Diary from the Inside 17 July – 8 August 2017 – Part Ninety Nine – By Giovanni Di Stefano

Monday 17 July 2017

12.37pm – I happened to see the news article below about a possible cure for MS. I hope my son considers this as do all who suffer from an illness I do not understand but affects thousands of people indiscriminately. 

06.16pm – Today some considerable joy – finally I have found a serious mistake made by one of the most arrogant QCs to practice. I won’t name him but he defended in a substantial trial and I have found his serious negligence. I must now wait and see how the appeal process for the two people involved here will go but so far so good. It’s all to do with S.58 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003. Bingo!!!

06.20pm – I am so pleased that Ian Burnett is the new Lord Chief Justice. 


He has gone from High Court Judge in 2008 and less than ten years to new LCJ. I know that Heather Hallett wanted it and frankly she deserved it but the law is the law and it says at a certain age you must retire. Heather Hallett has given all of us hell recently but she is still for me a great Judge and has shown she is human. No bitterness on my part just compassion.

Tuesday 18 July 2017

07.33am – Good morning all. Weather wise – good. Nice and sunny. Tomorrow we will see what justice prevails.

09.35am – This morning what started out as OK has began not so good. Have been locked up from 6pm last night and this morning not opened because of who knows what – presumably lack of staff. Anyway, you know what? In a hundred years time no one will give a damn!!!!! I have come to learn one thing the past two weeks???? It is the needy that require help not those that need not!!!!

12.48pm – A quick call to my eldest son today brought me news that I will soon become a grandfather (again) with a boy due. That is so nice. There is nothing nicer than bringing into the world a child which is the result of love. When I think of love I immediately think of the Bible 1 Corinthians 13 verses 1-3. You see you can have it all but if you don’t have love you have zilch!!! What the Apostle Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians is saying is that the greatest gift God gave to man was love. I agree!!!

12.57pm – OK I know I am no Picasso but that is how I imagine how my sons new baby will be sleeping because babies do sleep a lot or should do anyway.

01.07pm – I managed quite by chance to see a Governor today. We shall see what action, if any, the Governor will take about my treatment.

01/11pm – Have upset stomach. Uggh!!! Not pleasant so I guess it must be something I ate which has not gone down well – bearing in mind I have lost eight kilos in twelve days that says it all!!!!

Wednesday 19 July 2017

07.13pm – This morning started not so well. I was taken to the segregation and together with thirteen others placed in an airless room designed for one person. I waited until past midday and saw James Lewis who did an outstanding job but unfortunately the reporting Governor was not available. So the matter is, of course, adjourned until 16 August 2017 which frankly is very prejudicial towards me. However, if that is God’s will then so be it that will suffice for me. Nothing to eat at all until 5.30pm so all day without food and water, and no wonder I have lost nine kilos in fourteen days and been to hospital twice. I don’t at all blame the officers because they do what they can under very difficult circumstances. I blame myself for getting myself into this position generally.

Thursday 20 July 2017

08.59am – Did not sleep so well last night. It’s no wonder but somehow I do feel at peace with myself and with the future.

01.35pm – I don’t know what the devil is wrong with me but I feel constantly tired and am getting more and more forgetful. Gosh all the events of Belgrade, Baghdad and Tripoli are just beginning to fade forever. Thank God I wrote a lot down in 2013 and 2014 and Caroline published most. Heaven knows what is wrong but it’s not a nice feeling.

11.24pm – Some really good news came in this afternoon. Can’t really say much but its good news and let’s see the next couple of weeks what blows. There is not much more I can do now, other than just sit it out and with and see who blinks first. Reminds me of the film ‘Kes’ the boy staring the Kestrel. Who blinks first?

Friday 21 July 2017

08.50am – A somewhat interesting start to the day. I saw this news report in the Daily Telegraph. I hope the men accused will properly and carefully prepare their cases. Being on bail has a tendency to make a defendant complacent and at times give a false sense of security. I know!!!!!

07.17pm – At a time when for one reason or another I was feeling low I received a lovely card from Nicholas and Sara Wood from Hampstead in London. They have given me the ‘up’ I needed and the courage to move forward. The biggest problem is the total feeling of being alone but I know I have many who support and love me but sometimes a smile or touching of a hand is the very best medicine. Imagine I have not seen my family for, like, five years!!! Can you imagine how that feels? Its note easy but I must do the very best I possibly can.  Luckily the weather is nice and I have lots to do but the feeling of being moored on an empty vessel in the Pacific can kill your spirit. I will do my best though regardless.

