Diary from the Inside 28 September to 18 October 2017 – Part 101 – By Giovanni Di Stefano

Thursday 28 September 2017

07.19am – Two days ago I had a premonition that Hugh Hefner would die, he died last night. A few days before Roger Moore died I had a premonition he would, sadly, die – it happened. I have said nothing before but with the Hugh Hefner premonitions, I have to say something.

I knew Hef and have been to his home in Beverley Hills – the Playboy Mansions, in 1989, for a great chit chat and tea with scones. I did not know Hef as well as his ex-partner Victor Lownes but I found Hef to be a  true gentleman with wonderful standards. My condolences to his four children and wife, the end of an era and the beginning of another. My premonition -???? Strange, and instead of my predicting who will die why can’t I predict the Euro Millions numbers?

07.24am – Now, you may wonder why I have published, the last few days, about food products and their ingredient content???? Well, it shows that things “ain’t what they used to be.”

I hope they have surprised you how they caught me unawares. Just goes to show that even in food the whole society is one big lie.  Mendacity at its highest. Have a flick through again the past few days and you will wonder just what is truth and what is a lie!!!!!

Friday 29 September 2017

07.31am – The weather is not good but also not bad and I feel OK. Yesterday another prime example of how the High Court is directly frustrating and prejudicing me but you know what? I have no hate within me and throughout my life, all those that have caused me harm have received terrible bad luck. Not always instantly but in due course, everyone is repaid by destiny the harm caused to others.

07.34am – How sad that postcards are ‘out of fashion.’ Terrible shame that technology actually harms the minority.I will address that issue – of small businesses in my new manifesto of the Partito Nazionale Italiano.

07.36am – I saw the article below about the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi in 1983 from the Catholic Times.

That story is quite interesting and I was writing an article about it in 2011 but for reasons even I don’t understand I left it half completed. It is a very strange case but then for example in the UK it’s incredible to know that 250,000 people go missing each year!!! Where the hell do they go? Who knows!!

07.13pm – Another day closer to getting back to Italy. The legal system in this country really is truly screwed up big time. I almost feel sorry for all of us caught in its mass of deceit.

Saturday 30 September 2017

07.54am – Last night I had to call out a doctor. I first called at about 09.00pm and the ambulance came at 10.20pm and I was given medication. I declined to go to the hospital because that would take away three staff from a prison that has no staff and this morning I feel a bit better. It just goes to show that somehow I have to deal first with my health and second with my removal to Italy but health must come first. I saw in the paper yesterday the new cure for prostate cancer – its not a cure but a treatment.

Oh well, such is what happens with old age and at 62 I feel I am 620 years of age.

06.05pm – In this place, nothing is as it appears to be and there are always undercurrents around almost every aspect of day to day life. Never mind. Tonight its ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’

Sunday 1 October 2017

07.32am – The weather is again nothing to write home about and it reflects upon the mood of all. I am feeling better although ‘better’ implies an optimism one can never really feel! I was glad to read the other day of the ‘older spies’ still very active.

Well, why should only the young enjoy their jobs? The average age of SIS officers is 48!!!! Russian and China do have a lot of spies in the UK but nothing like how many British spies there are in Russia and China, and in Italy – but that pontras will change soon!!! As for S(1) of the Official Secrets Act 1911 – talk of an ‘enemy’! Who is the enemy? Dangerous admission by the government!!!!!

Monday 2 October 2017

07.23am – This morning something strange happening. Don’t know what or even if I’m right. This place changes perception.

07.01pm – What started out as a strange day got even stranger when an hour or so after I wrote my diary entry it’s on the BBC news that a man in Los Vegas just killed 50 people plus and seriously injured over 200 more. Just bizarre. that is the United States of America – the epitome of excuses. If in Europe a guy kills 5 in the USA it will be 50. This time it is not the fault of Al-Qaeda or, ISIS or, whatever.  It is just a 64-year-old American citizen, a grandfather with no criminal record. Work that out!!!! I cannot. This kind of massacre is beyond explanation or excuse. No doubt in time to come there will be some psychiatric reason but at the end of the day its a bit like the film with Michael Douglas – who starts his day nicely then ends up going on a rampage. This man called Paddock was just an angry white man who was on no watch list. That is what is worrying me about the world today.

