Diary on The Inside 6 – 28 February 2017 Part Ninety Three By Giovanni Di Stefano

Monday 6 February 2017


04.39pm – A busy day. The Ministry of Justice has undertaken to file an acknowledgement of service, so that will extend their time limit to file a defence (if any) in the next 14 days. So, it comes as no surprise that the Ministry of Justice just seek to delay matters but that is their right to do so. However, I will wait until Wednesday because if they breach their undertaking, then I will pursue the matter, few more days to wait.
04.42pm – I note that the Italian guy Stefano Brizzi who was convicted of murder, couple of months back, has died in jail. I am surprised because he could have been repatriated to Italy, but with big sentences there is really not much point in living, I guess. It’s not the way I have dealt with my case, because I believe that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem but, each to their own.
04.45pm – My health ‘appears’ to be getting better but I do feel stronger and my right arm is much stronger. I’m taking lots of medication and it’s a pain to remember what pill to take, and when, but I want to survive and get out of this situation alive and well.
04.47pm – I’m also quite enjoying my job, because it means I have money for the phone to credit. There is nothing worse than having to be dependent on others. Sometimes it can’t be avoided, but I have now avoided it by getting a better job.

Tuesday 7 February 2017



12.46pm – The Rolf Harris trial has come to an end, and the jury cannot decide unanimously whether he is guilty or not, so Judge McCreath (remember him) has given a majority verdict direction. Is that right though? So called offences that, so called, occurred 50 years ago to be decided on a majority verdict? I say that in the absence of a Statute of Limitations historic offences should be decided solely on a unanimous basis, because it is the only way(ish) that the public can be remotely sure the verdict is safe. You see a trial has nothing to do with ‘truth, ‘justice’ or ‘right.’ It is about which side can tell the best and most appealing story. The prosecution is big Hollywood block buster film companies with unlimited resources, whilst the defence is an independent low budget company. That is how it is and that is why 15% of all in prison are innocent and that is some 12,000 people.
Wednesday 8 February 2017
12.32pm – I was not going to do a diary entry today because I do not feel well, but when I just heard Rolf Harris had been acquitted I am so pleased for him, because the man should neverhave been convicted previously, and I hope he wins his appeal. The damage will have been done already, but at least he can leave this earth as a free man that was guilty only of being too friendly and too naive.
Thursday 9 February 2017
12.50pm – Feeling better at least, I was sad to see that Brizzi took his own life – if that is the case. I do understand that a 50 year old man sentenced to a minimum of 24 years does not really look at a bright future, but he should have been identified as a potential suicide risk. The problem is though that lack of staff is the fault of this tragedy.


12.54pm – The weather is getting colder by the day and so are my spirits. I seem to be doing a lot, but still on the same spot I was four years ago. Still I won’t surrender one millimeter of territory.
Friday 10 February 2017
01.42pm – I was reading yesterday in the Daily Mail an advert for the sale of fish. It stated ‘all fish we sell are responsibly sourced.’ Another article from a slaughter house, ironically up for sale, boasted of ‘humanly’ killing animals. What a load of crap, the biggest crock of shite ever. But then it’s the same in the US. Before an execution is carried out it has to be certified as ‘humane.’ Again load of nonsense. Fish that are responsibly or irresponsibly ‘sourced’ end up in our stomach. Cows, sheep, pigs, chickens that are ‘humanly’ or ‘brutally’ killed for meat end up in our stomachs. People put to death in the US deservedly or not, end up dead – the journey is irrelevant. Did you know the most popular ‘last meal’ before an execution in the US includes ‘diet coke’ because ordinary coca-cola is not good for health!!! Truly amazing rubbish. The person is about to die anyway so what does it matter the sugar content???? Anyway, such is the nonsense that I guess these days we have to endure.
01.52pm – Lots of people here now are quite ill with colds and flu. So far so good for me as I have vitamin supplements prescribed. Today my youngest son made me emotional – he told me not to feel at all at fault with what has happened in the last four years plus “it will make us stronger” he said. Out of the mouth of children they say.
Saturday 11 February 2017
01.13pm – There is nothing nicer than watching a great film on a freezing cold winters day:- called Quo Vadis made in 1951 four years before I was born. I know I have watched it a few times before, but it never fails to captivate me. The story of conversion from hate to love, war to peace should be an example to all of us.
01.21pm – Have you noticed nothing in the newspapers about the outcome of Sgt. Blackman???? On the 7 February 2017 though there was an article in the Daily Mail titled ‘Just five foreign prisoners  a month sent home,’ by Ian Drury the Home affairs Editor.
Sunday 12 February 2017
01.17pm – A cold day outside, but lovely fresh air. I’m watching ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ a movie I have seen before, but why I do not know, I seem to love films that are set on trains. I guess it must be when I was young, we used to travel to Italy every second year by train from England and it was a three day affair. We would travel second class and I would envy those who were first class and had soft seats, because second class was wooden. Imagine that for three days. Sometimes my grandfather would meet us in Milan and travel down with us, or on our way back he would take the same train. I hated it when he left to go back and me to England. I loathed being in England as a child but had no choice.
Monday 13 February 2017

