Family First By Robin Graves

Isaiah 1:16-17

“Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean; Put away the evil of your doings from before My eyes. Cease to do evil, Learn to do good; Seek justice, Rebuke the oppressor; Defend the fatherless, Plead for the widow.”

Surprising Jason at the Oklahoma, World Toughman Championships: Chuck said,“Jason, you fought angry, as a possessed man.  That’s how you win.  Fight back!”  Whenever Jason fought, Chuck was “….a presence whose energy you carried along with you to claim a Claymont wrestling match.” – Freeman.
 Holy man Chuck Young & Jason Freeman

Even if he wasn’t there, the man wanted Jason to win so bad he became a part of Jason’s strength and character from the boxing ring to the octagon.  Seeing Chuck Young and his wife Ruth at the Championships was a powerfully nostalgic flashback to high school wrestling days when, if Jason ever lost a fight, Chuck’s philosophy stayed the same, “You just weren’t mad enough.”

“God put a stage under my feet, a platform to stand on.  To give back what all my father figures gave to me.  Now it’s time for me to walk my real father’s paths and stand in their shoes . . .”  – Jason Freeman.

All through the holiday’s, around Western ‘civilizations’ calendars and clocks of changing seasons celebrations 2015/16 we have been honored, by old fashioned telephone calls from one Jason Lee Freeman.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, a sacred time, holy no matter how you look at it, during the Winter Solstice.  The longest nights of the year and, a changing of seasons to the Autumnal Equinox and, round again as Jason rides out Hurricane Matthew giving final approval for this very personal article and the audio video herein at 11:10am yesterday  October 7th, 2016. 

Jason is a former professional boxer and Mixed Martial Arts fighter.  He held 10 regional amateur championships across the State of Ohio before becoming professional.  Amateur record of 112 wins and 5 loses.  He continued advancing his classroom time with Grand Master, David Reese, to achieve his honorable 1st degree black belt.  Master Jason Lee now holds a 5th degree black belt at age 40. 

Jason is a spiritual man who bears witness to the faith in, ‘OUR FATHER, who art in Heaven’, to whomever is able and willing to receive it.  And, he is a family man who loves helping troubled youth with his story of the fight skills he learned overcoming his adversities and changing the American History of his families ever ongoing, perpetually difficult, and infamous public history.

FAMILY FIRST is Jason’s prerogative.  And FAMILY FIRST was the result of a census asking four generations of American’s, ‘HOW MUCH ARE EACH OF THE FOLLOWING A PART OF YOUR PERSONAL IDENTITY?’  The article had seven categories to choose from:  ‘My Family, Being An American, My Religious Faith, My Ethnic Group, My Career, My State, My City. 
Assuming that the majority of the people involved in the census were ‘citizens’; and granted, that three of the seven choices were singled out overall and unified into the exact juxtaposition of Americas ‘military’ men and women of the United States Marine Corps slogan:  ‘God, Country and Family’ order.

While, taking into account the import of this trinities matrix, each and individually to one and each other: as they correspond with the sacred trinities:  Body, Mind & Spirit (as ONE); or The Father, The Son & The Holy Ghost (as ONE).  It would appear that the mathematical result of the census is not only the reality, but aligns in perfect harmony with the mythical mysteries or the mystical and magical; ie:  Body = Family.  Mind = Country.  Spirit = Religion.  Or if you don’t believe in religion, Spirit = Spiritualism = Heart = Will?

 66Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too99
BODY: Uno-Red-Tin-man 
Religion is, the habitual character of the ONE who acts on impulses guided by an irrational and unknowable source instinctual to the zealot and the orthodox.  

