Diary from the Inside 4 – 22 April 2018 Part 113 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Wednesday 4 April 2018

01.00pm – Do you know who ‘won’ the Second World War? Nine out of ten people will say that Britain, America, and France (+Russia) won beating Germany, Italy, and Japan. Well, maybe that could be the case but rest assured that neither Britain, France, America, Germany, Japan, won anything and neither did they ‘lose.’ I will tell you the winners of the Second World War: Coca-Cola – it supplied to all military a ‘nickel a bottle’ and controlled 95% of the overseas market. US soldiers alone drank ten billion bottles. In 1939 Coca-Cola had five overseas bottling plants but by 1945 they had sixty-four!!! Cigarette makers:- I don’t need to mention that millions of packets of cigarettes were smoked during the War making the producers mega rich. The German Chemical Industry:- At the start of the War I.G. Farben was the largest chemical company in the World and it got richer because during the War they did not have to pay for their workers. There is an interesting thought though on 3 September 1939 the Washington Post ran a headline: ‘Both Sides Agree Not To Bomb Civilians.’ Funny, because, soon after that the agreement was breached. The thought and agreement though, was there just that it was not respected. As a result too many civilians died that were never the targets of the War. Have any lessons been learnt? No – it has got worse, because even in War there are rules, just that they are not respected.

Thursday 5 April 2018

(Written 4 April 2018 to catch the post) Carrying on the Second World War theme, there is a lovely story that I was told by a very senior SIS officer in 1975. It was this:- During the War one British Agent – Nigel Law, had a criminal record from stealing money by means, but mostly fraud. He was convicted of stealing from his Company. That made him ideal to train as an Agent, given a truly substantial amount of cash and dropped in France. What do you think became of him? Come on guess…yes you guessed it – he simply ran off with it and was never heard of or seen again. After the War – long after – in 1975 he was spotted at the Metropole Hotel in Monte Carlo and do you know what the SIS did? Nothing. It would have been too embarrassing that MI6 simply had lost trace of its Agent for 30 years, so they did nothing but to identify him. At that time the Metropole Hotel was owned by Maxwell Joseph of Grand Metropolitan Hotels, and yes, at the age of twenty I was there and had a black credit card issued by the great man himself. I also had a cash check facility from Maxwell Joseph’s Bank, Lloyds Bank in Monaco. So much fun. Nigel Law is a look-alike for Nigel Havers and spent many an evening at the bar of the Hotel De Paris. I was as I said, but twenty but felt two hundred. The sea was blue, the sky was blue, and I met a man who had successfully stolen hundreds of thousands from MI6 and got away with it. Wow!!!!

Friday 6 April 2018

07.05pm – My sweet Lord, we are a quarter through 2018. How time passes quickly when one is old, and boy old is not how I am but how I feel. In three months time, I’m 64 as in the Beatles son ‘When I’m 64.’ Maybe when I’m back in Italy I might just reload that song. In the meantime, I remembered that I recorded the Fleetwood Mac song ‘Man of The World’ and I put the guitar on myself with the echo chamber.

Have a listen to it:-

The only reason I remembered is that I heard the song on ‘Heartbeat’ on ITV3 so I remembered doing the song in Rome and the guitar in Spain. Do let me have your opinion please as it was one of the hardest songs I have had to do.

Giovanni Di Stefano
HMP Highpoint South

Saturday 7 April 2018

06.07pm – I was thinking, that when I am released, I quite fancy doing the 870 km pilgrimage of the Carina de Santiago in Spain. I might just actually do it, and will add it to my list of ‘ten things to do before I die.’ The weather is improving but I work every day so I’m in and don’t get the benefit of the limited sunshine. I’m feeling better, no thanks to the medical centre here, and I’ve cured myself solely with oranges and lemons!!!!

Sunday 8 April 2018

06.24pm – The weather is getting better and, how do I know? Easy – the heating is switched off!! Whenever there is even the hint of nicer, warmer, weather, wham-bam the Governor turns off the heating and even if it gets cold an hour or so later no problems, the heating stays off!!! Fake economy I say, but never mind. You see at the end of the day if the Government does not give a damn about old age pensioners (which they don’t) why would anyone care about those who transgress the law??? Never mind, smile and be happy!!!

Monday 9 April 2018

07.43pm – I am quite upset about recent events within my family, and frankly it is actually all my fault for not being there. As I told one person today – yesterday belongs to the State, today to the Government, but tomorrow to me!!! My health has improved a good bit, primarily because my living conditions have improved.

