Edlorm Housing Ghana Ltd and OPC Global News and Media Corporation Announce Joint Venture for Luxurious Edlorm Villa Project in Accra, Ghana

Today OPC Global News and Media Corporation are pleased to announce a joint venture with Edlorm Housing Ghana Ltd for Luxurious Edlorm Villa Project in Accra, Ghana as follows:

[Accra, Ghana] [New York, USA] – [19 March 2024] – Edlorm Housing Ghana Ltd, a pioneer in the development of luxury real estate, is excited to announce its partnership with OPC Global News and Media Corporation for the completion of the Edlorm Villa project. This premier residential initiative is set to redefine luxury living in West Africa, offering a blend of contemporary design and serene natural surroundings in Accra, Ghana.

The Edlorm Villa project introduces an exclusive selection of over 70 spacious villas, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail to ensure unparalleled luxury and comfort. These residences are emblematic of Edlorm’s dedication to excellence, boasting advanced features such as private swimming pools, beautifully landscaped gardens, and cutting-edge smart home technology.

Situated in the vicinity of Accra, the villas provide residents with stunning views, privacy, and convenient access to local attractions, setting a new benchmark for luxury residential projects in the region.

Gianluca Di Stefano, an executive at OPC, emphasized the project’s vision, its importance, and its distinctiveness, highlighting the commitment to sustainability and community. The Edlorm Villas are designed with eco-friendly materials and practices, minimizing environmental impact, and fostering a health-conscious lifestyle for its inhabitants.

The collaboration on Edlorm Villas signifies a significant advancement for both Edlorm Housing Ghana Ltd and the Ghanaian real estate sector. Edlorm and OPC are committed to elevating the standards of luxury living and contributing to the area’s growth and prosperity.

Villas are now available for purchase, with exclusive 100% mortgage financing at an 8% fixed rate for 25 years, requiring no deposit. Prospective buyers are invited to contact the company and its sales agent, Hasan Gulcan Gul Corporation, for further details and to arrange viewings.

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Based in Accra, Edlorm Housing Ghana Ltd is a leading developer of luxury residential properties. The company is dedicated to innovation, quality, and sustainability, striving to deliver exceptional living experiences that surpass expectations.

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