Giovanni Di Stefano Confirms Entering The Forthcoming European Parliamentary Elections Edlorm Housing Ghana Ltd and OPC Global News and Media Corporation Announce Joint Venture for Luxurious Edlorm Villa Project in Accra, Ghana Will The 1984 Unsolved Murder of Janice Weston Ever be Resolved? By Giovanni Di Stefano and Caroline Bayford Lord Haw Haw the American Traitor WWII docufiction under development
Personal Statement from Giovanni Di Stefano

On the 27 March 2013 after a two-month trial at Southwark Crown Court before HHJ McCreath and the jury, a verdict of guilty was returned on a number of counts involving a violation of the fraud act, and abuse of position. On the 28 March 2013 HHJ McCreath sentenced me to a manifestly excessive term of 14 years imprisonment. The sentence was based upon a false PNC (which was subsequently erased from the police national computer in April 2014)…

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