07.57pm – I am also quite annoyed because damn it, I have no postage stamps left. Grrr. They are my lifeline to communication. How the hell did I get myself into this situation? It’s over five years and not even one postage stamp. I truly cannot believe my situation.

Tuesday 10 April 2018

07.01pm – Last night I had a fear that I would not make it – that is getting released, and not owing to any judicial exercise, but because I fear a nuclear War between Russia and the UK/US. The only real winners will be China, if they stay out of it but targets in the UK will be Suffolk because of the military volume of the country. The whole Syria situation has got out of hand. I mean the British and Germany used chemical weapons during the First and Second World War and I would have thought that the whole damned concept of War would put all off. Not the US that is. The real tragedy is that America does not give a fleas arsehole about the Syrian people. They care only about culling Russia. Nor does the UK/US give a damn about the Skripal family allegedly poisoned by someone. What they are about is using the circumstances and creating a crime and accused out of it – Russia. Why? Because Russia is powerful and has the capability of striking back. That is my fear, Russia striking out as it will be in this very country, if it does then there is eff all anyone can do about it if it happens. I hope to God that some form of restrain is applied.

Wednesday 11 April 2018

05.57pm – Today I received some stamps from my son so at least I don’t feel so isolated – remember I have not seen my family for more than five years. I wonder if they will recognise me? You know long periods of isolation do have a psychological effect on you. I don’t know how I have survived it – well let me not speak too soon because I’m still here despite, since 2013, being told I would be gone this or that day!!! Never mind, yesterday belongs to the Government but tomorrow is mine!!! One thing though – I’m OK in the Unit where I am now and much healthier.

06.01pm – The other night I watched a documentary on ‘Jesus’s Female Disciples.’ Last year I read a passage from Mark 6-7, sending out Disciples ‘two by two.’ That reminded me of the Ark Noah built and animals going in the Ark ‘two by two’ namely one male, one female. The documentary came to a  superstition (as did I) that maybe male Disciples were also sent out one male, one female. There is really no other evidence that female Disciples existed but remember that Christianity was for the first 300 years only for women and slaves!!! It was Emperor Constantine that became a Christian and only to unify a disjointed empire!! It is interesting though that my thoughts, a year ago, have been turned into a TV documentary.

Thursday 12 April 2018

07.31pm – I will be writing my letter from the inside this week and some of the content may well be academic but regardless, I will do it. Let me give you a hint of what I say:-

  • The unlawful Iraq War drove out Christians from Iraq and forced millions in the region to flee their homes most of them landing in the EU.
  • Syrian War has nothing to do with Britain, the US or the entire EU.
  • Seven years ago SIS told the Government that President Assad was about to fall – total rubbish. He is stronger than ever.
  • Every dollar of aid given by the UK/US and Saudi Arabia to the ‘Syrian Opposition’ has actually been made up of Jihadist groups.
  • The ban on chemical weapons is absurd because it implies that some forms of killing are more acceptable than others. Absurd! All killing should be illegal internationally.
  • Why are nuclear bombs acceptable but not chlorine? Absurd.
  • The West’s (UK/US) use of delayed action cluster bombs (which scatter bomblets across a wide area) and white phosphorus bombs used widely by the UK/US are seen as OK to use. Absurd and illogical.
  • The reality is that all War (and I have been involved in the Balkans, Libya, and Iraq) lies in the killing of people and destruction of property.

Mussolini said: “with terror and destruction Wars never end.” He was right.

Friday 13 April 2018

05.39pm – It has been today well and truly Friday 13th, and within this place, much has occurred none of which is good. Anyway, I have to say the staff here are martyrs to their job and do as much as possible under impossible conditions. If any class of employees deserves a substantial pay rise I believe the prison service must have priority. That is my opinion, as unpopular as it may be from my fellow prisoners but then I was and am no ‘yes man’ type of person. Anyway, think of it logically – if the prison service, have, say, a 25% pay increase they would have no excuse in doing their job properly if that is what people think, mainly, that police prison staff do not do a worthwhile job. I totally disagree! What is good today is the weather – it’s coming nice and the prediction is that it will be much warmer, maybe even in the mid 20ºC, we will see on that. On another front the US/UK have a problem if they launch any strikes on Syria – the chemical weapons Inspectors are now in Damascus and will start work tomorrow. It would be damned foolish to launch a strike before the Inspectors produced a report. Think back to Iraq, the US/UK hit before Hans Blitz the weapons inspector was able to finish his report.