MIND: Dos-Blue-Scarecrow

America is, the direct result of opportunity, capitalism, ‘Eminent Domain’ and ‘Manifest Destiny’ propelled by religions, fortune seekers, criminals and mass migration/immigration.  Just Google on Twitter:  ‘No DAPL’  While;


SOUL: Tres-Green-Lion

Family is, the core which generates each of the former parts of ‘personal identities’ in Black & White shinning lights and/or the ever widening Gray areas of multiple realities

 Our proportionate area of visual perception  

We are only capable of seeing a very small fraction of what is really out there, and all around us.  This analogy is being used to represent what one single persons’ individual perceptions can see against what the multitudinous, sociological backgrounds of our nations, Constitutions, religions, traditions and cultures can see in public domain without the distortions and distractions of the media.

This is personal.
3:33pm January 6 Deuce Aught 16

Grey Areas:  ‘Sensitivity’ has always been looked and locked down on by the realist, painting sensitivity from its grays into a very pitch black darkroom of lunacy or mental illness.  The inversion of the trinity from the Spirit of Religions that got us all here; into the Mind of America; is naturally the Body of the Family!

The Body is the Church; and is:  ‘The Family’ in effect, it regenerates the next revolution of the Soul/Spirit.  We as a People have moved through that trinity of the flesh and muscle or (might makes right) mentalities; we are currently cerebral in social engagements entangled, all trapped still in the matrix of the mazes in the mind.  Not yet sensitive enough or maybe just (too dumbed down) to make the transition, too the spirit. 

‘To make the –(proverbial)—leap’ from the muscles controlled by the money-minds and the talking-heads, into the heart of the matter, or into the mind uncontrolled by and for the freedom of the Soul.

Those who can, are stigmatized by the majority of our current cultures and societies in America while not so much so abroad.

Imagine that you were the 3rd generation of a ‘Family’ many people in your native country consider to be cursed — imagine if you were the grandson of a man so notorious most Americans see him as the very personification of incarnate EVIL.  And — imagine if, you were the son of a man very few people know anything of beyond believing and repeating the official reports, that your, ‘father committed suicide’ and your ‘grandfather practiced witchcraft’.

Imagine – that 25 years since your father’s alleged ‘suicide’ you never saw your stepmother or your half-brother ever again.  A family divided by nationally historic events.  A family divided by the mainstream media and a President of the United States.  All for a quintessential event out of all our histories, with the equivalent (in its impact on a nation) of an atomic bomb, metaphorically speaking.
Against all the odds could you even dream to be a good family man?  Could you be a good husband?  A good father?  Could you even possibly be a good grandson to the man who almost all of the people, controlled by the media in a nation call a ‘monster’?  Would there be any reason why, that would be a wise decision to make if you were a family man, to meet the man, who your family forbids you almost all of your life to ever even mention?
12:34am January 9th, Deuce Aught 16

Mind control was the charge.  ‘Conspiracy to mind control.’ conspiracy theory nut jobs succeeded in convicting him of witchcraft. In other words, if you’re on the broken clocks, it’s very easy to control you.  The calendars on the idiot boxes bought and paid for, the holidays of emotions, the consumers of commercials marketed.  CAPITAL! Capitalism.

Our public school systems and higher education’s, package the overall favorites:  ‘Children, Death & Sex;’ right into our bodies, minds and souls, stagnating us until the very last profit can be had.


Imagine – watching people for almost one half of a century profiting off of images, letters, music, etc., of your grandfather’s.  Imagine – your parents giving up your true surname; and then you, grow up watching all the opportunistic people, over all the years, using your surname to sell death and fear?

