Diary from the Inside 23 April – 13 May 2018 Part 114 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Monday 23 April 2018

07.12am – Just continuing from the weekend, I remind the United States of America that on 3 September 1939 the Washington Post Newspaper had a headline that ran:

Both sides agree not to bomb civilians. Six years later two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan killing civilians and let’s not forget the machine-gunning of the children’s choir in Dresden! The law and regulation only apply to the losers!!!!

That leads me to tell the story of my two meetings with Fidel Castro, both times strangely enough in Tenerife. Now, remember that most freedom fighters are professionals. Fidel Castro was a lawyer, Che Guevara was a doctor, Slobodan Milosevic was a lawyer, Saddam Hussein was a lawyer and the list is endless. What makes a professional challenge what is the lawful authority of Government? Who knows, but from Mexico to Cuba (returning from exile) he ended up with twelve men and a handful of rifles fighting against an army of 100,000 men of the Batuta Government. Over the years many died Castro told me, but he said: – “history will absolve me,” and it sure as hell did because he won. Had he lost – he told me: – “I would not be surprised if Batista did not put my corpse on trial.” A very true statement. Oh well, those were the good days when I was able to meet even Nelson Mandela, another lawyer. It seems that lawyers have a monopoly on taking power in a country!!!!

Tuesday 24 April 2018

01.18pm – I think you will all agree that Collins Dictionary is reputable and trustworthy, and we should all be able to rely on it. If you go to the mini English Dictionary ISBN 978-0-00-753195-0 and look at what the interpretation of ‘sexual intercourse.’ The interpretation is this:

‘Act of procreation in which males’ penis inserted into the female vagina.’

Well, that is a Roman Catholic Doctrine and certainly not the true interpretation because 99% of sexual intercourse has zero to do with procreation, namely the intention of assuring pregnancy. So why would a reputable Dictionary follow a Catholic Doctrine masquerading as such in a Dictionary? The answer is I don’t know, but, now, I will question all Dictionary meanings by Collins because if they have that so badly wrong then what about less contentious stuff?? because then of Dictionary’s we must not take them as ‘gospel’ – as such – because lots of the Gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) also raise many questions.

01.26pm – I was doing some research and found that between 1948 to date, Italy has had 46 Governments. Absurd, totally ridiculous and one of the first things I will address. Stability of Government with perhaps each Government forcibly lasting a minimum of 5 years, maybe even 7 years!!! You see if I don’t.

Wednesday 25 April 2018

07.18am – There is an old saying that “if you can dream it you can do it.” Well, my dream last night was probably more like “if you can dream it, then it must be a dream.” Let me say no more!!!

07.20am – Now, this case of an Italian citizen Stefano Brizzi who richly deserved a life sentence then subsequently hanged himself. Do I believe it? Do I as hell!!! But then I’ve been in the English prison system for over 5 years but let’s see what the inquest decides. By the way, not much publicity given when he did supposedly kill himself. At the end of the day he surely knew that he would have been repatriated to Italy and serve no more than 15-20 years! Why would he kill himself? The British Government have tried to force Danilo Restivo (life recommended 42 years) to serve his sentence in Italy, knowing full well that he would serve half of that in Italy? Something does not quite add up but I guess there will be a nice cover up as in the case of Dr. Harold Shipman. Who believes Shipman killed himself? I have a letter from his ‘next door cell’ who said that Shipman was ‘happy and OK’ the day before he then hanged himself. That person subsequently was strangely ‘released from prison.’ So, another cover up. I think I actually released the letter I received in the post but no one actually gives a damn if people in prison do commit suicide.

Thursday 26 April 2018

01.12pm – There is nothing more annoying for me than to see good money paid for rubbish. Open your eyes and see please the drawing of a painting that was painted in 1917, just over 100 years ago.

The cost of the painting £110 million, totally effing bizarre, especially when this money could, and effing should, be used to build schools or hospitals, or used to pay under-privileged students attending university. That would be a real heritage, not a drawing, that is not even real-like, of a woman and her fat backside. Sorry, but things are just getting out of hand. When will people learn that you can’t buy back time or history!!!

