Diary from the Inside 17 January – 2 February 2018 part 109 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Wednesday 17 January 2018

07.19pm – Today went very well. All the hard work – and it has been hard work – has paid off with the said hard work, being described as ‘exceptional.’ There is some considerable self-satisfaction in being landed for the effort one makes. Also, a few things are much clearer to me certainly about the events of 3 July 2017. Some people are truly dishonest but you know what:- that was yesteryear and I need to think about tomorrow.

07.22pm – The events of the last few days have also impacted on the events of Carillion now having debts of £3 billion. Wow!!! Nothing will happen to the directors because they know too much about why the government awarded them contacts when they were insolvent.

Always the case:

Give a man a gun and

he will rob a bank

Give a man a bank and

he will rob everyone!!!!

Sorry to be a bore with the same saying but that is what it is. Let me also say this:- I was found guilty of billing a client €10,000 for repatriation to France and the Judge said it was excessively high – yet Carillion charged £8,000 to change some blinds in a simple window!! Get the drift? One law for one and another for those in the know. The problem with me, my wonderful Consort told me, is that I am loyal to those I work for. Despite over 40 years service and being well and truly shafted I’m still loyal and keep my big mouth shut. Well, that is my dramatis personae and I cant change it.

Thursday 18 January 2018

08.43pm – I’m getting used to long days and not feeling as tired as the first few days. I want to do my job well and make this unit the very best possible in all ways. That means work but I’m not afraid of hard work. Now on the situation above, I doubt that the Minister of Justice will contest the Parole Board because they did everything right – but if the question is whether Judicial Review is available to the Secretary of State the answer is in the affirmative and why? Because if parole is refused the applicant can judicially review the Parole Board so, on the equality of any principle, the Secretary of State can judicially review the decision. However, whether that would succeed or not – not a chance in hell, but can the Secretary of State issue a JR – yes!!!

08.58pm – What about the family in the USA who held 12 of their children capture? I mean what the eff has the world come to. Most of us can’t wait until our children are grown up and got a life of their own let alone hold them captive! Well, you know what I mean….

Friday 19 January 2018

06.51pm – You know it makes me annoyed when I see a 96-year-old man in court anywhere in the world especially when the so-called ‘offences’ (if you can call them that) go back to 1940. Totally absurd and the offence is a ‘white collar crime.’ When KPMG who have committed offences today will never see jail it does look absurd that a 96-year- old man should serve even one second in jail. That is what the world has come to – politically correct:- I’m surprised that Boadicea is not on a charge of treason or Napoleon indicted at the Old Bailey for war crimes! There is no real law anymore, it’s a victors charter the law. There is no respect for international law and there has been none since the turn of the 1900’s. I mean – the bombing of Dresden – was that necessary in the scale that took place? Was it necessary to drop the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? – it sure as hell got the attention of the Japanese and it did shorten the war, but did not eliminate those who were the driving force, but innocent civilians were the victims.

06.58pm – On a worse note one of my idols is dead – Peter Wyngarde. May God rest his soul.

Saturday 20 January 2018

08.03pm – Sometimes I feel as if I am passing time instead of using time. You see there is a difference. Do you chew food? or do you swallow food? The ultimate result is the same but the journey is different. You may not give a rats tail about the journey. At the end of the day we only eat to stay alive – that is the common denominator. If you enjoy eating then its a bonus. Does a car enjoy being refilled with petrol? Without it then its no motion. Do you enjoy sex or do you do it just to procreate? Some religions prohibit sex other than for procreation. Others have it as a status and prerequisite. Has anyone ever actually wondered why we need to have offspring? There are I think 7 billion people. How long before the world would be without inhabitants if all women were sterilized? What would become of the world? Which animal, if any, would dominate and take the place of humans? Are humans the actual dominant inhabitant of planet earth? Why are tigers, lions, ants the centre of the planet? We are only the dominant because we see things from our own perspective. Ants, lions, tigers, elephants, fish, I guess must feel exactly as we do, just in their own way. How the hell do we know that animals have not carried out a study-similar to David Attenborough – on humans? The answer we don’t know and never will know because of our egotism. We believe we are the most important on this planet. I doubt we count for anything!!!!

