Act III Pathological Liars: Incompetent & Brain dead By Grandfather & Grandson Productions – Robin Graves

66Crumbed dead leaf caring seed aloft with winds;
Landed in your grave dreams to be born again.
The Air, the Water, the Trees and the Animals;
Allied to our aliken.99
THANK YOU AMERICAN INDIAN: For letting our father’s steal, cheat, rape and rob you of everything.

Liars, cheaters and child molesters light a fire of emotions up in us, and all the people who assist in the things that they know (or should damn-well at-least have a feeling) might be wrong. Say for an example: If someone hurts your kids or your family in anyway shape or form, most fathers (and most mothers) want to personally hurt those people back tenfold.

Let’s say the law won’t help you. What else are we supposed to rely on.

The brother pictured above teaches people to channel their anger into something constructive, into something positive. His life is a new testament of horrible and secret stories from beyond birth to adulthood; of turning blind rage into a sharpened focus of success over failure and positive actions over negative natural instincts.

This article is inspired by Jason Lee Freeman and it is inspirited by the American Indian. Even though words have been said and proven to mean nothing, we write to try to change something from evil to good, and perhaps, to change something people thought was good to evil. For example: false gratitude, empty thanks, empty promises and hollow words with no actions.


Thanksgiving Day Holiday, such hypocrisy. Those who love the ‘mother earth,’ those born ‘native’ in this land of plenty, whipped out by the antiquated legal terms of: ’eminent domain’ and ‘manifest destiny’. Pilgrims and Indians gathered for a supper saying grace. A last meal on death row before the Pilgrims become the real Indian-givers and takers, and continues to take back every treaty they’ve ever made.
Let’s get history straight here; the Natives of America are not the ‘Indians’: Columbus thought he had landed all the way around the world in India, thus, the name Indians. Next; the Natives of the America’s were not discovered they were virtually slaughtered off the face of the Earth. Continuing; the men who landed on Rock were not in away, ‘Pioneer’s.’ They were criminal’s, hell bent on the conquering and genocide of the entire race of people, who were born indigenous to the America’s.

Living in the ‘American Dream’ we can rationalize that we’re blessed. The majority of us can reason and excuse the murders of children, wives and families, as long as it’s to our gain. Progress German/Jewish scientists said ‘The Human Race is run by the most superior race of the species!’ said the German/Jewish scientists. White man, black man, blue man, red man, yellow man, green man, purple man and no man, all together, make it so, the word homewreaker takes on a way broader area and whole new meaning when the celebration, when the calendars’ holiday’s, are all only marketed on frauds and lies.

When the public school systems history books are not true. When the ‘public domain’ and ‘eminent domains’ races ‘manifest destinies’ intrude on the Pursuit of Life, Liberty & Happiness . . . ?

There was a Revolution when the King of England declared tax and/or ‘drug war’ on George Washington and Thomson Jefferson’s cannabis and hemp plantations. During the Great Depression Ford had cars running on American corn home brewed booze. But Rockefeller wasn’t going to allow booze to overrun his oil worldwide. So he gave a bunch of money to a bunch of women to get Prohibition passed.
Our forefathers, Constitution of the Untied States of America: “We the People, . . .” blah, blah, blah.

If a prosecutor; a lowly civil servant, can become a New York Times bestselling author of horror fiction labeled, ‘non-fiction’, then whatever bard or scribe of our times presently, Stephen King, Oliver Stone and the like write the entertainment, that Hollywood preaches and teaches to us in the U.S., and abroad.

Media, have said, that Billy the Kid, killed a pregnant woman. While in King’s Green Mile Coffee is said to have killed the children. John Coffee (the biggest African American you’ve ever seen) has special powers in the fiction by King. While his counterpart, Wharton, 19 years old, has Billy the Kid tattooed on his upper forearm and is the actual killer.

In Roman Polanski’s ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, the premise is that Christian’s hoping to save the world, will murder the son of the devil, the son of Satan; of Lucifer.

In that Directors’ life, his own son came to be murdered and pregnant wife. While that Director is a fugitive from justice. After having anal sex with a minor reasoning, ‘don’t want to have any kids’. What’s real and what’s fake are pretty obvious, the line isn’t really that blurred if you pay attention.

It was Leonardo Da Vinci who painted nature over nurture. Who showed the power of oceans in the curls of her hair, and who made cataclysmic storms comparable with one simple woman.

The veins of your body are aliken to the rivers of the Mother Earth. If you see the oil routes wanting to pass over the rivers, then you see where the X will be crossed. You see, where the shit is going down. What, if anything, are you going to do about it?

Will any of the writers/authors of these few primary stories, laws, myths, treaties, documents, constitutions, and/or fables pass the tests of truth or do they all lay-in-waiting, banking on wasted remnants and dead lonely confused broken words.
It’s widely known, that many people become suicidal around the holidays. If there is any truth to what has been said here and above perhaps the calendar should be rewritten also, as well as the clocks and the notes of every musicians scale.
Mean is a measurement; while the native people of the ‘Land of the Free’ and the ‘Home of the Brave’ have to fight for their water; and fight over their graves, while others would kill or kill themselves for less. It’s pretty tragic lies.

Here is something you can do today to help those Water Protectors at Standing Rock. Please do help. Gracias!


ND Office of the Governor: 701-328-2200.

Morton County Sheriff’s Department: 701-328-8118 & 701-667-3330.

ND National Guard: 701-333-2000

202 224.2043 call the senator of North Dakota

202-456-1111 Obama

Call often, please.

Please copy, paste and share….pass it on. Thank you.

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This article was first published on our old site on 26 November 2016