Diary From The Inside 1 – 31 December 2019 Part 150 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Sunday 1 December 2019

08.03 pm – I have not commented on news articles for a while and my diary has gone somewhat stale. Well, look at this: –

92-year-old prisoner died in jail. He was in jail for offences allegedly committed in 1970, some 45-50 years ago. Leave aside the sickening paedophile prey on victims and my sympathy to all victims of sexual offences. However, is it right to keep a man in jail who is dying? Why can this country redeem a mortgage but not a human being? Sorry but the government need to look at compassionate release. Compliments to Scotland who used compassion to release my client (now deceased) al-Megrahi the alleged Lockerbie bomber. This country needs to take a leaf out of how Scotland deal with the use of compassion.

Monday 2 December 2019

08.22 pm – A few years ago I had an idea to do a stage version of ‘White Christmas’ and Cliff Richards film ‘The Young Ones.’  Well, White Christmas is in the theatre now so that leaves me with ‘The Young Ones’ to do. Talking about ‘White Christmas’ what happened to those lovely days when friendships were made at school, in the army, in clubs, football, rugby, cricket! Now, all we have is the phoney social media. What is so social about it? Bring the old days back.

Tuesday 3 December 2019

08.08 pm – Nothing much today other than 530 days of unlawful detention and at £1001 per day – well, the poor taxpayer who is left paying the bill for the stupidity of the government.

Wednesday 4 December 2019

08.03 pm – Today I went to see the Imam who thankfully is the Head of Chaplaincy.  We talked about foreigners and he told me the Islamic dogma, and how in the Islamic religion there is a direct relationship with God without the need for an intermediary i.e. don’t need a priest for confession. I felt really glad, and how he pacified me. I’m having difficulty in forgiving those that have done this to me, even when I have finished my sentence. It will be OK though. God will prevail.

Thursday 5 December 2019

Have been busy today. Received copy of the ‘order’ from the Court of Appeal. Would you ‘Adam and Eve’ it (believe) they even got the effing order wrong. Incredible!!!

Friday 6 December 2019

08.58 pm – Today I feel quite annoyed and pissed off. The Court of Appeal can’t even get their order right. So, what is the point of them even being in their jobs? Are Judges subject to negligence? Watch this space.

Saturday 7 December 2019

06.47 pm – My friend Geneseo prepared a fantastic plate of pasta with chicken. Very tasty, and he is such a good person who cooks so well but then he is from Naples so, his cooking is wow!!! Today I learned a little about my youngest sons’ friends. He is such a wise boy far more than me. No news and am awaiting a document back from the High Court, then sparks will fly.

Sunday 8 December 2019

07.58 pm – Another weekend and today some home truths hit. You see, at the end of the day, I don’t give an eff who believes me when I say I am wrongfully convicted, except those I care for and when one of those loses faith then it sort of hits home. You see once the family unit is divided because of doubt – then it’s a long struggle back. However, I will do my very best. I know and have proved the police/CPS forged PNC for my trial. They were caught bang to rights and have got away with it. But now my family unit is threated, I have eff all to lose so I have to go on the attack. I’m not going to stand for it.

Monday 9 December 2019

08.27 pm – I will not take this nonsense lightly and I am fighting back. Today I issued a claim for negligence for £3 million regarding the conduct of my trial. The more I think about it the more I think how stupid I’ve been. I have been playing by the rules, whilst the government has broken every rule possible and used the judges as pawns because that is what they are – followers of government policy.

Tuesday 10 December 2019

09.57 pm – Tomorrow is my youngest sons’ birthday – he is 24. I was taken away from him when he was 16 and these people have unlawfully kept me away from all my family all these years. In two days, I hope and pray that the Conservative Party wins and gets Brexit done. That will be a sweet victory and will make the pill I have had to swallow a little less bitter. These people don’t deserve to be in a civilised union of 27 countries. They belong isolated, and isolated and barren they will be. Each day I am unlawfully held, the curse will strike but not on the innocent – only those responsible and they know who they are.

Wednesday 11 December 2019

09.12 pm – Today it’s my youngest sons 24 birthday. Had a good chat with him. He is not bitter at all and does not make the betrayal of trust trap I fell into weighing upon me at all, more than it’s 7 years so it’s understandable. I will have to consider my options well when I’m out of here.

Thursday 12 December 2019

09.15 pm – Only another 45 minutes and we should get the exit polls for the elections. I am wishing, hoping, and praying that the Conservative Party win outright so, they can get the eff out of our Europe. When the people voted in 2016, they voted for in or out. There was eff all about the terms of any out, so, why the eff did this country waste three effing years of all our time. Back after 08.00 pm.