01.18pm – My God, there is an old saying that in the event of a nuclear war only two living beings will live – cockroaches and lawyers!!! But porn star lawyers???

That really is a new one on me but having seen a photo of them I wonder if they too are candidates for the Cleopatra’s Grip Club?? Another bizarre twist in a bizarre world. PS: Happy birthday Caroline!!!!

Friday 27 April 2018

01.16pm – The weather is shite with rain and the heating turned off because the Civil Service Rules say ‘turn off the heating end of April and turn on beginning of September.’ Of course, it’s irrelevant what the weather is! That is called communism so I guess the UK has silently turned communist!!! Incredible. Now have a read of the prostate safer op.

Oh yes, that’s right it’s not yet (if ever it will be for me who needs it, even though the NHS have approved it for routine use, that ‘routine’ does not apply to those in my position. Oh well, never mind because when I get back to Italy I will be treated properly because Italy does not discriminate in its treatment of anyone in Italy, regardless of race, colour, creed, or position. It even grants citizenship to those who are in peril but then the UK would know eff all about compassion or empathy.

Saturday 28 April 2018

07.45pm – I do not know if anyone of you knows – why would you? – but, up to 1817 there was a right on appeal to a Trial by Battle which was inherited from the Norman days, and frankly forgotten until a case called William Ashford – v – Abraham Thornton on 6 November 1817. The process was actually quite dramatic involving gloves thrown on the floor and either it was picked up (which meant battle) or the words ‘let it lie’ which meant the challenge was refused. What is interesting about this case, 170 years ago, was that it eventually led in 1985 to the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985 s.6, in other words, private prosecution. There were some great words spoken by the Lord Chief Justice Ellenborough: –

“If it be the law, what the law authorises is not murder.”

Counsel for the appellant submitted that if Trial by Battle was authorised by the law then someone would be dead and that would be murder. By the way, did you know that when England had capital punishment after each execution, the executioner would the next day appear at the Central Criminal Court and be charged with murder and acquitted on the direction of the Judge? That is what the law is about – whatever it says is not a controversy to the law. Makes sense when murder is Common Law, not Statute!!!

Sunday 29 April 2018

01.08pm – You know, if someone had told me five years ago I would still be in the UK I would have laughed all the way, as it is the laugh is very much on me!! However, every cloud has a silver lining. I’ve had the last nine months of hell but now it’s better. The good thing about pain is that it is not eternal, it is not perpetual, and when it’s over boy how good it feels. Today I received a letter from a guy in Scotland ‘out of the blue and it mentioned my dear friend Zeljko Raznatovic who has been dead now since 2000. How I wish he had heeded my advice in November 1999, but it’s now 18 years, and everyone has moved on – some forward and some side-wards. One day I may just write a book but now is not the time. I heard that the murderer was himself murdered in Mexico which is a bit of a Trotsky situation like eh? The police are awaiting the DNA results to see if it is the real person. We shall have to wait and see.

01.15pm – I see that ABBA have recorded two new songs for the first time in 40 years. The divorce between Benny and Anni was OK(ish) but the one between Agnetha and Bjorn was to say, the least, volcanic. I know first-hand she loathed him because within a week he had a new girlfriend, but, as they say, time heals all pain – I hope!!!!

Monday 30 April 2018

01.06pm – Amber Rudd MP has been forced to resign as Home Secretary because she ‘inadvertently misled Parliament.’ Leaving aside I like Amber, put that to one side, why the eff should she resign because she ‘inadvertently’ misled Parliament? It was not done on purpose! Let me put it this way: – when a Judge ‘inadvertently’ misdirects a Jury into making a decision on innocent, or guilty, but when the Court of Appeal quashes the conviction the Judge does not resign. My God, some should because decisions, and rulings, they give are per se criminal but I don’t know of any Judge that has resigned his office asking to such? So why should Amber Rudd? Well, it’s done now but that does not make it right!!! I sincerely hope that one day soon, she is brought back to the Cabinet – that is if the Conservatives are still in power!!! As for Theresa May, well, when she was Home Secretary she personally authorised my deportation Order in June 2013 and wanted me sent to Italy in July 2013. That would have been the right decision and would have saved the UK over 250,000 in up-keeping me. The ex-supermarket shelf-stacker, Chris Grayling, overruled her and the rest is what it is. Never mind – ‘the taxpayer can afford it’ seems the motto of the Government.

