UPDATE 29 MARCH 2019 – London: 3 March 2019 – Proceedings To Stop Brexit Based on Flawed European Communities Act 1972

Giovanni Di Stefano jailed in 2013 on what he describes to be politically motivated charges and the use of ‘forged Police National Computer’ entries, has threatened to take the Government for Judicial Review unless Brexit is ‘vacated sine die.’

In a letter to the Government Legal Department, he states that: ‘The Parliament enacted the European Communities Act 1972 by using the name: United Kingdom.’

Di Stefano correctly states that the appropriate legal name for England, Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland is: ‘the United Kingdom of Great Britain and N. Ireland.’

‘How absurd and embarrassing for Parliament to even contemplate relying upon the Interpretation Act over the name of its own country,’ said Di Stefano in a letter to Jeremy Corbyn.

Di Stefano states, that prior to any ideas of exiting the European Union and the terms, one first and foremost has to demonstrate that the country actually joined the EU legally.

‘This country is seeking legal guarantees from the EU over Brexit when it failed to enact the Act of Parliament joining the EU in a valid name,’ said Di Stefano in another letter to Ian Blackford the SDP Leader in Parliament.

Di Stefano has stated that the government must vacate exiting the EU ‘sine die’ until such a time as it has been determined that for the past 48 years membership was legal.

Di Stefano stated that ‘as Segretario Politico of Partito Nazionale Italiano my aims have been since 1998 to get the United Kingdom of Great Britain and N. Ireland out of the EU. They simply don’t belong. There is no identity of purpose. I was happy when the Referendum chose to leave but the rule of law must be applied. Before they leave, we must see if they ever actually joined legally. I don’t think so. What were the 300 plus lawyers in Parliament thinking of in 1972? Why has this not been raised before? Notwithstanding, it goes against my long-established wishes for this country to be out of the EU. first and foremost the law must be applied not interpreted. Maybe they don’t have to leave because they never joined? In that case, maybe there needs to be a referendum whether to actually legally join in the correct name?’

Di Stefano gave until 10 March 2019 for a reply prior to instituting Judicial Review.

Today 29 March 2019 OPC Global publish the reply from the Government Department and Giovanni Di Stefano’s response as follows:


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