08.00am – The two news reports below exemplify what I call ‘a tale of two standards.’


In the United Kingdom money is far more important than human life. Steal money and you go to prison for 15 years – attempt to kill a whole family and its 6 years!!!
05.41pm – For reasons that are frankly quite beyond me I have a good feeling about all of this mess. You see many people here count the days for their release. I make the days count and each day I have actually achieved something. Tomorrow is St Valentine’s Day, and this whole shambolic nonsense started for me in 2011 on St Valentine Day, and I was quite ill, but luckily I had some great doctors at the hospital in Majorca.

05.45pm – What a laugh I had when I saw the below quote in The Times and how very apt these days. I suggest you all get the book ‘Gangland:- The Lawyers’ by James Morton who himself is a solicitor. It will open your eyes and pure entertainment.


Tuesday St Valentine’s Day 14 February 2017


11.56am – The weather although cold the sun is shining which makes people feel good. Well Happy Valentine’s Day to all those that read my diary and Happy Valentine Day even to those who do not. Love can open doors that canons cannot even leave a mark. With so many wars, conflicts around the world, one day is common to all even those under conflict: – love. You can’t fight love. You can’t choose love. You can’t avoid love. You can’t lie to love. You can be jailed for love and boy how many accused there are waiting to enter HMP Love!!! You know what I mean anyway.
12.05pm – Tomorrow Rolf Harris will know if he will face retrial. At the age of 86 I mean, give me a break, what is there to think about? He has been badly wronged but one question I do have:- why did his daughter Bindi not turn up at Court at all?
Wednesday 15 February 2017
01.00pm – Well the Ministry of Justice has not even bothered to acknowledge service of my claim in the High Court and yesterday was the deadline, so I will now enforce my claim. I was looking at the news article below and what struck me were the reasons why a pensioner stole pieces of art: “to make ends meet.” Ok he was only given 8 months which means he ends up doing 2 months in jail 2 months on tagging (HDC) and the rest on licence but was jail even necessary? 
The man is 71 and he did not do the crime for ‘want’ but ‘need.’ So what does that say on society? It says that society was not able to meet the ‘need’ of a pensioner! Is that how it should be? I think not! What does society do? It jails him as a punishment. Well at least in prison – which will cost the state about £15,000 – all the immediate ‘needs’ will be accommodated! He stole goods worth £5,000 and sold them for £70 so his needs were £70!!! Would it not have been better had the State given him £1,000 and saved itself £15,000 plus the cost of the trial.
Thursday 16 February 2017


01.02pm – You know what really makes me sad? Those that think they are above the law. Let me say from the start that I do not think all people are equal, but sure as hell all people are equal before the law! The Ministry of Justice has failed to comply with the law and seek by email, yes email not a proper application as the law requires to house a one week extension of time. That is called the insolence of office. So I have taken the necessary action and filed myself the appropriate application as the law requires, because I’m not above the law.
01.05pm – What a lovely day today with great sunshine. This afternoon I’m seeing a young lawyer who is coming to visit me. All morning I have a blessed headache and I’m hoping it will go away. The world just moves on as it does, and boy is time flying. I note that Hamas have appointed a new leader just out of prison serving 22 years. The Middle East situation is all created by the UK principle after the Second World War. Too late to fix it now.
Friday 17 February 2017
06.46am – Aha! You may say it’s a long time since I opened my diary at this very early morning time. Well, there is of course a good reason and I think it is called ‘completeness’! I received from the Secretary of State for Justice Lawyers’ communication which affirms that things are going in the right direction. I also received from the Court of Appeal further correspondence which seems to confirm the future forthcoming events. The result of the above means that I am ‘sleepless in Highpoint.’ It’s not totally true that I am ‘sleepless’ because I went to bed at about 10.30pm and woke at 6.00am so it’s not too bad I guess. I watched last night Trevor Macdonald documentaries on ‘Mafia Women.’ Tony Russo and the Scarpa family, and what came through was how all the tough guys regretting the time they spent in jail, solely, because they missed out on time with their children brought the tough guys to tears on television. It was sad to see, and, I also, (not having anything to do with organized crime though) bitterly regret having missed the vital days, weeks, years with my children not just the last few years in prison, but the times I was always busy or on trips missing birthday, school events, Christmas and anniversaries. Life is about priorities, and I may well have got mine all wrong, but by the time you realise it’s too late because time has flown you by.


