Diary from the Inside 19 October – 7 November 2017 – Part 102 – By Giovanni Di Stefano

Thursday 19 October 2017

07.22am – Well, when I saw the news article about women wanting to date Mr. Average it answered all my questions and doubts as to why when I was young I had difficulties in getting dates!!!

One girlfriend once said to me: “Giovanni, you know you remind me of the sea.” I said, “is it because I am all empowering, strong, tempestatem, manly?” She replied, “No, because you make me sick!!!” It follows I never saw her again. There is one question though about that article – what the hell is a ‘relationship specialist’? What qualifications are needed? How many partners does it need to be such? Does the title even actually exist or is it another made up rubbish that the politically correct brigade (PCB) get off on???

07.28am – Thanks be to God that the furor over Harvey Weinstein has calmed down a bit. I’m convinced the media will only be satisfied when he commits suicide but Harvey is a little stronger than people make out. Remember, his real love and passion is boxing which is a sport that requires accepting punishment and pain!!!

07.22pm – I am assured today I will go to the open section but when, well I must be treated as everyone else. That makes a change. No matter, I will just wait my moment and in the meantime, no matter, how the government wishes – time is passing.

Friday 20 October 2017

07.03am – When I saw this well-hidden news article I knew it applied also to me. My eldest son has a boy who I have never seen and, of course, unlike 90% of others in prison I am in the 10% minority of those whose grandchildren (in fact, children) never come to the prison! My second son has two children a girl and a boy – now when I call my mother, occasionally, I speak to my granddaughter but I have never seen the boy and only had a rare glimpse of my granddaughter years ago. No talk of them ever wanting to see me. My daughter has three children the eldest is 18 and I have never heard him or seen him since about – well Lord knows when. In all his life I have actually seen him maybe a few hours. I have written to him but I have never received a reply. The other two, now and again, I do get to hear them on the phone, and my granddaughter has sent me some lovely cards but I have never seen them. Now, don’t any of you reading this feel sorry for me because I am the author of my own situation. Years ago when my eldest grandchild was born I made it clear I did not want to be called granddad – I mean me the great effing GDS called granddad? No way and I never developed a relationship with any of the grandchildren because I did not feel old enough to be a granddad. Now my grandparents were actually younger than me when they became grandparents and, adored me and, deserved the title grandmother/grandfather – I, for certain, have not, so, for me, to feel sorry now, that I did not go down the same path is not on – but I hope in the years to come we can all catch up and it’s not too late, because I got it so wrong.

Saturday 21 October 2017

07.54am – The death of Lady Lucan made me remember the real story of who killed Sandra Rivett and that can be found in my article ‘Hollywood Hunk in Lord Lucan’s mystery.’ To date, the police still refuse to confirm or deny that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a suspect, whether he has been interviewed, and worse, when he was Governor of California I sent him my article which he neither confirmed or denied!!! Now, I happen to like ‘Arnie’ but the problem is that in life from the day we are born we all have choices and of those choices there are consequences. No person is rich enough to buy back the past. Lets all of us remember that and it has a funny old way of boomeranging back when we least expect it!!!

08.18pm – Well, Chelsea was losing 2 – 0 and won 4 – 2 against Watford. What does that show? Italians never give up? Conte the Manager refuses to give up and when he sees he is in the wrong direction he changes direction. That is what I have done today.

Sunday 22 October 2017

07.56am – Something funny happened to me yesterday. Whilst I was moving some rubbish from the centre on this unit, on the ground, there was left over a maggot. Yes, a maggot!! Now under normal circumstances, I would not hesitate to simply kill it, but what did I do? I picked it up in a piece of paper and went outside to put it on the pavement and it slithered away to live another day. Why the hell I did that I don’t know but psychologists might say that it showed my personality as always looking out for the underdog or, those that are not able of looking after themselves or, they might say it would make me feel big that I could decide whether something lived or died. You see what I mean? You can’t really rely upon psychologists because no matter what you do it can be interpreted. Having said that look at the news title below!

The underdog is the Catalonia ‘Government.’ They are the underdog and Madrid has just invoked Art. 115 of the Spanish Constitution revoking autonomy. So, if a psychologist was looking as to how Madrid behaved how would they interpret it? Is Madrid acting the ‘big un’ or are they protecting the underdog? Heaven only knows but as in all things nothing good can come of it and I fear a ‘division’ in due course and that spells trouble with a capital T!!!