07.22pm – Very soon I will not even be able to make any phone calls because I am not allowed to spend anything and of course am not allowed to work so even the basic things I will not be able to acquire. I have been well and truly cast out into the deep blue sea all alone!!!!!

Saturday 22 July 2017

07.58am – Well, the prejudice against me continues and as a result of certain management here, being clearly afraid of making decisions, I am unable even to put credit on the phone because from 3 July 2017 I am still on the ‘basic’ regime. Totally unlawful and immoral but it is that. Never mind we must move ahead.

08.00am – I saw this news article above of the famous man in Spain who killed his wife. He lived near Caroline and I wonder if she knows him??? Let me tell you had he faced trial in the UK he would have been sentenced to life!!!

12.58pm – Today I was going to collect lunch and there was a mistake as to the food I had ordered. A boy of 24 years of age behind me said “Mr. D. you have my food and I have yours so you get the meal you want to eat.” What a wonderful gesture of kindness and humanity. I do feel here even in this section very much respected and even loved not because of who I am (who am I???) but because of what I stand for – justice for all.

09.44pm – Well, well, well…..tonight some really good news and all becomes much clearer. I just have to get through the next couple of weeks and all will be just fine. Gosh what twists to this sad part of my life.

Sunday 23 July 2017

08.11am – The news article on the left is I am sad to say quite accurate. I really do not know how the problem is going to be resolved because there is a shortage of staff, regardless that over two million are unemployed and some of the staff who joins the service quickly leaves. So long as the policy is just containment, then the prison system will continue not to be fit for purpose, however, which Minister will have the courage to change the direction of what has been complacency for over twenty years. There is no rehabilitation here or at most other institutions not because the system does not want it but because it cannot cope with too many people in jail.

12.41pm – Will not be able to call anyone for a while until such time as my situation is dealt with. Just have to get on with it with the knowledge that some really good, good, news is out there.

06.24pm – I spent a couple of hours with boys who speak perfect Italian, at least some company. Then later this afternoon some more excellent news that I cannot – yet – share but it lifted my spirits high!!! I have, sort of, taken my eye of the ball of late but believe you me I’m like a young George Best now and I’m fixated on the ball until it gets in the back of the net!!!!

Monday 24 July 2017


07.42am – I can’t but notice the above news article and want to know why? He had a confiscation order at Southwark Crown Court of something like £200 million and do you know what Judge McCreath ordered him to pay back? Do you want to know? £1 yes one effing pound!!! So how can I not feel aggrieved and, it appears even given a chance to go to open prison he has blown it. I say ‘appears’ because no one really knows anything of what is the truth but it seems he is doing something not allowed although what is and is not allowed is never clear in these places.

07.46am – Today the weather is not quite so good but then why am I surprised. There is nothing consistent about this country!!!

Tuesday 25 July 2017

07.30am – What absolute rubbish weather. Rain, rain, rain and it’s the end of July which is supposed to be holiday time. One of the reasons I do not like this country is the weather. From the day I arrived here in February 1061 it has been awful weather and it won’t change.

12.20pm – I saw the news article below and I can truly send my condolences to the family of Dagmara. I know exactly how she feels and many years ago it happened to me.

If I had a pound for every time I was told to “eff off back to my country” between 1961 and 1976 I would be able to meet the unlawful confiscation order imposed upon me. OK, some will say those were different times. Yes, they were, but not to an eight year old boy as I was. So I’m truly sorry for the parents of Dagmara and I hope this kind of racism ends soon. Frankly I thought it had ended with my generation and shows like “Love Thy Neighbour’ and ‘Tell Death Us Do Part’ but it seems it has not. The problem is that for years the UK has always considered itself above everyone else and for a period they were but not today. Quite apart from being above the rest of the world Brexit has now excluded them and they will again live in splendid isolation.

Wednesday 26 July 2017

09.23am – I could not help but see the news report on Brady from the Daily Mail. I note as I wrote to Brady that he did have a tariff although he never sought release. What happened was that in his case the law was clearly breached. Rightly, or wrongly, all people are protected by the law and Brady should have been considered by the Parole Board at the end of his tariff. That never happened because of political interference. Again Mrs. Thatcher had good intentions but those good intentions were contrary to law and she should have known that! Anyway still no photo of Brady has yet been published why?