You know what is alarming???? Look carefully at the article: 84 criminal investigations, 14 arrests and only one effing conviction!!!! 1 in 84 chance of punishing those that prey on the elderly in this manner! It is of some concern and I’m glad that banks have devised the code word, but should they really have divulged it??? Probably not.


Saturday 18 February 2017


03.19pm – The news report below shows that a 78 year old widow pensioner acted out of ‘need’ rather than greed, and I am pleased that Brian Foster (Judge) did not jail her.





Sunday 19 February 2017
07.45am – Can I strongly recommend that you watch the film ‘Testament of Youth’ the 2014 version with Kit Harrington. If ever you doubted the total futility of war then this true story will drum it home. If ever the political elite in Britain, Germany and France should be eliminated from history and, posthumously indicted, then the First World War is an example and this film re-affirms it. As all who know me will understand I loathe violence/war as a means to a political end. I truly hope the world never has a repeat – the last was the Iraq War and the blame is clearly on Bush and Blair whom I hope history annihilates their names, and they go down in history as infamy. Mussolini was right when he said “with terror and destruction, wars never end.”
06.41pm – The Ministry of Justice have just made an extremely serious error of judgment which helps me 1 billion % for a further appeal and I cannot be grateful enough for such. Boy oh boy you know sometimes God really does help out. Today was what I call a great day and when I received the letter from the MOJ I said to myself “well I’ll be a son…..” you know the rest. It was what I call the Spencer Tracey moment in the film ‘Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner Tonight.’ There is an old saying that put the devil on horseback and he will ride himself to hell!!!
Monday 20 February 2017
03.24pm – Today the House of Lords debate the ‘Brexit’ situation. They can talk all they want, because the UK still is out of the EU by, hopefully, 2019. I say ‘by’ because two years is the maximum time, not the time. The UK can get out, even, immediately because the legislation allows it. Most of the day so far have a bit of a headache, must be the weather because it is now quite warm. Oh well such is the advent of old age.
Tuesday 21 February 2017
07.19pm – I was thinking last night about my song version of ‘The Long and Winding Road’ which apparently was a song written for Tom Jones. I hope Caroline adds it to my diary. (The song will be added in the next diary when the new OPC GLOBAL site is ready). Now, on another issue, today some great news but I cannot share it until after 9 March 2017. I can say though some good, good, news. I’m really constrained by what I am able to say. I know usually my big mouth goes into overdrive but on this occasion I really must keep it quiet grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! (At last he’s learning – Caroline)
07.19pm – I have been really busy today and tomorrow will be another hectic day, but you know as I have always said I do not count the days, I make the days count and boy have I!!!!!
Wednesday 22 February 2017
07.12am – I noticed this story last week in the Times and I fully support Ian Brady, as I have for over ten years, in his right to die.


The man wants to starve himself to death what is the problem? I do understand the problems with the Suicide Act, but frankly I doubt anyone would, or could, be charged allowing Brady to die. I also know Robin Makin of RMNJ Solicitors and he is a nice guy. I did the application for Brady to be transferred to a prison in Scotland where he would be allowed to kill himself, if he so wanted. The whole question though is whether he really wants to! King John in the 11th century used to starve prisoners to death at Windsor Castle and, it is not an easy death and, even less easy suicide method. At the end of the day Brady will just simply die, and that will be that. As for the cost of £300,000 per annum that is the basic cost. The actual cost is near £500,000 per year. Why is it costing so much? I’d like to see a breakdown.


Thursday 23 February 2017


07.25am – Well, goodbye to law and order, and fairness, and welcome in this country to pure tyranny. Look at the news report above and more important the decision on Ian Brady below.