Sunday 21 January 2018

07.57pm – As I said things are getting better each day so here are a few sayings that will cheer us all up:

  •  There are two things more difficult than winning a case against when the Lord Chief Justice(ex) Thomas is presiding (i) Climbing a wall that leans towards you and (ii) killing a girl leaning away from you.
  • When apples are red they are ready for plucking, when girls are 18 they are ready for …….
  • I have never as yet had to eat my words but I bet they would have made a good meal in my hungry years.
  • The Americans do get it right – when they have tried everything and failed.
  • A mystic will always be able to tell you what will happen tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, whilst a politician can always explain why it did not happen.
  • The best lesson is knowing that even fools are occasionally right.
  • Dogs look up to us, cats look down on us, pigs treat us as equals.
  • You need courage to stand up for yourself and be counted. You need more courage to sit down, shut the eff up and listen.

I was reading the Mail on Sunday (thanks to my friend Wayne Stubbs) and I was interested in the latest fear in the United States regarding Donald Trump – not about his having an affair (that is normal for him) not about North Korea, not about Russia, but that he might get elected for a second term.

Monday 22 January 2018

08.00pm – April 3rd, 2018 will be a very interesting day but in the meantime, I have heard – but have no confirmation – that Oscar Wilde has been posthumously pardoned. Fat lot of good it does him and I wonder how his life would have developed had he never been arrested, tried, and convicted of homosexuality and sent to prison? Well, he would not have written ‘The Ballard of Reading Gaol’ for a start. I wrote to the Ministry of Justice early December 2017 and did not get an answer so I wrote again and Caroline tells me that on 31 December 2017 he was pardoned! but we need to check on that.

08.04pm – I see the UKIP leader refuses to quit notwithstanding that the UKIP committee has given him a vote of no confidence. I actually do feel more for Jo Marney – who for three weeks of an affair – has actually caused herself more distress than anything. I do not agree with her views about Meghan Markle but I will defend the right of Jo Marney – and anyone else for that matter – to hold those views. What the hell happened to free speech? What has happened to speakers corner? Why can we not say what we feel without the #lynchmob at us? I think Jo is not factually correct but she seems to me to be a girl with a view and opinionated which is what they teach you at Cambridge/Oxford. Who was it that said in a Shakespeare play: “To thine own self be true.” Jo Marney was being herself and she should not be attacked for being – in my view – wrong.

Tuesday 23 January 2018

07.32pm – I believe today I have done the right thing regarding an outstanding matter. I doubt such will be recognised as such, but as Shakespeare wrote: “To thine own self be true” 

07.34pm – I see that the UKIP leader Henry Bolton still refuses to resign and if he would still be with Jo Marney he has replied: “if it does not cause injury to the party.” Wow!!! If I were a woman I could run a mile faster than a jackrabbit on a promise!!! I mean, how must Ms. Marney feel? Has he considered that? The only reason I mention UKIP is that it was a party originally founded by a friend of mine Jimmy Goldsmith and it was called the Referendum Party. Its sole object was to get a referendum on membership of the EU and once achieved be disbanded! So what happened? Some people saw the chances of milking the public purse and carried it on. Now, Mr. Bolton, an ex-army officer wants to cling on to the leadership of a party that should not even exist and to lead on a strong young girl, that could be his daughter, and has the gall to say he would go back to her if it did not harm the party!!! Flaming insubordination. So much for love!!!

07.42pm – I see that the British Army is now saying that Russia is a clear and present danger and they could easily take the UK if they wanted. That has been the position since 1945 so what has changed. The UK needs to understand no one wants it so there is no danger.

Wednesday 24 January 2018

07.15am – I am now going to be a bit unpopular and controversial because many of my peers believe – but dare not say – that there is no place in football for women. I totally disagree. there is a place for women in any sport and as far as football is concerned Karen Brady is a great example. So I do not agree with many of my peers who really feel women don’t belong but dare not say it. If I felt it I would say it. What I do believe is that there is no place in any sport for those who are not serious and maybe Mandy Staveley is one.

I agree with the Daily Mail – and the numbers prove their case. What I also know 100% is that Mike Ashley does not want to sell at any price.  So we have (a) a woman who is not serious and (b) a man who does not want to sell at any price. What a combination and how unfortunate for the players of Newcastle and the fans. So if Mandy is serious do as the Daily Mail advocates, and as for Mike please just say you love that Club more than anything and put £50 million in and see how good things will be.

