Diary from the Inside 27 August – 10 September 2018 part 123 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Bank Holiday Monday 27 August 2018

08.17am – The news today is about Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe who was given a ROTL (release on temporary licence) in Iran, has had to go back to prison (EVIN) in Tehran to continue serving her sentence and, oh, by the way, the UK says she is innocent. OK, I will go with that, but it’s also known that 10% of all those in jail are innocent here in the UK which with a prison population of 83,000 makes 8,300 people innocent but still in jail. Also, in this country when you are given i.e. ROTL, if you are one second late back, or don’t come back at all, it’s closed conditions and you never get a ROTL again. Release on temporary Licence means just that – you are released for a period and then you go back to jail. So, what is all the fuss about because at the end of the temporary release in Iran, Nazanin had to go back to jail? Can the morning news please promote that 8,300 people in this country are innocent but in jail!!!!

06.37pm – I have often been asked if I believe in Capital Punishment? In other words – execution of certain offences. The reason most of the EU abolished ‘Capital Punishment’ was the fear that even one innocent person would be wrongly executed. OK, I go with, that but why then did the UK, France, Italy, and NATO, agree to bomb Belgrade, Baghdad, Kabul, and Damascus – what about the fear of killing any innocent people???? I hope Caroline tweets that question to all the leaders of those countries!!!!

Tuesday 28 August 2018

07.30pm – The weather has turned good and the sunshine puts all in a good mood. So, a few interesting facts for you to digest: – did you know that the Loch Ness Monster was first spotted by St. Columbia in AD 565 (yes as far back as that and I’m sure of the date) and in 1870 a Dr. D. Mackenzie of Balmain wrote an article claiming he saw a Monster in Loch Ness! Incredible, how the Loch Ness Monster has stood the test of time. I remember asking Roger Moore which was his favorite episode of the Saint and he told me it was the episode about the Loch Ness Monster.  He is asked by reporters: “Mr. Templar do you believe in the Monster?” Reply: “Does the Monster believe in me?” That line was added on By Sir Roger during filming, incredible. Now, on another note and talking about Wars (were we talking about Wars? I thought it was the Monster – well same thing…) I bet a pound (that I don’t have) to a penny, you don’t know the answer to this: – What is the shortest recorded War in the World? Believe it or not, I know the answer because my history teacher Mr. Blakes told us about it: – in Britain against Zanzibar on 27 August 1896 (go and check it I dare you) and it lasted 38 minutes before Britain, of course, won. 38 minutes is the time that Ladybirds orgasm!!! Check that too and see I’m right, although, which scientist measured it, and how, eff knows!!!!

Wednesday 29 August 2018

12.56pm – I grew up with the poems of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, and, of course, I was aware that Plath committed suicide after Hughes had left her for another woman called Assia Wevill. In fact, after Sylvia killed herself, Hughes went on to have a child with Assia, only a few years later for Assia to also kill herself and their four-year-old daughter. So, we have a poet who was in a relationship with two wives who both ‘killed themselves.’  Sounds very coincidental does it not? Well, I’m going to say nothing more on that other than the fact Ted Hughes died in 1998 – the Poet Laureate – would surely warrant some inquiry, but as I have said because of all the circumstances and because both Frieda Hughes and Nicholas Hughes are alive and love the memory of their father – as I enjoy his poetry – nothing more can be said. There are times in life when one needs to make a call on how to deal/reveal what are known truths or secrets. Let the secrets remain buried within. As Sylvia Plath wrote: “I suppose it is something to have been the first wife of a genius.” I, however, say this, and it can be quoted: “How can you sit down and write when you have never stood up to live.”

Thursday 30 August 2018 (written 09.56pm 29/08/2018)

For whatever reason, I was thinking about Hell and Paradise, and that led me to think about Dante and the Divine Comedy he wrote in 1312 (check all you want but I know I’m right because my English teachers Mr. Wright and Mr. Keene drummed it into our heads). Dante’s Divine Comedy described his journey through Hell, Purgatory, and finally, Paradise. It represented the Souls journey towards God.  In the 13th Century, there were only two forms of classical drama: tragedy and comedy. Now, tragedy was written in Latin the language of the Roman Catholic Church and the Roman Empire, and it was formed as an epic leading to a tragedy at the end. Comedy, instead, was written in slang or vernacular and it progressed into a happy ending. Dante’s work was a comedy not because it was funny (as comedy would have to be today) but because it had a happy ending. Before Dante wrote the Divine Comedy, no one believed that comedy could be articulate and/or poetic. Dante turned style upside down by using the Tuscan dialect as a literary language and opened up world literature. Now, I met one of the ancestors and Dante Alighieri who owns or owned a vineyard in North Italy. He was introduced to me by Dr. Rancole and I was in awe of meeting a man who after 700 years had the same Aquaphor face of his ancestor and, who was a noble gentleman. I’ve met some really interesting people.