Thursday 27 July 2017

04.31pm – A few very good events have occurred today that leave me with hope that justice may well prevail. We shall see of course if all the promises made today come to anything.

04.37pm – I was sad to read that Barbara Sinatra has passed away.

In 1989 I spent two days at the house of Frank Sinatra in Palm Springs and found Barbara Sinatra to be a really nice woman who I believe really did love her husband, my condolences to her family.

06.13pm – Tomorrow I am told I shall move to section. We shall see if that happens. I have confidence in the Officers so, tomorrow is another day. I have had to suffer quite badly the last three weeks but hope and faith in God has seen me through. I was thinking today about the human brain. Just how much mine has had to take since 3 July 2017 in fact, since who knows when??? But the human brain is very much like a donkey. Yes a donkey or ass which how Americans call the animal. You see you can load the donkey with sack after sack of stuff to carry but when you put too many sacks on its back it will just fall down and not move. A brain is the same. Too much weight on it and it just refuses to work. I really do not know how or why my brain is still working because how many sacks of rubbish it has had to deal with since I was eighteen!!!!!

Friday 28 July 2017

07.54pm – Had a good sleep. Today I hope to be moving sections but we shall see because in these places anything can happen. It is a daily stress factor that anything can happen.

01.34pm – Unit 4 H52 – have moved to this Unit which is, shall we say, quieter and more tranquil. Things do appear to be moving in the right direction but what happened to me should never have taken place. So let’s see what happens next week.

05.52pm – The day is over in this Unit because at 6pm(ish) it’s all lock up which is not a bad thing. I am waiting for post to arrive but it does not seem it will come tonight although it has arrived. In these places patience is really the word of the day.

06.27pm –  I was looking at the Daily Mail of yesterday and Im surprised just how many school children commit suicide because of bullying issues. It is quite worrying I have to say. When I was at school that just did not happen or if it did it must have been hidden. Today I see three stories about children committing suicide. A tragic indeed!!!

07.15pm – Argh the lights have gone out and of course the electrician is not able to fix it until yes – you guessed – the morning. You see there is no difference here to a domestic house. You know at times an electrician is more valuable than a doctor – especially if you are not ill and you have no lights!!!!

07.21pm – A very kind officer just brought me the post and my daughter sent me some stamps. Thank you Anne and so glad to hear Gerry Bayford is getting better – all in all a nice end to the day.

Saturday 28 July 2017

08.28am – Good morning all. Had a reasonable good night’s sleep. Let’s see what this week brings because 3rd August will be what I call D-Day.

06.26pm – Well, today I passed what I can honestly say is a very pleasant day. This afternoon I went with twenty others to sing some songs and it was very nice. For two hours we were metaphorically not in prison but in the world of music and song. They say that music is the communication method of the soul and I can quite believe it.

06.28pm – I note with some alarm two things that have occurred in the world (i) Al Baghdadi thought dead and killed by the Russians is very much alive. How many times it was said Bin Laden had been killed and yet he was not only alive but almost living a normal life. So that is really dangerous situation because a wounded Al Baghdadi is not good for the world. (ii) North Korea has declared a capability of striking the USA. Well let me tell you that thirty two other countries have the capability of striking the USA but doubt they would and frankly, I doubt North Korea would ever attack the USA but who knows if the USA attacked North Korea how they would retaliate – then the USA attack on North Korea first would be hidden and leaving only the attack by North Korea to be reported. That would allow the USA to mount a massive strike and kill thousands of civilians who have zero to do with decision making in North Korea. Not good!!!

Sunday 30 July 2017

07.45am – Slept quite well but did wake up a few times but no real problems sleeping. In fact, in all four and a half years I have not really had any issues sleeping.

01.56pm – I was meaning to say that I don’t know about you but when I start writing my diary the first few words are quite exciting and do you want to know why? Because I have no idea where the rest of the words will head!!! For example today I spoke to my mother who was born in 1936 and that makes her quite old but do you know what she told me? Want to know? Promise you won’t shed a tear? OK, she told me that she gives me her word, a solemn promise that she won’t die until I get back home to see her. That has made my day and I’m so happy to hear it and I truly have faith.

