Diary on The Inside 26 January – 5 February 2017 Part Ninety Two By Giovanni Di Stefano

Thursday 26 January 2017


01.30pm – Now see the news article below:- total waste of police time.



If any incident happened in Austria – out of the jurisdiction – even if proved, could not be subject to English court proceedings. As sorry as I am for Danielle and much sympathy, this would be a matter for the Austrian police but they could take no action, and why? Because sensibly they have a Statute of Limitations unlike this country and the question that needs answering is this:- Why did Danielle leave it so long to say anything about, and why, to a TV company and not to the police? Need I say more???? Thankfully the Human Rights Act remains, at least for another two or three years, because I have a challenge in Court over this too and I won’t let it go!!!!



Friday 27 January 2017


01.31pm – What a cold day and, imagine, the sun is also shining. I saw the news report below that HMP Swaleside is going into the high security estate. I was there for more than one year and, of course, it was dangerous but then so is sitting in a coffee bar. You see, ever since Bush and Blair intervened in the Middle East terror attacks (that were not common previously) have increased and, in fact, are now quite common and, to be expected.



They – Bush and Blair – are solely to blame for the state of the world, and rest assured, in a hundred years time they will be as despised as other so called tyrants in history. Their legacy is death in our midst. What is required is immediate mediation with I.S. and others who seek to impose their will on the rest of us, but, then again, remember at one time George Washington was labeled a ‘terrorist.’ Mandela was a ‘terrorist’!!! Whilst all these titles and labels are floating around people are being murdered, and in my view Bush and Blair are guilty off culpable homicide on a joint enterprise basis!!!!


Saturday 28 January 2017


07.15pm – Do you know why I give the story below some credence?



Why are nudists the happiest? Because – if you believe in the Bible – Adam and Eve were naked until Eve committed the offence of picking that damned apple from the forbidden tree. So, psychologically when we are nude we revert to those happy days 3,000 or so years ago before ‘that woman’ blew it all for mankind? It had to be a woman of course, but don’t worry because not long after man commits the even bigger sin of murder, when Cain killed his brother Abel. So we have a woman committing the first crime of theft and perfected, by man to murder. Well I recommend to anyone to go nude? It might be a good defence for the ‘naked rambler’ who is only happy when he is nude or in jail. I guess somewhere in our DNA we have within us theft, and murder, and blame it on Eve and Cain!!!!


Sunday 29 January 2017



08.16pm – When all this furor blew up about dress codes for work I remembered that in 1993, when I was elected head of a property company in Belgrade, the majority of the staff were women and especially at Head Office. So, what I did was to allow the female staff to go to the hairdresser once per week, have their nails done each week and only to wear La Perla underwear. Now you may laugh, but I remembered making the film ‘Quigley Down Under’ with Tom Selleck and Laura San Giacomo. In one scene the chorus women had to dance and the Director insisted on the chorus line wearing silk underwear which cost like $80 instead of cotton ones costing $10. I went crazy and said “why the fuck should we pay $80 when we can only pay $10 for the bloomers, who the fuck will know.” He was right. You see it’s not about what others see, but how the person feels. Giving my staff a hairdresser appointment each week, nails each week (only red allowed) and wearing La Perla and the company paid, made them feel good. It was not an order just a choice.



Monday 30 January 2017



07.45am – Yet another financial scandal in Italy with the Telecom industry. Many years back I was one of those ‘involved’ in the Telecom Italia/Telecom Serbia scandal, and a few years later when it all came out that my ‘involvement’ was of assistance to Italy, although I received an apology, no one ever offered me or fifteen other political defendants a damn bean. Rest assured that when I formally enter politics in Italy this kind of situation will never occur, and anyone proved, as opposed to accused, and convicted of any financial irregularity of a public company, will really wish they had never been involved. I say the word ‘proved’ because to obtain a conviction in Italy, or the UK for that matter, is easily ‘fixable.’ Did you know that 15% of those convicted in jail are innocent? Sounds not so bad, but 15% is about 13,000 people!!! So there you have it. Italy will be recreated into a country where holding its passport will be a matter of pride.


Tuesday 31 January 2017


07.33am – Look at the two news reports that relate to financial crime, and all were ‘celebrated’ at Southwark Crown Court. A fucking Judge none the less steals a million pounds from clients account and gets 6 years. Well of course he is white and English.