07.08pm – On another note and again in the United States of America – O.J. Simpson has been released from prison. He was due out on Tuesday(tomorrow) but he was released last night. My view is that he should not have been convicted of the crime of kidnapping but he took it like a man and did his time – 9 years – and is now free. I met O.J. Simpson in 1989 and I found him a fun person. Anyway, time has passed, the world has moved forward and I hope that O.J. now gets on the world and moves with it.

Tuesday 3 October 2017

12.24pm – Today is the funeral of one of the officers here. I want to say the officer was a great, great person and he and I had some great conversation. When I heard he had died I was so sad because of how truly nice a person he was. If I was allowed to attend his funeral I would do so with pride that I am honouring a truly fine person. Very sad day.

12.24pm – Saw this report about the McCann investigation. I wonder if the McCanns would agree to a take a lie detector test of the events, of that night, so many years ago??? Interesting eh? That way the Portuguese detective would have to withdraw his book alleging their involvement in the disappearance of Madelaine. That is, of course, they both passed the test.

12.29pm – The death toll in Los Vegas has increased to nearly 60 with over 500 injured. I mean over 500 injured!!!! The guy apparently had like 50 different firearms. The shooter Paddock was a retired accountant! How the eff do you go from accountant to murdering 59 people and injuring 527?????

12.32pm – Health wise – well I’m trying to get better but how do you get better in this kind of environment? How? There is no pill, no medication that can surgically remove the nightmare of these kind of places and the conspiracy to ensure conviction for what one has not done????

Wednesday 4 October 2017

07.11am – Good morning to all!!! Now the reason I have published the news article below is, that even if there are no extradition agreements and, even if it is a country that this country detests – you can still get extradited.

Unthinkable years ago and potentially unlawful but the facts are that he is in the UK and facing a murder trial. What the message is:- you can run and hide, even in a safe haven, but eventually you will be brought back to face trial.  Oh well, international law has taken a battering again but who actually gives a hoot?

07.17am – On another issue in India what I don’t understand is this:- if the Chennai six were sentenced to 5 years in jail 4 years ago why are they still in prison. In India you have remission as you do in this country, so what the hell has happened? That is the point that really needs to be addressed not the question of the conviction!!!! That is now past tense and the supporters need to deal with the present.

Thursday 5 October 2017

07.20am – There is trouble in Spain and I can see a ‘Déjà vu’ moment when Croatia declared independence and see the trouble that flared for years thereafter. Will there be another Spanish Civil War? I doubt it but there will be serious consequences for those caught in the middle!!! On a similar front see how Suu Kyi has behaved:- reminds me of the French revolution – they were worse than the French Monarchy and executed more of their own. It seems that when Revolutionaries come into power their behaviour is worse than those deposed!!!!

It does seem that power has a horrible effect on the alter ego of all. Give a person a uniform and their conduct changes. Remember what I said before:- belief conditions behaviour. I am shocked at how Suu Kyi has behaved. In 1994 I entered correspondence with her when I was advising Then Shave the head of Military of Myanmar (Burma). He was a reasonable man and I foresaw that at some stage Suu Kyi would take the helm. I believe she must now take leadership seriously.

07.29am – Sad to see ‘TV crook’ committed suicide. I agree with his friend. if the prison service had helped maybe he would be still alive. The prison service have forgotten their mandate because of too many clients in their human car parks full of lost souls – I am but one.

Friday 6 October 2017

07.23am _ There are two old sayings that may be appropriate today: (i) Don’t piss on my back and tell me its raining and (ii) Before they make the lock they make the key!!! Think about those and see if they apply in your life.

07.25am – Look at the funny news report below:-

Six nude female prisoners protesting and it took over 12 hours to disperse – I wonder why no one was in a hurry to get the protest to end??? If that had been male prisoners it would have been put to an end in less than 30 minutes!!!

07.27am – On a more alarming front Trump in nuclear blast!!!!

But remember:- the US President has the legal power to authorise a strike but he cannot, yes cannot, order a strike. That is for the military to decide. The US military Chief can refuse to strike. The US President only has powers of authorisation no more no less. Let us hope the Military Chiefs have the common sense not to accede to madness, but I doubt it!!!!!

