Will The 1984 Unsolved Murder of Janice Weston Ever be Resolved? By Giovanni Di Stefano and Caroline Bayford Con Man Francesco Ventimiglia’s Fraudulent Scheme Unravelled Special Investigation by the Chief Crime Division of OPC HIN Exclusive: The Israel/Palestine Interview with Giovanni Di Stefano Lord Haw Haw the American Traitor WWII docufiction under development Riddle Of A Royal Liaison And The Bank Robbery Connection by Giovanni Di Stefano
The Murder Of The Baader-Meinhof Gang By Giovanni Di Stefano

Tuesday, 18 October 1977, began as a routine day at Stammheim Prison in Stuttgart, West Germany. Two officials were taking breakfast, coffee, boiled eggs, and toast, to the seventh-floor cell. At 07.41am they opened the door to cell 716, to find the ‘terrorist’ Jan-Carl Raspe propped up on the bed and bleeding from a wound on his temple. The guards shut the door and alerted the prison hospital, and Governor. When the cell was re-opened, a 0mm calibre pistol was…

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