Diary from the Inside 1 – 27 September Part One Hundred by Giovanni Di Stefano

Friday 1 September 2017

07.47am – The sun is shining – again but a bit frosty so let’s see how the day goes along. I hope better than yesterday.

01.41pm – I happened to notice the new news clipping in The Sun which is the main reason why I always wanted out of this country and why I want this country out of the EU.

As far as the EU is concerned this country have elected themselves to get out – good, and frankly, the sooner the better. I mean what country in its right mind prosecutes a blind man for ‘viewing images’ on a computer. Only stupid people upholding a stupid system can even contemplate such a situation and what do the Magistrates do? They send it back for a prosecution review!!! What they should have done is to send a clear message to the prosecution making whoever sanctioned the charge to pay the costs himself/herself. Only when all professionals are accountable can there be a truly just system. What actually is justice? The Collins dictionary defines ‘justice’ as ‘legal fairness.’ Wrong!!!! This completely different disciplines morals have eff all to do with the law, and the law has even less to do with morals. I hope Caroline will follow that case and let us all have an update because I bet a pound to a penny it won’t make the papers.

Saturday 2 September 2017

07.48am – Yesterday, I must have caught a head cold because have had sharp lightening pain on the left side of my head at the back all the time. I’m pretty sure its a head cold – I hope that is all it is – because I have taken paracetamol every four hours and it’s manageable, the pain. To keep my head warm I am wearing a woolly had.

07.53pm – Am watching the Spain – v – Italy game and with the Bernabeu Stadium full of Spanish supporters in Madrid, then Italy have an nephi struggle. Let’s see what happens. One thing is interesting though:- England, Scotland, etc (all UK Nations) all moaned about not having the World Cup in Russia but none have withdrawn their teams so, all that talk was a kind of trying to bully Russia politically using football as the medium. Not on!!!!

Sunday 3 September 2017

07.54pm – Last night the Italian National Team were an embarrassment losing 3-0 to Spain. For people paid millions per year they should be ashamed of themselves. It’s not just about losing but about how one loses and how one deals with it. The problem with the Italian team is that there is no team just a series of boys playing by themselves. They had as much imagination as a broken toilet seat!!!

07.57am – Last night North Korea carried out an underground nuclear test. They now say they have nuclear capacity enough to put on a warhead. As I understand things the United States will hit North Korea on 9 September with limited nuclear weapons. I hope my information is wrong or the USA think again because it will invoke a war that is best not started.

Monday 4 September 2017

07.25am – Last night I watched on Channel 5 the film ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey.’ Now I understand why the book (if it is close to the film) was a great success. It has nothing to do at all with sex but the possibility if an ‘ordinary girl’ can ‘pull’ a billionaire. Its all about an ordinary girl whose dream of having a relationship with a billionaire. Sex is only a by-product of the book but the real theme is the dream of almost all women and their ability to attract a rich man!!! The sex part is no more no less than what most men can do. What they may not all be able to do is to provide a woman with a helicopter ride to Seattle; buying a new luxury car; buying a woman luxury clothes and having sex in a multi-million pound apartment. The sex part – well take it from me a 62-year-old – is truly the easy part. So it would seem that if anyone writes about making dreams come true the book will sell big time.

07.32am – Information I have is that the United States will strike North Korea on 9 September 2017 with limited nuclear capability. I heard this yesterday but had to consider properly whether it was possible. If that does happen then frankly who the hell knows what will happen to the rest of the world. What if any nuclear strike misses North Korea and hits say China??? By mistake??? It happened in Belgrade in 1999 when a missile hit the Chinese Embassy by error!!! It was there!! I was in Genex apartments near the Inter-Continental Hotel and I was the only person there which is why the UK/US did not hit Genex apartments.

Tuesday 4 September 2017

07.23am – I’m watching John Sweeney on ITV being interviewed by Piers Morgan and Sweeney has just said that the North Korean people have all been brainwashed. How simple it all would be if he was right. The only problem is that he is wrong and big time – what I see is a kind of Mexican standoff with both parties holding big guns to each other. Who will blink first??? But remember this:- the President of America can only authorise military action he cannot order it. That is a matter for the military.

07.26am – I caught this sad news article about no more physical yellow pages from next year. How truly sad to see that the digital age has superseded the printed word.