Jason Freeman:  “I made my mind up years ago to just stop asking.  I left it alone through my childhood.  As it surfaces back to the front of my mind in my early 30’s, I still make the choice not to watch the medias’ perspective and the past history of the case and events.  I had a different view. – As I held a strong grudge against my grandfather for my father’s death.  I still needed answers.  Answers only the Old man could answer.  Also, I needed to know my grandfather on a personal level.  To see if he was what society portrayed him to be.  Through time I got the answers I was seeking – About my father, the relationship with my grandmother.  Most of all was this man a man I wanted to, or could even build a relationship with – From a grandson reaching out into the deep unknown.  Questions only asked by a family member to another – Nothing to do with the murders, what, how, where or when.  Deeper questions not yet raised by anyone.  Questions from a young man whose father was gone due to suicide while a grandfather lays his head on a pillow and rests on a cement slab locked away from society.”
SECRET NAME, all your life you’ve known, was supposed to be yours.  A name absolutely owned by the ‘Public Domain’ and so far, used for over 400 books, countless movies, coveted music, underground art, infinite t-shirts, multitudinous bumper stickers, etc., ad nausea.  A man who numerous rock bands, artists and writers continuously plagiarize with absolute impunity.

A man whose name is still in the news every two months for over the last 45 years.  A man reportedly mentally ill, who has spent over half of a century locked up and much of that time in solitary confinement while that same man, (your grandfather) by law is not allowed to profit off of anything he creates, but anyone and everyone else can profit from the very lucrative marketing of the MANSON family name.  A man who has had no rights to his own name . . . for three generations.  Would you want to dare to take back your surname and defend it?


Now imagine – yourselves, how titles about your grandfather like, ‘Attempting to Smuggle his Sperm out of Prison,’ and ‘Desperate to Have a Child,’ or ‘fiancee wanted to marry him for his corpse’  would make you feel when the sources of those false stories have successfully manipulated the mainstream media into very closely relating them to – as his fictional father and her fictional real-boyfriend; wife; friend; guy in the cell doing life next to him; who?  What?  Does that fall into the grey-area of ‘Fair Use’ laws or in inimitable hearsay?  Are THESE PEOPLE,‘Best Selling Authors’ and reputable NEWS reporters mere pawns of the mind controlling mainstream media surrounding this one notorious man and his FAMILY?

Rolling Stone magazines, packaged, product, powerful, magnificent.  Media minded power?

Imagine – if some guy who participated and got paid, in the ridiculous creations of some of the rudest stories, was the same guy you granted your own DNA for testing to prove him as your uncle and the biological son of your grandfather; who then four years after he was proven not be related to you (or by proxy your grandfather) he is still in the money-minds, media machine, making money from your surname and the bloodline of your fathers?  Imagine – that!

Would you be mad?  Would you want to pick a fight?
Numbers:  The number XII is a corner stone set in the foundations of all western civilizations.  Applied predictive mathematics based, the established hours around the clock, around the calendars and inside the borders of our primary stories – the measurement of one foot print of humanity – another map of the actions and motives of humankind.
“I do not aim with my hand; he who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.
I aim with my eye.I do not shoot with my hand; he who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.
I shoot with my mind.I do not kill with my gun; he who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father.
I kill with my heart.”


–Stephen King, The Gunslinger


Part I
Robin Graves:  “Specifically you said, Manson won’t let you visit and is set in his ways and won’t cooperate or agree to what you think’? Let’s start with that . . .”
Jason Freeman:  “Yep
Robin Graves:  “He wants to keep you out of the public eye but you are going to do what you plan and want anyway?”

Jason Freeman: “I need to get the California courts to recognize me as his grandson. I need medical records for my health issues. What can you do with that idea??? For real, I got to break ground and that’s my only way in. My court paper work shows I’m Charles Manson Jr’s son. That’s my first reason behind my roots. Then I can get a visit seeing I’m family. Don’t need anyone else. I’ll travel there. Film it all. Plan to meet people while there. Film that. That’s my idea.”
Robin Graves:  “You have a half brother?  What’s his name?  Do you know him?  How old is he? and would he want to have anything to do with this?”