Saturday 7 October 2017

07.32am – Well you have to laugh now and again don’t you? Look at the news clipping below:-

What is so damn funny is that the ‘Basil Fawlty’ who was jailed for the attacks was a barrister!!!! I never met her.  The law drives you to drink and boy how some lawyers have a capacity for drink – I know one who is now a Judge.  One morning he had to take a cold bath before he could do a case for me for how much alcohol he had drunk the night before. He is now a Judge and acts as though butter would not melt in his mouth – hypocrite!!!

07.33am – What is more worrying is the news article below about the asteroid coming so close to earth.

If you read the Bible l John 2:18 ‘My children, the end is near.’ That was 2,000 years ago and we are all still here so I guess that the destiny of the world is that we all live forever through our children, relatives etc. The world is incapable of destroying itself!!!!

Sunday 8 October 2017

07.44am – The incredible stupidity in not making preparations for when one departs this earth is manifested in the short news article below – 31 million people not making a will. I cannot urge stronger the need to make a will and it will save a lot of hassle for those who remain on this earth. Making a will is easy – look it up on Google and do it!!!!

07.47pm – Incredible that each year 250,000 people goes missing in the UK. Yes, 250,000!!!! I mean where the eff do you hide? It’s nice to see though that some don’t give up searching for those who simply vanish. Clifford Bell is but one, and fair play to the Daily Mirror that publishes daily one person who is missing for the readers to keep a lookout. Mr. Bell went missing in 2006 over 11 years ago. I hope that all are found. In fact, I hope and pray that no one goes missing.

Watching Dr. Foster on BBC1 last week the devastating consequences of a toxic marriage was that the son of both parties went missing. Not how it should be but we must all remember that loyalties of children are not acquired via the chequebook.  I say no more on that issue and when I do say it, well all (including me) must pay attention.

07.52am – More warnings from Donald Trump about North Korea. I pray and hope that common sense prevails – but it won’t! I fear!!!

Monday 9 October 2017

06.24pm – Today was a busy day and I hope to go back to the open section, soon. I have been following the situation in Spain and it reminded me very much when Croatia declared independence and damn my old boots if Germany didn’t go out on a limb and recognise the Republic of Croatia which effectively started the Balkan War. Yes, it was the fault of Germany because they had no business or need to recognise it. But it caused a massive war that changed the lives of so many. So I hope that if Catalonia does declare independence Germany won’t barge in again as no one needs a second Spanish Civil War also, beware there are no more Ernest Hemingway’s or George Orwell to go and fight. In any case, any War today will be governed by computers. I doubt if we will ever see traditional fighting ever again.

06.28pm – I see that the Courts have ruled against assisted suicides but those who sell and manufacture cigarettes – who assist in suicide – no prosecutions!!!

06.31pm – Tomorrow I will comment on the Harvey Weinstein situation. What he did is not excusable but he has only followed the steps of the biggest media predator of all – Giancarlo Parretti and, at MGM I protected him!!! Shame on me!!!!

Tuesday 10 October 2017

07.48am – I have known Harvey Weinstein since 1989 when I became CEO at MGM-Pathé Communications Corp owners of MGM/UA. I always liked him and I thought his main love was not women or movies but boxing. He had photos of boxers all over his office. What he has done is without excuse and has paid the price for it. Given in the 80s it was a man’s world in Hollywood. The greatest sexual predator of all was Giancarlo Parretti the man who headed MGM/UA and the head man in the MGM/UA dream. He cheated on his wonderful wife and had over twenty lovers all of whom he promised a Hollywood career in film. He lied on their US visa applications and spent all his day with different women whilst the company paid hundreds of thousands in phony salaries and corrupted bank officials with women whilst the US immigration turned a blind eye. To my shame, I helped cover up all the lawsuits and settlements with women and lied to his wife as to where he was. He was a million times worse than Harvey and the only reason we did not make a Bond film is because Cubby Broccoli loathed him as did Meryl Streep.


