Giovanni Di Stefano Requests Assistance From The Italian Premier, For The Bereaved Families Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

Giovanni Di Stefano the Segretario Politico of the Partito Nazionale Italiano calls upon the Italian Premier, Giuseppe Conte, to undertake that all citizens that died as a consequence of COVID-19 Coronavirus that their families/next of kin will receive an immediate cash grant, and also receive a monthly pension for the next five years. Whilst the money pledged to boost the economy is welcomed, provision has to be made for the families of those who suffer bereavement. The Segretario Politico of Partito Nazionale Italiano calls upon action now not later. Further, since this pandemic is an international issue Giovanni Di Stefano calls upon the Italian Premier to seek a UN Security meeting and, that, the European Parliament ensures that all EU families of those bereaved will be able to receive a pension and cash grant.