Diary from the Inside 20 October – 8 November 2018 Part 126 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Saturday 20 October 2018

(Written 19/10/2018 at 19.46pm) – The wood frog from Canada freezes itself in the winter ice for over six months, then when the thaw comes chemicals in its body protects it from damage to organs and gets back to normal. So, what are those chemicals? Can they be reproduced? Can a human be cryogenically frozen when there is an illness that can’t be treated, and, then, in time, be unfrozen using the chemicals as in the wood frog?? Why is there no research on this, or is there? Can someone check, please?

Saturday 08.08pm – Enjoying watching Strictly Come Dancing. It takes my mind off a lot of stuff. Now, the Saudi Arabia situation – it’s all very well the UK/France/Germany/USA all preaching about State sponsored murder, but jeez those countries are in the Premier League on State sponsored murder. They kill opponents or those who represent a threat, without batting one eyelid. The point is who will take them on? So, although, Saudi Arabia admitted killing Khashoggi in their Embassy, at least they admitted it – does the UK, France, USA, ever make any admissions? They have killed singularly, collectively, inadvertently, and purposefully, yet, they never would do what Saudi Arabia has done – admitted it! So, I say no sanctions on Saudi Arabia just an admonishment. By the way, is Khashoggi any relative to the late Adnan the arms dealer? I wonder???

Sunday 21 October 2018

08.06am – I don’t know actually how many people give a monkey’s fig but some of you will have watched the Supreme Court Confirmations, the other week, and, eventually, Brett Kavanagh was appointed to the US Supreme Court Bench. Do you know how to get rid of a US Supreme Court Judge? In England, to dismiss a High Court Judge it needs an Act of Parliament. Look at Mr.  Justice Peter Smith, who I personally appeared before a number of times in the Van Hoogstraten case, I thought he was a great Judge but by no means an establishment Judge. Anyway, if you remember your US History (yawn, yawn) Judge Samuel Chase (1741-1811) was the only one ever to be impeached. He was appointed by George Washington, in 1796, at the age of 49. There were political issues because Chase supported the then Federalist Party of John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson became an arch enemy. So, when Jefferson became President problems arose. In 1801, in Maryland, in March 1804, the House of Representatives voted to impeach Chase for what they called ‘open bias.’ (90% of English Judges could easily be in that group). He faced a number of other charges – called the overkill but on the 1 March 1805, he was acquitted because an ‘indictable offence was required to meet the high crimes and misdemeanours Clause for Impeachment.’ Chase continued to serve on the Supreme Court until he died, and not until Thomas and Kavanaugh, was the Supreme Court troubled again and I hope it won’t be again.

Monday 22 October 2018

(written Sunday 21/10/2018 at 08.42pm) – On Strictly Come Dancing another example of political correctness gone mad. The couple Sean and Katya, who was caught kissing, were in the dance-off, so, that they could be voted off. However, what the BBC did was to make sure they stayed, so, more headlines in the week and more viewers next week. Never mind, they were useless in the dance off. Totally wrong, but all seems normal. Get me outta here – this country became idiocy is infectious.

Monday 22/10/2018 at 12.51pm – Have you ever heard of a German Philosopher called Hannah Arendt born around 1906? Probably not, but look her up – she said: “The most radical revolutionary will become a conservative the day after the revolution.”

12.55pm – Below, my friend Nicholas Wood and the copy Monet he painted. Go on their Nicholas!!!

Tuesday 23 October 2018

(Written 22/11/2018 at 22.27pm) – Morbid as it may be what do you know about cremations and coffins? Gosh, I can hear you all now saying “what the hell does he want to rabbit on about coffins for?” Well, it’s important because we all have to die. I’m not afraid of death but I’m always apprehensive about how one dies! Let’s go back to the final act: – a coffin has to be made of combustible material and both the body and the coffin are placed in the cremator. The initial temperature is set at about 850 degrees which reduces the coffin to ash in about 30 minutes. It is then raised to between 1300 degrees and 1500 degrees and a further 90 minutes elapse. What then happens is incredible: – a technician then removes any artificial body parts, watches etc., and uses a magnet to extract the nails that held the coffin intact. The remains are then placed in a cremulator which grinds them into fine ashes, which are given to the relatives. The ashes weigh anything between 2-6 lbs.!!! So, you go from 850 degrees to 1500 degrees, then in a type of grinder, and lo and behold you are delivered in a vase to whomsoever is left after you! Now, is that not a very instructive detailed process. I mean, how many of you know the actual process of cremation? How many give a flying eff? Once dead you are dead. What happens to the Corpus is irrelevant, or is it? You decide! At least now you know!!! Phew, I’m hot now….

