Diary from the Inside 9 – 31 August 2017 Part Ninety Nine by Giovanni Di Stefano

Wednesday 9 August 2017

07.53pm – Last night and all night a high frequency noise blasted the unit and it’s still ongoing. Almost a kind of torture and when one person complained the night officer said: “live with it.” That is how it is in these places.

03.58pm – I loathe this country if for no other reason than the blessed weather. Today it’s raining more than anyone would expect in winter and its autumn, damn it when people are supposed to be on holiday grrrrr just horrible rain today!!!!

03.10pm – It was nice to hear from Kenny N yesterday that he has been approved a transfer to open prison. About time too.  He should go to Stanford Hill within the next 28 days(ish). I’m pleased for him even though the government really failed to keep its undertaking given to the High Court in 2003!!! Still never mind it’s better late than never.

07.02pm – My sweet Lord the rain is at torrential level. How the hell is that possible in August when the rest of Europe sizzles in 35° – 40°??? That is why even weather wise the UK simply does not belong in the EU and thank the Lord it is getting out – if that is – it was ever really in the EU.

07.04pm – The tension between North Korea and the USA is building up and it’s not looking good. I predicted in November last year that Trump would use nuclear (limited) capability on North Korea and I think he actually will. It’s just a question of when not if. What a sad day that will be when that happens the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning.

Thursday 10 August 2017

06.12pm – Today the weather was much nicer and I did some quite hard work but satisfied. I could complete some manual work and raise a sweat!!!!

Now I noticed the above news article about Carla Del Ponte. Of course, I know her of old when she became the prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and later she was the UN Director of Human Rights. I found her to be a very difficult person but fair and that is all you really need of a prosecutor. I know there was some issue about her husband in the past but she seems to have overcome it. That she is frustrated not being able to do her job properly well, welcome to the real world. If prosecutors cannot do their jobs imagine how an impoverished defence is truly not able to function. Anyway, not much longer to go until we see actually what happens.

Friday 11 August 2017

01.16pm – Nice weather and as a result, a good few people are in good spirits including me. Let’s see what happens next week. On the international front more troublesome words spoken between the USA and North Korea. I hope its just words but somehow I doubt it.

Saturday 12 August 2017

07.42pm – Yesterday was ‘one of those days’ which really has no strict definition but, I guess, you all know what I mean. Let’s see if today is different.

01.07pm – I thought I would post the news article above about Kenny, and finally an element of fairness. I still am of the view the government should have kept its word but he will at least get to open prison for a year or so and then finally free.

01.09pm – There is still acute tension between North Korea and the the USA and I truly hope that North Korea does not launch any kind of test missiles towards Guam because the USA will act forthwith.

01.11pm – Last night Arsenal beat Leicester 4-3 and it was a first that the Premier League started on a Friday but at least things got moving quick and I hope I also, next week, can have the same effect.

Sunday 13 August 2017

07.20am – I tried not to cover the above story, but I just could not stay silent when Judge Peter Kelson QC – who told me in 2004 that he never wanted to be a Judge and only ever wanted to be a QC in life, yet, after he gave a statement to the police about me lo and behold he became a Judge….released the pornographic photos in the trial. Well, I know an awful lot about Judge Kelson QC but I won’t say a word, just let people decide for themselves the morality of the ‘Judge.’ Make no mistake I still (yes I do) consider him to be a friend and he was pressured into giving evidence against me – but ask yourself this question – why, oh why, order the release of the pornographic photos after the trial above? No one asked for them to be released! I will tell you why…so he got his name in the paper and yes, Judge Kelson, no one is above the law as you will find out in due course.

Monday 14 August 2017

07.35am – I was thinking last night and it all came back to me:- when I was thirteen at school I was, without doubt, the best football player but when it came to picking teams I was always the last to be picked. Why? of course, the answer was that no matter how good a person was, way back then, if a person was not English that person was targeted with prejudice and discrimination. It was open discrimination and no one gave a hog!!! What has changed today? Nothing, except that the discrimination is now very subtle and not done openly. Oh well, what a nice world it would be if all people were really equal!!!

06.07pm – I have to say that each day that passes things get better and I do believe that God – yes – God has played a substantial part in things getting better for me. In fact not only are things better but much clearer for both old events and new matters. Yesterday, I called my son and remembered a paper I had seen in 2007 that Hitler relalised the final solution and what to do about the Jewish Race when reading the Bible the book of Daniel Chapter 3. I do believe that from 1938 he took the example of Daniel 3 literally, and applied it at the same time as ensuring not a scrap of paper would exist with his signature on it. That also shows that he was afraid of losing the war and being put on trial. I mean a murderer who covers his tracks not only does not want to get caught but is extra careful that if he is caught he has an escape clause. So that is what I remembered about Hitler.