9.30am – I was taken from the unit directly to the segregation unit and placed in room 10. The Independent Monitory Board came to see me as did the Managers from 10.20am – 10.50am. The allegation – because its not an accusation – is that I helped an officer write a letter of a legal nature. All keep telling me I have done nothing wrong but I am in segregation. The governor came to see me at 16.00pm and explained I am not on report or have I done anything wrong but for now I’m here and tomorrow is another day. I don’t at all feel well and have eaten nothing or will I eat anything. It seems to me that all my life those whom I worked for the past 40 years have done nothing but try and cause me harm. They say its to keep me strong. Balderdash – they want me to have the same ending as William Joyce and who will actually give a damn? No one but my close family and dear friends like Caroline who have supported me the last 7 years. Will anyone give a hoot? No way! This is how it always ends up. The good always get shafted. The problem is that I can no longer take it, as in the old days I was much younger and I could truly survive an atom bomb. Not now. Even the slightest breeze knocks me down. I have no medication but who actually gives a hoot? No one! Who actually can help me? No one! That is what I face. Again I have to try and survive this by myself. I have not seen my family for over 5 years!! Do you know what it is like not to see any family member for so long a period! Can anyone survive that and stay sane? No. How have I done it? I don’t even know myself. Have I actually survived it sane? That is a question and frankly I doubt it. I called my family and Caroline this afternoon thanks to human officers. What can they do? Nothing. In many a way I should probably not even have called them as they only worry and nothing can be done.

05.53pm – Feeling not at all good and this stress is causing me chest pains.

06.15pm – Nurse came to see me I have the pulse and blood pressure of a young man. Wow!! I feel very down but I have to just survive these dark days. I’m not sure how long this will last but I will really do my best.

06.42pm – The two nurses who came to see me where truly humane and kind. I am truly obliged to the staff in this prison because they really are kind and fulfill their duties under difficult conditions in a superb manner. This is a prison – so there are rules – so easy to comply but sometimes you fall foul of rules that you don’t even know existed. I mean if a man asks for help to write a letter and advice, I cant see how anyone could refuse! no! I’m not going to take this lying down it’s not right what has happened to me.

06.45pm – Listening to the World Service BBC is truly incredible. How many different news stories and radio documentaries.

07.26pm – Now in Brazil three appeal judges refuse the appeal of ex-president Lula De Silva, and actually increase his prison sentence from 9 to 12 years but it does not matter because in October he is the prime candidate for President and looks set to win! Who says that a convicted criminal in for fraud cannot become President of a top country – in this case Brazil??? Get the message clear!!!

07.29pm – I have read Ernest Hemingway ‘To Have and Have Not’ which all those who know me is my favorite film but the book has zero in common with the film. In fact I normally like Hemingway but this book I did not. The screenwriter for the film with Humphrey Bogart needs a Nobel prize. The book is nothing as the brilliant film.

07.36pm – It appears that the victims of Warboys received letters from the police and CPS that he would be in prison ‘a very long time’ and now they are angry the Parole Board is releasing him after ‘only  10 years.’ Does anyone understand that 10 years is an effing long time!!! I’m not saying he deserves to be released – the Parole Board have decided he should – I’m only saying 10 years is a long time. No one complained when he received the sentence – people think time freezes. It does not and soon all are eventually released.

07.50pm – I ask myself a logical question:- what is the difference between segregation and general population? A TV!! One is still in prison. Jeez I’m feeling better already. Still have chest pain but what the hell.

Thursday 25 January 2018

07.29pm – Strangely enough I slept reasonably well under the circumstances. Once you understand that whichever unit you find yourself in it’s still prison then there really is no problem. I have adapted immediately. After so many abuses that the State have carried out towards me, one more really makes little difference. One thing I hate though everyone keeps saying “you’ve done nothing wrong.” So then why am I in the punishment section? Rhetorical question!!!

07.33am – I am glad to hear that the ‘crocodile’ President of Zimbabwe has granted Robert Mugabe all his rights, and status. When President Ford took over from Nixon half his time was spent whether or not to pardon Nixon so he grabbed the ball by the horns and pardoned him and got on with government. The new Zimbabwe President has been asked to say sorry for the massacre of people during the time when Mugabe was fighting Nkomo. He said, “what can we do about the past? Lets look to the future.” I say this now is the time to invest in Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is open for business. I say to you all look to Zimbabwe now for business.

11.21am – I saw the governor and I will be going back to my unit and return to my job. So what has this been all about? You know what? I just don’t know and it matters little. In the greater sphere of things its all relative. Also, until I have actually gone back nothing has changed. The problem is that it does not even bother me. That is the real problem. Nothing that causes me harm normally actually has an effect on me because I have been so accustomed to the injustices that the very act of injustice seems now normal to me.