Monday 23 October 2017

07.44am – I happened to see a photo in a magazine of Andy Warhol with his dinner jacket and bow tie in Monte Carlo and I remembered that in 1974 I walked with him from the Hotel De Paris to the screening room dinner in Monte Carlo. I was not yet 19 and was staying for two weeks at the Metropole Hotel courtesy of Sir Maxwell Joseph and Andy Warhol – whom, I did not know and had no idea who or what he did, asked me – a yet not 19-year-old kid – to walk with him. Now, what I was doing in Monte Carlo for two weeks and why Sir Maxwell Joseph hosted me – well to know more about that you must R.M.B – Read my book!!!!

06.32pm – I wanted to say for some time the guiding principles of my Party: Partito Nazionale Italiano. I firmly believe that Governments must protect its citizens and not interfere with their day to day lives. All this rubbish that ‘two Jag Prescott’ wanted to tax people who did not walk enough each day and in John Major’s time the Cabinet were thinking of taxing how many windows in each home (they obviously learn eff all at Oxford or Cambridge about why Ireland revolted) is just pure and utter crap!!! Let me assure all that when I’m in Italy each Italian will be proud to hold an Italian citizenship with an EU passport. My politics are neither left, right or centre – just pure common sense and achieving the best deal for the Italian State!!! Today would have been my fathers 90th birthday. Happy birthday, dad – I’ll be seeing you!!!!

Tuesday 24 October 2017

07.43am – Do you know the difference from ‘professional’ and ‘amateur’??? Many people think that a professional is better, or more expert, than an amateur but it’s not so. The only difference is that if you are ‘professional’ you get paid for what you do whilst as an amateur you don’t!!!! That is the only difference so I hope people won’t get it wrong.

06.44pm – There is an incredible abuse of position at the Criminal Appeal Office and the Administrative Court Office. Leave aside what I have been accused and convicted of those at the Administrative Court Office are truly abusing the power vested in them. It is totally disgraceful.

Wednesday 25 October 2017

07.28am – Yesterday, I heard an officer say that today we would be subject to a ‘controlled feed.’ It’s not his fault and those are the phrases he has been trained but the use of such phrases ‘controlled feed’ leads anyone into thinking that prisoners are an experiment! Well, I am not an experiment and before S.142(i) (c) of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 can be invoked, prisoners must be treated without the use of such phrases. I mean cows, pigs, chickens can be subject to a ‘controlled feed’ but not humans.

08.40am – Billy Joel the singer is a dad again – for the third time – at 68!!! Boy, there is hope for all of us yet – no way for GDS and I hear George Clooney thinks changing nappies is a ‘horror story.’ I have to say I do agree and I never cherished it. My first time it was cloth nappies and a large safety pin – I feared stabbing the children but my last it was disposable nappies – much easier but still not pleasant.

Thursday 26 October 2017

07.36am – What happens when an atomic bomb is exploded not on the ground but in space? Such an attack would see the release of energy that would interfere and destroy all electronics. The United States has 320 million people and it is only sustainable because of electronic support. Take that away and chaos. For example, there are 5,000 aircraft flying at any one time with half a million people up in the air. Take away or crash the electronics and all airlines would crash! What about gas? That flows through the system but take away electronics and fires subsist! What about the nuclear power plants? They would last only about a week in the USA. The USA has nearly three million miles of oil pipelines – get what I mean. You see there is no need to actually attack any country – just shut down the electronic system of the country. Now, this has been put forward by an ex CIA operative called Peter Pry who actually addressed the US Congress. A burst of electronic magnetic radiation (EMP) coated by a nuclear explosion 250 miles above the US would create rapidly fluctuating electrical and magnetic fields destroying all electronic systems: Now, here is the frightening part:- An EMP weapon is small enough to fit inside a current satellite. North Korea currently has an orbit over the USA!!!!

12.44pm – Since Harvey Weinstein is in the news – yet again – I suggest you all watch the Lana Turner film ‘Imitation Of Life’ which was released in 1959. What does the agent tell the actress? “You will sleep with the producer if he asks and you will do all that anyone of influence asks of you.” That was the culture of Hollywood until….well it still is. Make no mistake about it in all professions there are incentives for quick promotion. There should not be but there is and always will be. As I said before at MGM I never proportioned any action but they did me and I never accepted but that is just me and how I am.

Friday 27 October 2017

07.45am – Well, far be it that I be known as a ‘jack of all trades and master of eff all’ but I have a beauty tip for you all. Yes, a tip for how to keep your skin looking young. When you wash your face do it with milk powder. Get milk powder sachets and put four in a sink full of water – well, make the sink only a quarter full. That is like a milk bath – which by the way Cleopatra used to bathe in. Milk is slightly acidic and contains lactic acid which is a restoring acid and works as a gentle exfoliate. You see lactic acid reduces the bands holding skin cells to the skin and may even reduce unwanted pigmentation. In addition, the natural fat and protein in the milk could even have moisturising benefits. So ladies and gentlemen get powdered milk and drop some in water when you wash your face. Do it three times a day and within a week see the difference.