More of Thursday 30 August 2018

07.39am – With some reluctance, I have to point the above out to you. The above was taken from a copy of The Sun yesterday, 29 August 2018. On first appearance they look like just quirk newsletters but – there is a but – notice that they are not really ‘news’ that one expects from The Sun. There are usually seven small pieces each day, sometimes less, but usually seven. They represent messages for those who work for SIS abroad, and those who have ‘sleeper’ positions within the UK or the EU – those EU ‘workers’ will have to move back to the UK soon. Now, you won’t see the same in other papers because if you think about it, if you want to send messages to those that hide, what better method than the biggest selling paper? I won’t tell you the code to decipher and, although it changes, now and then, it’s quite easy to interpret. If you think that this method is limited solely to the UK think again. Its been a practice for years in all countries. For the more sophisticated agents on a more complex, ‘long haul’ mission, The Times classified advert is the place……

Friday 31 August 2018

07.43am – You see how the confiscation regime is so unfair? After a benefit of £1.9 million, the realizable is only £420 in the case of Paul Allen – who incidentally is actually a really nice guy and I’m happy he had a touch. But his case exemplifies just how unfair the regime is and something needs to be done about it. As far as, Bob Neill’s, MP, comments about referring the case to the Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox, QC, MP, – well it’s misconceived. That does not fall within the Criminal Justice Act 1988 s.36 and Paul Allen just has to pay £420 and the matter is over. What Bob Neill, MP, should do is to refer the whole default sentence on how a Judge arrives at ‘realizable assets’ into a more clear and laid out legislation.

07.48am – Well done and congratulations to Lisa Osofsky aged 56 and an ex-lawyer from the FBI who is now the head of the SFO (Serious Fraud Office) and you will begin to see how the job and cases will now change, and how the percentage of convictions increases rapidly. I wish Lisa well and I hope Caroline sends this to her with my best wishes.

Saturday 1 September 2018

06.07pm – I do feel for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe but she has (a) let herself down and (b) the UK Government have let her down. The UK Government talk of her being ‘innocent’ and she may well be – well so are 10% of UK people in prison that means some 8,500 people! So why doesn’t the UK let them walk free and Iran will let Nazanin go free??? You never talk of innocence in another country once a trial has taken place only of clemency and remission of sentence!!! Had Nazanin made an application for ‘compassionate release’ then, that may have ended up with a different result, and all this ‘panic attack’ goes nowhere! In Highpoint so many have panic attacks but still here. How dare Jeremy Hunt criticise the Iranian Justice System when the one in the UK is in meltdown with the Court of Appeal, the CCRC, and many Crown Courts, not fit for purpose, and over 8,500 people now in jail who are innocent!!! Sort that out then criticise other countries.

Sunday 2 September 2018

06.47pm – What lovely weather today. I worked all morning and afternoon but caught a couple of hours of sun and a friend here made me roast chicken with vegetables. How very kind of him.

06.49pm – I noticed the bribery article above and see that an Holson man Giuseppe Pagliara aged 62 is involved. I hope I won’t be here by the time he is convicted but if I am it will be some good company.

06.51pm – I also noticed the story about the ‘Nazi Nuke ship find.’ Well, I happen to know something about this. What was not told to the British people, I think even to date, is that in 1939 a Danish Scientist called (jeez I hope my memory is good) Niels Bohr wrote an article about constructing a ‘Uranium bomb’ whose destructive power would far exceed any known explosions. Now, I don’t know if Dr. Bohr was ever captured by the Germans, or if he volunteered (forcibly) to work for them, but I would not be surprised. I remember something in the SIS files about Bohr, and certainly Germany, would have been on to him. Interesting if anyone could find anything on him.