Wednesday 24 October 2018

08.09pm – Yesterday, if my father had been alive, he would have been 91 years of age. The reality though is that he was taken from us on the 29 December 2006. Have a look at what other major event occurred on that day!!! I miss him terribly, even though in my early years he and I clashed, so much, but upon reflection, now, I can say he never forced his beliefs on me as I have tried to do to my children. I remember one day my father and I had a row over God – yes God. Now, I believe in God but that day I was in an argumentative frame of mind and told dad that I did not believe in God. We rowed and finally, he said to me “what do you have to lose believing as opposed to not believing.” He was 100% right, even if I was a non-believer, but for years to punish him and mum, I always made them think I did not believe. When I told dad that all those years, I had wound him up I was 50, he said to me “more fool you because if you had died you may have been taken at your word by God and refused entrance to Paradise.” You see my dad was an artist, a poet, a writer, a singer. His logic was incredible and I hope I can soooooooooooooooon do him proud!!!!

Thursday 25 October 2018

09.16pm – I was expecting to see KT today but the visit was cancelled. I actually half expected it, so, no real disappointment. What I have clearly understood is that if I am to win this – it will be by my own merits as I really can only count on me. I have seen no one from outside for years. I feel like the ‘man in the iron mask.’ Maybe I should follow his lead.

Friday 26 October 2018

(Written Thursday 25/10/2018 at 11.37pm) – Sir Philip Green was named today, by Peter Hain (yes would you believe it) in the House of Lords, as the big businessman who obtained an injunction to stop him being named as the man who was a sexual bully and racist. Do you know what I say? Bear in mind I know both Philip Green and Tina his wife – I say bullshit – Sir Philip Green is a great guy. A great businessman and yes, he may use colourful language but so does Prince Philip. Is he a sexual manipulator – No! Is He a racist? No! The only observation I make on Philip Green is that he says it as it is, and, maybe, could be more diplomatic but does, he sexually abuse women, and is he racist? – bullshit never!!!  Peter Hain – well look him up please and see who really should be pilloried. Sorry but I know Philip Green and he is not what is made out- no chance!!!

Saturday 27 October 2018

08.06am – Two things before we discuss about ammunitions: – when I was 17, I ended up on Skorpios the Island owned by Ari Onassis and later I got to know both Jackie Kennedy and her lovely sister Lee Radziwill (I always call her ‘Pekes’ – she is still alive) and I got to know John Kennedy before he was killed, yes killed. (Read my story on how) Well, you will have to read my book on how and why I was on Skorpios and how Pekes is truly still a great lady – she always resented the fact her sister Jackie never left her a penny in her will but that is because Pekes had a ‘small’ affair with John Kennedy, her sisters husband and President of the US, and also, had an affair with Onassis (but Onassis was before he married Jackie). That is one thing, and the other I forgot, so about ammunition. The Germans had it right during the War. Their ‘ammo’ is a constant 9mm for all weapons which makes it easier to supply. The Luger 9mm x 19mm is the standard NATO issue exactly as it was during the War. The Germans have uniformity for all caliber submachine guns and MP38, P38 pistol, and PPK Walther. Britain had .32 caliber, 303 caliber, and 3.223 caliber, all different for each gun, which made it hard to supply and still, today, like that. During the N. Ireland conflict, the army used SLR rifles which were 7.62 caliber and now the SA80 which is 5.36 caliber, but all side arms are 9mm because what is in use is the Austrian Glock Guns. Still 9mm from the days of the Luger. Even the Heckler and Koch machine pistol used to be MP5 are 9mm. Some machine 10, and Tech 9 + Uzi machine pistols are 9mm. It seems, that after the War, it has taken 70 years to realise that a uniform size bullet is the easiest to make and supply. Incredible!!! I thought you’d be interested to know.

