Diary on The Inside 1 – 24 May 2017 Part Ninety-Six By Giovanni Di Stefano

Bank Holiday Monday 1 May 2017

07.10pm – I saw this very small news article the other day and asked myself. Why the eff bring a case of rape to a man serving a life sentence anyway?

He can’t get a consecutive sentence so why bother and why waste valuable resources?



Today I did very little – I was going to go and play football but I did not as am not well enough damn it. Jeez, since 2010 (Xmas) I have been ill and it’s now seven effing years and believe you me I have had about as much as I can take. My drawer is full of medication. Nothing seems to get better no matter what I do. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
Tuesday 2 May 2017
10.05pm – I received a very honest email from Caroline today which somewhat shocked me. I posted off on 20 April two birthday cards but none have arrived and on 22 April I sent a long two-page letter and nothing has arrived. So, of course, quite naturally Caroline – who has supported me for the last four and a half years – was wondering how the hell I forgot her birthday – psst she is 58 but looks 28 and has the energy of an 18 year old – I mean with all the stuff she does for me and OPC Global boy what a workload. I sent letters also to my Consort and two of my children between 20 and 25 April but they also received nothing. I sent a letter to the Court of Appeal on 21 April and zilch has arrived up to today and lo and behold I have zeroletters incoming for the past eighteen days!!!!!! Oh well, no matter. Two letters with ‘homemade’ cards sent to me have been stopped God knows why. I really effing feel like going to Court over this but I won’t, however, I feel like doing it. I mean on what basis, what grounds can anyone stop and seize a greeting card sent to you???? I loathe upsetting my friends – God I don’t have many left, and to upset Caroline who works her butt off, and then also upset others, boy oh boy all because the effing post does not work!!!! Don’t feel good.
Wednesday 3 May 2017
09.53pm – I saw the article below and wondered what is going on? Two Italian girls die in mysterious circumstances in London? Very strange I have to say and needs looking into this.
09.56pm – Now I want you to read, and Caroline will publish with my diary, the Christian Newsletter dated 8 May 2016 from this prison. Evodokimos Christou has completed his prison sentence and deported to Cyprus and I believe he moved on to Australia. You see how religion has been able to change a person’s life!!!! I have no idea what Evodokimos actually did and I suggest you all google his name but he has turned his life around and is a success story of this place. There are many like him. This prison despite all its negative ‘reviews’ can and does help as many of those that want to change. Nothing can make you change if you do not want to change. You need first to seek a new direction before this prison gives you the route plan. Good luck to Evodokimos and great that he has been ordained in the Ministry. A first for prison and many are now following. I wonder if in time to become doctors, dentists, architects even lawyers will be encouraged to study?????????
Thursday 4 May 2017
Two good stories in The Times,the first is about an indictment on Adolf Hitler. Well I wrote about that and published parts of it in 2011/12 so eff all new there.
The second is good news about Komodo dragon blood working off super bacteria.
I will ask the Doctor on May 12th when I finally have an appointment to get me some. I will ask Caroline to email the George Mason University in Virginia, USA to see how this works because I need antibiotics that effing well work. I have no intentions of surrendering to infections and I have been not well since 2010 and it’s now beginning to be a right pain in the posterior. Can’t be dealing with illness and even when I’m not well I still get on with my job.
08.37pm – Noticed that Alitalia has gone bust. That could never have happened had I been (as I will be one day) ‘Presidente del Consiglio.’
Friday 5 May 2017


09.58pm – The above could never happen under my watch!!!!!

