Diary from the Inside 7 – 26 August 2018 part 122 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Tuesday 7 August 2018

12.42pm – Jonathan King notified me in June that he had won his case but was not allowed to say anything because the CPS was considering a retrial. Now finally his ordeal has come to an end.

I had the honour to act for him in 2004 when he came out of prison, and I know 100% he was not guilty of the offences he was convicted of. I mean, on one of the accusations he was supposed to have been having ‘sexual activity’ with one of the complainants, he was actually in New York at that time, because we found an American Express Card bill at a tennis match. He could not have been there and in London!! Further, when we went for his appeal against conviction it was presided by a Lord Justice of Appeal that he went to school with!!! Read Jonathan Kings book and find out more…. But you know what? JK won nothing. The State won nothing, and music in the UK lost the best damn music entrepreneur since Billy Cotton. Madness to bring down JK when Guildford police really wanted Jimmy Saville but were warned off, and instead went for JK. I know – I saw the documents.

Wednesday 8 August 2018

07.46am – When I read this about Desmond De Silva QC I could hardly believe it because when he died I had a strange feeling that something was not right. When I went to see Desmond in 2011 he was willing to represent me at Court, and told me what I had to do – “prepare your case Giovanni, prepare your case!” He repeated it three times but I did not follow his advice – to my cost!!! Now I wonder what the hell is going on. Why is he not being buried? The last case like this was Dr. Shipman. His body was kept for years, and still, no one is any closer to really know how Shipman died. But Desmond? Something is truly not quite right. I hope Caroline gets in touch with Helga De Silva and sends my kindest regards to the family of a good friend.

Thursday 9 August 2018

07.13am – As I have said before and I’m sure, Geoffrey Cox, MP, the Attorney General, will know that Kotey and Elsheikh can, should, and must be tried in the UK because the murder of a British citizen by a British citizen is triable at the Central Criminal Court. Why the hell Javid allowed them to be tried in the USA – thank God someone had the good sense to judicially review the decision I don’t know. Get them in the dock at the No. 1 Court at the Old Baily.

07.16am – I do feel for Mel B. I met her in 2011, at the Dorchester Hotel Bar, and I found her to be a really positive person. I could tell, even then, that her smile had something behind it. I never met her, so called, husband and what a cad he is. First, he is no film producer and took the name Belafonte, so people thought he was related to Harry Belafonte. On Loose Women, Mel B announced she likes to make love two or three times a day, which if one has no worries or stress is not an issue and I hope that after she ditches this loser ex-husband she finds a really nice guy as she deserves that because she is truly a really nice person and merits happiness.

Friday 10 August 2018

07.28am – When I saw the above article, in The Daily Mail about Mommy (Mohamed) I was sad and had I been free I would 100% have been with him. The last time I saw him in Paris, at the Ritz Hotel, we had a good chat and he said to me about the British Government. “Give them hell G, give them hell.” Mommy firmly believes that the British Government killed Diana and his son Dodi. He truly believes it, so you can’t blame him for his actionable. In law, it’s what you honestly believe that can absolve you from certain crimes. Let me tell you though Mommy is a great man, a kind man, an honest man, and loyal to his family, and friends. I wanted to buy ‘PUNCH’ from him but he told me that “once a paper is dead it can’t be revived – don’t waste your time and money G.”

Saturday 11 August 2018

05.25pm – There is a lot to be said for a Consort to write a book about her husband, and the impact of any crime upon the family. This is what Marnie has done and by what I have read so far, I have to say it’s a job well done. John Palmer never divorced Marnie because when he was a child he grew up without a father figure and he did not want to divorce and put his two daughters in the same position. The 16,000 reasons that the police say are the so-called timeshare ‘victims’ who the great majority were far from victims and more beneficiaries. The cruel fact is that John Palmer was brutally murdered and the police screwed the investigation up probably purposefully. To me, John Palmer was a man of his word. Watch the documentary Notorious – BBC 2 on me and there is a segment on John Palmer.