08.00 pm – Exit polls CON: 368, a rise of 50 seats, LAB: 191. SNP: 55, LIB DEMS: 13. Now if that does pan out then I will be the fucking happiest man around. I just hope that Boris Johnson does what he has promised – get the eff out of my Europe. I actually don’t care who governs Britain so long as they get the hell out of the EU.

Friday 13 December 2019

06.51 am – I don’t normally write first thing in the morning but – my prayers have been answered: So far…

Conservative: 362, Labour: 203, Liberal Democrats: 11

That means this: – the UK get the eff out of the European Union and good riddance. However, whilst not being a member of the EU, soon, the EU must embrace the UK, and allow the UK to stay close to the EU. I would be for the rehabilitation of the UK and redemption. Maybe one day the UK could return. I am not against that but for now, they must get out!!!

01.43pm – So far Conservatives: 364, Labour: 203, Lib Dems: 11, SNP: 48. Boris Johnson has been to the Monarch and now must take this country out of the EU and good riddance.

Saturday 14 December 2019

08.44 pm – When people are young, they need milk and feeding. When they become adults, they need trust. I wish I had understood that long ago with my children.

Sunday 15 December 2019

10.50 pm – Do you know what I have learned about the four wars I have been witness to? Just one thing – you know when it starts but you don’t know when it will end or where it leads to!!!!!

Monday 16 December 2019

10.01 pm – Nothing much really today, save, that I now have to be patient and see if the fish bite.

Tuesday 17 December 2019

08.48 pm – Do you know what it’s like to be given a horse as a gift but then have no saddle? Yes. You can ride it but by gosh you get a sore backside. That is what we received today. We all received BT phones for our rooms but then they forgot to switch them on.

Wednesday 18 December 2019

08.08pm –

Alea Iacta Est

Thursday 19 December 2019

09.34 pm – Things are moving very much now in the right direction, after so long.

Friday 20 December 2019

09.34 pm – Step one – you find the one responsible.

Saturday 21 December 2019

12.43 pm – Step two – you tell them you know it’s them.

Sunday 22 December 2019

08.43 pm – Step three – you take the appropriate action.

Monday 23 December 2019

08.20 pm – Today, someone died here. What a tragedy. Who knows what the future holds for all of us?

Tuesday 24 December 2019

10.11 pm –

Merry Xmas to all. Let there be no hate in this world.

Wednesday 25 December 2019

07.58 pm – Today, went rather quickly. The weather was good – sunshine and I helped out serving the food. Well, it’s Christmas, my 7th unlawfully detained and does anyone give a f____? Now, here is one for you – as all know I have a handful of children yes? Yes! Well answer this – how many Xmas cards did I receive from them?

Thursday 26 December 2019

08.31 pm – Do you know what brings a family back together? Let me tell you – the presence of the one that was taken away.

My daughter, Anna, very kindly sent me the above photo of their family Christmas meal.

Friday 27 December 2019

08.24 pm – I’m a bit confused on this mathematical question:

Three men go to dinner.

Each pay £10.

The bill is £30.

A friend comes and takes the money from each i.e. £10 each making £30 and goes to pay.

The cashier gives £5 back as a discount.

The friend goes to each and gives them £1 back and keeps £2 for himself.

That means each person paid £9 for their meal.

The friend kept the £2.

However, 3 x £9 = £27

The bill was £30

The friend kept £2

£27 + £2 = £29

So, what has happened to £1 from the original £30????

Saturday 28 December 2019

09.16 pm – I have just read an article in the Daily Express that Linda Calvey is now an author and I say well done. I fought hard to get her out and I don’t believe for one moment she killed her boyfriend. Neither did the Judge who set a tariff of 7 years only to be increased by the Home Secretary to 15 years. Totally unlawful and unjust.

Sunday 29 December 2019

07.57pm – This day in 2006 whilst I was trying to save H.E. Saddam Hussein in Court in America – my father passed away. Where have all those years gone? RIP dad?

Monday 30 December 2019

09.49pm – You know watching the BBC drama ‘The Trial of Christine Keeler’ makes me wonder why people don’t just leave John Profumo alone. For God’s sake, the man is dead and he made one mistake which he paid for the rest of his life. There is a lot more to the so-called Profumo Affair than any film or drama series can advance.

Tuesday 31 December 2019

09.30 pm – This year has ended with a bit of high. I may well have set a precedent in how that will keep Judges on their toes and alert and those who transgress will have to pay. More on that soon, in the meantime

Happy New Year to all!












I hope you enjoy my version of ‘Truly.’