In the other case, one hundred fucking million and gets 12 years jail. For those that know my case and those that do not, I defy anyone to say my case was not politically motivated. The worst of all was the case of the Judge, who it seems not many in Wandsworth will welcome with open arms. For my part I never had any problems in the last four years.



07.38am – Around the world people are protesting about President Trump in their millions, in the UK alone, so many taking to the streets. What I want to know is this:- if any of those are on the ‘dole’ taking benefits from the State then those benefits must be stopped, because they are not ready for work which is a pre-requisite for taking social security benefits. You can’t be ready for work whilst out demonstrating. It’s their law not mine.


Wednesday 1 February 2017


07.39am – Outwardly Judge McCreath seems a nice guy, and see how at first he allowed Rolf Harris to have his trial conducted via video link. Then at the very end upset the old man by calling him to Court for the last week – that is called cruelty, whichever way you want. I mean leaving aside the man is 86 years of age and what the hell is this so called humane country doing jailing men this age. What McCreath did could easily have led to Rolf Harris dying.



Moving prison is traumatic even to the young let alone an 86 year old man. Here at Highpoint we have an ex MEP who is 82, and he is in for financial crime which is funny because the UK accuse the European Parliament of cheating millions per week (remember the £350 million for the NHS????) and he got 5 years for something like £400,000 or less!!!! All very odd this country. Well I hope Rolf Harris gets acquitted because I agree with Steve Vullo QC that the previous jury got it wrong, and they got it wrong big time too. Let’s hope and see.



Thursday 2 February 2017


07.47pm – When I enter government in Italy I will stop the witch hunt on Silvio Berlusconi. It is time now to cease and desist persecuting him. This latest allegation is quite absurd, to say the least. The whole judicial system in Italy needs to be reviewed completely, but the first port of call for me will be to ensure all education will be free from kindergarten to PhD and when I say free that will be the case.


07.54am – I had to laugh at the news report about the jilted girl. The final sentence is the funniest, oh well.



07.55am – Today I do not feel so well. So many damn pills I have to take, each day I get older and of course, health is graphically related to youth and I am far from young. Each day is different. One day I feel great, another shite. I guess that’s why they call it……… What do they call it????


Friday 3 February 2017


07.59pm – Well now here is the situation. Michael Wolkind QC refused to give any statement about me at my trial and, refused to even say anything negative about me. I know he received a hard time about that. Fast forward four years and see what has happened to him and he his is not alone.



Others who supported me have received a hard time. I mean the Lord Chief Justice has time to look at barristers’ websites? Give me a break. Michael Wolkind QC was targeted as were a few other people. Dr David Thomas QC (deceased) was dissuaded from coming to my trial to give evidence in my favour. That is what the law in this country is all about – targeting people and then destroying them…save, that I am still in the game.



Saturday 4 February 2017 



07.59am – Wow! Look at the news report above!!!! I can see the fascination in having 130 wives and the potential but, and there are 129 buts, what about the 130 mother in laws???? And as for being able to control 86 of them, well, it’s hard enough controlling one let alone 86! No, sorry but 130 wives is certainly not for yours truly, and even Caroline’s dad Gerry would decline – well I have not asked him but I’m sure he would……wouldn’t he?????? (Most definitely was his reply)


08.03am – Someone sent me yesterday ten first class stamps but no name on the envelope. Whoever it was thank you so much.


06.38pm – The next few days will be difficult because of acute shortage of staff that has an effect on what I call the remains of the day. I’m told the prison service must recruit 7000 staff to be able to keep 2,500, because the 4,500 will leave from training to the first 30 days in work. Incredible!!!!!


Sunday 5 February 2017



09.03am – I have kept this news article which appeared in November 2014 more than 2 years ago, and it causes me some concern. Not much has been heard of john Cantlie and it came to my mind as to whether ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ is a possibility? He was captured in 2012 and it’s now over five years that he is in custody of I.S. and frankly should now release him and I’m calling on Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi to let this man go. No religion, or serious politics, can justify keeping a person who has committed no crime in a state of detention. The fact that I.S. has no legal system that allows a challenge to detention shows that the Caliphate has not been properly set up. John Cantlie is a photographer and be released now. I defended  Saddam Hussein; Awad Al barder; Tariq Aziz, Barzan Al Tikriti, Taha Yassin Ramadan, even Al Baghdadi and many more of the ex Iraqi regime and let me say this:- no way would Saddam Hussein or even al-Majid (chemical Ali) would have permitted Mr Cantlie being held in detention this. It is simply not correct or just!!!!!













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