Jason Freeman:  “Not sure on the age. Just pics. This may draw him out. But nothing as of now. I want to meet him. In the future for sure.”
Robin Graves: “You have a name?  Is he younger then you?”
Jason Freeman:  “Paul White. Last I heard when my grandmothers’ last husband called me. Same month as her first husband did. Charles Manson! He said Paul was in school in Oklahoma 3.5 years ago.”
Robin Graves: “Getting confused on what you mean by ‘first husband’ and ‘last husband’ calling you?  Wasn’t her first husband Manson?”
Jason Freeman: “This is bad ass. Check this out. Milton Mooney claimed he was married to my grandmother.  So that would be her last husband.  Milton called the same month my Grandfather did; while I was working in the oil field four years ago this past summer.  Yes, you see what I’m saying?”  
Robin Graves: “Sync, yes and then Charlie called same day you were filming on 700 Club.”
Jason Freeman: “Yes, Manson did call the same day we were filming.  I treated the crew to a great meal in my home town of Dennison at the Dennison Yard.  I’ve lost Milton’s since that time due to changing phone carriers.”
Very few people would know or even care – for that matter – but while filming for the 700 Club about growing up ‘Manson’s Grandson,’ guess who spontaneously called?  Yep, Charles Manson Sr. himself, on the phone with Jason (pictured above) in the middle of filming.  Of course, the 700 Club found a good excuse to edit that part out of the production. 
Stating, ‘legal reasons’ for editing it out of the interview; the synchronicity of those unique moments on the phone, which is ironic seeing that every other Tom, Dick and Harry peddle all Charlie’s wares with immunity and impunity.  More about the ‘public domain’ of marketing the product and name branded ‘Manson’ later.
 Charles Manson Jr. birthday gift to Jason 1987 age 11

Robin Graves: “You said Bootsie was the one who made sure you got Christmas and birthday gifts.  Meaning What?  If she wasn’t there, Jay wouldn’t have done it himself?”
Jason Freeman:  “No.  Jay wouldn’t off without a woman behind him, I believe.  His head was torn to many ways.   Having his family and daily life with his wife and son, that’s what was real to him. Some of my personal questions will probably never be answered, I’ll never know.”
Christmas 1989 

Christmas 2015 

Jason related a funny story to me about when him and Max (pictured above, picking out the ol’Christmas Tree) watched the movie, ‘Manson Family Vacation’.  Mind you, they are watching a fictional comedy, lightly based on, and about, their All The Way Alive and Revolutionary still UNBROKEN grandfather and great grandfather’s … what?  It’s confusing.
But put on those shoes now, understand who they are, and from where they stand.  They are literally the ‘Freeman Family’ watching one, just one of the innumerable fictional stories marketed?  Wait a minute; they are watching their surname being prostituted as ‘public domain’ for all the world to laugh at?  For our entertainment, too amuse us? 
I don’t know, but just think about that . . .
Jason Freeman December 30th, 2015

“Started watching Manson family vacation.  I’m about to (trucking) buy a $10,000 worth of equipment and roll myself.  Then put my price tag on it for all the (slope-chokes) out there to buy.  Sorry little (peeked) off.  My boy and I just started watching it.  That’s exactly what I need to do.  Let the world slow down and just go, live out of a tent eat food from the can, and hitchhike, and film everything, and everyone can (smoke a big fat spliff)!”

(Expletives edited per request)  *

IV Generations:  The Greatest Generation or (Silents) born 1925-1946; the Baby-Boomers or (Me Generation) born 1946-1964; Generation X or (Slacker Generation) born 1965-1980 & The Millennial’s and/or (Y’s) born after 1981.    

The Millennial’s and/or Y’s don’t really know very much about the Silents’ sacrifices.  The present youth considered to be ‘Global-centric’; whose ‘coming of age’ was, and is, during the internet and terrorism.  Those so desired ‘intelligent work place tech-savvy’ young adults who offer loyalty for reward.  At the same time being ignorant and unaware of the consequences they will face in their own lives for having no legitimate knowledge, whatsoever, of all the rights their grandparents gave up for them.  Maniacal men and women all the indoctrinated pray of the same predators programs.