Sunday 12 August 2018

07.36am – For reasons that are still not clear to me I remembered my science teacher, Mr. Hales. More important, I remembered what he taught us about British Scientist Frederick Twort and a French-Canadian Scientist called Felix d’Herelle. Mr. Hales taught us in 1970, yes 48 years ago, about Bacteriophages which he predicted one day would replace antibiotics. What the two scientists noticed were clear circles called plaques were forming on Petri dishes growing bacteria suggesting the bacteria were being killed. It was d’Herelle who named them bacteriophages which means ‘bacteria eaten.’ There are ten billion more phages than every grain of sand in the world. Basically, if my memory of 48 years is still intact, works like this: viruses are host-specific, only infecting certain species of bacteria cells by recognizing receptors on the surface and rely on random encounters with the bacteria that they inject. Once they come into contact with their host, they attach to the surface of the cell with the tail proteins and begin to degrade the cell wall, infecting their DNA through their tail and into the cell. If the phages are a lytic virus, which replicates in its host, then the cell will begin to make viral protein and are coded in the newly integrated viral DNA within seconds. The cell continues making phage progeny until eventually, it bursts open and hundreds of newly created bacteriophages are released looking to inject more bacteria. These days bacteriophages have been neglected because of the success of antibiotics. Phages could offer a quick and inexpensive way to solve the growing immunity to antibiotics and modern super-bugs. Bacterial diseases like tuberculous and leprosy could be eradicated by introducing phages infecting the specific bacterial strain. What Mr. Hales taught us boys in 1970 could solve many issues.

Monday 13 August 2018

07.26am – Well, technically speaking, the story on the second page of The Star on Sunday (12.08.2018) about Spain is correct but – there is a but…the death penalty is abolished in Spain, so, that won’t happen. Franco, did however, declare War and it has never been repealed.

07.36am – Yesterday, on page 20 – 21 of the Mail on Sunday the article on Jonathan King had a nice photo of me and Jonathan outside HMP Maidstone, in 2005, when he was released. I told anyone who was willing to listen that he was innocent and now it appears finally someone has actually listened, and all thanks to Debbie Taylor the Trial Judge at Southwark Crown Court. JK has supported me since I was wrongly convicted and I always stood by him. I hope to God that the truth comes out and JK can get back into running the music industry – now!!!!

Tuesday 14 August 2018

09.06pm – It’s late, and I noticed that in 1965 the first female Judge of the High Court was appointed but had to be called Mr. Justice: how effing insulting. Now the President of the Supreme Court is Lady Hale. Thank God that we have moved with the times. I mean why couldn’t women be called Mrs. Justice in 1965? It’s just typically bizarre that this country is so behind with the times. But then, ever since the Second World War, there has never been an amnesty in this country. It’s just not the culture for forgiveness or compassion which is why the rest of the EU will show no compassion to the UK. Tomorrow, I’m going to tell you, though, just how Meghan Markle the new Duchess of Sussex has helped me – yes me!!! I’m too tired to explain tonight and tomorrow I have a very early day start. With regard, however, to general matters – I’m inside 5 ½ years and I don’t blame anyone but I only receive the odd letter now and have not seen my family for 5 ½ years. A Domani…………….

Wednesday 15 August 2018

06.45am – It’s nice to see Annie Machon on TV. It’s also nice to see how well she looks, after all, she has been through. Well done girl…by the way, she is an ex MI5 agent.

06.47am – Sad to see that the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, Italy, has fallen down, and to date, 35 deaths – and today is Ferragosto the main public holiday in Italy. The bridge was built for a direct link route from Italy to Monaco and opened in 1967. So, it’s over 50 years old, and I bet a pound to a penny that if an analysis of the concrete is made there will be a greater ratio of water in the concrete, and more sand than safe. You see in the 1960s Italy was about ‘get rich quick’ for the elite. Well let me tell you, I’m with Matteo Salvini on this, find all those responsible and prosecute. A major bridge like the Morandi Bridge cannot just crumble. That means the State is not present and, that means the State needs to jolly well wake the eff up. Believe you me, when I get back to Italy you will see how the country runs and I have a plan about the so-called debt – wait and see what I do with it.

06.53am – Now, I was going to tell you about how Meghan Markle has helped me….well work this out: work out what the Crown accused me of and then watch ‘Suits’ and what the allegations on her on-screen boyfriend is about…the only issue is that the allegations against me are false…..