Wednesday 11 October 2017

07.38am – Am I surprised that Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer ditched him? Well, his wife Georgina Chapman has so why not the lawyer? I don’t ditch people whom I represent but then that’s me. Yesterday I said that the greatest sexual predator of all is not Harvey Weinstein or even Roman Polanski but Giancarlo Parretti who made the lives of all actresses hell.  Let me name some – Meryl Streep, Laura San Giacomo then you have Demetria Hampton and the twenty plus ‘actresses’ who were all on the MGM/UA payroll, hotel expenses and Berlitz School of English paid for. To my shame, I used to use my driver in my limo to pick him up in the morning from his house in Beverly Hills and make stops in two hotels so he could ‘service’ the divine women all of whom he had promised parts and then by 11am arrive at the office on Wilshire Boulevard. There he would molest Khazana his Russian PA who could not even type and other female staff. How many lawsuits I helped settle together with our General Counsel Edmund Hamburger and Theodore Cohen all for amounts of between $10,000 – $50,000 and how many staff complained about him and I excused his behaviour. Why? Because that is how it was. My greatest shame is in lying to his wife Maria, even taking her to La Costa where Giancarlo was ‘relaxing’ but making sure his ‘companion’ was gone before Maria arrived. Nothing ever happened to him because in the 1990s that is how it was. Harvey Weinstein is a product of that era. No excuses just an explanation and now all must pay!!!!

Thursday 12 October 2017

07.32am – You can tell its winter because it’s getting cold in the morning and, by the way, when you get older does it take a few minutes in the morning when you wake up to focus your eyes??? I guess so because each morning I wake up it takes a good while before I can focus my eyes! Old age catches up on each of us.

07.36am – See the news report below? Read it!

Can you see that it was his ‘internet provider’ who ‘altered the NCA.’ Then why didn’t the internet provider get prosecuted itself? The way was made clear by the internet provider.  Why not just shut the site down and then call the police? You see the problem is all put on the end product – the pervert – but my own view has always been that all those responsible are equally culpable. Prosecute the internet provider, site host, and even the credit card company used as well as the pervert then, and only then, will this whole horrible industry be curtailed. Instead, the police just prosecute the end product.

07.12pm – The weather is holding well. In my room its a constant 24-25°C so not so bad and, of course, no heating bills, no TV licence and I cost the taxpayer some £50,000 per year. Incredible because I could have been in Italy since 2014 which would have saved the taxpayer £150,000. Then again, those deciding do not give a damn unless someone makes them pay – there is a thought…………………..

Friday 13 October 2017

07.01am – My God how the media are almost literally killing Harvey Weinstein. Now, because of the Statue of Limitations in the USA (something this country does not have) what is proposed is to put Harvey on trial (voluntary trial) before a retired Judge (of course, film it) and then assess damages. My sweet God these Americans are crazy – they want to turn a serious matter into a kind of reality TV film which, of course, will be syndicated and sold for profit!!! It beggars belief, and the lawyer suggesting this is my old friend Gloria Allred who is always to be found whenever there is a high profile case that never comes to Court!!!!! I find the whole damn saga contemptuous and turning into an effing joke and the sad part is that many of the victims will accept this so they get money.

07.19am – One of the first things I will do in Italy is to press for Alitalia to return to the public hands and ownership. An airline has to be owned by the people and it represents its flag as do the State railways and the shipping line. They are the real Ambassadors of a Nation and that is what I will press hard for. In Italy, the Government (and in the UK too) refused to sell RAI TV (in the UK BBC) why? Because public relations are vital as is transport, and that is what Partito Nazionale Italiano will advance. I want to make it an honour to hold an Italian passport and restore some pride to the country that formed the EU in 1957!!!!

Saturday 14 October 2017

07.46am – You know, all of a sudden and totally out of the blue by 2020 only three years from now all petrol/diesel cars are to be banned? Further, most car manufacturers will only produce electric cars???? What the hell is going on? What is not being told to us??? Is there a war planned that will obliterate oil??? Someone is not telling us something that is about to happen in about three years time? Taking into account the War on Iraq was planned in 2000 you can see where I am going with my question! I think I may have to file a freedom of Information Act question with the Department of Transport!!!

06.30pm – You see I have to carry on justifying and be patient because that is the only way ahead.

05.31pm – Today is the 38th birthday of my eldest son – incredible that 38 years have passed! I mean where the hell did all those years ago? He is a father himself and the circle just keeps on moving. My grandfather, my father, me, my son, my grandson etc. Life just keeps on moving – thank God!!!!

