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Just Crime by Giovanni Di Stefano

There is an old saying that, if you don’t want a co-defendant in the dock with you then commit the crime alone. I have been involved around the periphery of crime for most of my life. I have studied it, defended it and even been accused of it. There is nothing that attracts the public attention and interest better than a good old yarn about crime. In this book you will read some terrific stories that will intrigue and be of interest to the student, readers and those who simply love reading about crime.


I am not alone in the editing and recounting of these yarns. My co-conspirators in the dock with me are Caroline Bayford, the Editor of OPC Global, and Tiina Päivärinta, my very trusted aide, without the assistance and input of whom this book would not have been possible. To the charge of presenting an excellent book on crime, we all plead ‘guilty as charged’.


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