07.35pm – Well, I have pulled the emergency card now and a letter that may well change the course of my destiny – for the better. Of course, we all do things for the better. The intentions are always good but sometimes it does not turn out good but effing great!!!!! I must write to Dec and Tom Hendry about what has happened to me since 3 July 2017. I have a good feeling all in all about things in general and I know I have the support of many both here and out – in uniform and in prison gear. I was able to hear Caroline that Gerry is moving forward also, and that is really great news. You see in life its life that counts not secular things.

Monday 31 July 2017

07.42pm – It’s almost August and at least the sun is shining which makes the mood of people a little lighter. Funny how the weather affects the mood of people.

10.19pm – I see that an Iraqi General is trying to prosecute Tony Blair for committing an act of aggression and a decision is at the High Court. The Crown says that an ‘act of aggression’ is not an offence in English law. So Blair relies upon a technical defence. Not that he did not commit acts of aggression, which he did, just that it’s not an offence in English law. Oh well, the Geneva Convection was enshrined in English law after the War but the House of Lords in 2006 made some silly judgment. Let’s see how this case goes.

07.18pm – Well, as expected the High Court ruled that Tony Blair is immune from prosecution and that there is no such offence as an ‘act of aggression’ in English law. Absolute crap and nonsense. What happened to the Geneva Convention Act 1957? Of course, the High Court will have ‘interpreted’ the law as approved to ‘applying’ it! What a surprise. I guess when I failed to certify an indictment that should have been bells ringing for what is a clear cover up. You see if you indict Tony Blair then all of the Government at that time should be indicted as should the entire House of Commons as it then was. So I can understand the logistics behind prosecuting Blair but it won’t happen – not in the UK but maybe, just maybe, on one of his trips to the EU after 2019….remember Pinochet?? Blair will follow.

Tuesday 1 August 2017

07.41am – Some week’s back I wrote in my diary about what would happen when robots decided they did not need humans anymore. It was a rhetorical question but one that has now come to be far from rhetorical. On the front page of the Sun there is a story that facebook shut down, two robots when they started talking in a language (data of course) that no one understood!!! Absolutely frightening, because in a way independent artificial life has been created. For now humans can still press the button to shut robots down but what happens when robots become immune to the shut down button? More frightening and a matter of grave concern.

02.38pm – Well, yet again, when Trump became President I warned that within a year he would use limited nuclear capacity weapons on North Korea. It seems I was right!!!

Not that I thought I would, or could, be wrong God forbid, but I know how the U.S. works and have the right feeling about Trump. He wants to leave a mark on history and his way is by leaving dead bodies all over the world.

Wednesday 2 August 2017

07.52am – The weather is looking good but I’m told there will be rain – well there’s a surprise!!! Now, the last few days there has been much speculation and controversy over whether, or not, C4 should broadcast the documentary including the confidential tapes Princess Diana made. Well C4 is a public broadcaster owned by the public similar to the BBC. They say in the Mail on Sunday that five tapes are missing. Well there’s a surprise.

Does anyone want to know where the tapes are? Someone should ask Alex Springer and maybe his predecessors know even more than he does and where the tapes are currently located.

01.11pm – Today I was informed that this afternoon I am to be interviewed by the Governor. I look forward to it. Also on the news the USA Secretary of State has made an incredible declaration:- that the USA does not consider North Korea as an ‘enemy’ and has no intentions of any ‘regime change.’ Well, there is a first!!!! I always get suspicious when the US makes that kind of statement. North Korea should be on its guard but hey, who knows the policy may well be genuine.

01.16pm – The last few days I have had rally strange dreams. I’m sleeping OK and not going to the toilet hardly in the middle of the night but just such truly funny dreams.

Thursday 3 August 2017

07.43am – Well today is what I call D-Day on a couple of issues and so I just must wait and see what happens at the end of the day.

06.16pm – I happened to come across the news article on the left about a man charged with historic sexual offences. The date? 1947!!! I’m sorry but someone must surely stop this total madness because that is exactly what it is – pure and unadulterated shear madness! I mean who the hell can remember what happened seventy years ago? What proof can there be? This really shows this country has lost the plot.


06.21pm – On the other hand look at the Daily Mail comment regarding an attempt to prosecute Tony Blair which is exactly what I tried to do and look what happened to me!!! Blair is exempt from prosecution but 88 year old Kenneth Morris faces charges dating back seventy years. Do you not feel that in the UK something is not quite right????