Saturday 14 April 2018

06.07pm – Finally, the US, with its two tails the UK and France, attacked Syria from the air. It did so on very questionable legal advice and, of course, without any real long-term prospect or plan. In other words, as they usually do. Russia – for now – has taken no retaliatory action but it will do in due course. The problems with the US/UK/France is that they believe they have a moral ground to police the World. They do not and never will. They are, all three, nuclear powers, but so is Russia and China. If Russia and China were ever to align then the US/UK/France would become far less arrogant. Even if – and they do not – Syria has Chemical Weapons, so what? The UK has a massive stockpile – I know –  and the US and France continue to develop chemical agents. So why can the US/UK and France have sophisticated chemical agents capabilities but not other countries, because of what I call the UK/US, not so much France, a masquerade of hypocrisy and arrogance of office?

06.14pm – The weather is now getting better, and better, by the hour. Let’s hope the sunshine is sustained. I have found that the nicer the weather the better the mood in these places. Tonight I will go back thirty years plus and watch ‘Dads Army.’ Those, old comedy shows, always take me back to the age of innocence and joy. Those days will never again be the same as today. They are over!!!

Sunday 15 April 2018

05.52pm – Well, the much glorifying of the US/UK/ French strikes on Syria are nearly over. Now is the moment of reflection of what has actually happened. You see, the country that has the largest stockpile of Chemical Weapons is the USA, and the second is the UK, so it’s a bit odd that they should be attacking Syria for an alleged attack that has only been ‘verified’ on Social Media??? I ask again the question:- why must the US/UK/France attack if Chemical Weapons are used but not interfere if missiles, cluster bombs etc are used. The objective is to kill people. War is about death. The rules are that each party must kill the opposition. The one who kills the most wins!! That is it in a nutshell. I also have to laugh when we talk about killing animals humanely!!! What the hell difference does it matter if OX are killed by a bullet to the head, or pounded with a sledge hammer to the head, which is how OX were killed in the past?? Death can never be done in a humane manner because the result is death, how one dies is irrelevant. If we want to eat meat we need to kill animals. If you go to War you kill each other. That is why I’m anti War or violence.

Monday 16 April 2018

08.11pm – What a complete waste of academic time and money to research how many people, men and women, kiss before finding the so-called ‘one.’

Total bonkers this country.

08.12pm – I hope that Caroline can put in my diary as a link my version of the Stevie Wonder song ‘Lately.’

I hope you like my orchestration and piano. It was one of the most enjoyable songs I recorded and, I have recorded, I think, about 100 songs. So I hope you enjoy it.

08.14pm – Boy oh boy, when I read that the pedophile lost only thirty days by filing a hopeless appeal it truly peed me off.

I will deal with that aspect when I’m in Italy. For now, I will just carry on and comply with all that is asked of me. As I said yesterday belongs to the Government, today to the Prison Service but tomorrow is my destiny.

08.16pm – Today Parliament defends the unlawful bombing of Syria by the US/UK and France. I hope they don’t do it again because next time Russia will react.

Tuesday 17 April 2018

06.22pm – The weather has changed for the better and, I’m feeling much better. I noticed this report today and boy does it make my blood boil.

You see, I just wonder, if Germany had won the War would they put on trial British Servicemen for events that happened 78 years ago? I doubt it very much and just wish that common sense would prevail, but it won’t it never does and probably never will.

08.16pm – There is still a debate in Parliament as to whether or not the British should have bombed Syria: ‘The legal advice’ is as dodgy as a five shilling note and Corbyn is absolutely correct that at best it’s ‘questionable.’ So was the legal advice on Iraq. You see, the laws are interpreted always by the victors and the strong. has anyone ever put to the United Nations why the 5-permanent members of the Security Council are the USA, China, Russia, France and the United Kingdom? I mean who the eff are the UK and France? Why not India or one of the African Countries?

06.30pm – Next year the European Parliament Elections!

Wednesday 18 April 2018

07.17pm – Today the whole damned news is about the so-called ‘Windrush’ people who came in from the Caribbean countries, to do all the jobs that English people thought was below them. The allegation is that they came with no papers and over the years they got lost in the system. Well, let me say this – my father came to the UK in 1959 and my mother and I in 1961. We all had ‘Alien Registration Cards’ a mini passport that was valid four years and then subject to renewal. Now my father only came here ten years after the Windrush people and I’m having difficulties believing that they were not issued ‘Alien Registration Cards.’ In fact, somewhere I still have my fathers card, and another safeguard was that we had to sign at a police station at regular intervals. Surely the same would have applied to the ‘Windrush’ people??? Somewhere, something is not quite right. Why would those coming from Europe have ‘Alien Registration Cards’ and not those from the Caribbean? Maybe, in 2009 the landing cards were destroyed but that is another odd thing – surely they would have been scanned and put on a disc and not just destroyed. Someone somewhere is simply not being honest or shall I say being economical with the truth!

