Coming soon: The Appeal of Al Megrahi – The truth revealed surrounding the Lockerbie bombing of Flight PA203 - 21 December 1988. M25 killer Kenneth Noye reveals the truth about how he evaded justice for so long by Caroline A Bayford Italian Prosecutors open official criminal investigation into Labour Leader Sir Kier Starmer and the top Crown Court Judge by our European correspondent
Diary from the Inside 4 – 22 April 2018 Part 113 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Wednesday 4 April 2018 01.00pm – Do you know who ‘won’ the Second World War? Nine out of ten people will say that Britain, America, and France (+Russia) won beating Germany, Italy, and Japan. Well, maybe that could be the case but rest assured that neither Britain, France, America, Germany, Japan, won anything and neither did they ‘lose.’ I will tell you the winners of the Second World War: Coca-Cola – it supplied to all military a ‘nickel a…

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