Sunday 15 October 2017

07.19am – Boy oh boy when people have a bee in their bonnet, as it were, it never stops. As I said I’m not in favour of what Harvey Weinstein allegedly did but he has been convicted and punished before he has been put on trial! Giancula Parretti did much worse and I’m sure that Harvey was taught by Parretti about coming out of the bathroom only with a robe or nude but I’d be surprised, actually, if the manner he is being dealt with does not lead to suicide! Harvey is not the type but what actually is the type? I mean Harvey Cohn from Columbia pictures, Danny Zanuck from 20th Century Fox, and David O.Selznick (‘Gone with the Wind’ producer) all made passes at actresses way back when. I can honestly say that throughout my time at MGM I never once took advantage of “what was offered to me” by actresses – yes on a good few occasions it was actresses who offered but I and may I say, Menahem Golan, Yoram Globus and Sony Artzi where three others who never took advantage.  One actress was in my office on Wilshire Boulevard and started taking her clothes off to get into the film ‘Shattered’ that we were making. I told her to put her clothes on and never try that again with me and she is now a famous actress, married happily (after a bitter divorce) and living in England!!!! So it does work vice versa but what Weinstein did – if all that is said he did – is quite wrong and must be punished. Remember though when a Colombia Pictures Executive stole from the company they kept him on because he was so good at his job!!!

Monday 16 October 2017

07.27am – Every week for the past four and a half years I say to myself “this week something good will happen” and by the end of the week eff all happens and it’s just another week.

01.33pm – Now its Storm Ophelia hitting Ireland and Western Scotland. What the hell is actually going on with so many storms hitting the world? Is it maybe that previously were not reported? Who knows but it is really odd that all of a sudden storms galore hit the world that causes havoc with whatever in its way.

01.35pm – Another storm – a human storm against Harvey Weinstein. You know though whats funny? Roman Polanski pleaded guilty to rape of a child and runs away from justice. He gets an Oscar in 2003, whilst Harvey Weinstein has actually been convicted – not even interviewed or charged and he gets kicked out of the Oscars???? Something not quite right about correctness and consistency!!!! I do not excuse Harvey Weinstein’s conduct and I never ever did anything of the like during my life at MGM but also I don’t think its right that Weinstein is being driven to suicide without even being charged with any offence and why has it taken so long for people to come forward? All very odd! My own view I did not rate Miramax Films and Weinstein’s production abilities are questionable but he is a good organiser but I doubt if the hell he ever even read a book or a script from front to back!! I know because he told me in 1990 exactly that “I pay people to do that” he told me.

Tuesday 17 October 2017

07.10am – Woke up with a stomach ache. Golly gosh when you get to my age if it’s not one thing it’s another. I wonder whether it’s all worthwhile????

01.16pm – The news article made my blood boil to a billion centigrade.

I mean what are the Italian Government playing at allowing the national carrier Alitalia to go into administration. Rest assured that under the Partito Nazionale Italiano not only Alitalia but also the trains and some shipping will be in the public sector. Trains and boats and planes (as Billy J Kramer says) are Ambassadors of the country and let me tell you what I will tell Brussels if they dare to criticise the policy – V!!!! The whole point of the EU is strength and if by nationalising Alitalia, trains and some shipping, the member country will be strong and as I said each plane, each carriage, each ship will be an Ambassador and be named as such. So watch for my policy in Italy. Remember today’s prisoners can be tomorrows prime ministers/presidents!!! As for Easy Jet (known as sleazy jet) don’t pay a penny because as soon as I am in Italy your investment will be worthless.

01.22pm – I will also review the plebiscite of 1948. I will have a recount of the votes and they are still all there in the vaults of the Bank of Italy and some at the Ministry of Justice Vaults. Why in both places? We shall see.

Wednesday 18 October 2017

07.11am – The blatant assassination of an investigative reporter is absolutely contemptible and without an ounce of justification. It is worrying because Malta is in the EU and car bombs are traditionally a Middle East/Africa trend that is also beyond contempt. Do world leaders order the murder of critic? Affirmative and the United Kingdom is not shy in using SIS and (there’s a surprise) the criminal fraternity in “getting rid of their opponents.” Some are killed by ‘accidents’ Some blatantly killed. Some lead to suicide. Some falsely accused, tried and jailed for a long period to null the effect of what they will say when released. Happens a lot in the UK but other EU countries are not exempt as well as the Balkan countries. What will surprise you is the country that least uses the ‘final solution’ for troublemakers to government!!!! The USA!!!! Thought that would astound you. Why? because the USA is a dictatorship that contests all aspect of life by the President and Government. They flood people with all sorts of information so critics are a form of dilution of facts. You see no one gives a damn in the USA. I’m talking about domestic critics, not international enemies!!!!



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