Thursday 16 August 2018

07.47am – Wow! 41 years ago, today Elvis Presley was pronounced dead at the age of 42!! Do you remember where you were then? How time passes eh, and where the hell have all those years gone? Today, also its Madonna’s 60th birthday! Incredible eh? She still looks good but age is not an opinion and 60 remains 60, even if one looks 20!!!

07.52am – The tragedy in Genoa in Italy is truly incredible. So many people dead because 50 years ago people wanted ‘payoffs’ and added more water to the concrete! No one ever considers the consequences of bribery when taking the money. Do you know what though! I doubt even if those involved in bribery would have given a monkey’s arse, even had they known the consequences. So many people died for the sins of the past.

01.25pm – Terry Waite is coming here to give a talk about his years kept as a prisoner in the Middle East. Unfortunately, I have to be in reception to welcome the new intake. It’s a pity because I have much respect for Mr. Waite.

01.27pm – Damn and blast the rain is coming down cats and dogs. I don’t know where that saying comes from but the rain is really hitting hard, and I have to go outside and stand about like a reseruna kurac in u braku!!! Work that one out!!! In the next few minutes I’m going to do a ‘stop rain’ dance involving Oriel season and a bit of the Upanishook …. work those out!!!!

Friday 17 August 2018

07.58pm – A big thank you to the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle Windsor. Why? Well, this is brought to my attention: in ‘Suits’ the story is about Mike Ross who has a brilliant photographic legal brain but did not go to law school because he saved the career of his best friend. A top lawyer Harvey Specter finds him and hires Ross into a top law firm, and Ross is brilliant, but the secret that Ross is not a lawyer is the whole nexus of the story. An aggrieved junior partner in the law firm finds out that Mike Ross did not go to law school, or Harvard, notwithstanding that, a friend of Mike’s taps into the Harvard computer and New York Bar, it seems he didn’t go. When Louis Litt finds out he uses that to get a named partnership. On a car trip though, Louis and Mike reconcile.

Ross: “I’m sorry Lewis I’m a fraud.”

Lewis: “You are not fraud Mike you just did not go to law school that’s all.”

You see, Louis, realised that Mike not going to Harvard or Law school did not make him a fraud because he was a brilliant lawyer. Someone with an SW1 postcode sent me the above lines, and I know where it came from. So, I say thank you for the thought. There is kindness in the world.

Saturday 18 August 2018


07.54am – You can see that the winter is kicking in because of the limited sunshine and much cooler weather – and, it’s only August!! Yuk!! This morning I had another gander at The Sun and found the story of a suspected hit and run near GCHQ.

Now, I would have thought that story would be quite major owing to the paranoia of the government trying to link everything to terrorism. Next, it will be a crime to collect cornflake packet tops near a mosque, in case you want to use the prizes for financing terrorism. I hope Caroline and the readers keep on top of the story because there is something not quite ‘kosher’ about it.

07.59am – I have looked at the letter with the SW1 postmark with the quote from ‘Suits,’ series 4, episode 13. Did you know that I applied for the posthumous pardon of King Charles I, the Royal family – especially Prince Henry (Harry) – was the most interested? You see there is a direct lineage between Charles Stuart (King Charles I) and Princess Diana the mother of Prince Harry. Actually, the Spencer family had a greater lineage to Royalty than the Windsor’s but not through the ‘official’ line. Still all that aside I can’t thank the ‘couple’ enough who now, of all times, have restored my faith in some form of correctness, fairness, and decency.

Sunday 19 August 2018

06.21pm – I remember a lecture and professor Munroe (who had ‘something to do with’ the age of 21 reduced to 18 he said) saying to us students:

“Justice does not exist. It is an idea in the minds of men

And changes with time and the wind.”

Not bad for an introduction into English law. I have never forgotten it, because, fundamentally, it is true. I recorded the song ‘Both Sides Now’ and yes, I have seen ‘both sides’ of the Criminal Justice System.

