Diary From The Inside 22 – 28 November 2017 Part 105 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Wednesday 22 November 2017

07.16am – ‘Golly gosh or heck’ as they say in Baghdad:- David Cassidy and Rodney Bewes both died yesterday. Most people of my age will know who they were/are and those who don’t, look them up. My condolences to their family. I did not know them but I was an avid fan of the likely lads and enjoyed the songs of David Cassidy. Both were in the latter part of their 60’s which makes me even more aware of my age. I would hate to die in this country and have actually noted in my prison file that in the event of my demise from this shit world I want my body/shell to be repatriated to Italy. No way do I want to have to spend my eternity in this country. Anyway, there you have it.

07.21am – Robert Mugabe has finally resigned and his deputy the ‘crocodile’ will take over. The Robert Mugabe story reinforces the policy of ‘sell by date,’ ‘best by date,’ and ‘consume by date.’ Those three principles in consumer products applies to politics. Think about it and look at all political figures that have breached those guiding principles end up the same way as Mugabe but – there is a but – he may well have adapted the Idi Amin Solution – exile with bundles of money to Saudi Arabia. I don’t know where Mugabe will go but don’t exclude the United Kingdom or Italy because his wife Grace adores Rome and we would probably take Mugabe. France also has a custom of taking ex-Presidents but Italy or UK are favourite even though Mugabe loathes the UK but wants to be one and never could. That, actually was the problem with Mugabe. Love/hate relationship with the UK.

Thursday 23 November 2017

12.44pm – I have another celebrity visit today – yesterday, unprecedented, I had an incoming phone call at the office from the prison ombudsman. How very kind and diligent of the ombudsman in actually investigating what happened to me. Thank you!!!

12.46pm – How totally absurd that Clinton is being pursued – again – by would be self-publicists and after so many years! Why didn’t these so-called allegations come to light at the time? No, I’m afraid that there are those who exploit situations and whom I call opportunists. I feel for Clinton and yes I have met him in 1993 and 1994, and I have correspondence from and to him from November 1992! Whilst at MGM we did support the Democrats and gave $500,000 to the Republican Party and I was even invited to sit on one of the Republican Committees. Clinton has already lost his ability to practice as a lawyer so why put him through this shit now???? Absurd!!!!

12.51pm – Look at the small news clipping below:-

Yet another reason why I want out of this country. I mean if you can now be prosecuted for the murder of a goldfish – well this country has lost the plot!!! Well, it has happened in Wales so there you have it.

Friday 24 November 2017

07.30am – Last night I watched the documentary about Mark Lewis the lawyer who took on News of the World. Do you know who the first person he called about phone hacking? Me…and I got to know Mark quite well. What I did not know was that he had MS but then again why would I when I did not even know that my eldest son had it for ages? I was too busy saving the effing world yet failed to protect my family and in the years and years, my son has MS I have shamefully never been to a single treatment. OK, I have a valid excuse, now, as I am in jail but what about when I was free and clear to do so? I say that I refused to accept he has MS because why out of 8 billion people on this shite earth should my son be one of 2.5 million people who have it? So regarding Mark, I was shocked when I saw him in the papers (TV section) that he had MS.

I hope that he, very soon, and all others can find a solution, although, whether the cure that was documented in the program is not taking patients any longer, in my typical self when I called my son to tell him yesterday I asked “have you thought about a franchise for a VISA/MasterCard for MS sufferers only?” I do always try and look for an advantage to adversity!!!!

Saturday 25 November 2017

06.40pm – Hear this out:- the reason why we have 12 people on a jury reverts to the New Testament and Jesus Christ had 12 Apostles. In the UK (well England and Wales) Welsh iolo manuscripts from Morgan, King of Glamorgan and around AD725 (hope this is the right date) stated: “All men  who had lawsuits and quarrels should be tried by 12 pious merciful men and the King (Judge).” Well, hells bells rest assured that my jury were neither pious or merciful and in fact, two were police officers and one knew me!!! There said it. I was hoping not to go down that line but it is what it is. A bit more legal history:- from 1066 (you should all know that date) William I created a group of 12 men affirming the qualification set out by Morgan. In the reign of Henry II (1154-89) the King had groups of 12 ‘good and lawful men.’ One member on my jury had a minor criminal conviction. The actual word Jury comes from the Latin Jurati and was not used until 1220AD. It was not until 700 years later in the 14th century that the Jury became those who decided the facts of a case and not the law. Interesting that King John had it put in the Magna Carta that those deciding the fate of those accused were to be ’12 sworn knights.’ You see the threshold was set higher each century. Only the last 40 years have the Government diluted the quality of justice. it is quite a shame but then again I’m over it now. I’ve nearly served 5 years for nothing and I’m still being prejudiced which means I’m effective!!!!