Saturday 6 May 2017
09.07pm – Yet another effing idea of mine that has been stolen and made by others. Well, as Rev. Page once told me ‘ideas cannot be patented.’ I mean honestly though, this was exactly what I had in mind to recreate real life court cases and put a jury in and see if the jury came up with the same verdict. Netflix has beaten me to it but it was my idea and it is not limited and I will pursue it.
09.13pm – Tonight one of the guys made some lovely spaghetti with meatballs. Nice meal with ciabatta bread. One Greek guy here made yogurt so all in all a nice day.
09.15pm – The football season has nearly ended and, well, it does seem that Chelsea are unstoppable. The only observation I make is that countries like England, Spain, and Italy are not cultivating national players.  I mean when Chelsea plays Arsenal I doubt there is an English player on the field including the Managers. Really there must be some order restored to football and not just about money and winning. It’s a business no longer a sport.
Sunday 7 May 2017
09.34pm – This evening I watched ‘Babs’ the extremely well-filmed life story of Barbara Windsor. I never had the pleasure of meeting her but I do know she is an extremely hard worker. I was not aware – and I doubt many others also – that all her life she craved the approval of her father which of course then leads one to think about their own situation. You know the past four years all I ever seem to do is to recollect things in the past. Nothing though is in sequence. Just flashbacks from 1961 to 2013 and it seems that my life stops still on 27 March 2013. Of course, I remember Wandsworth, Lowdham Grange, Swaleside and my first days here at Highpoint. But I also recall 1976; 1978; damaging the ‘muffler’ (exhaust) of a car in 1975 in La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, taking my cousins to the Bronx Zoo in New York in 1974 with the approval of my Uncle. He lived in 200 Central Park South. I remember the meeting with Ringo Starr at the Pink Turtle Restaurant and, the 007 Club at the London Hilton in 1974 and, the Monte Carlo Suite at the Mayfair Hotel in 1974 that cost, then, £99 per night!!! Oh well, I wonder if the curtain is about to come down. If it is what a fucking show it has been.


Monday 8 May 2017

08.08pm – When you get to my state of age you remember the past and its like this: – at the age of about 35 you see a river in front of you and you wonder how the hell you can cross the river but before you know what, you have reached 45 and you look back and wonder how the hell you crossed the river when you can’t even swim. Then at about 50 you look ahead and see a great forest and you wonder how you will get through all the trees, bushes, marshes, wild animals but by 60 you look and wonder how the hell you made it. At the same age or a few years more, you see in front of you a big effing mountain, and you need to climb it to get over it. By the time you are 70 you are still wondering how you will climb it and when you do you reach the top and wonder if you have the strength to make it down. Some make it down but some say ‘eff it’ and throw themselves down hitting the ground and turning back to earth as when the Bible says we come from which one you are is up to you. I have still to get up to the top of the mountain and once there I will decide which way I come down.
Tuesday 9 May 2017