06.25pm – Let’s change the subject. I remembered another lecture by Professor Fergus Campbell, who was the Professor of Ophthalmic medicine at Cambridge University, actually ophthalmic physiology. He told us that when we rub our eyes we see different colours known as phosphenes and the word comes from the Greek ‘phos’ (light) and ‘phainein’ (to show). Professor Campbell was a supporter of the Bohemian Psychologist Johannes-Purkinje who wrote about Physiology in 1819 (jeez I hope my memory is right). Then phosphorus was researched by the German doctor called Herrmann Von Helmholtz in 1910, who actually made some drawings. Then, yet another German surgeon called Otfrid Foerster noticed that when electrically stimulated the lobe at the back of the brain one became aware of light. You can close your eyes and gently rub and the harder you rub the more you see. I went to a lecture as Professor Campbell Austrant at 13M. He started his lecture: “Boys don’t make passes at girls wearing glasses.” You see women have one more colour recognition than men. Great days 1979 to 1981. Rest in peace Fergus Campbell FRS.

Monday 20 August 2018

07.18pm – You know when there is a shortage of real news when ‘Good Morning Britain’ on ITV feature a complaint about ‘jerk rice.’ Even the Daily Mail has a substantial article on it. I mean, what the hell is going on? The Collins Dictionary defines news as: ‘Report of recent happenings’ and ‘interesting facts not previously known.’ The so-called ‘news’ that Jamie Oliver has devised ‘Jerk Rice’ does not qualify the definition of news, yet, the Daily Mail grants the story a whole effing page on Page 5. Jeez, even an MP is involved. Can I suggest Dawn Butler, MP really concentrates on Brexit and leaves cooking to others (I was going to say ‘until she gets home’ but that will be attacked by the feminists)!!! By the way, the Collins Dictionary defines ‘feminism’ as ‘advocacy of equal rights for women’ so, I guess I can say, without offence or prejudice, that Dawn Butler, MP, should concentrate on Brexit and her electorate and leave cooking issues until she gets home. Now, if she had made the criticism of Jamie Oliver as Dawn Butler, and not Dawn Butler, MP, that would have been OK, save that no one would have given a hoot. Am I right????

Tuesday 21 August 2018

07.13pm – When I saw the article on PwC auditors of Carillion, I was aghast! That is pure criminality in a lawful manner. I have been in the prison system for over 5 ½ years and I have seen, first hand, what Carillion have done to the prison service, and I will say it in a few words: violation of the Fraud Act 2006 and those responsible – the whole Board of Directors – should be jailed pending trial…oops… they are not even arrested…I wonder why? Talk about vulture policy and you see the auditors or so-called ‘receivers’ by which they mean ‘how much will we receive first for this bankruptcy.’ Sorry, but charging £1,150 per hour is simply immoral and goes well beyond what anyone here – me included – are supposed to have done! Will Carillion or PwC ever see a flashing blue light? Never! So, we need to act ourselves, why? That is the real inquiry that is needed and quickly.

Wednesday 22 August 2018

07.57pm – Faith! That is what the topic of today is. Faith = Religion = Church!!! Let’s go into the facts a little: during medieval times most of Europe was subject to the Church of Rome. Now, here is the interesting facts: – they as far back as the 11th Century started the media fetish which enhanced religion. How did they manage the Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube at that time? Easy: – the Holy Roman Catholic Church maximized visual impact on parishioners. Given the smallest Church would have a large number of vividly coloured painted scenes, and around the walls would be episodes of the Bible, the lives of the Saints, and allegorical battles of good -v – evil, while the ceiling was painted to represent Heaven. Ah, then there were Statues of the Virgin Mary and child, and Saints, gilded vessels, liturgical books, and vestments for the priest. The only seating was in fact for the priest – the parishioners stood. I don’t know if you have ever read the 12th-century author Alexander Neckam, but he lists among the typical contents of a Church (i) a stool (ii) a chair (iii) an elevated seat. The floor was covered with rushes and people stood, kneeled, or lay down on the floor. Those at the back would play – yes incredible – board games for amusement and one such game was I think called ‘Nine Men’s Morris.’ For most of the medieval period, there was no music and everyone was expected to attend Mass on Sundays and important days of the religious calendar. All proceedings in Latin which hardly anyone understood. Those attending were present to witness the service not to take part in it. You see visual aids is not new – its been around a long time and I’m feeling the same – probably too old and in need of change…….