It is absolutely absurd that a lawyer who has acted for Brady more than 25 years and only because he is a great lawyer, now, cannot continue acting for him, totally bizarre and on the verge of tyrannical. As much as the so called, new law above, about publishing so called ‘secrets.’ What is it with this country that it seeks tyranny as opposed to the rule of law? Tyranny has only one eventual effect and result:- an uprising of the people for the people and throughout history we have all seen – the consequences of a tyrannical government.
Friday 24 February 2017
07.13am – Woke up early today. Thank the Lord that storm Doris has passed, and it’s a nice day with, even at this time, some sunshine. That is life and history though:- storm/bad weather = war/conflict then comes sunshine = peace/rebuilding, funny how the weather mirrors life. Think of the earthquakes and floods, then the rebuilding programmers start. Its one big social menstrual cycle!!! Just like life again you just can’t plan events. Who could have imagined in 1945 that within 30 years, or so, (if not sooner) Germany would be the economical power in Europe again and, 70 years on, the Leader of a 27 country European Union and without an ounce of blood spilt???? Unpredictable, just as the weather. Has anyone ever carried out a study of the correlation between world conflicts and the weather??? That could make a great PHD thesis for someone!!!
06.25pm – The last three days have not received any post at all which is strange, so I guess no one loves me anymore – gosh at this stage even hate mail maybe welcome. No but honestly sometimes in these places one gets unnecessarily suspicious over the minutest of things. I guess that is how or what it is.
06.27pm – I heard today that Kenny N won Judicial Review so he will be transferred to open prison. It’s absurd when the government interferes in judicial decisions, but it happens both openly and covertly, something that needs looking into. Oh well look tomorrow is yet again another day.
Saturday 25 February 2017
12.59pm – I was watching the documentary ‘Two Greedy Italians’ about Gennaro Contaldo and Antonio Carluccio and, cooking in Italy and, how they got it right to say that our future is the young. They govern our destiny. Making sure they are healthy is a priority. That is why I am in the middle of writing the new manifesto of Partito Nationale Italiano, and that will feature considerably as did in 1995 when I founded the party, using the symbol of symbol of Guiseppe Garibaldi who was the symbol of unity and the future.
Sunday 26 February 2017
01.36pm – When I see that a £1 million fraud gets a confiscation order of £3000 then, of course, it makes me think that there is no consistency in the UK courts system. and maybe some politician may actually concentrate on this anomaly.


That of course is the consequence of this country having no constitution. Easy for me to say, as I want nothing more to do with this country but I would say – get one. The weather is really nice today and I have been out for some fresh air. I feel things moving but whether its forwards or sidewards is another matter totally. All I can say is we shall see.


Monday 27 February 2017
07.14am – Do you see what Donald Trump now means by fake news? The news article by the Sun about Kenny Noye is a typical example.


Totally, absolutely clearly fake news without a single word of reality or truth behind it. Kenny is a person who in 16 years has complied with all that has been required of him, despite the media simply inventing stupid stories about him. Fortunately the Parole Board saw through all the fake stories, and pure lies, written about him, but some have been able to penetrate to the weak political figures that have stopped Kenny from progressing. For once even the judiciary has accepted the nonsense written about him is just that – nonsense and ruled in his favour. Notwithstanding the media do not relent – well I have a suggestion for Donald Trump – make all media stories written under penalty of perjury, then we will see how many pages the New York Times will publish. As for Kenny, well I hope to God he can get on with his life and move on as soon as possible.


Tuesday 28 February 2017


07.02am – As you see from above, yet another large ‘now magic circle law firm’ is about to be destroyed, and no doubt another lawyer struck off and life battered. The question to be asked is this: why is it that no magic circle firm ever gets ‘intervened’ by the law society? I will answer that, in due course, but it is now so clear that the moment any lawyer, or law firm, excels and is not working for the magic circle law firm then wham bam they get destroyed. But you see nothing will actually happen to the magic circle firm who invariably are above the law, or so it seems. Well we shall see on that because at some stage Phil Shiner or Sapna Malick will just – if prosecuted in the Criminal Courts – reveal all about how the Law Society are in fact an enterprise far from impartial and, are totally led by the magic circle firm who as I have stated are above the law. Leigh Day is a good firm with controversial cases involving human rights, which actually do not exist in the UK. But then a country that advocated and got rich on slavery, how could it defend and protect human rights. 












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