Diary from the Inside 1 – 20 January 2019 Part 130 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Tuesday 1 January 2019

Midnight 2019

Happy New Year to you all. May 2019 be a year of peace, stability, and humanly, for us all.

08.09am – The New Year is in, and watching BBC News I have heard the first load of crap in 2019 – ‘the Universe was formed 4.7 billion years ago.’ How the eff does anyone know when ‘the Universe’ was formed 4.7 billion years ago, how can you measure time when time was not measured then? What are the measures of time? Yet again, just crap, and what is worse, countries are spending billions trying to find out what actually does not matter a hoot! All that kind of crap, well, the money could be used for more earthly projects!

08.13am – I watched on TV the fireworks last night in London. They were interesting but I felt a bit of a clutter. Also, the money spent on the fireworks display, which must be in the millions, surely to God could have been better spent on enhancing education? I would rather have built and staffed a new school in London than the fireworks display on each 1st of January!!!! You need new schools because of the immigration that has come into this – and in fact – other countries. Let’s hope that each year, each month, each week, each day, even we can begin to learn and apply lessons learned from errors of the past.  If that were so, all conflicts would be eradicated. That is my dream. No more Wars or conflict.

Wednesday 2 January 2019

07.00pm – Back to a ‘working’ day thank god but I have to say time has really flown by – gosh, I’ve been wrongfully incarcerated for six years. There will be hell to pay at some stage even though, I have no desire for any kind of bitterness but someone will get into a lot of trouble over what has happened to me. Someone ordered, and someone falsified the Police National Computer. How many people were in on it?

Roger Venne, the ex-Master of Criminal Appeal Officer?

David Aronberg, QC?

Len Smith, QC?

Nathaniel Rudolf?

David Walters?

Alistair McCreath the Recorder of Westminster?

Heather Heller – Lady Justice?

Etc, etc, etc!!!!

No, I don’t think they were all in on it! Some were and I can prove it. Why did Alistair McCreath the trial Judge ‘retire early.’ He was moved to being a Judge of the Parole Board. Why did Lady Justice Heather Heller retire early? What has happened to Roger Venne the big ex-Master of the Criminal Appeal Office? What about the police officer, Walters, who retired immediately my case ended in 2013? At some stage, there will be questions asked at political and diplomatic level. For now, no one seems willing to answer questions!

Thursday 3 January 2019

12.58pm – I spoke with my youngest son today, and boy, oh boy, my sweet Lord he is not a boy but a very wise and clever man. He – yes, he – gave me sensible advice on how I should conduct myself when I’m released. You know what? Also, it was correct advice but it felt strange coming from a person who I left when he was 16, and now, he is 23, and a wise young man. Further, the way he gave advice was relaxing and reassuring. I am truly blessed! Thank you, God, for protecting my family. I have never lost faith and never will.

Friday 4 January 2019

07.34am – Last night was hell, acute pain in the stomach and had to get out of bed a few times. Still some pain but I’ve taken a 1,000 mg paracetamol and it’s bearable – ish!!!

07.35pm – I’ve been listening to the news on the Iranian lady Nadine Ratcliffe who is in prison in Iran, and who the Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt says is ‘innocent,’ and must be released. Well, I agree that she should be released but telling Iran what to do is not how it’s done. There are 10% of the prisoners in GB that are innocent, that makes about 9,000 people, so, can Jeremy Hunt tell his colleague David Gauke to release all the English prisoners in jails who are deemed to be innocent then tell Iran to release Nadine and they will!!!

5 – 7 January 2019 missing through the post!

Thursday 8 January 2019

07.29pm – Well, the year has started really well on many fronts. Let’s see how it advances. Most of the preparation are complete for my case and just waiting on a couple more replies. This whole Brexit ‘thing’ is getting well out of hand, but, again a few more days and all should be clearer. Am still on strong antibiotics. The last few days I’ve been in a lot of pain but still moving on.

Wednesday 9 January 2019

07.58pm – It’s coming up to six years and I have rigorously updated my diary. In fact, it has become my companion in times of solitude. Do you know what it feels like to see no one from your family for six years? Do you know what it feels like not to have held hands, embraced or even kissed your family for six years? Will they know me at the airport? My son was 16 when I was taken from him, he is 23 now! Gosh, even those in concentration camps in the War did not spend as long as me detained, those that were fortunate to be alive from the outrage of the Nazi regime! Have you worked out who JM is from my 1973 trip to Bristol? Oh well, another day, same rubbish, and tomorrow, a day closed to the end of this chapter.

Thursday 10 January 2019

08.59pm – Well, now it’s all up to the Governor here if I can leave earlier or not. I won’t hold my breath because the Governor here is a really good person but his hands are tied by the MOJ in my case. Nevertheless, I will ask him.