Tuesday 15 – 17 August diary inserts lost in the post!

Friday 18 August 2017

05.47pm – Today Sir Bruce Forsyth died and I do feel quite sad because in 2006 there was a request of me to do ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and I had to decline as I could not spare the time, especially, as the following year I was in Iraq a lot, and Bruce Forsyth actually called me and I explained the situation and, he was truly funny and a gentleman. So my condolences to his six children and wonderful wife and his whole family, very sad day.

Saturday 19 August 2017

07.42am – There is much about the USA that, as they say in the USA – “sucks” but one thing that is correct is the law involving the statue of limitations. It is something that the United Kingdom needs desperately. One day it will happen.

12.33pm – What funny weather for August but why am I surprised? I deplore what has happened in Barcelona and my condolences go to all those who have suffered as a result of terrorist activities. I will say no more on this issue but I deplore with venom any form of violence as a means of political agenda. No to violence has always been my motto.

09.28pm – Tonight I worked particularly hard and I think I have done well. You know the whole thing about writing a diary is it not something like talking to yourself? Is normal? In fact, if you identify a normal person by name I will try and avoid him/her!!!

Sunday 20 August 2017

07.50am – I know you will say I always come up with strange facts and situations but there is something not quite right about the number of people that work in the city of London and throw themselves of their buildings. Tap into google ‘how many people commit suicide in the City of London by throwing themselves off buildings in the last ten years.’ In 2011 I acted for the family of one bank worker who the family swore had been murdered but the verdict was suicide instead. Anyway, my condolences to the family of the person who died. It is truly tragic. If it was suicide it was a permanent solution to a somewhat temporary problem. Nothing is worth committing suicide, although, I guess Italo Calvino and Sylvia Path would disagree as well as some Greek Philosophers. I say life is for living not for opting out but the mind, as I have said before, is the hardest formula to even remotely try and work out. Why would we anyway try and work out the functions of the mind? Only lawyers try and figure it out!!!!!

Monday 21 August 2017

12.13pm – The day has started out quite nice but there are some dark clouds arriving but having said that the prediction is 24° so it should be quite warm. Today I saw the immigration lady and some good news. More about that in due course.

12.16pm – The other day I was thinking about my parents and how in the early years between 1961-1966 (for some reason not after that year) in the summer we used to go about a mile from our home in Irchester for a picnic and try to recreate the environment of our own country in Italy. They did not want to let go of their heritage but it was never the same. You see the years we used to go back to Italy on holiday in August we used to go to the fields and have a picnic with games, food, playing cards and if we were near the river even swim – the men, of course, not the women. You see in the 1960s there was discrimination world over but I’m glad those days of gender discrimination are over. I mean I could never understand why my mother could not put a swimming costume on and swim. One year in 1966 we went to Rimini before going to the village and I was astounded, my mother put on a swimming costume and came in the water but as soon as we went on a picnic in southern Italy she reverted to the role. A great shame because mum was in her younger years a very beautiful woman and even today, at 81 years of age, she looks great and walks miles each day. Wow!!!!

12.23pm – Hey a little light through the clouds – maybe the sun is about to shine.

Tuesday 22 August 2017

12.41pm – There is nothing worse or more annoying than to read non-stories or what Trump calls fake news, and nothing worse than rubbish written about Kenny Noye especially by reporters who simply do not know him.

He will go to open prison and serve out his time and when that time is over he will go home and get on with his life forgetting the past. I do wish The Sun would cease this bizzare fascination over stories that are fabricated.

01.46pm – On the other hand what is interesting only made a few lines:- the story of Edward Heath.

The file on him by the police is ready to go to the Crown Prosecution Service and who knows what will come of it – yes I said the CPS as well as the independent inquiry. You w9ill just have to work out why but if a file goes to the CPS it must mean that someone involved is still alive and could be prosecuted because of course the dead cannot – yet – be prosecuted. Oh boy if they could believe you me that this country would bring it on if the could get away with it. They would even try Cain for the murder of Abel if they could!!!!

Wednesday 23 August 2017

07.29am – Wow!!! Last night actually in the middle of the night I thought that nuclear war had been declared because of the thunder and lightning that woke me up!! I have never, in any country witnessed such heavy thunder and lightning, oh well!!!

Now, look at the news article on the left. A doctor is basically accused of murder. Not necessarily in the same words but it’s heading that direction. Does it not remind you of the case of Dr. Shipman who I was dealing with his appeal before he was murdered, yes murdered. I don’t know if the BBC website still has my radio interview on why I thought Shipman had not received a fair trial (I never said he was innocent) just that he did not receive a fair trial but if the interview is there listen to it. Another issue – it was never disclosed that as far back as 1991 the police had probed Dr. Barton in the Shipman trial??? Why??? Nicola Davies who acted for Dr. Shipman at trial had never conducted a criminal trial:- today she is a High Court Judge appointed in 2010, and paid for by the Medical Council. As unpopular as I was then when I said Dr. Shipman did not have a fair trial I repeat it again – Dr. Shipman did not have a fair trial.