Sunday 28 October 2018

07.33am – Yesterday the helicopter carrying the owner of Leicester City Football Club, somehow, crashed near the Stadium shortly after take-off and, a crazy guy in Pittsburgh shot eleven people dead and injured six more in a shootout aimed at the Jewish race. What words can I write to exemplify my disdain and anger? I feel for all those affected in both. I wonder if the helicopter came down because of mechanical failure, pilot error, or a Drone over the Stadium? In Pittsburgh, what the hell was this crazy guy thinking about and why the eff are guns still legal? Why have any arms at all? Why do we need them? Knives: – why are they pointed? What is wrong with the point being cut off? Only a Chef may have an excuse for having a pointed knife! So, why not make only knives that have no point? Even, if it reduces death by one person it will be worthwhile.  Let me tell you what the eff is wrong with society: – the British Government finances and aided financially the Ukraine Volunteer Force in its fight against Russia in the Crimea. The UVF bought loads of Makarov pistols and yes – they have sold a load to British criminals! So, the British Government indirectly supplies Arms to the underworld. It’s the A30B 30th Battalion Azov who fight the Russians financed by the British Government. I say stop all arms manufacturer. We don’t need War.

Monday 29 October 2018

09.28pm – One of the not so good things about being in these types of places is time. Yes, time – everything that normally could be done in hours takes weeks. Today, I wrote to a number of people about an important legal issue but by the time the people received the letters and think of a reply, some good two weeks will go by. So, here you go from Bridge to Bridge and no sooner you cross one effing Bridge you come to another. I call it the effing Bridge of sighs!!!

Tuesday 30 October 2018

07.41am – There are four possibilities regarding the helicopter crash that killed the Leicester City Chairman.


  • Mechanical error.
  • Pilot error
  • A drone hitting the blades
  • Sabotage

I do not discount number three or four but three can be easily resolved because if it hit a drone there would be some remnants left at the crash scene. The only reason I even mention four is because of cruel rumours about the private life the of the Chairman but I really hope that remains rumours because the man was good for the City but still a man. Number one and two will be examined by the Investigating Team. All in all, whatever, it’s a terrible tragedy and I feel for the whole family.

Wednesday 31 October 2018

12.25pm – Last night at 09.30pm my beloved loyal and loving dog Rufus died. He brought me many days of joy and an example to what the word loyalty actually means. So, I dedicate today, to Rufus. May you rest in peace and at some stage, we will meet again. Rest in peace and love dear Rufus.


1 November 2018

01.09pm – Have you ever been to the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles? Well, I have and I had a flashback of a sign there: ‘Sinon oscillates non tintinnare.’  Now, do you know what that means? Dare I translate it because I broke the rule: ‘If you don’t swing, don’t ring.’ Actually, I always found Hef to be a quiet man who just smiled a lot and was enjoying life. Yes, there were loads of girls but that was Hef – lots of girls, and you know what? No one was forced to be there and no allegations of sexual impropriety against him! A great guy.

01.14pm – I saw the above article in the Daily Mail. You see, they dare not quite say how things are, so, they write stories around the subject. Still, a person’s personal life is his business – he was a great man and my condolences to his family and Leicester City FC fans.

Friday 2 November 2018

07.14pm – Well, today I was going out and a lady officer said, “you are a lucky man Mr. D” I said “Why? I’m in here 5 ½ years why am I lucky?” She said “Look, on your back some bird dropping on your coat!!!!” Wow! Well, after that a fellow resident, out of the blue, saw me on the grounds where I was sitting on the park bench “Hey, Gio, got some cake for you.” Two pieces of chocolate and strawberry cake. An hour later another guy said, “Hey, Gio, got you spaghetti bolognese pots for you.” Another half hour later – “Hey, Gio, got nice cappuccino if you want.” Well, if bird shite gets me that in less than three hours, please can an elephant drop a big bombshell shite on me!!! Ah, and about an hour ago a guy brought me some Highland Spring water. So, all in all, on the day of the dead, I give my respect I was revived.

07.20pm – The weather was more or less OK and I saw a good bit of sun. Imagine, though, of all the effing sky a bird has to shite on me?? How weird is that? And I never ever noticed. Funny World this. I miss my family though very much.

Saturday 3 November 2018

01.38pm – I wonder if you have read the book ‘Fruitful and Brief Discourse’ by John Prime, written in 1583? Probably not, and, I believe that because only really crazy people would read such books or know about them!!! Well, how is it relevant? I’ll tell you! It’s the first time the phrase ‘clutching at a straw’ is mentioned! Good to know if you are ever in a pub quiz!!!