Thursday 19 April 2018

O7.09pm – A very nice day today, weather wise that is. I managed to catch some vitamin D (sunshine) and I feel good. The next few days, weeks, I just need to relax and get on with what I do and wait. You see, patience is a virtue. That is why a person going to see a doctor is called a ‘patient’ because with all medical cures you need time and patience. There is no quick fix.

07.12pm – OK here are some good maxims that have been part of my life.

  1. To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.
  2. Love truth, pardon error.
  3. Judge a person by his questions rather than by his answers.

07.16pm – For the last two days we have not heard a damn thing about Syria. What is going on? Have the UN Inspectors been given access to Douma? Why after all that has happened are we not hearing anything? Very odd!

07.a8pm – Some news on the Windrush situation – when the Home Office decided in 2009 that they would destroy the landing cards I have it on good authority that all the landing cards were in fact scanned, and kept on a disc, and one of the drives on the Home Office computer system!!!!

Friday 20 April 2018

06.28pm – Much has been talked about President Assad committing War crimes. So let me tell you about a War crime that has been hidden for 73 years. The date was 13 February 1945 and it was Shrove Tuesday and Carnival day. It was a day that children should have been able to forget the damned War and, they all dressed up and, paraded through the streets. There was even a circus that was performing to a thousand families. There was no warning of what was to happen. First, as usual, there were pathfinder planes who found the city and dropped red marker bombs, that were some 200 metres above the city centre. People who saw the flares ran for cover but many did not. The last act of the circus began, there were clowns, donkeys and then the warning came. At 10.30pm the first bombs fell. They were shattering high explosives that brought entire buildings down which trapped citizens in the shelters below ground. The fires, were in need of oxygen, sucked the air in and as it was a windy night rushed to feed the fires. The fires grew hotter, sucked harder, and the winds grew stronger. This was the fire-storm affect the bombers wanted. The fires uprooted trees and even sucked people off their feet. In fact, it was the one time in the War the bombing was planned on the advice of meteorologists. The next wave of bombers arrived at 1.30am Ash Wednesday, 14 February 194,5 and those carried prohibited fire-bombs that spread a blazing liquid over the city turning it into a massive bomb-fire.

Saturday 21 April 2018

(continued from yesterday) The bombers could easily find the targets because the whole city was in flames. Wisely the defence aircraft stayed on the ground and to this day no one really knows why. The bombers had the freedom of bombing the city. There was no retaliation and the rules of War prevented (in theory) from further attacks, but then who cared about the rules of War? 1,400 aircraft bombed the city and only six never returned to base owing to lack of fuel, rather than counter-attacks. The circus tent collapsed and Arab horses were burned alive as were all those wearing glittering costumes. The morning of Ash Wednesday survivors crawled out of the rubble that was once the city centre. A five-mile cloud of yellow-brown smoke drifted over the city and carried charred debris that fell on a Prisoner of War Camp. That day a third wave of bombers arrived to rain down a further eleven minutes of instant but painful death to civilians. Long-range enemy fighters flew low and machine-gunned anything or anyone that moved, contrary to the rules of War. One plane machine-gunned a children’s choir. Shameful. People in cellars were crushed to death. That morning at the train station children’s bodies were stacked in a huge mound. many still wearing their carnival costumes. The station was not damaged and on Thursday the trains ran as usual. That means nothing was gained other than the murder of civilians.

Sunday 22 April 2018

(continued) For a week after the raid, the city was awash with unburied dead. Bodies were lined up on the pavement to be identified. The Government prohibited the media from publishing the facts and photos. Reserve workers were given cigarettes and brandy to mask the smell of death. Prisoners of War were brought in to help with the work and, some were so appalled, and ashamed, that at the end of the War refused to go home. Bodies were buried in mass graves but there were no coffins and no sheets, just bodies alongside bodies. Some were wrapped in newspaper, and some in empty paper cement bags. Do you know how many were murdered? Let’s try and guess because make no mistake this was a War Crime, especially the murder of the children’s choir – how many were killed? 135,000 plus! Yes, 135,000 and do you know the city:- Dresden – bombed by the RAF by night, and the US Air Force by day, with the US Air Force having purposely machine-gunned the children s choir. So the US/UK talk of chemical warfare by Assad, look into their own past and who will answer for the murder of 135,000 civilians in February 1945? It is a victors Court and no one can hold the US/UK to account but one day -not in my lifetime – it will happen and I’m only sorry I won’t be here to see it.


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