Tuesday 1 May 2018

07.24am – I believe in answering a question quickly and simply. With regard to the Immigration Policy of my Party Partito Nazionale Italiano let me make it clear: once a person has been deemed to be an illegal immigrant that person will be deported back to his/her/their country. Full stop. It’s that simple and why the UK Labour Party have a problem saying the same is beyond release. They say that in the UK there are over one million, yes one million illegal immigrants. Those, once established they are illegal immigrants, must be deported for everyone’s sake. Why is there a problem in saying so? So, as far as Italy is concerned let me make it clear – once you are deemed an illegal immigrant you will be deported back to your country, and that is that. Very easy, and simple policy with the caveat that each case will be considered by a special three panel Tribunal, but once a ruling is made there will be no appeals, and no stay, – within 48 hours deportation. We have 17 prisons in Italy that are not used and empty – they won’t be empty for long. You see, I see it this way – if a person breaks into your house then the full forces of the law will hit you – so, if a person breaks into your country…? You get what I mean, I hope. Let me also make clear – no amnesty. No right to stay, you will be removed but not with empty pockets – a modest sum on humanitarian purposes will be given.

Wednesday 2 May 2018

(Written 1 May 2018 19.59pm) – If ever you get the chance, do watch the film ‘Guns at Batasi’ because there is the part when actor Cecil Parker as an Ambassador to an African country that took independence by force from the British recognised Government – the Colonel Jack Hawkins says: – “President, he’s only been out of prison six months and now he is the President?” To which Cecil Parker the Ambassador replies: – “going to jail is considered a shortcut to power these days.”  So, I say ‘watch this space’

07.23am – Listen to this: – the five members of the UN Security Council are: – UK, France, USA, Russia, and China. Three of those countries UK, France, USA, all have in some form an Equality Act, making all people equal. Russia is a member of the Council of Europe and subscribes as a consequence to the European Court of Human Rights, of which all people are equal! That leaves China – in some de jure form all citizens are equal and as signatories to the UN Charter they accept that equality, and ‘equal opportunities’ are part of their political and judicial equality. OK, well if we are all equal and all are part of equal opportunities, why is it that if Iran, North Korea, or any other country other than the five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council try and develop atomic weapons they are ‘not allowed’ and subject to penalties? That is not very equal opportunities is it? What happened to the principle of ‘all being equal’ or does that only apply to selective equality? Again, it’s all a masquerade of hypocrisy!!!! Either everyone is equal or, as is the case, only the five UN Security Council Members are equal, but not the rest!!!!

Thursday 3 May 2018

06.47pm – Someone has written to me and asked me to describe a typical day so here it is in detail: – wake up at about 05.55am and at 06.00am (Monday – Friday) put TV on to ITV3 which has classic Coronation Street that repeats the episodes from the 1980s. That lasts until 06.50pm I change the TV to ITV to watch Piers Morgan (Monday – Wednesday) and occasionally change to BBC news. During the time of 06.50am to 07.10am I carry out my obligations. Then I take a multi-vitamin and Vitamin C pill. I make myself a small coffee and get ready for work. From 07.35am to about 08.10am, the loudspeakers call for work and I move myself to go about the two hundred metres taking me to another Unit to take up my post at my desk. As soon as I arrive there are lots waiting to see me and I do my best. At about 08.40am – 08.50am all movements cease and the Unit is cleared. I do my work, file the various applications and at about 11.00am I go back to my Unit where I immediately get a bottle of water from the cold tap. Lunch is at about 11.30am and I usually take just a bowl of soup with two bread rolls and a biscuit (Monday – Friday). It is not much but better than nothing. At 12.15pm I watch ITV and change between ‘Loose Women,’ News, or ‘The Royal,’ or ‘Heartbeat’ on ITV. I look at my Daily Mail that arrives each day courtesy of Wayne, my friend, whom I’m eternally grateful. At about 01.40pm I move to work back at the Unit and remain there until about 04.00pm. I then go back to my Unit and change my water bottle so the water is fresh and cold. I could buy water from the prison shop (canteen) but I can’t for obvious reasons. If I’m lucky I go out to the yard but as it’s cold there is no point. At 04.45pm it’s tea time and I receive my food which costs the prison five times the amount it pays for each inmate as it’s a kosher meal. From then, until 06.15pm, I usually stay with my own company but now and then chat to others. From 06.15pm until 07.30pm (Monday – Friday) I take nice shower and Monday, Wednesday, Friday, watch ‘Coronation Street’ and at 09.00pm whatever interesting programme is on TV. I write letters and re-read parts of the Daily Mail I find interesting. At 10.00pm – 10.30pm I go to sleep but, unfortunately, I get up four/five times per night because of my prostate problems and so on, until the whole damn cycle starts all over again. Now, Saturday and Sunday not much variation save that there is no ‘classic Coronation Street’ and I get up at 07.00pm instead of 05.55am and everything moves one hour. I go to work at 09.00am instead of 08.10am. That basically is my life. I work seven days a week, each and every day, no matter whether it’s a holiday or not. Now, and then, I get a chance to do some research or write detailed letters but more than not it’s a very boring routine, shite life. It’s not actually living but just moving on in a directionless manner. There is no point to this place – none at all. No one in 5 years and 2 months has ever come to me and said “Giovanni, it’s wrong to commit crime.” No one tells anyone anything. This is a human car park of suspended souls.

