Diary from the Inside 28 January -15 February 2021 Part 166 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Thursday 28 January 2021

05.31 pm – For those that are interested in winning the lottery I’m not sure if you knew, but the whole concept of lotteries goes back donkeys’ years. In fact, you will be surprised to learn that the first recorded lottery in England was, actually, drawn in St Pauls Cathedral and do you know when? Have a guess??? OK, I’ll tell you, 11 January 1569, and just to top everything off two days later, but in 1930, was the first time that Mickey Mouse appeared, so, he’s not that old. And more alarming and truly alarming statistic is, that the worlds 62 richest people are now as wealthy as half of the worlds’ population. So why don’t they use that money or some of it, to resolve issues such as homelessness, and many other social problems facing individual countries? That’s all for now folks!!!

Friday 29 January 2021

0.6.18 pm – During lockdown, of course, people watch the television and there are lots of adverts about cleaning and keeping clean. Domestos point out that there are more germs on a kitchen work surface than in the toilet. This might really be the case, but I had a thought! Can I just say one thing, and that is that the germs that are found in the kitchen do not come out of a person’s arsehole!

Saturday 30 January 2021

01.20 pm – 10 November 1973, I was in San Francisco at the Mark Hopkins Hotel with 6 Hells Angels from New York, who I had flown over and put them up at the hotel as they wanted to see the Grateful Dead Concert. Caroline is posting a few photos of Sandy Alexander and Vinny and others but if you want to know more, you’re going to have to read my book or watch the movie.

Sunday 31 January 2021

07.20 pm – I was watching today, the real housewives of New Jersey because I know most of the families. I saw the episode when Theresa goes to Italy to see her husband Joe who had been deported from America. He made the fatal mistake of not being an American citizen when his parents took him there as a little boy. Sad to see that after 4 years of not seeing each other that relationship broke down. Tonight, I will be saying a few prayers myself.

Monday 1 February 2021

05.24 pm – This is something that has puzzled me for a hell of a long time. Why is every “C” in the phrase “specific ocean” said differently? Answers please if anyone has one…. also, if “womb” is pronounced “woom” and tomb” is also pronounced “toom” then surely too high heaven “bomb” should be pronounced “boom” anyone got a clue on this?????

Tuesday 2 February 2021

04.20 pm – Another day in this rattrap!

Wednesday 3 February 2021

06.28 pm – Finally, my much-travelled passport has been located, and thanks be to God. Mine must be the only passport that has two legs. There is nothing worse than finding yourself in a situation where your only owned travel documents are not in your possession. but what the hell.  Now, here’s a funny thing, and see if you can work this out, there are about 100,000 people in prison. Each person is entitled to a 189 mm of semi-skinned milk per day, but do you know where the milk used to come from? it used to come from the Republic of Ireland but thank God that the prison service has now sourced its milk from within the UK. However, body wash comes from, and you won’t believe this, a company in Italy.  So, the prison service buys a hundred thousand 100ml vegan-friendly body shampoo from Italy. It’s a great body wash shampoo but surely to heaven, they should be sourcing this and other products from, within in the UK I would have thought.

05.55 pm – With regard to the milk I have just noticed that the milk comes from a company called Lakeland in County Cavan in Ireland and is then sold to a company in Belfast Northern Ireland which then, subsequently, sells it to the prison service. So, the actual milk comes from Southern Ireland, crosses the border and then is packaged for use in British prisons. Surely, to high heaven, there are farmers within the UK that have milk, but in these crazy days who cares it’s only the taxpayer that pays anyway.

Thursday 4 February 2021

07.23 pm – No Entry…

Friday 5 February 2021

06.45 pm – Talking about Government cover-ups, and certainly, there has been one in my case, but this can stretch back to 1692 with regard to the Salem Witch Trials in America. 119 people were hung in the relevant space for a short time and then everything went quiet. The governor of Massachusetts was a guy called Phips if my memory serves me right, created a law that no one was permitted to write or mention anything of the hanging of the so-called witches. Anyone who had already written about them, the copies were publicly burned. All this came back to light with the ancestor of a guy called John Proctor, who was a Minister and who was accused of being a witch.  At least, even after many generations, someone gave a damn about what is right and just, and I pray and hope the same for me…

Saturday 6 February 2021

07.34 pm – I am not looking forward at all to the next couple of days, because the prediction is snow. But, then again, my second child was predicted to be a girl and it was a boy, and my third child was predicted to be a boy, but it was a girl. So much for predictions.

Sunday 7 February 2021

07.45 pm – I was watching a DVD today with one of the guys here, in Italian, called ‘Sono Tornato’ and it’s about Benito Mussolini coming back from the dead in the present world. There is a wonderful phrase which he says: “if you have mice and rats in your house you don’t call for a comedian, but you call for an exterminator”. Now, make what you want of that, but by golly gosh its one hell of a funny comedy about the state of Italy, today. Did you know for example that Italy has had some 65 governments since the Second World War absolutely absurd? And, in the film Mussolini, said that there are too many parties and you just need a maximum of two, if that. I agree.

Monday 8 February 2021

04.53 pm – The person, or body, or organisation, that invents a vaccine for stupidity will really be of benefit to mankind.

