Diary from the Inside 16 – 28 February 2021 Part 167 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Tuesday 16 February 2021

06.43 pm – I read in the newspaper the other day that Amanda Holden was reported by a neighbour for travelling 200 miles to see her mother, who apparently had called in a state of distress. This whole situation has got completely out of hand. I am happy to learn that a court in Amsterdam has revoked the lockdown in Holland, saying there is no basis in law to restrict personal freedom. The same is in this country only as Piers Morgan says: “the worlds gone nuts” I do not blame Amanda Holden but is this country not turning into one full of petty informants? It was the neighbour that called the police reporting Amanda for travelling. Exactly… disgusting and absurd and it needs to stop now.

Wednesday 17 February 2021

07.01 pm – I bet that none of you (other than perhaps Miss Caroline) is aware that the longest boxing match under the modern rules, went 77 rounds in Illinois, USA, between a guy called Harry Sharpe and Frank Crosby in February 1892. Now, I always thought that it was Kelly v Smith, but they were the old rules. What use that information is to man or beast heaven only knows but it’s given me time to think as to what this diary today should really be about. It’s about this, that in 1659 the first known cheque was put on display at Westminster Abbey. Today nearly 500 years later trying to find a cheque is as rare as rocking horse shite. That’s all for today folks enjoy the remains of the day.

Thursday 18 February 2021

06.35 pm – Twenty dwarfs took turns doing handstands on the carpet. That was the favourite phrase of Benjamin Siegel better known as “Bugsy”. By the way, does anybody know what became of his two children let me know if you do?

Friday 19 February 2021

07.43 pm – Today has been a shite and confusing day. I refuse to say any more as it might compromise my position but let me just say that the authorities have behaved disgracefully in my case, and it’s now all coming to light, and everybody trying to cover their backsides, the problem is that those that have behaved in such a fashion, and are very high up in the system, you know what they say the higher you go the more you expose your backside. I am watching!!!!

Saturday 20 February 2021

05.48 pm – I have just noticed that the USA have deported a 95-year-old former guard at a Nazi concentration camp to Germany. The guy has been there since 1959. German prosecutors have dropped their case against him for lack of evidence, but the person has still been deported. There are many liars, thieves, vagabonds, drug dealers, and murderers, all who have obtained US citizenship, that are not deported back to their own country, and I know a few of them. I truly believe and hope that an end comes for all of this type of systematic political direction in targeting solely for political purposes, not only by the US but by all Countries. This is why The Trial of Adolf Hitler becomes necessary watch this space!!!

Sunday 21 February 2021

09.18 pm – The world truly has gone absolutely nuts, I read in the Mail on Sunday today that Lloyds of London are seeking an archivist at £30,0000 per year, to try and find cases where Lloyds of London insured trips for the slave trade so that they can make it good. This airbrushing of history is completely absurd, so I am going to jump on the initiative of the Italian government and the Israeli government for the wrongful conviction of Jesus Chris. Well, where does it stop? If we can pardon Oscar Wilde, a case that advanced for years since Jesus was convicted by a Jewish court.  I may very well invite the new Italian premier to pardon him because he is still a convicted felon. Do you see where this stupidness, so far, can go? Shall we also pardon King Alfred for burning the cakes back in 878, this is a part of history, and is complete and utter rubbish. What was OK then, and certainly not OK now, and I agree with them, so please stop punishing the past. I note that in the last 30 years the British Prime Minister having the gates at the entrance of Downing Street erected to protect them from terrorists, and still do. So, why then later did the British Government enter into the good Friday Agreement, something that I was involved with at the time. You see the double standards!!!

Monday 22 February 2021

0.3.39 pm – I heard today that the Italian Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo has been murdered in a direct act in the east of that country. A United Nation convoy came under attack and he was killed. That just goes to show how dangerous war zones are and I should know because I’ve been in Yugoslavia, Iraq Syria Libya and many, many, many, years ago also in the Congo. My condolences to Ambassador Luca Attanasio’s family who was only 43 years of age.

RIP Ambassador Luca Attanasio

Tuesday 23 February 2021

07.12 pm – The world has gone even more nuts than whatever I could have imagined. Richard Moore is better known as “C” and the Head of SIS has apologised for the security services being prejudiced to homosexuals and lesbians in the last 100 years. So, I repeat again will Israel and Italy apologise for convicting Jesus Christ??? And I’m going to send a link to this via Caroline to Piers Morgan and the other link that I wrote some time ago the world has truly gone totally bananas.

Wednesday 24 February 2021

07.21 pm – I am glad to see that a certain person across the Atlantic as heeded my advice on how to manage a situation regarding current detention. I sincerely hope that the said suggestion bears fruit and allows that person to be returned to the community, where that person truly belongs, and then let the law take its course. At the moment the law is stuck and it’s not fair to either party.

Thursday 25 February 2021

08.03 pm – Today, is another one of those senseless days that make little to no sense, but it is what it is as they say in Baghdad. It’s strange because I came here on the 26 February 2016, and I’m leaving tomorrow on the 26 February 2021 to HMP Maidstone, which although not a pleasant situation is one that has to fronted, and dealt with as, of course, I will.

I would have thought that they would have kept me until after March 18 who knows maybe it’s better this way. If all goes well on the 18th, I can be easily removed, but I could also be easily removed from here. Never mind we will just get on with it.

Friday 26 February 2021

Five days to the day I arrived at HMP Highpoint, and now I arrive at HMP Maidstone. The last time I was here was in a press conference outside the prison gate, how ironic life can be. The journey took four hours as there was a fatal accident.

Saturday 27 February 2021

04.01 pm – If what I am going through is called living or existing, then may the very devil himself take me to his private furnace because it would be better than this living hell. Having said that any foreign national who wants to get out of this country has to come here because here it will happen, and it will happen quickly and I’m on that list.

Sunday 28 February 2021

Saturday and Sunday are the most depressing days in prison especially when one should not be there in the first place, so no different here. Only 20 minutes to do all, including shower, ask for things in the office, clean room, and telephone. So, I must alternate days of a shower, one day on, one-off, so, I can use the phone which can be in the morning or afternoon. Today the line was shite so I could not talk to Caroline or anyone. No point moaning as it is what it is. I am in a rouge state and must tread carefully. “……..











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