Friday 4 May 2018

01.27pm – I once said that there is nothing more permanent than temporary legislation. That reminded me of this and please do check the dates, because my memory is not as it once was: – Charles II introduced a tax on tea in 1676 as temporary legislation to ‘protect the coffee trade.’ This, however, only encouraged large scale of smuggling and even adding substances to tea such as willow, liquorice, or sloe leaves. In 1785, yes over 100 years later, the ‘temporary tax’ was lowered from 119% to 12% but of course, smuggling continued. In fact, I think, it was the tax that sparked the so-called Boston Tea Party, in 1771, as the import of tea to the ‘British Colonies’ in the USA (America then) was taxed, but the revenue went to London. So, as I said there is no greater permanent taxation/legislation than temporary legislation. What excessive taxation enhances is the concept of breaking the law. In the USA during the Boston Tea Party the maxim was ‘no taxation without representation.’ Those who want to legalise drugs, well, what will happen is that the government will impose high taxation and encourage smuggling crime. So, at the end of the day best to keep drugs illegal – making them legal will only encourage a different kind of crime around drugs. I do believe though that the ‘conspiracy’ laws should be reviewed. The last review was in 1977 so it’s about time the legislation reviewed the elements of this ‘theoretical crime.’

Saturday 5 May 2018

01.15pm – When I saw the article in the Daily Mail about Jonathan King the only abuse that has taken place is, the abuse of position by the police, to bring charges that if were valid should have been brought when he was jailed years back. But, no, after the man successfully reintegrated into society, historic allegations that are fraught with nonsense as last time. I mean, all their so-called charges could easily have been levied against J.K. years back. I mean, two trials that J.K. was to face were dropped because of lack of evidence. I’m not even certain that last time he was properly convicted because to bring charges he faced required the permission of the D.P.P. and that permission had been of questionable validity, and certainly serious issues even if it was even genuine. The CPS lawyer who had question marks over whether the D.P.P permission had been obtained instead of getting sacked got an Honour from the Queen!!!! Oh well, I do feel sorry for J.K. because it’s so hard to defend State allegations but at least (I hope) he won’t get McCreath as a Judge or he is sunk before he has even started the trial.

Sunday 6 May 2018

08.04am – Well, blow me down with a feather! It does seem that the UK/US got it all wrong about the so-called Novichok declaration! There is another factor, on the list of countries who produce limited amounts of Novichok are – no prizes for guessing – the UK and the USA and research on Novichok is carried out in Turkey, Germany, France, and Vietnam! Those are the countries that I know of but without a doubt, there will be others. So, the stupid statement from the UK that ‘only Russia’ produces Novichok was false and intentionally misleading. What is required is a public inquiry into the way the matter was handled, because international relations have been adversely affected, as a result of intentionally misleading information and declaration made mostly by Boris Johnson. I’m beginning to regret getting him off the hook in the Tariq Aziz stolen cigarette box the British police accused him of stealing and I got him off???? Oh well!