Millennial’s, the truth has been kept by the Silents, by the Me’s, by the Slackers who only tried to tell you.  You wouldn’t listen.  Maybe some Me’s told you not to?  Perhaps an X scared you?  Let us try again:  YOU need to know what happened to his rights, if you hope to survive.  Not trying to scare you, but your, Air; your Trees; your Water and your Animals, are not UNLIMITED RESOURCES.  

“You can’t stop war, but you can redirect it.  You can redirect it to the problem.  The problem is pollution.”  -Charles Manson 
Jason Freeman, January 2nd, 2016 
“Watched the rest of the movie, I really enjoyed it. It had purpose and it was as real as it gets. People follow and want to be part of something. That young man was finally accepted. Good plot for the movie. They gave it a star and half.  If they had major named actors it would have been a 3 star. No one wants to touch his story in the big lights. It was cool when the guy says don’t say his name, people get freaked out. Then the guy yells it more. I had no clue that was going to turn out to be his boy.”

3-13-2015 8:00pm –  Shawn Moreland: “In Dec of 1975 Jay came to my house and asked me to move in with him in St. Clairsville.  Like an idiot I did. My mom was so upset with me.  Jay had a brother Jesse that lived in St. Clairsville with their mother Rosie.  At Christmas I was not invited to Rosie’s for dinner. I was told she didn’t like me and didn’t want me there.  Ok fine.  During that month I became pregnant with Jason. 
I knew I missed a period and I didn’t know what to do.  Girls would come to the trailer for Jay and he didn’t even care. I had to put up with this shit.  New Years eve he left me and Wayne, Jasons elder half brother, alone. He was with another woman because she came to the house the next day. I was so humiliated.
Sometime in January, Jesse came over and told me that Jay wanted me out of there before he came home.  I went to the neighbors and used the phone and called my friend Roseanne to come get me.  The man that let me use the phone said that if I couldn’t find a ride he would take me home himself.  He said I didn’t belong there with all the stuff that goes on in that place. I went home that day and never looked back.”
He wanted me to abort Jason. No way.  He was a self centered prick, lol.  I am glad my son was never influenced by that family. My son is a better man than Jay could have ever been.
Robin Graves: “Whose father was Jesse’s?”

Shawn Moreland: “Jack White. Jesse was a really nice kid.”

Robin Graves: “Is Jack White still alive?”

Shawn Moreland:  “Have no clue.”

Robin Graves:
 “Did you say he had two sons?”

Shawn Moreland: 
“Who Jay?”
Robin Graves:   “Jack White.”

Shawn Moreland: “There was Jed and Jesse.”
Robin Graves: “Jack White wanted you to abort Jason?”

Shawn Moreland:  “No, Jay wanted me to.”
Robin Graves: “Why?”

Shawn Moreland: “Somehow he found out I was pregnant he didn’t want the child I guess.

Robin Graves: 
“Is that what he said? ‘i don’t want a kid right now?’
Shawn Moreland:  “No I am just guessing.  I don’t really remember what all was said.”
Robin Graves:  “But he wanted you to abort?  Why?”
Shawn Moreland:  “I just know he did not want me to have the child.”
Robin Graves: “But you don’t know why?  He said, ‘get an abortion’?”
Shawn Moreland:  “That is what he wanted me to do. I told him no. End of story.  I wonder sometimes if he told his wife to get an abortion.  Look I think Jay was just scared of having a child. He would have to grow up, he had no idea how to be a parent. He had no role models.  I didn’t really need him. I just took care of business.  I was a lot stronger than him well I hope I have helped you out a little.”
1-13-2016 1:11pm 
Robin Graves: “Hello again”
Shawn Moreland: “I named Jason myself. Jay wasn’t around so Jason has my maiden name Freeman.”

Robin Graves: “It’s kind of poetic that J-son’s surname is ‘freeman’ all things considered . . .”