Thursday 23 August 2018

07.24pm – Let me see if I can explain this situation which may not be unique only to me but may also be useful to you – For quite a bit of my life I have been subject to attacks on many different fronts and issues. It’s like someone is firing metaphorical arrows at me and some have hit, and others missed, some I have dodged. Why do people keep firing at me? Let me put it this way – when people fire arrows its always from a distance. What does that tell you? They are afraid of coming close. So, no matter how strong they are they are scared of a one to one with little old me. Why do people fire arrows? Because they think I have thick armour which they need arrows to penetrate. So, what is the solution? I attended three lectures by Dr. Edward De Bono and lateral thinking. So, I will now from this day forth take off my armour. So, to those that want to fire arrows at me I have eliminated one reason why you dare not come close – no armour – so, you don’t need arrows. However, if you are still scared of me, then it means I have given you cause to be scared even though you are the State and bigger than anything. Try now and come on a one to one as you will be branded a coward always – or better still I tell the State – leave me alone or as James Bond said – ‘Live and Let Die’ but I say ‘Live and Let Live.’

Friday 24 August 2018

07.49am – When I saw this article in The Sun yesterday I remembered that Dr. Marco Meloni – one of the most advanced dentists I have ever known, and a brilliant avant-gardist – was able to extract a tooth, then repair the gum, and put the tooth back into the gum, and it worked. I asked him in 2002, what method he used and in his most modest and humble manner, he said the method he used he had tried ‘years back’ and found it worked and he continued using it. When I asked him why in hell he didn’t write a paper on it he replied: “who will listen to a small-time dental practitioner in the suburbs of Rome.”  Well, there it is but let it be known that long before Prof. Kumar was experimenting on dogs, Dr. Mario Meloni practiced dentistry, in a manner, that helped the people, and he is also a brilliant M.D. I’m not promoting him, because our friendship was broken before I came to this God forsaken place – but regardless of what broke our friendship, you can’t take away the brilliant technique that Dr. Mario Meloni invented or practiced, and Prof. Kumar should make contact with Dr. Meloni for the advancement of dentistry and to the benefit of the people. Where did Dr. Meloni study? A little in Italy but he learned his medicine in Sweden and the combination of both facilities has made him – in my view – a brilliant dental surgeon.

Saturday 25 August 2018

07.58pm – I noticed that there is talk about impeaching Donald Trump. Well now let’s have a look at the only reasons that he could be impeached: –

  1. Treason – Well that is a nonstarter because treason requires an ‘enemy’ and the United States of America are only de jure at War with North Korea, but, that is only a formality that has yet not been resolved but, will be de jure in due course.
  2. Bribery – He sure as hell has not bribed (as President that is) anyone.
  3. ‘High crimes’ – Well, this is what most are tried on when it comes to impeachment but did you know there is no such term in U.S. law? There are felonies (which are ‘serious crimes’ and misdemeanor) but no such thing as a ‘high crime and that is why no U.S. President can ever be impeached.
  4. Misdemeanor – Minor offence, well good luck to any Congress or the U.S. Senate that impeaches a President on a minor offence – won’t ever happen and remember all of those four motives need to have been during the term of the Presidency not before. No such thing as a ‘high crime’ and I bet the foundry fathers knew that when they drafted the Clause. No impeachment possible.

Good luck to you Donald Trump and Melanie.

Sunday 26 August 2018

06.19pm – I hate the weather in this country. It’s August and the rain has not ceased. Luckily, I did not get too wet going to work but the cold, dark, and misty rain, really adds to the depression of reading the bad news in the newspapers. Thanks to Wayne I get the Daily Mail every day and have since 3rd October last year. Wayne has never once failed to send me the paper and I’m eternally grateful. It’s a kindness that is unique.

06.22pm – I saw the paragraph in The Sun, two days ago, about Germany enhancing its grip on the EU. Well, I’m not one to be controversial (not half eh?) but let me say this and I hope Caroline puts this in bold. Hitler was looking for a United States of Europe under the Bundesbank!!! Well, he has had that for the last 50 years and without spilling a grain of blood. You remember the Aesop Fable about the man who wanted to take the coat off another – no point snatching and forcing him to take it off, just heat up the room, so, he takes it off himself!!! Sorry, but Adolf Hitler will be pleased if he is looking up at us (he is supposed to be in Hell…) because his wish and ideas have come to be – an EU under Germany!!!! When I get to Italy that will change – slowly – but it will.




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