Bank Holiday Monday 7 May 2018

07.09am – The weather is glorious and somehow, I have a suntan – well, a partial one. Yesterday, watching ‘Heartbeat’ I heard a few lines from ‘Marmalade’ ‘Reflection of my life.’ Boy did that make me ask myself a good few questions but as usual no answers!!!! Someone made a comment that my life would make a great book – err? Things at the moment are not moving anywhere – not forward or backwards just not moving. There is nothing worse than a life that has simply stopped still. OK, time still ticks on but nothing is happening although my gut instinct tells me that behind the scenes much is going on. We shall see, in due course. Tomorrow, though, I will start to push things because I’m not ‘standing still in a coma’ type of guy.

07.16am – It is unfortunate that Sir Alex Ferguson has been taken ill, and in intensive care. I do not know him and had little to no dealings with his old football club – although, two of my boys are avid fans – but it goes to show that just when you think you have it all, health takes over. You see two things in life you need – good health and peace of mind, without either, or both, you have zilch!! No matter where you are you need both of those elements, they both must go together. I have health issues but they are being managed and I am 64 but somehow, I have always had peace of mind. I doubt you can say the same for the Recorder of Westminster. His conscience must trouble him at intervals.

Tuesday 8 May 2018

07.28pm – Nice weather, again, today but it seems it will be short-lived. Some interesting news today for me but I won’t hold my breath on anything.

07.31pm – Here is an interesting idea regarding motor car brands – I bet you have never heard of the Isotta-Fraschini car!!!! The Company (if my 64-year-old memory serves me right) was founded in 1900 by Cesare Isotta and the brothers Vincenzo, Antonio, and Oreste Fraschini. The object was to make racing cars in Milan but twenty years later they turned out high luxury cars for movie stars. There is a car in the National Automobile Museum in Turin and I saw it in 1997, when a Serbian car manufacturer asked me to approach Fiat on a joint enterprise deal. If I were Lapo Elkann the heir of Fiat, I would spend money on re-establishing the brand and I hope Caroline will send this to Lapo as a link. It’s a great name, and the design could be truly a big money maker but with a view to limited editions. The Fiat designers could have a field day on a new design and within 20 years the brand name would be bigger than Lamborghini etc.

07.40pm – I see that Trump has just pulled out of the Iran Nuclear deal which was signed by UK, France, Russia, China, etc. That means a deal signed by a President is not worth shite! Credibility gone if it ever existed.

Wednesday 9 May 2018

08.26pm – Today, quite out of the blue, I received a letter from Bournemouth, the sister of a person serving a life sentence who is a billion percent innocent but the intellectually dishonest Court of Appeal has for the second time refused his appeal. I worked on it for some years but I guess the moment the Court of Appeal realised that I had worked on the case they made sure that regardless of justice, the appeal would be dismissed. This would be an attack on me, not on the merits of the appeal. I am of the view that between 2012 and 2017 the Court of Appeal and the Administrative Court have worked out cases I had helped and made sure those cases were lost. How can I prove it? Well, I can’t because there is only circumstantial evidence but that is sufficient for a conviction under English Law. I do feel truly sorry for a few people serving a life sentence because I know they are innocent but such is the dishonest (intellectually) manner that the Court of Appeal is running or has been running. I’m hoping the new Lord Chief Justices changes practices and begins to ensure his Court administer justice and not law. It is the Royal Court of Justice not the Royal Courts of Law. Sometimes the judiciary tends to forget that vitally important fact and to adhere to it.

Thursday 10 May 2018

12.56pm – Do you know the saying that ‘love conquers everything except poverty or a toothache’? Is it true? Let me know please.

12.57pm – The weather has turned and it’s not as hot as before. Talking of hotness – have you seen a photo of the American Spies that have been released from North Korea? Do you know why? Because North Korea was not wrong that they were in the country for spying!!!! If you want to send a spy into North Korea you send someone who looks Korean so the possibility of detection is minimized or mitigated. If you send a Zulu Warrior to Finland to spy he will soon attract attention, so for any missions to have half a chance of succeeding the visual has to be right. Anyway, they are back in the USA, so all well that ends well, even if the preparatory was misconceived, North Korea accounts for all its citizens and George Orwell’s ‘1984’ was probably the template of the founder of North Korea. The State controls all!!!!