Thursday 24 August 2017

Nice day with sunshine and my window full of mist – I guess the double glazing is second rate (there is no double glazing on this section!!!) Now, have a look at the situation of toilet paper in Sweden.

We have exactly the same rule here at Highpoint except that it’s unlawful – have a look at the prison rules 1999 S.28 and you can see that limiting toilet items is totally unlawful!! Who cares though? I certainly won’t be taking legal action – well, maybe I won’t.

08.00am – Now for something completely different – see the auction of Saddam Hussein’s car in the USA!!! Can you ask yourself one question:- how did the car get from Baghdad to the USA? Was it punishment or just ‘taken’ by some high official to the USA? Many questions need to be asked really about many Iraqi assets that made their way abroad without authority!!!!

Friday 25 August 2017

01.21pm – Today has been treated as a given Bank Holiday owing to staff shortages and no work or education or gymnasium. There are rail disruptions the bulk in Northamptonshire. I remember, when I was a boy, over 55 years ago (jeez that long???) that when we used to go to Italy on annual holidays we caught the train from Wellingborough to St. Pancreas then taxi to Victoria to get train for Dover etc. It was slow and Wellingborough to St. Pancreas took something like two hours plus!!! Oh well, the good old days.

01.24pm –  I could not help but notice the news report on Max Clifford which if true (I say if because I know Max) is not like him.

No way do I believe he himself would be behind selling a story on himself. I mean, I went to the hospital twice on 3 July and 7 July this year, but no way would I sell a story on that – in fact, I have never ever sold a story which is why the media gave me much space. I only gave a story if I thought it would benefit my client and often it did but it brought me to the attention and target of the authorities. Never mind, because each night I go to bed in prison I sleep soundly and my conscience is clear. If, however, Max is behind trying to sell a story on himself it is not like him. You see Max Clifford is really deep down a nice guy and whatever he did years ago is in my view out of character to which he is paying the price now.

Saturday 26 August 2017

07.33am – There is a great line in the 1951 film ‘The Man In The White Suit’ when Alec Guinness tells a female truck list operator how he got a scholarship to Cambridge to which she replies “but you didn’t have the school tie though eh?” How very true that is not only for the character in the film but many, me included – it’s all about whether one is ‘English’ and from ‘gentry.’ Nothing has changed in nearly seventy years!!!

07.35am – I see from the short article above that a man of 86 is jailed for eighteen months meaning he has to serve nine months and potentially can get out after five months on HDC namely tagging. Totally absurd to jail a man of 86, sorry but this country is lost when it comes to human rights and compassion as well as common sense.

05.27pm – The whole day has been one of decision – finally, an officer who takes responsibility and actually makes decisions. If only all staff were like that it would be so much better. Today, also I thought of my father a lot and the sacrifice he made for me which I did not ever appreciate. Why did I not appreciate my father working three jobs just to send me to school? Easy answer:- because I took it for granted. I never wanted to leave Italy and was forced to this country so, all that dad did to me was not appreciated. How wrong I was and how much I miss my father. If he had been alive I would not feel so alone because even at 90 (as he would be now) dad would be here to see me all the time. The love he had for me I just did not know until it was to late.

Sunday 27 August 2017

07.45am – The weather seems to be holding out with nice sunshine first thing in the morning. Tonight there is an interesting documentary on Princess Diana. I mean in a couple of days time it will be twenty years since her death. Yes, twenty years – where have they all gone?

05.27pm – This afternoon I was working and during one of the quiet periods I thought about Jesus Christ and how important he is to the whole world. Let me give you an example: the whole world has a timeline of B.C. and A.D.  B.C. = Before Christ was born and A.D. = the year of our Lord (Anno Domini) so you see no other religious figure has time mentioned around him.  Not Buddha – Not Jehovah. Not Muhammad. Only Jesus Christ. In today’s world (you may laugh at this) when you hurt yourself, are angry, or hear something you don’t like, you don’t say “Oh Buddha” or “Oh Muhammad” you say “Jesus Christ!!!” That is regardless of your faith. Further, the Christians were able to bend and in a way defeat the Roman Empire that had been able to conquer the world. No matter what the Romans did the Christians – followers of Jesus Christ – not only survived but forgave those who persecuted them and prospered. If you think that officially there are 1.5 billion Catholics in the world (registered) but over 2 billion if you count those not registered. Tomorrow, I need to write something about what Hitler did in I think 1934 0 1935 which is being repeated these days.