Monday 3 September 2018 (written 2/9/2018 at 06.56pm)

I would like to say I bet you a pound to a penny (but I don’t have either) but if I did, I bet that 8 out of 10 people you would ask would not know about the Defenestration of Prague in 1618No, I guess not, but I have now a similar moment. Before you all look it up, the benefits of a good public-school education and having a master like Mr. McDougall, who graduated from Halifax University (Canada), in history helps – the story goes like this: – During the 15th century there were Wars between the Protestants and Catholics. Endless Wars that people became confused, they did not know their backside from their elbows, as to who or why they were fighting. The Habsburg Emperor of Germany ruled now from Prague, now, from Vienna, had no real power outside Austria and bits from Hungary. They wanted to restore the Catholic faith throughout their Empire but to keep some peace allowed Protestants to hold religious services. Then one day an unexpected revolt broke out in Bohemia. In 1618, discontented Protestants threw three of the European Catholic Councilor’s out of a window at Prague Castle. They landed on a pile of shite (manure) so they were not really harmed just their pride. However, out of this silly small minor act commenced what is known as the thirty-year War and many killed as a result. At the end all was as it was, save the millions died. You see, it just takes one small act to kick off retaliations and that is what has happened to me. So, from tomorrow I’m not taking shite anymore and back to Court with right on my side.

Tuesday 4 September 2018

07.06pm – When I read that half of children cannot tie shoelaces, I thought to myself what a load of morons we are breeding and then arghhhh I remembered that arghhhh I myself – the great know it all GDS – could not tie my shoelaces until I was 13!!! Mum used to do it for me and – yes arghhhh an and – my mother used to buy me slip-on shoes when she could – yes arghhhh another and – even today at 64 years of age I prefer slip on shoes rather than laces and – arghhhh, another arghhhh and – I can do my shoelaces but I have problems lacing the shoes. My God what an idiot I am I can formulate and remember complicated issues of law, and facts, and dates, but I have problems remembering how to lace up shoes!!! Incredible!!! I can though tell the time and know dates. I have been in prison 1986 days = 47,664 hours = 2,859,840 minutes = 171,590,400 seconds (give or take a moment or two). How much longer will I be here? That, my friends, is another matter…

Wednesday 5 September 2018 (written 4/9/2018 at 07.43pm)

We need a short lesson in history, so people in Italy will understand what I won’t do when I’m elected and back to my country. As you know I love history. However, not all rulers thought the same as me. Whilst Hannibal was in Italy about 213 BC an Emperor ruling over what is now China hated history and ordered that all books, records, and reports, be burnt, along with the writings of Confucius and Lao-tzu, and all songs and poems. The only books allowed were those on useful subjects like agriculture. Anyone in possession of banned books was put to death. That Emperor, in case you did not know, was Shih Huang-Ti who was the first Emperor of all of China and one hell of a fighter.

He was not born into nobility but a son of one of the many Princes that governed the provinces. His province was called (in case you did not know) Ch’in and that is how China was named. He conquered all the provinces and transformed the entire country. He destroyed all books and the history so that people would only build on the present and future – he built a new China. He built roads and began work on the Great Wall of China. He built it to protect China from the wild tribes and he succeeded. Shih Huang-Ti did not rule long, but long enough. The Han family took over and they continued all of Huang-Ti except about history. The remembered all the good teachings of Confucius and set about teaching the whole population. To get into a job you needed to be proficient in letters, science, and mathematics. Learning was the word, and by having a learned China it ruled the World and it still does. The EU needs to learn that lesson and since 1995 my party the Partito Nazionale Italiano has made education central to daily success.

Thursday 6 September 2018

07.57pm – I will be this week sending a strong letter to Matteo Salvini, the Interior Minister, in Italy, making crystal clear that neither I or Partito Nazionale Italiano, will ever support any further sanctions against Russia. The ‘evidence’ provided by the UK Government regarding the so-called, ‘Novichok attacks in Salisbury’ have serious flaws. Further, the UK will leave the EU in March 2019, and, as such, the EU would be bound to carry Sanctions on Russia on the word of a ‘member’ that has sought to leave the EU. I will not support such and neither will or should the current Italian Government, as it would be a betrayal of the interests of the Republic. So, for those reasons Italy must and is duty bound to use its EU veto, if necessary, to ensure no further Sanctions against Russia is permitted. Further, I would extend a warm welcoming hand to any Russian Citizens currently living in the United Kingdom to come to Italy and seek investment opportunities. I would invite all to visit and invest in Italy, where forthcoming legislation will be passed to ease bureaucracy and facilitate investment, formation of companies, opening accounts and paying a fair tax.