11.37am – Let’s go off this prison rubbish and let me ask a question:- in the Bible – The Book of Revelations – 11.3 John sees two witnesses who are granted the right to ‘prophecy for 1,260 days.’ First of all who do you think are the two witnesses – my own view is that it must be Moses and Elijah both of which held great power. The problem is, that not all agree. So, who do you think are the two witnesses? Secondly, what is the significance of 1,260 days? Why that number? Adding 1+2+6 = 9, but subtracting 6-2-1 = 3, and 3 goes into 9 three times!!! Any significance? Why 1,260? Again your views please and why are they called ‘witnesses.’

11.45am – Here is an interesting fact I sure as hell did not know:- In the 16th century Italy used to castrate up to 4,000 boys a year to sing in the Opera because women were not allowed to perform in Churches or Opera. I also did not know that the Roman Emperor Hadrian – who built the wall – was homosexual and openly so, and had a lover called  Antinous and when Antinous drowned in the Nile, Emperor Hadrian built a town called Antinopolis in his honour. So perhaps it was the Romans who first openly allowed homosexuality?

11.51am – Here is a great one from dear old George Orwell:- ‘Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful, murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.’ Now is that not just about how it is? Did you know perchance that one of the best pirates was a woman? I bet not, but read ‘Mistress of the Seas’ by Anne Bonny. Talking of books I’m praying to God that my son has, still in my briefcase, the book of Lord Haw Haw and the only copy of Ava Gardner’s autobiography which was given to me and is now not available. Talking of books has sent me in a panic and I hope my panic will be abated. Still on books I urge, if not beg of you to read chapter 34 of ‘The Pickwick Papers’ which is wholly devoted to the trial of Mr. Pickwick. Let me tell you that in substance eff all has changed from mid 18th century to today – nothing but please read that chapter or watch the film if you can’t spare the time, which is a pity because the book is great.

12.05pm – I see that a number of questions were asked in the House of Commons of the Justice Secretary what happens to the 10,000 plus foreign nationals in English prisons? His answer – “we shall see.” What the hell kind of answer is that. Can someone please email Bed Bradley MP (Cons. Mansfield) to carry on and press the question until there is an answer. The new Justice Secretary is David Gauke MP who – as all lawyers -have the procrastination and delay, adjourn, vacate. My Lord can someone be elected who has the balls to make a decision.

Friday 26 January 2018

07.57pm – There is something not quite right about the suicide level at Bristol University. I have read that when national gas was first pumped into homes it was first given in Cambridge and Oxford so the suicide level went down. I don’t know the stress level today but in my day it was still quite high but suicide was the last thing ever came to my mind when I was younger and I was in quite some tough situations.

08.01pm – I see that President Trump has arrived in Davos. I went there for two years and frankly found it nothing short of a granny club where nothing really was discussed.

08.02pm – I have settled back down to a normal regime – the human body likes rhythm and regime and it gets accustomed very quickly. I have also been to the Presidents Club dinner – twice, and yes there were girls there and yes they wore black dresses but when I was there no one molested them. I do believe some were propositioned but not at all assaulted or coerced into anything. Any kind of dinner where it’s an all man affair and women are the hostesses must attract some attention – the question is whether any of that attention can be convicted of an offence??? On the two dinners, I went to – now way.

Saturday 27 January 2018

06.46pm – It’s nice to know that a Prisons Minister has decided to go back to the beginning to find a road open for today. I say though the solution is much easier: (i) deport now all foreign nationals and (ii) release on license all those serving one year or less, and place them on license. There is a third – only recall to prison via a Judge in Chambers hearing a case. That solves the prison population easily. Will they do it? Will the prison service actually want to solve its problem? No! Why? because the very existence of many case administrators depends on foreign nationals in this country (trying feebly to deport them) and those on license recall. One person here was recalled because he declared he had an iPhone 5 when it was an iPhone 6!  Absurd – he has been here nearly one year. Absurd and ridiculous.

06.51pm – A hard days work but the highlight I actually spoke to my eldest grandson Dylan. that has made my day. I have tried not to be involved in their lives but it may have been a mistake. I decided they may get to love me as I loved my grandparents and then if I was not there it would hurt them – well they are hurt anyway so I made a mistake which I must now rectify!!!!!