06.45pm – Have to resolve the medical issue re bowel cancer tests and it seems I require a further test. Well, what a bunch of laughs that has turned out to be. Not really a day I can call great but you know I just have to get by and smile. Today I also learned of some really sneaky people around but again it takes all sorts to make a world.

06.48pm – The situation with North Korea is escalating but let’s hope that the USA does not strike on the 9 September. It would be truly tragic because of millions of civilians would die.

Wednesday 6 September 2017

07.34am – Wow!! Is this just not the bee’s knees as they say? What a brilliant idea to have politicians and their families to take lie detector tests!!!!

Jeez – there would be no politicians left!!! What about extending the scheme to police officers, lawyers and judges etc, etc??? Golly gosh, if we all had to take lie detector tests no one would be employed at all. What if, when we are born, a microchip is placed in our body that can monitor if we tell the truth at any time? Sooner or later the truth would become a lie. You see we are all born with the ability, to tell the truth but we choose not to so we can attain an advantage. The human body is a very truthful machine but somehow, somewhere, it all went badly wrong.

07.39am – On another front, the weather looks nice.

12.50pm – In a world that we live in full of lies, deceit, mendacity and calculating, I feel that telling the truth is almost an act of terrorism, or anarchy, or both. That is what is wrong with the whole world these days.  In 62 years that I have been around things have technologically improved but morally and ethically all gone backward.

12.53pn – Weather wise seems to be going OK. Its warm, not hot, but a bit sticky.

Thursday 7 September 2017

12.25pm – On Monday I watched the panorama programme on BBC1 about an undercover operation at Brook House.

One of the officers highlighted was JP. I know J and he is a very, very good officer and whatever he may have said in the heat of the moment does not reflect how he really is. I can tell you that J is an excellent officer and should not be judged on a momentary lapse (if any) of a volatile situation. Brook House is a detention centre for foreign national removal. It is not meant to home people long term and no later than one week. Some are there months, years. It’s absurd. The problem is not the likes of JP but the political will of the commemorative Government. They need to start deporting people in the same way Italy does. Arrest and straight on the aircraft. In the case of the Romanian guy better to chart a military aircraft back to Bucharest. It would cost £12,000 whilst a year at Brook House costs £40,000! Poland sends a Polish Air Force plane weekly from Biggin Hill to Warsaw for Polish Nationals. Get a grip UK!!!

12.31pm – See the article above:- I had that idea ten years ago. I wish I had kept my big mouth shut!!!

Friday 8 September 2017

07.19am – Hurricanes, typhoons, storms and this morning an 8.2 earthquake in Mexico. What the hell is going on? It is almost as if some higher power is trying to warn humanity as to what an atomic bomb warfare would involve!! Now just now at 07.21am  a Tsunami warning in Hawaii Equator. My sweet Lord as George Harrison sang it’s just getting from bad to worse. I think its time for a cup of coffee and later I will tell you of my experience in Hong Kong in the 1980’s of Typhoon Ellen at the Holiday Inn Harbour View!!!

06.05pm – The whole Caribbean is basically 50% destroyed by natural elements. That must be a signal to mankind not to mess around with nuclear bombs. If 160 m winds and rain can affect 50 million people imagine what several atom bombs can do??? Incidentally in the event of a nuclear war and an attack on this country what happens to those in prison or in hospitals??? I would like an answer but no one will ever tell the truth. I do know for a fact that in the event of a nuclear attack on the UK prisons with a whole life tariff are to be executed!!! There is actually a department that is directly responsible for this policy and frankly I can understand why the government would consider such a drastic measure. However, would there be any need because a nuclear attack would destroy everything? That is why I am against any kind of violence, wars and settling differences not fighting. No that is not how disputes are to be resolved.

Saturday 9 September 2017

07.42am – North Korea has avoided a limited nuclear strike by the United States solely because of the destruction in the Caribbean and Florida by the two devastating hurricanes and an earthquake in Mexico. One wonders if God (whichever one) intervened???? Instead, on Monday, the UN Security Council will debate further sanctions which Russia and/or China will block and back to the beginning we all go!!!! I loathe totally any form of violence or wars. It is no way to restore matters.

