Legitimate Push to Pardon Charles I - A Priority For the Government? By C A Bayford Secrets From the Grave Reveal Provisional IRA Did Not Murder Lord Mountbatten Myth or Legacy; Socrates and Plato by Giovanni Di Stefano Ministry Of Justice and The Home Office Are Defying Parliament by Failing to Remove Foreign National Prisoners The Truth About The Shroud Of Turin By Giovanni Di Stefano

Irelands Hidden Secrets

HIDDEN SECRETS INVESTIGATING DOCUMENTARIES – International lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano explores some of Ireland’s Hidden Secrets. With new documents and information some of the mysteries and deep secrets that Ireland has hidden are exposed bare in over six programmes investigating and disclosing new facts that shed light on what to date have been some of Irelands most hidden secrets.

Programme One:           Murder Most Foul: Macarthur
Programme Two:           Who Shot Michael Collins
Programme Three:        Friends in High Places – Philip Sheedy
Programme Four:          A Question of Arms
Programme Five:          Who Killed Veronica Guerin
Programme Six:            Bank on Me: The Anglo-Irish Bank

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