Bank Holiday Monday 28 August 2017

07.38am – Yet again the weather is holding out whilst in Texas the State is drowning in rain, here in Suffolk the sun is out again. Well hi ho silver lining!!!!

01.04pm – Now, of late, there is a growing trend to prosecute Catholic priests for acts of indecency or pedophilia offences mostly historic. In fact one Vatican Cardinal has gone from Rome to Australia to face historic charges. Some priests will be guilty as sin as they say but no more guilty than bankers, teachers, accountants, taxi drivers, unemployed who commit sexual offences. Now, yesterday, remember I said I would say something on Hitler. Well in 1934/5 when Hitler tried to form his own church and destroy the catholic church in Germany his method of getting the German people to turn away from the Catholic church and attend his own newly formed church, he came up with the idea that if he accused Catholic priest of pedophilia offences then the people would turn against the Catholic church. Well, that is what he did, and for a while, it worked but soon the people saw through it. Is the same tactic being used again over eighty years later???? Think about it??? How can anyone prove what happened last year, let alone 40/50 years ago???

01.10pm – Now tomorrow I will tell you why Tony Blair resigned in 2007 because you know it was touch and go if he actually resigned or not!!! He wanted to stay on but was persuaded by legal advice to actually resign. More tomorrow or later in the week.

Tuesday 29 August 2017

12.46pm – Do you ever wake up with the feeling that you need the utmost of faith for things that you expect to happen actually do happen? Well, today is one of those days but I do have the faith and all things that must be, will be in their own time. One though always has to look at the greater picture and not just the bulls eye. You see in darts, yes, bulls eye is a favorite to aim for and more swashbuckling but it only scores 50 whereas treble 20 scores 60, and treble 19 scores 57 and treble 18 scores 54 etc, etc I guess you get the gist.

06.25pm – Today has been a day of insanity with so many people being so needy, and frankly I don’t know how the officers can tolerate the constant demands for total insane requests.

06.27pm – I came across the news report on the village of Portofino telling the Italian Government that they cant accommodate any asylum seekers. Well, wait until I head the Italian Government because that is a problem that will simply not be a problem because I will limit those seeking asylum, and anyone caught trying to enter Italy will be sent back without any court process. That is it!!!!

Wednesday 30 August 2017

01.21pm – In life, you should always believe in God. It does not matter the name of your God, just to believe in God and that destiny written in the Stars. We believe that when we chose to go left instead of right it is our choice – how wrong are we. It has already been predicted. Today, out of the blue something unexpectedly nice and good happened to me. Thank you, God!!!!

07.04pm – Well today the USA has yet again given North Korea a real warning about firing missiles. I do think that the USA will strike North Korea with an atomic capability and that North Korea will retaliate, and the whole world will be on the brink of something bad. Frankly, all this atomic stuff is somewhat boring and annoying. I mean when someone says they have enough nuclear bombs to destroy the world eight times over, well, there is only one effing world!!! I’m not sure that people like the North Korea leader, and Trump truly deserves to lead anything. The British want to send the SAS to destroy the Taliban, yes they might just succeed in destroying the Taliban but can they defeat the religion? You see the Taliban is a religion, and if the Romans could not destroy Christianity what chance have Britain of destroying – let alone defeating – the religious dogma of the Taliban, who were the official government in the 1990s of Afghanistan???? Well, all of this is a far cry from the issues I have to face here but I’m still in the game and, as such, will still play my hand. Let’s see what September brings!!!!

Thursday 31 August 2017

07.28am – Well today is a memorable day and I hope that Caroline publishes my story on the death of Princess Diana. I have for twenty years wondered if I had not left Paris on the 30 August 1997 to go to Rome, whether history would have been different?? One good thing about today is the sun is shining. Yesterday it was cold but today the sun shines brightly and its only 07.31am. I’m watching ‘King of Queens’ with a cup of decaffeinated coffee and waiting to go to work. Yesterday, quite a few people were acquitted in an adjudication that Karen Todner dealt with. There are some bright young lawyers at Kaim Todners now, all eager to do their duty:- James, Emilio, Elizah all mentored by Karen. The law is a funny business and providing you keep to the rules it is a wonderful profession. What has shocked me, however, is that the majority of people I have to help here cannot read or write and as such are totally vulnerable and its the same young people each day who seem to get into trouble. These are boys as young as my youngest. As a 62 year old, I do feel for the young whose only aim each day is to get a smoke. They don’t work, go to education and its pure containment, namely, lock up most of the day. Imagine if you have no radio, TV in your cell and cant read or write? Is that not a punishment itself?

06.51pm – Today has been difficult but it is now over, and, thanks be to God. The staff here really have an extra difficult job and frankly, I would not want to do it. Just so difficult and stressful. That needs to be recognised.



NB: These diaries are written and sent to Caroline who deciphers them to best of her ability, types and publishes them on GDSs behalf.