06.52pm – Today I went to Church and was asked to do a reading and I did. After so many came to me and said how good the reading was and how I had made the words ‘come to life.’ I asked myself what happened to the small Italian boy in the 1960s who was bullied and never picked for any sport of competition solely because he was not English? What happened to that solitary shy boy who was never asked to any birthday party??? Well, he ended up at 62 here doing the same time as the man in the article below!!!

Is that fair? Do I deserve to receive the same sentence as a man who beat a two-year child in that way?? That is why this country is doomed and thank God they are out of the EU!!!!

Sunday 10 September 2017

07.39am – For about thirty years now, I have had on my mind an incident that occurred when I was about 12/13 years of age. My father – God rest his soul – went through a religious phrase when he was in his late thirties, and read the Bible a number of times. He was trying to tell me about sin, and he went in the garden (my father was a Clint Eastwood lookalike in his thirties) and told me of an incident that happened to Jesus when Jesus was sitting on the ground writing something in the sand. I could remember very little save, that my father acted the part – even writing in the soil – and looking up with his lovely brown eyes – really well. For years that scene has played on my mind and I was trying to find the incident in the Bible to no result until yesterday. The incident is found in the gospel of St. John (how apt) chapter 8 verses 6-8. Over thirty years that scene has played on  my mind, remembering a very good looking dad who really was a Clint Eastwood lookalike at the time of Eastwood playing Dirty Harry and my God dad did really act the part so very well with all the emotions, looks and voice, and yes the parable he was recounting was that “he who is without sin cast the first stone.” I can’t remember what the hell we were discussing but it was a warm afternoon and we were sitting in the garden, which did not happen often as my father – unlike me – gave me all he had and worked all hours not for his benefit but for mine. I do miss him. I wish I had realised his love for me then.

Monday 11 September 2017

07.42am – I saw the request from the police for further funding in the Madeleine McCann case and I do believe that something revealing will soon happen. I have had a feeling for a long time. In fact, for the past ten years but only now I think the British police may have finally come to the inevitable conclusion. Let’s see what happens but keep an eye on what will be a massive story.

08.26pm – No post for a while now so, of course, in places like this all sorts of conspiracy theories enter your head. At the end of the day though the reality is that no one has written to me and why would anyone? I have been away from the human kind for over 4 1/2 years so as they say “out of sight out of mind.” I have actually adapted to this lone wolf type of existence. Never mind we must just plod on and do the very best we can, under difficult circumstances. Am about to watch part III of Coronation Street. OK, OK, you know that I like to watch it. I mean, when you see their problems then mine are totally minuscule.

Tuesday 12 September 2017

07.25am – What I cannot comprehend is the fact that those who download unlawful material like sexually explicit photos and tenor videos go to prison, yet rarely – if ever – is any action taken against the owners of the website and server who publish the material.

I had this when Gary Glitter (Paul Gadd) asked my advice when he was charged with having photos on his computer! why not also charge the server and visa card that he used to purchase the photos????? One year for watching a tenor video??? Oh well, that is the UK.

07.29pm – Look at the Sun on Sunday news report on the McCann story. Just see how they are now reporting the story.

There is a marked change putting forward the position of Amaral who thought that the McCanns had something to do with the disappearance of their daughter, and why won’t they take part in the film??? Anyway, let’s see how this progresses because things will indeed progress!!!! Sometimes the police use the media to ‘get at parts the law won’t permit’ if you get the gist???? Whatever happened ten years ago, for certain, it requires the truth being told by all parties and so far, little of the truth has actually come out.

Wednesday 13 September 2017

07.28am – Storm Eileen hits this area of the UK with 75mph winds. The sun, though, is shining so I guess who gives a damn. Whatever will be, will be.

07.30am – I could not help but miss the news article below.

How can a sentence of 14 years be justified for what this scumbag did with a large knife, and how the hell can that not be murder? There are people here for much less serving much more. Somehow, somewhere, someone needs to start putting together proper consistent sentence guidelines so that the system is fair.

06.51pm – Worked quite hard today. I always do the very best I can but now and then I really have to go the ‘extra mile’ as they say. I am awaiting the results of the test for bowel cancer so I am a little anxious and the prison service does not always do their part in relieving my anxiety. In fact, I bet a pound to a penny that the prison service does not really give a damn but that is OK because it is my own fault being here. I have to deal with stuff alone and that is also fine.