Friday 7 September 2018

01.10pm – What the devil made me think of the phrase in The Bible of Jeremiah 6 v 13 “everyone, great and small, tried to make money dishonestly; even prophets and priests cheat the people.”

01.12pm – The last couple of weeks my son, and a couple others in the family thought I was annoyed with them. No! not so! I’m annoyed with myself for putting all of my family and friends in a position where they have to take time out to deal with my requests. It’s not on, and I have been a kind of lone figure. It’s been the nature of my work. You see, if you have a secret and you are alone then the secret remains secret. But if you have even one close member of the family, or friend, or partner, then the secret is at risk, no matter how well trained you are. There is an old SIS saying: ‘A partnership is the worst battleship you can go to War on!’ This weekend I am writing to Matteo Salvini about the Russian situation. I will be extending an open invitation to the following to reside in Italy, and invest in Italy: Igor Shuvalov, Audrey Yakunin, Roman Abramovich, Oleg Deripaska, and Elcina Khayra, and some 80 others. They are most welcome in any of the beautiful Italian cities which they can call home and, so are any others from any country who can invest a certain amount in Italy. Together we will get Italy and the EU back on track without the constant objections from the UK.

Saturday 8 September 2018

07.46am – Do you know anything about Law? Do you know anything about history and the Spartans? Let me summarise in two lines from a Greek poet, and one of the battles between the Persians and Spartans: –

Go tell the Spartans, thou who passest by,

That here obedient, to their Laws we lie!

You see, the principal Law of the Spartans was that in battle it was to the last man, and they had to fight to the last man. It was not the Spartans that others feared – it was their law above. The law must be feared if it is to work, and the less laws the easier to apply. Watch this space when I get to Italy on that principle,

07.57am – Then we have the laws of nature – cruel ones, Chimpanzees, Meerkats, and Lions kill Cubs of those they have not fathered. The laws of nature make sense, and are viewed by us as cruel – in fact, we have copied cruelty and understanding the animal logic behind their acts. Cats kill their prey by breaking the spinal cord with a strong bite to the neck. But they have a short muzzle so to reach the neck of the animal, even one caught, they have to temporarily release their prey, so, risking injury to its own eyes or face is a counter-attack. Thus, cats wear out their prey before making a killing bite to minimize their own risk of injury or the chances of their victim escaping. Kittens are trained by playing with the litter. We, humans, copy the lot by torturing our prey but not for logical reasons as cats but sheer cruelty. Thus, animal law makes more sense.

Sunday 9 September 2018 (written 8/9/2018 at 10.57pm)

Some years back Caroline and I wrote a story about Winston Churchill making and detailing some serious accusations and produced a death certificate. Now with this new book, the final question is answered – the motive! I hope Caroline republishes the story and history may well have to reconsider matters.

Monday 10 September 2018 (written 9/9/2018 at 07.38am)

07.58am – I was so sad to read that my friend Andrea Duder Webb has broken up with David Manners, the Duke of Rutland. I wrote to Andrea, last year when I heard she was with David at Belvoir Castle and wished her well because she is a really nice person and I thought that David Manners had chosen well. A great couple in an unusual living arrangement but hey! Who the hell cares. Andrea had been through tough times as a single parent but always maintained her dignity and standards. A great friend to have who is loyal to her friends, both male or female. I used to talk to her when she was in London or Brazil, and always she was positive so when I heard about the Duke I was really happy. It’s not like Andrea to play the ‘wronged person’ that supposedly caused the end of the relationship. But then no one knows really what goes on behind closed doors. What I do know is that Andrea is resilient and will move on without rancour. I do feel that David has been a bit hasty but again friends never should interfere in a couple’s relationship, I do wish that all is well for both Andrea and David because I know, also, that David is truly a gentleman and conducts himself in an honourable manner and what is more both David and Andrea have one thing in common – honesty!!! I hope they can consider working it out.












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