Sunday 28 January 2018

07.45am – What a news article!! We are two minutes to doomsday. You know I hate it when I hear that the US/Russia or China has enough military might to destroy the world seven times over. How can you destroy one world seven times? You can only destroy it once! And even if you destroy it – you won’t destroy the world just those living in the world. The world – being a planet, cannot be destroyed. I mean you don’t just split the world in half or in pieces unless it collides with another planet and no country has the power to alter the movement of the planets!  So its all a load of shite. Yes, wars can disrupt the contents of the world – wars can destroy cities, kill people and living organisms but the world – well no human has the capacity to even remotely touch the world.

07.52am – We have not heard much about Henry Bolton the last few days – you know the ex-army captain who is the leader of UKIP, the party founded by my friend Jimmy Goldsmith and was supposed to fold once a referendum on the EU had been settled. Even less about his ‘three-week’ lover Jo Marney who has been badly treated by both the media and Bolton. I do not agree with all her views but I will defend her (and anyone else’s) rights to an opinion and the more people try and impose restrictions means they try and control us – that it illegal. Thus my support for the Jo Marney’s of this world.

Monday 29 January 2018

07.21pm – The above is a clear-cut instruction to my family in the event anything happens to me at any time albeit in jail or free. It is a clear-cut instruction and I expect it to be followed. There are to be no discussions about it or do I want any submission. So I hope that is clear cut!

Tuesday 30 January 2018

07.27pm – You know there are two types of people in this shite world:

The person willing to work, and

the persons willing to let them.

In short, most here do shift work – mention the word ‘work’ and see how they shift. What do I expect anyway? This is jail, not nursery!!!

07.29pm – Am feeling OK health wise and am working hard throughout. I note that ‘Stakeknife’ in Belfast has been arrested, although, on what grounds and why is not known. Let’s see how that pans out but in my view it’s not ever a good idea to arrest informers because much information comes out that is best staying in the background. It’s all they persecution paranoia that is spreading. More on that tomorrow.

Wednesday 31 January 2018

07.23pm – I have a saying “justice is now on a life support machine and the electricity is about to be turned off.” I hope Caroline puts that out on all our sites because that is what the United Kingdom has become.

07.24pm – Now you see the fact that Freddie Scappaticci alias ‘Stakeknife’ has been arrested in Belfast – big mistake. What the State are doing is reneging on all deals done with informers or supposed informers. Well, what about this:- Ian Brady is dead and so is (supposedly) Myra Hindley dead. Did you know that were it not for her brother-in-law Smith giving evidence, at trial and receiving a similar deal to ‘Stakeknife’ it is doubtful whether Brady and Hindley would have actually been convicted? I bet you did not know that. Smith was there when the murders took place but without his vital evidence, both Brady and Hindley risked going free. He is also dead mercifully because he knew where one of the bodies is buried and Smith should have been in the dock not doing a deal with News of the World after giving evidence!!!

Thursday 1 February 2018

08.25pm – There is something not quite right about this very sad story regarding Pierre Agnes. It seems to be very facsimile to Robert Maxwell or John Stonehouse, MP. It may well be all correct but my gut instinct tells me that this story is far from over and we should keep on top of any updates. If Pierre truly has passed away then it’s sad and my condolences to his family. Let us see how things develop.

08.28pm – Well, time is truly moving forward and I am still being discriminated against but then again I am Italian, not British and the UK will leave the EU making me and other more subject to prejudices.

Friday 2 February 2018

07.06am – prostrate cancer is the third biggest killer in the UK and each year 11,000 men die of it. I try my best to watch what I eat but it’s hard as my PSA is on the up – not big time but its on the up. Now I saw this news article about a thief in Spain stealing 30,000 oranges and that they intended to eat a couple of oranges (sometimes three or four) per day. The biggest pain in the neck is peeling them but I have learned how to do it with a plastic knife.

07.15am Exclusive – Gavin Williamson the Defence Secretary made a decision to give an account of ‘an affair’ with a colleague in 2004 whilst he was working at Elgin and Hall Ltd. He described it as a ‘fling’ but no sexual intercourse took place. If his version is to be believed it involved only a couple of kisses which is hardly a ‘fling’ and cannot be described as an ‘affair.’ Why did he make a statement at all? It appears that an investigative journalist found out about a ‘liaison’ with an ex-fellow worker – thought it was at the Ministry of Defence and, only found out it occurred before he was an MP and ditched the story. The Security Services told Williamson who panicked, and without consultation to the (now) married woman with one child, released a statement. He followed the course of Michael Douglas except that in the case of Williamson no one was going to publish the story – which they now are!!!!


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