Thursday 14 September 2017

07.47am – The weather has yet again turned for the worse but then again winter is approaching. I am keeping myself busy helping as many people as I can within the limited capabilities here.

01.30pm – Well seeing the Italian football results I note that Benevento is now in series A!!! Wow!! I nearly bought that Club in 1996/7 but was (thankfully) talked out of it. However, as you see today it is Series A, notwithstanding its lost only three games that have been played so far.

01.31pm – Also I note that after Brexit the UK will still ‘offer’ spies and assets to the EU. An offer needs an acceptance and no way must the EU accept. In fact, Italy will veto any ‘offer’ made by the UK. It won’t happen, I’ll tell you why later.

Friday 15 September 2017

07.22am – There is a type of total insanity within the British police. I mean they are investigating a murder in 1939 some 78 years ago!!! I can understand journalists looking into the long ago part but police resources??? Let’s say the perpetrator was 20 years of age then that would make the person today nearly 100 years of age!!! Total insanity and a waste of public money the only problem is that no one dare say so. Look at how the Germans deal with things:- a 96-year-old person facing war crime trial, the trial is halted because of ill health. Would that happen here??? No chance!!!

My friend who had terminal cancer and only had less than three months to live – I helped make an application to the Ministry of Justice for compassionate release. The MP supported it, as did the doctors. The answer: die in prison!!! Sorry, but that is just testament to murder because who knows if he had been allowed compassionate release if he would have lived even a day longer??? Sorry but I’m not buying this bullshit about public protection. If a man is ill and dying he does not belong in prison but to die a free spirit. That is what a compassionate community is all about. Thank God this country is out of the EU.

Saturday 16 September 2017

07.59am – What did I tell you the other week, what Hitler did in 1938 to try and destroy the Catholic church? He made the allegation that priests were child molesters and the German public behind him and innocent priests even committed suicide rather than face an angry public. You see belief conditions behavior and if you believe that a priest is a pedophile then how you deal with him is affected. So when I saw the story below I ask myself if we can learn something about history.

08.03am – Last night I watched a little of ‘Diamonds are Forever’ and there is a scene when Sean Connery kills Peter Frank’s and puts his own I.D. in Franks pocket. When the girl searches the pockets out comes a white card from the Playboy Club in London. Now, for those who know the white card was a cash card meaning the member had to pay cash and the gold card was a credit card. I had both, so it was a good memory and made me smile. Somewhere in the loft of my mums’ house, all my cards from the 1970s are there. it was quite nice memory because Victor Lownes made me a member before I was 21 – another story for another day or better still, read the second part of my autobiography!!

08.07am – I see Theresa May going to Italy next week. There will be a different relationship with the UK when I get to Italy!!!!

Sunday 17 September 2017

07.54am – I was so pleased to see the new book by Roger Moore ‘A Bientot’ released and reviewed by Deborah Moore. I hope all those who follow me will buy the book. I have not read it but coming from the hand of Roger Moore it will be amusing, interesting and some great stories. I remember asking him who were the leading ladies in his films that he did not enjoy working with and why? His reply:- Alexandra Bastedo in the Saint and Grace Jones in the Bond film. Read his books and you will find out why. There is also a great story on ‘The Wild Geese’ about the Sgt. Major jumping into the pool drunk and there being no water in the pool. Also, the biggest professional regret of Roger Moore!!! I can tell you, I think Deborah won’t mind – not appearing on the Morecame and Wise show!!! One of the funny occasions with Sir Roger was at Le Grill in Monte Carlo – there is always a table for me and Roger available. even during Grand Prix time. and on one occasion we were coming out of the toilets and he said to me “Oh well Giovanni lets get back to our wives – unless something more interesting comes along” and he lifted his eyebrow. On another occasion at Rumpology in Monte Carlo, we were eating dinner and a load of girls came in asking for an autograph – to Roger no problem. He signed each and every one without thinking his food was going cold and allowed photos. Sir Roger Moore is (not was) a great man and Deborah has inherited his acting talent.

Monday 18 September 2017

07.26am – Was it not Tacitus who said: “Men are more ready to repay an injury than a benefit because gratitude is a burden and revenge a pleasure.” Was it not Leonardo Da Vinci who said: “Oysters open completely when the moon is full, and when the crab sees one it throws a piece of stone or seaweed into it and the oyster cannot close again so that it serves the crab for meat. Such is the fate of him who opens his mouth too much and thereby puts himself at the mercy of the listeners.” Was it not Nietzsche who said: “It is easier to cope with a bad conscience than a bad reputation.”