Shawn Moreland: “I guess.”

Robin Graves: “Can’t remember if I asked you before about Jay visiting CM. did you know they visited?”

Shawn Moreland: “They did not.”

Robin Graves: “Did Jay ever express any sentiment to you of wanting to meet or know his own father?”

Shawn Moreland: “Yes he wanted to meet his dad”

Robin Graves: “Can you expand and tell me any stories about that that stands out in your memory?  The reason I’m asking is I have information stating that they did have one visit approximately six months before Jay was found deceased.”

Shawn Moreland: “I really wouldn’t know about that.”

Robin Graves: “So at birth he denied Jason was his . . . but by the age of eight he acknowledged that Jason was his? Did he have any explanation for his change of heart?”

Shawn Moreland: “He did not deny Jason to me. He told his mother and family that Jason was not his.  I did not know this until Jason was a little older.”

Robin Graves: “How did Jay react when you first told him you were carrying his child?”

Shawn Moreland: “I really don’t remember. It really doesn’t matter to me anymore.”
 Graduation 1996 

Life inspiring, Art inspiring Life. – So ‘Manson Family Vacation’ ignited the drive in Jason to use that vision of the world’s stages: As a positive motivational speaker and consultant for troubled youth; and to visit face to face with his grandfather – before he passes – in his own lifetimes quest to know thy self.  He will visit his father’s grave.  He will find his long lost family members and the heritage of his ancestry, hopefully with your help.  Anyone out there, who is reading this and can help, would be greatly appreciated. (Contact Jason –

January 15th, Deuce Aught Sixteen 9:37pm
Robin Graves: “I want to add that, even without names.  I didn’t know that and probably most don’t.  Talk about putting chills into the piece . . . not that I am into that sort of thing but . . . coincidence?”
9:39pm – Jason Freeman: “Oh ya that’s huge man. My mom knows who died first in order. It’s huge man. Like I said, Manson plants first seed, and then she remarried right, had two more boys. All die young, before her! Fucked up.  Charlie don’t know any of this. Rosie was married six times. That’s why I said her first husband and her last contacted me in the same thirty days. Fucking crazy for me out away from home man.”
“This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you
that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses.
Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.”
Deuteronomy 30:19
Part II 
Royal Blood Family -vs- Blood Sucking Family
All Charles Manson’s Children
Abstract Enigmas:  Many people for one reason or another over the last four and a half decades, from all walks of life, have been showing up claiming to be Charlies offspring.  On the official public record there are:  Charles M. Manson Jr. (suicide) son born 1956 to Rosalie Jean Willis; Charles Luther Manson (died) 19th February 2007 (born) September 24th 1960 to Leona Rae ‘Candy’ Musser and Michael Brunner (estranged) son born 1968 to Mary Brunner. 
Off the public record there are a host of other couldbe’s, wouldbe’s & wannabe’s here acknowledged in no particular or definitive order:  Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz son 1968 to Sadie Atkins; Ivan son 1967 to Sandra Good & Angel son 1970 to Linda Kasabian.
Charlie has been known to say, “They are all my children.”  In, ‘Charles Manson Superstar,’ Charles says, “Every time I get out, I get a woman and a kid, and then she’s runs off . . . then the kid shows up twenty, thirty years later, fat and acting like his mother . . .” 
And then there are those (who for lack of better words) are either infamous famous monopoly fortune seekers or perhaps self-diluted panoply delusional ego’s who Charlies own words have claimed, “They are all my children.” have come hunted, hunting back so inspired by him?  Currently, people like, Matthew Roberts and his half sister, Evans-Bonyadi.  (Charles Manson Is My Father:  ‘Woman Tells World Of Horrific Discovery’ Mirror United Kingdom); and J.J. Brine and his partner Marquise.  (They are descendants of Charles Manson. [54]. Wikipedia). 
Roberts has arranged a number of events in the media from California to London reporting to be Charles Manson’s biological son.  Continuing to participate in publicized and paid events, depicting himself as related to Manson now years after Jason participated with him, donating his own blood (metaphorically) in effect; his spit, his DNA, for a test to prove Matthew’s mother’s claims.
Jason Freeman having swab taken for DNA