Now read my article on the Catalonia Question.

Saturday 28 October 2017

01.24pm – Thankfully the law is applied rather than interpreted and Kenny is in open prison.

I say again he is no murderer because there was no intent but all that is academic now because he has more than served his time in an exemplary manner without any issues at all. I hope he is released soon because he has more than paid for his moment of folly. I do hear from him and he is OK and complying with the regime as we all do.

Sunday 29 October 2017

07.15am – I am absolutely totally disgusted that the judicial system has forced a High Court Judge into resigning and a High Court Judge of some great volume.

Let me make no mistake – I appeared before him in the Van Hoogstraten – hearings and we clashed big time (I was proved right by the Court of Appeal Civil Division) but Peter Smith is a great Judge. Simply because he thinks out of the box he has been forced to resign. The Judicial system and his brother/sister Judges need to hang their heads in shame but regardless of he opposed me and gave me a hard time I fully support him and loathe even more with a venom how the High Court bench has failed to support him. Good luck Mr. Justice Peter Smith.

Monday 30 October 2017

07.47am – I found that cutting in GENTE and I thought to myself ‘yeah.’ Talking of sayings my son reminded me of a saying I have often used: “Give a man a gun, he will rob a bank, give a man a bank, he will rob from all” lot to be said in that of late.

07.16pm – Not too much to say really today, other than the sexual exploitation scandal has gone from Hollywood to Westminster but to date, the bigger sex scandal is what happens at the seat of judicial power. The High Court and the Bar. If you are a woman and wanted to get on between 1990 and 2013 then invariably some form of sexual accommodation was required with those ‘above you.’ How many nannies/au pairs have moved in with QCs??? I know of a good few and, again, I helped to cover some up. How many Chambers in Sheffield for example (London too) had their Chamber Conferences abroad? Without the wives and/or husbands? I know 100% of one such case and that is how it is and always will be! One barrister – now a Judge – sunbathed with two topless barristers in the sun and called the photo a ‘judicial sandwich.’ Interesting that the two lady barristers specialise in sexual offences!!!! As I say never mind Hollywood or Westminster take a look at the legal profession!!

Halloween – Tuesday 31 October 2017

07.20am – Thought that the US – North Korea problem had been suspended? Well, think again, because it is live and very much still an acute danger to the whole world.

It is truly a worrying time no matter where one lives from the Soloman Islands to Highpoint. When the nuclear option is used the collated damage is profound. I hope to God someone sees some damn sense and tries to talk the problem (if it is actually a real problem) away. What actually is the problem? It is this:- the US says that only certain countries can have nuclear weapons and North Korea says “bollocks who are you to say who can or cant have nuclear weapons.” That is the actual cause of the problem. It is about who – certain countries – say can or cannot have something. The very fact someone professes to say someone can or cannot infers that is some sort of authority and international law says all are equal. So you see the problem. It’s not about who actually has nuclear weapons it’s about someone coming forward and saying “I am the policeman of the world and I will set the rules and I make the rules because I am bigger than all of you.” Does that not sound a bit like bullying? That thus is the real issue just that North Korea has stood up to the school bully. It does not care about nuclear weapons. Just it does not want to be bullied.

Wednesday 1 November 2017

07.15am – What a weird country this is that in the autumn the weather is good and in the summer its shite!!! Oh well!!!

06.40pm – Today I start – again – my bowel cancer screening and let me tell you it is important to do. It is not very pleasant and luckily I am in private room and not in the open section because it could be quite embarrassing. Samples are taken from three separate occasions when one goes to the toilet and once one has three samples it goes in a letter to the laboratory by post!!! It is so important to do and get it right because it can detect cancer of the bowel well before it becomes a problem. So I’m praying that all will be well.

06.43pm – Tomorrow I have a very special lawyer coming to see me!!!

06.44pm – Yesterday, I sent a CPR54 notice before judicial review to the Secretary of State for exiting the EU. I will go to court over the notice under Art. 50(2) to exit the EU. The letter is not an effective notice and as such it must start again. As I said I will take this to court 100% because it is important to know that all must comply with the law. The law is about evidence and probative/admissible documents that convert into evidence. So we shall see what the Secretary of State David Davis MP has to say in reply.

06.49pm – Here, nothing changes really. I try and do my best and make the most of it.