This weekend two asylum seekers left a bomb at the Parsons Green tube station causing mayhem and injury to many. The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in his quest to become Prime Minister has made some absurd statements, even invoking the worth and disdain of the Chief Statistical Officer. Mr. Johnson should review my file and take heed of all the three wise saying above.

06,27pm – A difficult day but then every day is difficult just that today was more so than ever. Now I note the two news reports again all about historical cases.

I loathe sex offenders more so than ever but again it is so wrong to have people charged with offences that are alleged in 1972!!! I mean 1972? Absurd and it makes a total mockery of justice. And don’t forget what Hitler did to priests in 1938 – are we going down the same line as 1938? I hope not but……

Tuesday 19 September 2017

07.24am – This is what this country is all about:- Sentence a person to 10 months and they end up doing 10 years.

Just how did the system fail James Ward and thousands of people like him? Who allowed it to fail?  What controls are there to ensure that does not happen again? Those are the questions. I can say that no lessons have been learned by the case of James Ward and I know people here who were sentenced to less than two years and ten years later still here!!! I have a person here who was sentenced as a minor and 38 years later still here!!! No lessons are learned from mistakes made.

06.38pm – No post today but then what the hell must I expect after 4 1/2 years in prison? It is still quite hard to accept that out of the thousands of people I have helped in the past…..you know what? To hell with it. I must just get on with it and whatever will be, will be, as Doris Day sang.

06.36pm – In the course of the next few days I will post up the ingredients of well known branded products. You will be amused!!!!!

Wednesday 20 September 2017

07.40am – Not feeling so well, last night and each day that passes I am getting more and more forgetful. Of course, it is a bit worrying but then all my life I have traveled at a billion miles per hour and never stopped for maintenance.

07.43am – Donald Trump made an incredible speech at the United Nations threatening to destroy the entire country of North Korea. I mean ‘the entire country.’ That is a speech too far but he means it and that is a cause for serious concerns.

06.38pm – Another shite day over thanks be to God. Each day becomes a bit harder most of all because the young boys that I am here with all play loud music with boom, boom, boom, bang, and it drives me mad but they are young and I am old and its the time of the young not the old. I must give way to the needs of the young. You see the old do not inherit the world. The old inherit the wind. You see sometimes its OK I can take it but sometimes I cannot. So I must just be patient and give way although how long I can give way is another story.

Thursday 21 September 2017

07.55am – Looks like a sunny day but cold. Saw in the papers that a newly issued ‘Penny Black’ stamp is worth £119 and I have two because in April 2013 I bought stamps from Wandsworth shop and they had Penny Blacks. Result!! Or what!!

12.56pm – Well the weather being nice makes the day more pleasant. Today, I sent back the final judicial review for the Secretary State of Justice. As I have been impeded for weeks it tells me that I have three really good cases in the Administrative Courts. Will I succeed? Maybe, but I will publish all the papers because there is a true ‘out to get GDS’ complex in the High Court and I do understand it. You see Judge McCreath prejudiced me and did things to ensure I would be convicted – I know about it and went along with it. However, the agreement has been violated and now if McCreath and others are exposed (Heather Hallett made sure they were not) then the whole dominoes fall. I do understand the need for the conspirators to stay tight. If I were in their position (and I have been) I would do the same. Oh well…..

Friday 22 September 2017

07.38am – Was it not Niccolò Machiavelli who said: “A wise Prince will think of ways of keeping his citizens of every sort, and under every circumstance, dependent on the State and on him; and then they will be always trustworthy.” Last night I watched a programme about the Ethiopian tribes that live amongst hyenas. That made me remember an old Ethiopian proverb: “When the great lord passes, the wise peasant bows deeply and farts silently.”

06.22pm – I happened to see this small news article below about the BBC stealing ideas and turning them into their own shows.

They did the same with mine, and Michael Portillo fronted it. Couldn’t do anything about it and my son Mike had no interest in pursuing it – cant blame him at all though. Other than that sweet eff all. Today has been a shite day. We did a lot for the Unit and this afternoon the Unit paid us back by locking everyone up. That is life. I’m better off without it sometimes, I think, but I won’t go there as I want to come out of this with an objective in mind.