The test was carried out by CNN.  It was 99.9% confirmed that they do not have, ‘…a common biological ancestry . . . Matthew Roberts was visibly shaken as though he had just been robbed…’ 

In the second episode of the very first season of, ‘The Family Guy’ there is a Manson.  In the checkout line of the grocery story, every other month for 45 years, there is a Manson on the cover of the magazines.  All the comedies, and tragedies, of this one man’s family entertaining America in infinite gossips, it’s enough to drive one mad, all this business of seeing stars (like being hit by a hammer) and Hollywood, California laws. 
Jason is also the co-author of the autobiographical book, ‘Knocking Out The Devil’.  He writes about the choice of the title in his blog, “…Seeing we as people knock the Devil from our lives daily. Some satanic followers embrace the ‘Dark Side.’ I don’t and will not involve myself with that adventure. It’s hard enough keeping the little demons out of my head I live with now. I thought it was a clear name for a book title. My grandfather thought different. He went on about how.”
“You can’t knock the devil out!  He lives inside all of us. Sin will never die young man, you got to first die to yourself, man.  Die to the flesh as God moves through you.”  (He laughs, ha ha ha.)“Knocking out the devil is silly. You’re not in the Ring man.”  – Charlie Manson. 
The book is dedicated to Jason’s now deceased stepfather Dink (pictured above), which brings up two more ‘Manson Family’ secrets, oaths and promises made and now expired.  Grandmother Rosaile bid Jason not to seek out his grandfather “…or that family.” until she passes (which she did in 2009).  Oddly enough, lifting the weight of the first promise and allowing Jason the little bit of freedom he needed to write Knocking Out the Devil published in 2012.
The second promise was to Jason’s mother, in honor of her husband and Jason’s Stepfather Dink; to not seek out his biological grandfather Charles Manson until his passing.  Dink died February 26th, 2013 and Jason kept his word.  Now free of all parental restrictions and vows honored, Jason is bound come hell or high water to meet his biological Grandfather in person.
At the age of 35, Jason Freeman Manson made a choice to speak out.  To reclaim the roots of a Hollywood worldwide face that will never be forgotten.  Half the world hates this man, the other half want to understand the man.  Jason stands beside his grandfathers ecological movement and A.T.W.A. understanding of ‘Mother Nature -vs- Man.’  “Revolution against pollution – its the only solution.”  -Charles Manson
Jason’s mother doesn’t want him to meet his grandfather.  Jason’s grandfather has advised him not to visit but Jason isn’t taking no for an answer.  He is a fighter and a driven man in search of his roots.  Witnessing on this subject he says to us, “God showed me the stage in 2011, as I cried in my gym looking for my next step.  As I looked into my house from the gym, God opened my eyes that he stripped me from the love of the fight world to be with my family full time and to use my story to reach others off of the stage he built under me.”
Part III
Did Charles Manson Jr. really commit suicide?  And, is Charles Manson Sr. really a schizophrenic?  There have been so many rumors and outright lies, distortions, fictions and disinformation regarding Jason’s father’s.
Mysterious stuff.  Taboo in this society and culture.  Family secrets and all the things people don’t like to talk about, things that make us uncomfortable, things that some of us have even been forbidden to talk about.  
“Family health history plays a part . . .” in what Freeman is about to do.  Personal stuff, “continuing friendship and the interest in his [Charles Manson’s] health as my family.”  
 Jason’s Parents:  Charles Manson Jr. (aka Jay White) & Shawn Freeman

Jason has set several goals about going out, in search of his roots.  Bootsie (pictured below) with Jason’s brother Paul White and father Charles Manson Jr., are two family members Jason hopes to reunite with this year.  – Possibly with the help of someone reading this – Not having seen them since his father’s death has always left Jason with a lot of questions.