Thursday 2 November 2017

07.23am – Today is the day of all dead people in Catholic countries so my prayers go out to all those who have lost a loved one, relative or friend. In this country, of course, it is just another day. On a different front Sir Michael Fallon the Defense Secretary has resigned, presumably because 15 years ago he put his hand on the knee of a journalist. Well, that is the story but I reckon that there is more to it than that. I mean honestly, if that is the real reason then the whole world has gone mad. As I said though I pretty much reckon there is much more to come.

07.33pm – There was black smoke coming from nearby but no one really knows anything. Tomorrow for sure someone will know what happened.

07.35pm – Boy how I miss my father!!!

Friday 3 November 2017

12.27pm – Not such a good day. Each Friday is the day that all collect groceries and goods they ordered last week. Its something to look forward to but not for me. Why? Well,  I either buy groceries, sweets, coffee etc or use the phone and my priority is calling my ‘family.’ This week the clerks ‘lost’ my form to add money to my phone account so, this week no groceries (I don’t care about that) and no phone. Nice start to the day eh? Nothing at all even senior officers could do to move the administrative clerks. Imagine a senior officer cannot override a clerk!! Something is seriously wrong with the system. Never mind! We must first smile and move on. There are much bigger issues than a mistake by the administrative staff.

Saturday 4 November 2017

07.44am – Golly gosh or heck this sex scandal has hit parliament like never. Like a contagious rash, it won’t go away and its a ripple effect.

07.47am – Yesterday it was the turn of Angelo Leadsom to accuse Sir Michael Fallon of inappropriate comments made six years ago. last year I wrote to Quentin Letts of the Daily Mail my usual regular missive and I mentioned that there was talk in Westminster that Leadsom had been having an affair with her brother in law!!! So she can hardly paint the kettle black!!! Oh well, I guess this will just grow and grow so that even when Theresa May wore a revealing blouse in the Commons that could be taken as a sexist implication (hahaha do you like the phrase???)

Sunday 5 November 2017

06.03am – Well, tonight it’s bonfire night – Guy Fawkes night when fireworks and fires are burnt in memory of a man who wanted to kill a King who was subsequently executed anyway. Well here is my bonfire night gift – Last year I wrote to Quentin Letts of the Daily Mail and amongst other stuff I told him what I had found out before I came to prison – that Andrea Leadsom dropped out of the race to become PM when Michael Fallon threatened to expose her affair with her brother-in-law Peter De Putron when she worked for him at De Putron Fund Management. So she dropped out of the race. Quentin Letts wrote me back saying he had not heard of that gossip and both of us thought nothing more of it. Andrea was so guilty she became a true Christian going to studying the Bible regularly. We thought no more about it until – well the rest we know. Never threaten a woman – Michael Fallon has found out the hard way

Monday 6 November 2017

07.35am – I do not know if anyone is aware of this but Israel lost their land about 2,000 years ago and it was not until 1948 that they returned to the land they lost so many thousands of years previously. Now it is interesting to note that what do you think has kept them together as a people, race, and nation regardless of the fact that they were homeless for 2,000 years? Do you know what it is? I mean who waits 2,000 years to get back their property? What keeps people together so long waiting 2,000 years to get back their property? I tell you in one word:


The faith that what was promised to them – the ‘promised land’ will come back. How the hell I wish other countries had a tenth of that faith. Now, do you understand why they were the first nation other than USA, Russia, China, UK, and France to get nuclear weapons? It took 2,000 years to get their land back and they won’t be losing it again easily without a real big fight. Do you blame them? Not many have placed those faiths in the public domain.

Tuesday 7 November 2017

07.26am – This situation with Oscar Pistorius is absolutely absurd and the case against him has become vicious and totally unwarranted. I ask myself this:- if he were black would the State of South Africa have given a damn to keep persecuting him? Have we not had a reversal of treatment in South Africa? Can it be that the black government of South Africa are totally revenged in a white defendant? Could this have happened if Nelson Mandela had still been President? You see, Nelson Mandela was a man who actually did believe in forgiveness of the past!!! Now yesterday I spoke about the State of Israel. They actually lost their country in 500 BC so they waited 2,500 years to get their country back and, as I said, that required faith which is what kept the country together. That is what we all need. I have it! I have faith that some power will truly put my situation right. It may take more time than I had anticipated, more time than I had wished but it will happen because I will remain in faith. I believe in the saying “to my heart I must be true.” The whole of life is actually about faith. Faith that the air we breath is actually there and will always be there. Faith that we have food to eat to keep us alive. Faith that God will always provide. You know the rest.



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