Friday 11 January 2019

08.00pm – I received a nice and warm email from Dec of the Bachelors. How very kind of him and Sandy his lovely wife and Victoria his daughter. Did you know the Bachelor’s knocked the Beatles from Number One in the early 1960s? They did and I love their music but then I would because I’m a product of the 1950s which means it’s the 60’s music I grew up with. I do miss orchestrating songs and even though I have access to an electric piano it’s not the same because I can’t record any songs. At Lowdham Grange there was a full TV studio and recording studio. Do you know one thing Dec Cluskey taught me? A recording studio is not a rehearsal room. When you go to a recording studio you must be ready to record not ‘have a go and see what blows.’ I’ve got a good few songs to rehash when I get out. Maybe I will do The Clash ‘I Fought The Law And The Law Won’? Haha.

Saturday 12 January 2019

08.13pm – I read an article in the Daily Mail about how the Law Firm of Blavo and Co fabricated 24,000 clients and cheated the Legal Aid out of £22 million and the man has not even been arrested. Well, I’m sick and tired of smiling and just accepting what the State did to me and, there is no equality in this country. John Blavo is black and from Ghana. Had he been a drug dealer he would have been arrested and jailed for twenty years plus, but because he is black and a white collar ‘alleged’ criminal then it’s all OK because immediately he is arrested (he has not at all even been interviewed) he will play the race card and you know what? He has the right to do so. You see only black drug dealers, gang members, murderers feel the full force of the law. Black doctors, lawyers, accountants, only have civil proceedings against them. You see if Blavo is arrested he can easily stop any prosecution because of the civil proceedings that have instituted much publicity so he would not get a fair trial. White people get arrested for fraud first, then have confiscation orders imposed later!!! Why has John Blavo who fabricated 24,000 clients to cheat the Legal Aid had things done differently? He must have had help so now those he helped get rich. This country is crewed up!!!!

‘The time will come. I, Giovanni Di Stefano.’

Sunday 13 January 2019

(Written 12/01/2019 @ 08.27pm) – Felix Rocha Jr an Officer of the Immigration and Naturalization Department in the USA once debriefed me and asked if I ever had any ‘dealings with Mossad.’ I told him, no, but he knew that was not accurate. Mossad Officers gave me in 1988, two important pieces of information:

  1. In early 1963, the German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, in his last decision offered President Stroessner 10 million German Marks, personally, to extradite JM the man I’d photographed in Brazil in 1973 – that money was underwritten by the Israeli Government without discussions in the Knesset, and,
  2. General Meir Amit, the Chief of the Mossad, advised the Israeli Government to open an Embassy in Paraguay on 1 January 1968, in order to influence Paraguay into voting for Israel at the United Nations. Why? Because Paraguay had been granted one of two Latin American seats. Who was Mossad in contact with, and who received ‘rewards’ for such favours at the U.N. from the Paraguayan Government? His name was Dr. Raul Sapena Pastor, the Foreign Minister. What did Paraguay want in return from Israel for helping at the UN? Abate the hunt for J.M. in Paraguay. Some of the Pastor family live in Monaco and in Spain, there was even, up to a couple of years ago, Banco Pastor. Of course, it is hard to connect the families of Dr. Raul and Banco Pastor recently, and the Pastor family in Monaco. The source of their wealth was from Israel who suspended the arrest of JM for influence at the U.N.!!!!!

Monday 14 January 2019

07.59pm – Have you noticed that I have spoken very little about Brexit? What the eff is there to say about it? The country voted two years ago to get out of the EU and thank God for that. What should have happened, had normal people been in Government, is to trigger Article 50 the next day and get out of the EU a week later. End of the matter. Instead, they piss arsholed around for two years, with Ministers milking expenses for all they are worth and achieved nothing. Charles Dickens described medical students as a ‘parcel of lazy idle fellows always drinking, smoking, and lounging.’ That is a very apt description of the British Government, save Theresa May who is actually a very nice person and will always be welcomed in Italy.

08.24pm – Tomorrow the Parliament votes on the so-called Brexit deal. My own view is that these fools should sign off on the deal or get jack shite. They are lucky to get a deal. All this backstop rubbish is just that: – rubbish. What is this ‘backstop’ crap? Who understands it? Did anyone, either side of the Border, call for a wall between Ireland and N. Ireland? No, so what the eff is this rubbish? It’s just an excuse to bring down the Government. No problem, if whoever came next was any better, it is not but then the Brits always know better.

Tuesday 15 January 2019

07.12pm – The vote on the Brexit deal is, or was, due after 20.30pm but has now been brought forward. So, very soon we will see exactly what a mess this country is in and how divided the whole country is. What a pity. How the eff did this country go from the leader of the World to zilch eh, in less than a century? Most African countries detest the British, Latin America has intense contempt for Britain, and USA/Canada humour it. The Middle East does not trust Britain, Asia wants to use it for its own means, and Russia and the Chinese can soak it with propaganda if it wants and Britain cannot fight back. That leaves Australia – 100 years ago Britain used to send its criminals to the Islands near Australia – now Britain is an island with the highest prison population pro rata in the world!!!