66% of the people who die by suicide do not leave a note.  It has been reasoned that these people are, “so depressed.  They figure no one would care or want to know why they killed themselves anyway.”
Charles Manson was diagnosed with schizophrenia.  Never mind what he thinks about that, right? “You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something.  Nowadays everybody’s crazy.”  Charles Manson.
“Paranoid schizophrenia in the forties, there was only a few of us because they just invented those tags from some college somewhere and we were just a small group of people. But now there are many paranoid schizophrenias because all these these guys that are graduating from college that are readin’ all these books, anything they can’t understand is a paranoid schizophrenia.” 
“That’s right – we could be among you right now and you might never even know it.  The one time Hollywood did schizophrenia reasonably well was when they took a true story and proceeded to make up a lot of stuff, with a little movie you might have heard of called, ‘A Beautiful Mind.’  What’s accurate is how, through much of the film, John Nash is pretty damn functional.  He gets married, he graduates from Princeton . . . shit, those are things that most ‘normal’ people can’t even manage.  For a long time, nobody suspects there’s anything wrong with him. That’s because schizophrenics aren’t necessarily drooling, twitching blobs of humanity – it can actually be really hard to tell when they’re having an episode.  A lot of the symptoms of paranoia can be mistaken for simple social awkwardness.  The only difference is that I also happen to think cameras are following me everywhere, which I’m probably not going to tell you about, and if I did, you would probably think I’m merely stoned, because people absolutely have.”
How we treat our mentally ill in a society has been termed:  ‘Trail-em, Nail-em & Jail-em.’  It has been said that, “…the worth of a society can be measured by the manner in which it treats its weakest member.”  Or, to paraphrase Hubert H. Humphrey’s last public speech, “…the moral test of government is how it treats those at the dawn of life; those at the dusk of life and those in the shadows of life.’  Metaphors for:  ‘The children, the elderly and the handicapped.’ 
Do the readers have any idea or concern, whatsoever, for how many ‘professional’ : Councilors; Psychologists; Psychiatrists, Attorneys and Doctors have violated their own code of ethics and morals; or of how many, conflicts of interests, concerning Charles Manson’s constitutional rights and human rights, have taken place over that last 45 years?
Beach Boy, Mike Love, has just published a book hoping to cash in on all the big banking done on the boogie man ‘MANSON’ name – While the 2nd Season of Aquarius with the X-Files star has been recently canceled – And TODAY “Judge Deals Blow to Former Manson Family Member’s Last Bid For Parole.” 
Are there any attorney’s reading this who could shock the Court’s conscience about all these travesties of justice?
Charles Manson’s last parole hearing was very quickly DENIED and ended, by a violation of ‘doctor patient’ confidentiality.  ‘The Hippocratic Oath’ :  “What I may see or hear in the course of the treatment or even outside of the treatment in regard to the life of men, which on no account one must spread abroad, I will keep to myself holding such things shameful to be spoken about.”
For every law, if need be, there is always in the hallways of law and order, an amendment to that law, just as for every rule, there is or, was or, will ever be, in the “hallways of the always” exceptions to that same rule, for example:  “Public health concerns outweigh the individuals rights to confidentiality.”  
No one will level on the line, nobody of it is worth.

The well-being of Jason’s grandfather is the primary concern these days.  How a Nation treats it’s convicts, it’s elderly, it’s mentally handicapped is the issue.  Jason is seeking legal professionals interested in not only protecting but in regaining his grandfather’s rights; and his own rights to his biological surname and next-of-kin rights, seeking pro bono legal aid.  Meaning: the burden carried (for the public good).  Someone well versed in almost all fields of law:  Constitutional rights; civil rights law; criminal law; family law; mental health law; intellectual law and entertainment law.

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