01.05pm – There is another matter that troubles me: – is God a he/she or it? You see whenever God is spoken about it’s always ‘he is….’ his power…’ etc, etc. It is never in the feminine! So why have an Equality Act when God ‘the top spot’ is not a she, but a he, and if God is a ‘he’ who or what made ‘him?’ Interesting problem that topic, I welcome your thoughts.

Friday 11 May 2018

06.41pm – Today I have not felt well, and at lunchtime, for the rare times in 64 years I actually dozed off and before I knew it someone was at my door saying it’s time to go to work. Somehow, I managed to look compos mentis and walked the couple of hundred metres to work where so many people were waiting for me to write out applications. The weather is also quite strange, not knowing whether to be cloudy or sunshine, but then again, this country is typical of not knowing what to do. Take for example the questions of whether or not to stay in the EU Customs Union: – do they remain in it or not? If so then what is the point of leaving the EU and if not then a big fence or wall must be erected between Northern Ireland and Eire!!! No one wants a hard border and the slim majority wanted out of the EU, so, no one knows what to do!!! Quite incredible eh? Me personally I’m glad the UK are out of the EU and I would have campaigned for them to have been kicked out had they not left by themselves. You see it’s no good coming into a Club and then not wanting to abide by the rules. I don’t like quite a few of the rules in this place but I must abide by such, and only when the rules change can I adopt the new rules. The UK wants to abide by their rules regardless – so get the eff out of the EU.

Saturday 12 May 2018

07.41pam – In my days (God I feel like grandad now in “Only Fools and Horses’) I grew up with Percy Thrower whilst today you have Monty Don. I grew up with David Coleman whilst today it’s Gary Lineker. What has survived the test of time are comedy shows like ‘Dads Army,’ and ‘Porridge,’ but try and update them and it does not work. Why? Because there is a chemistry between people that is as unique as DNA. That is why no one can for example write any Mozart classical music or Beethoven symphonies. When my generation die then it’s the likes of Gary Lineker and Monty Don that will be remembered. Talking of dying (morbid I know) but last night I was thinking about whether I should be buried or cremated!! There are implications. You see if one truly believes in God and an afterlife the actual body is irrelevant, so buried or cremated makes no difference because you can be rebuilt. However, if one applies some logic scientifically to be recreated one needs to be reborn. Also, if you are buried then some part of you still exists whilst if cremated it’s all gone. Another question – do you feel pain? Does the soul/spirit feel pain when burnt? How does it feel being trapped in a small space without air 6 feet down under and a lid screwed tight? Gosh, there are too many questions without the remotest of answers that it’s actually worthwhile staying alive until someone provides a few answers!!!!

Sunday 13 May 2018

(Written Saturday 12 May at 07.33pm) – For reasons beyond my control I was thinking about the Second World War and the Balkan Wars. Now, look at the 2nd World War this way: – Adolf Hitler wanted to rule the European Nations and place all under the Bundesbank and German Rule. He elected to do so by War and lost. Konrad Adenauer and his contemporaries formed the (what is now) the EU in 1957, and within 40 years achieved more than what Hitler tried, and all done without a speck of blood spilt!!! Now the Balkan Wars: – Germany kicked everything off when the Yugoslav Republic broke up by recognising Croatia and simultaneously buying at cheap prices most of the Croatian Coast. Basically, Germany occupied Croatia by investment and achieved more than the Ustaše did and again without a speck of blood (by Germany) but much blood between the Republics, and now – it’s all OK because all of the Yugoslav Republics come into the EU and lo and behold will come under the economic panel of – Germany. Again, Germany has achieved much more in ‘control’ than what Hitler tried to achieve with War. What are the lessons then – I guess love conquers all except poverty and a damn toothache!!! The lessons are that with tenor and destruction, Wars never end. With money and political diplomacy gets you the World as Germany has proved.



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