10.01pm – There is something fundamentally wrong with the British Citizen. A court jails a top entertainer – wrongly – and rather than find real evidence to clear him, the mob seek an extension to his sentence.  Mob rule is no way to run a country, and thank God that Attorney General Jeremy Wright was not easily swayed. I mean, on what fucking basis, can the mob extend a sentence imposed by a Judge? How can they even try? Rolf Harris is wholly innocent as was Roach (Kenneth Barlow) as was Le Vell (Kevin Webster) as was Max Clifford on his second trial (and probably on his first trial too) and, as was Rolf on his second trial!!! Mob rule is the name of the day in the UK. Sgt. Blackman raised £810,000 for his appeal (yes £810,000 for a fucking appeal and then criticise me for billing £20,000) and mob rule prevailed. A man convicted of manslaughter is deemed a hero because the mob supported him and he gives TV interviews looking so righteous!! Somewhere along the line, England has lost its way: – which way to the egress, please?????
Wednesday 10 May 2017
10.39pm – Today was quite a warm day and after 4pm I went out a bit in the sun. Nice to get some vitamin D – free!!!! I noticed the other day that Castigador has suddenly died. Well, it was kept quiet for a while because he was a high-profile killer and even killed in prison.
Well, let me tell you that regardless of what he did and/or why, he was still someone’s son, grandson, brother – Uncle, friend, and those people will miss him. The question that beggars belief though is this: – as he was a foreign national why the hell was he not repatriated to the Philippines long ago? Had that happened the person he killed in jail might still be alive and maybe Castigador would himself be alive????? Can someone ask the question? Why is England holding 15,000 plus foreign nationals in jails in England when they could easily be serving their sentences aboard???? What steps are actually taken to ensure foreigners do get deported/repatriated and how long is the average process taking when EU law says it should be no more than 45 days??????
Thursday 11 May 2017
08.47pm – Today has been a somewhat nice day and I have received some good news, to say the least. Further, it was sunny and I caught some nice tan and you know what? I feel good.
08.49pm – For some reason today I thought about my father and thought to myself I wonder what the hell he would have made about all this nonsense. One thing for sure – dad would have looked after me and I would have lacked nothing. However, I’m glad in a way he is not about and departed this shite world because he would have seen it for what it is – corrupt and wholly unjust. But I do miss him. I used to call him every single day and wind him up and ask him about the past. You see he was born in 1927 and lived through the hell of the Second World War, his story in many a way a million times more interesting than mine. I will one day write about the years my father lived but not just yet. I don’t want to ruin his memory by writing his story from here!!!! Now last night on TV someone copied/plagiarised my story on Adolf Hitler and put it on TV. Shameful but I published it in the Spanish Vanity Fair but I won’t take any action. What’s the effing point? More crooks out there than in here.
Friday 12 May 2017
10.25pm – This afternoon I saw the doctor – the chief doctor of the prison and I will have new PSA tests so we shall see what blows as they say. Today in ‘The Sun’ page 3-4 pictures of officers from this prison enjoying their well-being day. Now they have received a lot of criticism for locking down the prison so they – could have there shall we call it ‘sports and games’ day, I’m sorry but I’m not one to criticise. Ok it was inconvenient but let me tell you this – I see officers younger than my youngest son (21) who go on duty often in dangerous situations enforcing draconian rules made up by men in grey suits 200 miles away. No, sorry but although it was inconvenient it was not hard or soul-destroying for me. I was glad for the staff because I see now refreshed and happier staff and that means they do their jobs with more gusto. So far from criticising the staff and government, I say well done but next time have the courage to please say what you are planning in advance. Have the courage to say what you are doing. People won’t like it but it won’t make two pages in the national paper. It was only news because it had been kept secret (I know) or so they thought. If the staff performs better have a party a month!!!!!
Saturday 13 May 2017
10.23pm – I was thinking today – I came to this country in 1961. I guess looking for peace of mind but in all those years never found any justice. Look at the link to the news report below.
Is it not an injustice, compare my case to the one above? Does it not make any right-minded citizens feel aggrieved?
10.26pm – My eldest son came to see me today. He will be 38 next year but I still worry about him as I do all my children from eldest to youngest and all the in between. I won’t stop being a parent.
Sunday 14 May 2017