07.24pm – The House of Commons now voting for the withdrawal deal! Let’s see how this pans out.

07.39pm – Results – yes = 202 No = 432 the difference is 230 wow!!! Incredible situation. How the eff has this been allowed? The Government itself has truly screwed it up.

08.06pm – Well, tomorrow, there will be a vote of confidence in the Government. If it is lost then it seems there could be an election. Effing incompetence!!!!

Wednesday 16 January 2019

12.53pm – It’s the day after the night before and boy, do I feel for Theresa May. I have always liked her and today in parliament you could tell she was deeply hurt over what happened last night. But politics takes no prisoners and I hope tonight goes well for Mrs. May.

12.55pm – I still have not heard anything from Karen Todner so I do begin to have concerns. However, I am a man of faith and I adhere to the maxim of “to thine own self be true.” I will wait a whisker longer and I’m sure Karen will come through.

12.57pm – The weather is now turning colder with elements of rain – cold rain!! Last night I watched a film called ‘On Chesil beach.’ I suggest you watch it – if you are 50 plus that is. I’m sure Caroline will add a link to the description of the film.

What does it teach you? Just this: – if you really love someone you must be patient and all will be OK. Be tolerant of the needs of your partner or Consort. It’s not always one-way traffic. Sometimes, it can be a dead-end street. But if it is you just rename a dead end as a ‘cul-de-sac’!!! Jesus C, I’m beginning to sound like Marjorie Proops, the relationship guru, and really, I am not. I don’t always get it right but I do always try my best which does not always go to plan. For those occasions, I look for forgiveness. Let’s see if I’m forgiven.

Thursday 17 January 2019

08.09pm – Golly gosh or heck!!! It’s mid-January and this morning the first few drops of snow. Just as soon as they fell, they just vanished, but it’s hellishly cold. I have stayed in, save for a short walk outside when it was cold, cold, cold. Tomorrow I have another morning in but am working in the afternoon. I have not been able to talk to hardly anyone because when I can, I can’t get to talk to anyone. I worked out today it’s 2,190 days since I last saw my beautiful Consort and youngest son and two years since I actually last saw anyone. You know after a while you just become effing immune and this kind of life simply takes over, when nothing matters other than seeing another dawn of another day. I have used my time, as opposed to passing time. Whether I have used it wisely or with a meaningful purpose, well, time will tell. I know one thing; this country is well and truly effed and I feel so much for the people whose only blame is that they do not protest enough. They suffer, not the ruling Clans. This is no democracy do you know what democracy means? It equals ‘people power.’ The people here have no power. One day though they will awake!!!

Friday 18 January 2019

09.38pm – Received email from Caroline, who has finally received my diary entries about 1973 and the mysterious JM. Now, I asked myself for years, after I took some photos in San Paulo Airport in Brazil – why would anyone use a barely 18 plus-year-old boy for such an important task. One thing is for certain – the SIS knew about JM from at least 1973, but I found out years later that they and the United States knew from before 1971, but I could not pin down a precise date! So, why use an 18-year-old boy? Don’t get me wrong, I had a hell of a time in Rio De Janeiro for a while at the Hotel California and, the Intercontinental and, going to the Whiskey Club in Ipanema Beach – it was a great Jazz Club with a big black piano in the middle on a podium and a bar all around. I only drank sparkling water because I really don’t drink and never really did. I have never drank even a teaspoon of beer. I just don’t drink and if I have a glass of wine, I usually only drink half a glass for politeness. So, why give an 18-year-old boy such an important task? I think it’s because the SIS thought I did not know who JM was. Maybe I did – maybe I didn’t. I just did the job. Maybe I took the number of photos I declared and handed over – maybe I took more. We shall have to see.

Saturday 19 January 2019

08.06pm – Finally, was able to talk to my youngest son after too many days of nothing. It’s over six years since I have seen anyone. Far too long and that, I believe to be totally inhumane treatment but then again, there are so many like me. If I were alone, then well, that would be too bad but this country holds 10,000 plus foreign national prisoners. All in the same position as me. Oh well, I have an idea and may now do something about this lack of contact.

Sunday 20 January 2019

07.23pm – Last night I really thought that was the end of yours truly GDS but somehow, with the help of God I survived what was the most acute pain in the abdomen I have ever experienced. Hell knows what went wrong with me but I did and I really did (at 04.35am) think I would be on a slab in a mortuary here in this country. Today, I feel better but have to be very careful what the hell I eat in the future and when I eat it. I have had to stop taking antibiotics because it’s too effing large a dose I have been prescribed. I will take my chance that my body knows what it is doing – I hope!!!




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