching on fighting the good fight with all our might.

Wednesday 10 November 2021

18.20 – Just how deep the plot against me goes has unearthed yet another element right at the heart of English law! Truly incredible!!!

Thursday 11 November 2021

18.14 – What an effing up and down life I’m leading. No wonder I have the need for an MRI scan. Today – a good today. many of those against me are now coming around. I also spoke with Jim Sheridan which was really nice.

Friday 12 November 2021

18.25 – A very busy day. Saw Philip Sapsford QC et al, but no work owing to a covid outbreak.  That makes the day drag but what can I do? It just seems all is against me which makes me wonder if anything is worthwhile?

Saturday 13 November 2021

07.55 – Its nearly eight am yet another weekend of sweet FA. Save that I will try and take all the positive elements of a negative situation.

Sunday 14 November 2021

14.10 – You know when I was young – just a little boy – and we went back on holiday to Italy in August I have never liked fruit but my Italian friend did so they would take me to orchards and I learned one valuable lesson – let others shake the apple tree and then you pick up the fruit when it’s already on the ground. It saves you a potential headache!!! That lesson is as valid today in all sorts of other situations!!!

Monday 15 November 2021

07.46 – Today the Trial of Ghislaine Maxwell starts with the jury section in New York. I knew Robert Maxwell, know his two sons Ian and Kevin, and know Ghislaine knew Jeff Epstein – not a chance in hell is Ghislaine guilty of what she is charged with and if the conditions of her detention are even half what she has described the last year, then shame on the United States of America and I agree that she is simply not able to have a fair trial. No way is Ghislaine even remotely guilty of the allegations and the real story of Jeffrey Epstein and who he was, and more important who he worked for will come out at some point – probably sooner than the US government wish.

Tuesday 16 November 2021

18.36 – Yet again another up and down day not really knowing what the hell is going on and why I’m here.

Wednesday 17 November 2021

19.00 – A guy who works with me from Iraq said to me that he did not know why he was in prison. I asked him when did his sentence end and he said June 2021 but did not know why he was still in prison. I asked him if he had applied for bail pending deportation, and he said in Iraq I die in prison or when it’s your turn to be released they release you and I thought it was the same here. These foreign national jails are full of people who do not know why they are in prison because of lack of communication

Thursday 18 November 2021

19.06 – I see that Boris Johnson is under pressure for the stance he took in Parliament last week. I still say the best way to elect members of Parliament is to have a national data bank of those people eligible to stand for Parliament which would be some 40 million people and for a computer to select 650 to serve a four-year term. If jury selection can be done this way which decides the fate of a person, surely to God that would make more sense than to elect members of parliament this way.

Friday 19 November 2021

19.10 – Judgement is nigh!

Saturday 20 November 2021

14.10 – What a gay day!!!

Sunday 21 November 2021

10.00 –             Please read the Gospel of Luke chapter 5, 1 to 11

Monday 22 November 2021

18.01 – Shite day……

Tuesday 23 November 2021

18.20 – Slightly better day but apprehensive about tomorrow

Wednesday 24 November 2021

14.03 – Good news I won’t need someone to help me go to the toilet after all. I have benign essential tremors where the hand is like a vibrator, well work than out to your advantage.

Thursday 25 November 2021

15.31 – This week has been the most stressful effing week at work in the last 8 ½ years but I dealt with it!

Friday 26 November 2021

16.43 – I truly hope this effing nightmare – call it what you like will be over next week…

Saturday 27 November 2021

17.04 – No biscuit jar is too high for a panda bear who is prepared to try, try, try…. – that is the epitome of my life

Sunday 28 November 2021

18.22 – After many years of living with the thought that I was innocent of any crime yet detained unjustly and with considerable anger within me an emotion came to me recently, not in anger or judgement on those that wronged me but in love. Without love I know and truly believe we are nothing. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is not jealous. Love does not boast. Love is not proud. Love keeps no records of wrongs.  Love rejoices with the truth. Love does all things it believes. Love does all things it hopes. Love does all things it endures. When everything else disappears, faith in yourself, hope for the future, and love of others of what remain that is why for the years I was angry I was alone. I am no longer alone because I have the greatest emotion of all on my side. Far greater and more powerful than the law or any army that all the countries in the world could mount. I have love within me, and I will never again be alone.

Monday 29 November 2021

18.20 – Well let’s see what happens tomorrow.

Tuesday 30 November 2021

Bail application everything went right in the wrong way, but it turned out right