09.58pm – See the news article above. If anyone is in jail over blood testing or DNA please get in touch with your solicitors and let them know about the above article. It’s always best to check!!!!! Today has been a nice day. It was sunny and I feel good because of the lovely weather. I hate the cold and I hope this summer will truly be summer and not a pretend one!!!!!
Monday 15 May 2017
09.45pm – Can someone who reads my diary please write to the Attorney General and ask that the sentence of this Anthony Porter to be reviewed with a view to it being increased substantially. It only takes one person to write and the AG has to do it. The sentence of 17 ½ years is an affront to common decency and justice. Look at what he has done! Surely to high heavens that cannot be equal to 17 ½ years can it???? Please do it!
09.49pm – On another issue see the short news article below!!! So I tell all men my age(ish) (and Gerry the father of Caroline) before you marry a woman 30 years younger – it might cost you £5,000,000!!!! Think before you marry eh??????
Tuesday 16 May 2017
08.56pm – Absolutely great idea from the Mayor of this Italian village. What a great way to attract future inhabitants. That is how communities are created formed and shaped. Well done I hope many other Mayors follow the lead.
08.57pm – Now I guess I should say something about the death of Ian Brady: – ‘There has never been a more deserving candidate to depart this world than Ian Brady.’ As you all know I acted for Brady in his right to die – a right that was shared and supported by millions.  I did not succeed because the government wanted Brady alive, whereas, I and millions of others wanted him dead. Well, I failed a few years back but there is truly a God – the same God that blesses the children he murdered that ensures Brady rots in hell. That is all I have to say on the matter. Brady does not deserve any further attention and when I am in Italy a recent photo of Brady will be published so all of you remember him as the most evil man ever!!!!!
Wednesday 17 May 2017
10.11pm – You see from the news article below that there are two laws in this country: – one for the English lawyers and another for others.
It is absolutely shameful that a £6,000,000 fraud on taxpayers’ money is not investigated. Had that been me, or a foreign lawyer, rest assured it would have been allocated millions of pounds of police funding. That is, sad to say, the state of this country – as to the weather: – rainy and dull – and wholly discriminatory. Oh well, it is what it is I guess but I will expose more in due course.
Thursday 18 May 2017
09.33pm – Well tomorrow my friend Freddie R.J. goes to court and hopefully will be in a better position to go back home to the U.S. I hope so at least. One of the things that in prison is hard to digest is the fact that you can be friends with someone for years then in a second that person be taken away. It’s best to only have associates not friends but hey what the hell, I always do things differently.
09.36pm – Also today someone somehow managed to get on the roof of a building. It caused chaos and havoc. For all the life of me, the officers and a special squad of officers tried to get him down and could not. You know what got him down? Nature! The effing rain. It is raining cats and dogs and so the guy had to come down. Really funny in many a way, only the force of nature could intervene.
09.39pm I managed finally to phone Caroline after such a long time. I simply did not have the money to put on the phone and when I did there were not the staff to do it. Oh well, these are the awful things in life that make prison difficult. But then it should not be so damned easy anyway. It’s not easy out of prison. The Governor here does his best. Easy for people to criticise but in essence, he does what he can within the means available.
Friday 19 May 2017
(written at 07.07am Saturday 20 May 2017)
Well, for the first time I have inadvertently missed a diary on time. Don’t know what the hell came over me but I simply forgot – no more, no less, and I’m angry with myself. A couple of days ago wrote to the Pope about an alleged miracle that happened here – yes a miracle!!! Well if it can happen at Fatima to children why not here at Highpoint to a convict? Why not indeed? Let’s see how it pans out but I have faith?
Saturday 20 May 2017
10.08pm – The usual shite weather today with sun and much rain. The weather is very much like the country: – unsettled. Next weekend its bank holiday and I have much work to do.
Sunday 21 May 2017
07.41pm – Another very nice day with plenty of sunshine but with a light wind, I am getting a suntan – wow. Now I picked up on a short story about Andrea Leadsom. I know a little more on this matter and did share my views with Quentin Letts at the Daily Mail but you know what? Thinking about it later, I thought, what I know is none of my business. Let’s keep it that way!!!!!
Thinking about it later I thought what I know is none of my business. Let’s keep it that way!!!!!


 Monday 21 May 2017

09.00pm – Last night was the first in the series of ‘The Trial’ an idea stolen by Channel 4 from me. I am not amused but compliant the way the programme has been made and with Brian Barker as the Judge. He is the husband of Lady Justice Anne Rafferty and a great Judge. The fact the channel have made a great programme does not detract from the fact it was an idea stolen by Channel 4 from me!!!!
Tuesday 23 May 2017
08.19pm – Today a great and humble man died but his death was overshadowed by the brutal and callous murder of 22 people in Manchester. That man was truly great and I respected him considerably. He came to my village in Italy were I was born and did so without hesitation. We went to restaurants in Monaco, Rome, London and Paris and it was hard getting him to let me pay the bill – that man was known to millions if not billions:-  Sir Roger Moore may you rest in peace, my condolences to Lady Kristina and Debbie, Geoffrey, Christian and all the family.
Wednesday 24 May 2017
08.15pm – It is such a shame that I have not been able to take full advantage of the sunshine because I am working but no matter. I received today letter from the Vatican (Embassy) about the letter I had published. Let me see what comes of it. The tragedy of Manchester continues and I pray for all of those who have suffered the absurd and criminal actions of the suicide bomber. That is not what Islam calls for.  I see nothing in the Holy Koran about murdering innocent people so I won’t accept what happened as terrorism but sheer criminality behind politics or the lust for power. You cannot seek asylum and absolution when committing criminal offences. The sooner people stop calling such acts as terrorism and instead criminality the sooner people will understand that those who contest the State via violence and murder are sheer criminals, not terrorist.  If you give them that label then they and others will believe it. So I urge all editors to label all such acts as criminal acts and not terrorist acts. We need to put an end to the label terrorist because today terrorist is tomorrow’s President.
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