Giovanni Di Stefano Confirms Entering The Forthcoming European Parliamentary Elections Edlorm Housing Ghana Ltd and OPC Global News and Media Corporation Announce Joint Venture for Luxurious Edlorm Villa Project in Accra, Ghana Will The 1984 Unsolved Murder of Janice Weston Ever be Resolved? By Giovanni Di Stefano and Caroline Bayford Lord Haw Haw the American Traitor WWII docufiction under development

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“Mr Brand is innocent until proven guilty and should be treated accordingly re: UK Law”. HIN talk with the controversial Mr Giovanni Di Stefano. Giovanni is the controversial lawyer who has represented or assisted nearly 300 clients including Saddam Hussain, Kenneth Noye, Nicola Van Hoogstraten, John ‘Goldfinger’ Palmer, Slobodan Milošević and Jeremy Bamber. HIN focus on the Russell Brand case, with allegations made by up to 5 women at time of broadcast. Giovanni refers to the 2003 case of…

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Lord Haw Haw the American Traitor WWII docufiction under development

“Germany calling, Germany calling” is the phrase that made William Joyce AKA Lord Haw Haw legendary…But were they the words of a wartime traitor? This remarkable 80-minute special re-examine the controversial case of William Joyce…the last person to be tried for High Treason in Britain. Featuring exclusive interviews, unseen archives, and dramatic reconstructions the docudrama investigates the life of the man who famously broadcast Nazi propaganda from Berlin daily to the UK. By looking at the facts of the…

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Herd Immunity News interview Giovanni Di Stefano 16 August 2023 – “It’s a criminal offence to enter the UK illegally, there’s no reason for the law NOT to be applied”

Marcus from Herd Immunity News asks Giovanni Di Stefano why this UK Law is not being UPHELD?   The Immigration Act Of 1971 states: Section 24: 1.a) All offences in section 24 can only be committed by a person who is not a British citizen. For the offence to be committed, a person must knowingly enter in breach of a deportation order or without leave. By contrast, a person is an illegal entrant (for removal purposes) simply if he…

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Giovanni Di Stefano With I Ricchi E Poveri Perform Che Sara

Music has always been my vocation and I hope you enjoy my new video of Che Sara. This song is dedicated to my family, especially, to my mother who forced me to learn music from the age of eight and my father, the true singer of the family, sadly now passed away but watching over me, who dug many a garden to pay for my lessons. I hope I have made good. Enjoy!

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Riddle Of A Royal Liaison And The Bank Robbery Connection by Giovanni Di Stefano

On Monday, September 13, 1971, thieves tunnelled into the vault of Lloyds Bank on Baker Street in London, and ransacked the safety deposit boxes, making off with a haul estimated at the time to be in the region of £500,000. In fact, the robbers looted in excess of £3million, which, in 1971, made it the largest ever bank robbery in the United Kingdom.

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The Vanishing British MP by Giovanni Di Stefano and Caroline Bayford

In Fredrick Forsyth’s novel The day of the Jackal the main character obtains a false identity by applying for a passport in the name of a dead man who would now be roughly his own age. All he needs to do is to get a copy of the man’s birth certificate, fill in the forms, and wait. Forsyth is renowned for his thorough research, and a number of people have copied his simple method.

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