Saturday 23 September 2017

07.49am – A rainy start to another shite day. I have lost count of how many days I have been wrongfully and even unlawfully incarcerated. I just know it’s a long time and I have not seen my family at all throughout. But then its what one signs up to as a foreign national in a British jail. Thank the Lord the UK is out of the EU. The thought that they are seeking a two-year extension appalls me.

07.33am – 1640 days I have been in, just worked it out. That is 39,360 hours, 2,361,600 minutes.

05.40pm – Tonight starts ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’ If I had gone on the show in 2005 or 2006 who knows if I would be here now? Then again if my grandmother had bollocks she would have been my grandfather!! It is hopeless to speculate on if or buts. You know at some stage in the future when children are born they will be given a death date, all dependent upon the population in the world and quality of life. They will all be microchipped so at any time the State will know where they are. Eventually, the State will even be able to read thoughts of the individual and maybe even ‘shape’ people. Thank eff I’m out of this world soon!!!!

Sunday 24 September 2017 (diary insert not received)

Monday 25 September 2017

07.3oam – The war of words between President Trump and North Korea escalates to a dangerous rhetorical level. Somewhere, in time, there will be a time when words stop and bombs fall killing people that have nothing to do with the arguments. I’m all in favour of using the biblical example of warfare – why not have a contest between the American and North Korean President – not just physical but also mental. It would save a lot of lives, just an idea. Even better is if Trump just had the balls to fly to North Korea and meet the North Korean President and talk. The whole question is if North Korea have the atom bomb and if so how will they use it. If they do what law says they are not allowed it??? Why should only the permanent members of the UN Security Council have the right to have a certain bomb? I do think the media have overlooked those questions!!!

06.20pm – The rest of the day passed like the beginning – nothing has happened of any note. I must now use the time I have to reformulate Partio Nazionale Italiano. I am greatly encouraged by the German elections. I have a crazy idea about the Italian election next year……………..

Tuesday 26 September 2017

07.31am – Dull type of day. This morning I will go to the Church for Rosary and pray to God that soon I’m back in my own country. I fear though I may have to go to Court to face things alone. Lets see how the day blows. Inside my room, it’s between 18° – 24° which is not bad as the heating is not yet on.

07.34am – The situation between the USA and North Korea is escalating by the tweet. North Korea now say they feel at war with the USA since Trump tweeted that the North Korean President and his Foreign Minister, “would not be around much longer.” In this country that would be deemed a threat to kill which is a criminal offence. It just takes one of the parties to blink and all around will pay.

07.34pm – Well, this afternoon has been an eventful day full of incidents and me trying to get my head around what is happening. I tell you when I think maybe I lost track of how fast time is moving:- a few years back, I think 2009/2010, I asked my youngest son who his favourite pop group were and I was expecting to hear The Beatles or The Rolling Stones or even Pink Floyd, at a push. He answered Maroon 5!!! Who the eff are Maroon 5 I thought to myself?  That was the day I knew I had not kept pace with time. you see time has gone forward but I remained still. Maybe Professor Stephen Hawkins has an answer for me???

Wednesday 27 September 2017

07.28am – Well, September is nearly over and before you know what the year 2017 will be finished – over and out. Sometimes I feel I’m in a kind of wind tunnel where it’s not the elements that control the environment but government and not so friendly a one too!!!!

01.01pm – An uneventful morning save that in a few days time I will be going back to the open section which is good in many ways. I doubt it will be imminent but within ten days that will happen. I will have to refocus my eyesight and get used to fresh air again but will be more comfortable until I go to Italy. Now, I happened to see the small article below about buying goods at the supermarket via smartphone.

For heaven’s sake please don’t take the thrill and humanity out of grocery shopping. You can already buy groceries online don’t effing dilute the last stand of normal people by using a smartphone to skip the checkout! There is being advanced and being too far ahead of things. We don’t want to be an anachronism, do we?

01.06pm – The war of words between USA/North Korea escalates. For goodness sake can someone just get a grip on real life? We don’t all live in a nuclear age!!!!!!

On another note received this lovely letter, which cheered me!



NB: These diaries are written by GDS  sent to Caroline who deciphers and types them to the best of her ability, and publishes them on GDS’s behalf.

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