06.47pm – There is never very much to do at the weekends but I still work in the mornings. I used to work both, morning and afternoon, but of late I’m getting tired easily. It’s a pity but that is how it is. I mean I am 64. Do you remember the Beatles song ‘when I’m sixty-four?’ I never thought I’d ever be that age because, I mean, when you are 30 who the eff can see 34 years hence? Still, time creeps up on you. Wait and see when I’m released! You see people forget that time stops still for no one. Next year will be the best year for me. It could even be sooner but 2019 as Queen sang ‘They can’t stop me now.’

06.51pm – For the last three weeks I have not been able to get hold of my mother. I hope that tomorrow I may!!!

Sunday 4 November 2018

07.07pm – The documentary on Sir Bobby Moore is really quite good. It’s my era and period so, of course, I like it. Today has been a nice day and I managed to do quite a lot I worked this morning but this afternoon I relaxed. I’m feeling, sort of, OK but yet small headaches but all in all as I sang ‘You Are Always On My Mind.’ Have a listen to my version of it.

Monday 5 November 2018

07.36am – Yet another stabbing in South London, making four murders in four days. So, even I’m a defence lawyer drastic measures are required: –

  1. All legal and for anyone accused of a knife murder is withheld.
  2. All knives must not have a point
  3. Anyone convicted of a knife murder will be jailed for life with life meaning life, with the first 10 years in strict solitary in a special prison on the Isle of Wright.
  4. No letters, no visits, no TV, for the first 5 years.
  5. Anyone caught in possession of a knife no trial, straight to jail for 5 years with no visits, no letters, for the first 2 years.

Extreme? Yes, but if we want to resolve an extreme problem, we require extreme measures. There will be possible miscarriages of justice but it’s a price potentially worth paying, as it sends out a message from the community that murder will not be tolerated. Potentially the same could apply for gun murder too. Controversial??? Try telling that to the parents of murdered children!!!!!

Tuesday 6 November 2018

07.36am – Last night I was glued to BBC2 watching a TV film based on a wholly true story called ‘Doing Money.’ It’s about a young Romanian girl who is snatched in open daylight in London and taken to Ireland to work as a prostitute, and, so, badly treated. In the end, she has to resort to Northern Ireland criminals to get justice and you know what shocked me? Those who kidnapped and trafficked her were not English or Russian but her own Nationals – fellow Romanian criminals who were living it up. In one scene she says she made 30,000 euros in 13 days! Let me say this – thank God Anca spoke in the Northern Assembly and told her story and the traffickers only got 3 effing years in prison. Let me say this, if any people traffickers are on their way to this place best find elsewhere to serve time because the boys here are all shocked as to how Anca and other girls were treated by her own Nationals, and I am normally the voice of reason here but on this occasion I will do a Pontius Pilate and wash my hands and the boys here can do what they want to the traffickers. What we saw was worse than sex offenders – I mean trafficking girls, some underage! Sorry, but there is a grade of criminality that even criminals won’t accept. I know some of the Romanian gangs are in Italy and politically I will deal with that when I’m there. Well done Anca for speaking up. Not all men behave as despicable as those who kidnapped her. Shameful.

Wednesday 7 November 2018

01.14pm – A funny old day with some weird weather. Rain, sunshine, rain, winds, and now sunshine. Good, because soon I’m going to work and have to walk about half a mile so I hope I don’t get wet. Sometimes when it rains hard, I think ‘why should I get wet when I can stay in?’ But then the boys wait for me and rely on me so, I just go to work regardless. That is a generation thing: – the act of responsibility. Funny, because sometimes when I’m addressing a hundred or so hard fast criminals I just wonder where I got the courage? At school, I was always very shy but something happened that opened me up to have the confidence to do all this.

01.18pm – Not much going on in the news. No Prime Minister question time – good job that is because when the people need answers the PM is absent on whatever lame duck excuse. There is no reason why the PM is not in the House each week to give answers, one hour per week. I should hear from Karen Todner. Hopefully, anyway, I just can’t believe what has happened to me and the manner upon which now it’s all out in the open – since July 2018 – I’m still here and nothing really has been done.

Thursday 8 November 2018

08.06pm – Sad news from Los Angeles that some crazy man shot 13 people and injured even more. I mean what the eff is going on in the World? Do you know when crime was at its lowest? 1919 and 1946 – why? Because some 60,000,000 killed in the First World War and, just under, in the second World War. That means that all those who potentially could commit crimes were not around to commit them because they had been killed!!! Best we not go any further down that line of thought.

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