Tuesday 9 February 2021

03.45 pm – I want to tell you today about hate. In 2013 and, for a good few years later, I built up an enormous wall of hate. I hated the lying witnesses at my trial, I hated the dishonest intellectually Judge, I hated the legal system, and if truth be told as it must, I probably hated myself for being so stupid as to be part of the system since 1973. That wall of hate was so high that if anyone tried to scale it to give me their hand in friendship it was an impossible task. What I had to do, and I did it fairly quickly, is to bulldoze that wall of hate, and a couple of people who know who they are, no need for me to name them (one is no longer of this earth, unfortunately) persevered, even when the wall was high, and helped me demolish that horrible wall of hate. Am I a better man now for doing so? Well, I have no hate left in me which means that I can concentrate on the positive aspects of life. Hatred and war take up 90% of the brain capacity. It’s too expensive and I can’t afford that. The wall of hatred has been down for a few years, and even the foundations have cracked and, primarily thanks to the couple of people who offered me their hand of friendship.

Wednesday 10 February 2021

07.22 pm – Let’s change the subject a bit and talk about Thelma Todd. Now, you may say who the hell is that? But let me tell you in the 1930s she was a major actress probably bigger than Gloria Swanson. When I was at MGM, I started looking through some of the files of the company, the biggest one was ‘Gone with the Wind’ and, I even saw and read the telegrams that the producer David O. Selznick would write to his baby son who couldn’t even read. I read the file of ‘Duel in the Sun’ where Selznick was asking for orgasm music. But I also saw a slim file on Thelma Todd and how she was due to make some films at MGM. I looked into this and found that she mysteriously died or was killed at the prime of her career There was a note in the file about a certain Charles Lucifer, who I knew to be ‘lucky Luciano’ who died peacefully in his bed, as opposed to many others that perished by the wayside. Have a look into Thelma Todd and see what you can find because she’s a truly interesting character. Just a few memories from the good old days.

Thursday 11 February 2021

07.18 pm – Whenever I get stuck for what to say in my diary, I get stuck. However, every day is 24 hours, and something goes on of interest. Today is an interesting day because tomorrow there is a good chance that something positive might happen after 2 pm. Now I could be wrong, but I could also be right which means the odds are 50/50 and many gamblers, you would be surprised to know when they go to a casino bet on red or black because it’s a 50/50 possibility, that is unless the house wins, and green number zero comes up. More tomorrow!!!!!!

Friday 12 February 2021

08.23 pm – I saw on the news today that a personal shopper of an actor is charged with stealing a million dollars from him. Apparently, he used his credit cards to buy goods, services, and obtain cash for himself. Who the blinking hell needs a personal shopper? I wouldn’t dream of letting anyone (other than my consort) and possibly the children (but only possibly) get hold of my credit card. I remember once my eldest son was allowed to use my credit card when he went on a school trip and after a couple of months, I got a bill for about 800 pounds for phone calls to one of his girlfriends, or whatever. I don’t condone what the personal shopper did, but boy oh boy do your own bloody shopping then you won’t lose a million dollars.

Saturday 13 February 2021

06.34 pm – Well, tomorrow is an extremely important day for some it is, of course, Saint Valentine’s day. All of you that are computer savvy look up Saint Valentine and see what an interesting story of his life. Now I need to ask any of you who read my diary a question: – how many valentine’s day cards I received this year, last year, the year before, the previous four years in total? Have a guess – I will put you out of your misery because the answer is in the story of sweet fanny Adams! I’m not complaining I’m just saying happy Valentine’s day to all of you tomorrow!

Sunday 14 February 2021

I want to make one thing one crystal cl4ear to everyone in the criminal justice system and that includes the general public because they pay for it. People are sent to prison as a punishment and not for punishment. The purpose of imprisonment is set out in section 142 of the criminal justice act 2003 and it may pay all who are interested to look that up and to read exactly why people should be sent to prison. Nowhere is it better applied for rehabilitation purposes than the place I am where the management go out of their way to help those who need help. Whenever I leave this place whether it’s tomorrow or in a million years’ time, I will not take any anger with me but just a grateful thanks for keeping me safe and curing me of cancer.

Happy Valentine’s Day……

Monday 15 February 2021

07.12 pm – First of all, today it is my mum’s birthday, and she has reached the ripe old age of 85 ‘happy birthday to mum’. Secondly, it’s been a really good day and the High Court has ruled in my favour in quite a spectacular fashion, but remember the law is not about right or wrong, and justice is just about getting a result, so, we will just see how things pan out in the next few days, but things look really good. The next thing is about orgasms. A funny subject to discuss on a Monday evening but two things I found out that I didn’t know from reading the Sun newspaper on Saturday. The first, is that ladybirds have 30 minutes of orgasms, how many people would like to be in their shoes? Secondly, the Sun newspaper reports that the cure for a migraine is an orgasm. I’m hoping that Caroline will find the link and post it on my diary because it’s fascinating. So, all those that have the old excuse “sorry darling not tonight I’ve got a headache” the answer is orgasm if what the sun says is true. Remember sex does not cure a migraine only an orgasm does, so to all those keep at it.

The Sun – Sex Orgasm Cures  Headaches Say, Experts.




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