06.26pm –Today I have not been credited with my telephone money and the result is that I won’t be able to call anyone this coming week unless it’s done tomorrow. Why! Obviously, because I am not British. Sorry but that is how it is at times here.

Friday 4 August 2017

07.59pm – Well I found a news cutting of Phil Harkins in the prison newspaper called converse.

The story tells itself and I repeat it is an absolute scandal that an extradition can take over fourteen years regardless of who made what application. It is simply too long. I wish Phil the best because I knew him for nearly one year and found him a very knowledgeable man. His whole case evolves around the dreaded ‘joint enterprise’ concept that has caused so much controversy in this country but a doctrine that is very much still followed in the USA. I hope his lawyers in the USA do justice for all. We must all of us remember that all people are innocent until proven guilty.

08.17pm – I see that the film “The Magic Box’ is on BBC2 again. That film follows me and gives me great memories of a time that will never be again. Sad!!!

Saturday 6 August 2017

07.45am – Yet another nice weather wise day with a very bright start and seems quite a bit of sun. Last night I had such a weird dream. Is there anyone out there that can interpret dreams? Drop me a line and I will from today write down my dreams. Last night I dreamed that I was shot because I actually heard a loud bang and the culprit was….best I not say because I was only injured yet felt no pain. What funny dreams eh???

08.11am – It cannot go without comment that the summer holidays brings trouble to prisons not just in the UK but I guess in other EU countries also. The UK however, has no plan B or provisions when staff levels are already at an all time low.


I see the issues both from prison governors and prison staff who incidentally have the most terrible job to do with little reward and satisfaction. It’s the only job that the prison officer does not see the end product. I have no idea what the solution is but one thing is for certain:- we must reduce the numbers of those in jail, so, as I wrote to HM the Queen in 2015 an amnesty must be granted to shave off one year from all sentences that will reduce the population immediately which will help now!!!!

Monday 7 August 2017

07.31am – Well there is a news article that I came across quite by chance and it brought back memories of 1999 when I was instrumental in the release of the Australian CARE workers held in Serbia and, I advised the Australian Government to appoint Malcolm Fraser as a special envoy and, I met up with him in Brussels and, of course, the CARE workers were released by President Milosevic. I had a really good talk with Malcolm Fraser in Brussels and, of course, the question I asked was about the sacking of Gough Whitlam and he told me why!!!! Absolutely fascinating so I wish the son of Gough well in his battle to get the letters released but if he does it may not be in his interests because the reason HM The Queen took such a drastic step may not be to Antony Whitlam’s liking and may spoil the picture and memory of Gough Whitlam.

07.19pm – Today has flown by with so much to do and finally now I can actually relax a little. I know you may say how can anyone relax in prison? Well, a person who is at peace regardless of his whereabouts and surrounding. I know I have done nothing wrong but have accepted a punishment I do not deserve so I am at peace with myself.

Tuesday 8 August 2017

07.29am – Roger Moore once told me “into each life some rain must fall.” Well, how very true and what a surprise, today will be a heavy rain day. I say it again weather wise this country is as hopeless as Prince Charles. Now talking of Prince Charles I did watch the documentary on Princess Diana on Sunday on Channel 4 and I had met her on the opening night of the Russia House and I wrote a story about her death which I’m sure Caroline will link here for you to read. I say this:- after the documentary I just wonder how the Duchess of Cornwall can ever be Queen!! Still that mercifully is not my problem anymore.

06.50pm – I watched Roger Moore as The Saint today in one of my favourite episodes ‘The Convenient Monster’ about Loch Ness and I remembered as a boy how I loved to watch the series. There is a great line that he uses in the episode “at some stage we all have to get into a coffin.” How sad I was when I heard he passed away and that in October, probably on his birthday of 14 October, a memorial will be held at Pinewood Studios. In spirit I will be there because he was a truly honourable man. When I put to him he should write his autobiography he was against the idea in case anything he wrote would hurt anyone. Just imagine what other famous actors would give a hoot!!!! Roger Moore was truly a ‘great’ and I just love watching ‘The Saint’ as it reminds me of a time when England was truly great and people had and held standard something that is now sadly lacking.


NB: These diaries are written by GDS  sent to Caroline who deciphers and types them to the best of her ability, and publishes them on GDS’s behalf.

NB2: Some images retrieved from Google, will remove at owner’s request.