PS: Happy birthday to my daughter Anna Meri.

Sunday 26 November 2017

07.34am – I still say that the National Football Team of any country should be picked by the public and the Manager to manage the team. Before Alf Ramsey, the England team was picked by the F.A., not the Manager. It was Ramsey who took over the job on the condition he picked the team. When I said that Dundee F.C. and the Scotland Team should be picked by the public in a telephone vote (in 2002 some 15 years ago!!!) I was heckled as crazy. But look at it this way –  £1 per vote – and just see how much money the team could make and as far as the National Team is concerned some of that money could be used for the youth academy which is badly lacking. I mean why are Chelsea and Arsenal, and other top Teams fielding foreign players???? I remember Gianlila Vialli telling me once that when he managed Chelsea F.C. at one game with Arsenal there was not a single English player on the field, including the Managers and the Referee was Welsh!!!! So there you have it.  I now repeat that the National Teams should be picked by the public by phone vote and that some of the proceeds to be used to nurture home players. I mean for example the England Team could do no worse than the shambles of the last World Cup and as for Italy – they played disgracefully and if ever the public should be picking the Italian National Team – well now is the time to do this!!!!

Monday 27 November 2017

06.37pm – Today I found a letter dated 3 July 2013 evidencing that Sarah Hall my Solicitor at the time handed my passport to the Home Office Immigration Officer. You see the Immigration are now saying that they have never had my passport which, of course, causes a delay in removal from this country.

06.40pm – On another front last night I caught on the news something about cricket and I saw on TV a cricket player bowling. Wow!! That gave me a flashback to 1963 when I just started junior school and the head teacher Syd Corby (who had been a prisoner of War in Germany) took the class to the fields to play cricket. He asked if any boy (we were all 8 years of age) could bowl overarm and I quickly said I could. So I bowled and it was quite good but he said: “Ruddy Itai playing a mans game – get away yellow belly.” I have disliked cricket from that day and I could never understand quite why the hell I was always targeted. I mean I was born in 1955 and knew eff all about the War and was 8 years of age. I felt sorry for him for what he went through but to take it out on me simply because I was Italian, I could not understand. He stopped me playing any sports for a year because he felt ‘Itai’s’ who lost the War should not be allowed to play with English people. Funny that Arsenal yesterday fielded a team without a single English player!!!!!

Tuesday 28 November 2017

07.26pm – I thought it was time for a few names of all those who worked for SIS and please look them up: Michael Eddowes:- he was a lawyer and owned restaurants and turned on MI6 when he questioned the murder of 10 Rillington Place – you see MI6 knew that Evans was innocent and he went further and gave information about the Kennedy murder. He was lucky because he was allowed to live until he was about 90. He was right that the body of Oswald was not his and when he had the body exhumed the CIA ordered the laboratory to switch the results making Mike Eddowes into a liar.  I met him a few years before his death in 1992. Bernard Walsh:- a top MI6 man who owned Wheeler’s restaurant, and yes, I used to eat there a lot in the 1980s but Walsh died in 1981. I never met him but he knew Donald Maclean. Vasco Lazzolo:- a sexual deviant but well connected and managed to obtain many compromising photos of influential people at sex parties for MI6. Sam Boal:- part-time agent working for both the CIA and MI6, he was in London in the early 1960’s as the London Editor of the New York Daily Post. He managed to obtain some important information about Lyndon B Johnson and as a consequence ‘died’ in a fire at his New York apartment. Roger Slade:- Solicitor, who also worked for MI6 and had in his possession the Will of an influential political figure. The Will was a kind of confession and he too died early, aged 68.  Arthur Christiansen:- Editor of the Daily Express not only worked for MI6 but refused any payment out of loyalty to the Crown. He was about to publish the story of Prince Phillip on the Royal Yacht Britannia with many women but he died suddenly aged 59!!! I will leave the best until another time. Let’s see if anyone figures a connection of all of those!!!!



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