Diary From The Inside 29 November – 18 December 2017 Part 106 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Wednesday 29 November 2017

06.21pm – I will come back to yesterdays theme but in the meantime, last night, eff knows why I remembered an incident that happened when I was 7 years of age in 1962.

Now at school, I became the milk monitor and would collect 6 crates of milk from outside and place them at the door of the classrooms. It must have been winter because one of the female teachers commented to me how cold it was and should I not wear gloves. I was 7 years of age remember and it’s 1962. The next day I brought in gloves and when I delivered the milk I think it was Ms. Greene (with an e on the end) said “ha I thought so, typical yellow Italian who freezes upon the slightest breeze as you did in the war. I’ll give you gloves be a man like the English” and with that, she ripped the gloves from my hands and threw them in the bin and told me I no longer was the milk monitor and gave the job to Colin Cole (jeez I remembered his name even)!!!! Now, why the hell I’m remembering these single incidents of my past I don’t know. Normally, people look back at the past before they die or so it’s said. Hope not!!!

06.38pm – Let’s go back to yesterday: next name working for SIS – Jack Broome: who was with the Royal Navy but became the editor of a magazine and who in the mid-1960s sued David Irving (costs funded by MI6) about a navy operation, Irving said that Broome had messed up called PQ-17. Next Sean Fieldings: another who was working with the Daily Express and a pal of Lord Mountbatten and, who ‘died’ suddenly at the age of 55!!!! Are you guessing who the real big name is who worked and is still ‘on the books’ of MI6??? More tomorrow!!!

Thursday 20 November 2017

07.22pm – When I read the reasons that Ed Fitzgerald QC has advanced for Lauri Love not been extradited I really wanted to say “Hey, wait a minute:- what about the 10,000 on remand in the UK at any one time locked up 23 hours a day?” Let me tell you the facilities in the US are a billion times better than in the UK, where here, for example, two people share a cell of less than 6 M2 with a toilet, no curtain, and windows broken a clear violation of European prison rules and an utter disgrace??? I’m a little sick of people pleading that in a foreign country you won’t get a fair trial and the conditions in prison are unknown etc, etc. When I was approached in Spain to come to the UK I didn’t pussyfoot around. I got on with it. My trial has been terribly unfair. My appeal was handled by a High Court Judge not qualified to sit and my sentence absurd. However, I have got on with it like a man because you see in Italy we Italians consider honour more important than injustices and suffering. So to Lauri Love, God Bless him – man up and the same to Julian Assange – man up and get on with it!!!!

Friday 1 December 2017

06.12pm – Read the news article above please. I’m making an appeal/warning call it what you like but whoever stole the prosthetic limbs, for whatever reason, give them back and that will be the end of the matter. If you get caught and come to prison, and have not given them back, then the matter may well create complications. Those in jail don’t like this kind of theft. No one is a Saint but there are degrees of sinners! That is my advice. Give the prosthetic limbs back now!!

06.20pm – Yet again, last night, I had a flashback to an event that happened in 1965 when I was in my third year at junior school. I was playing football in the playground with Niel Tobin (gosh remember his name) and on our left was an ‘out of bounds’ piece of grass and fence about five foot tall. When the ball used to go over all could jump over the fence and retrieve the ball. Niel Tobin kicked the ball and it went over. In the playground was Mr. Harris, a new teacher, who really did not like me at all. He shouted, “Giovanni, go over and get the ball you Italian yellow-bellied loser – go on then.” So I climbed over and as I was at the top I felt a belt on my backside hit me hard. Harris was red in the face and I was frozen so he hit me again “you yellow skinned Eyetie,” he screamed. I fell over and picked up the ball, threw it over and I climbed back over but when I hit the ground Mr. Harris kicked me hard in the backside. “That’s what all you Eyeties need” he shouted and went away laughing. I was 10 years of age. Don’t know why I remembered that.

Saturday 2 December 2017

06.56pm – Well is that just not the dog’s dinner??? What a shock! What a surprise that Lord Howard (QC) has had his driving conviction quashed! I would never have believed it. Of course, it helps that he is an ex-Conservative party Leader who Anne Widdicombe described as “something of the night in him.” His wife is an ex-model and is a millionaire!!! Try winning in the Divisional Court if you are a dustman on Legal Aid!!! The law is very much in favor of the rich! Can I say though that unlike Blair, for example, Lord Howard was a great QC, as was Jeremy Thorpe and not many people knew that the ex-Liberal party leader was a QC!! Howard, though, was truly great and why the hell did he not do the case himself? Lord Denning appeared in Court at the age of 100 but then again Tom Denning was a great!

07.02pm – Shall we go back to the other day and more ex-members of SIS? David the Marquess of Milford Haven:- held sex parties at his Grosvenor Square flat and had some great photos of some of the nobles and politicians, and a member of the royal family – died aged 50 – there’s a surprise!!! Heart attack or killed??? The big name coming soon………………..

Sunday 3 December 2017

06.18pm – Sheer effing madman to jail an 83-year-old man for contempt of court on a civil claim. There are people in the criminal justice system who fail to give evidence, refuse to abide by court orders and yet eff all happens to them. A window cleaner was left £279,698 and at the age of 80+ of effing course, he spent it. So would I. So would you. At that age is there time to think. Two years later the Will is challenged and he lost. Tough effing luck on whoever challenged the Will. Too late. I hope they are proud that an 83-year-old man is in jail and shame to this bandit country that jails 83-year-old men for such reason. Boy, thank eff this country is out of the EU.

06.22pm – On a more joyous note welcome to this world Jude-Ray Phoenix Di Stefano on 1 December 2017. My eldest sons second son. I only got to find out last minute, of course. As you know dads get good news last but I’m so happy for my son to now have two young children to raise. You know children give you a purpose in life. Would have preferred he had been born in Italy but never mind. He is born and is a wonderful boy so all else is irrelevant. I’m eagerly awaiting a photo. It’s just a shame that my family is divided and not as I had planned or wanted but as I once wrote the best laid plans of mice and men………………………….

Monday 4 December 2017

06.27pm – Can I say that I agree a billion percent and have always said so:- Tony Blair was a useless lawyer but his brother William not only a great lawyer but a fair Judge and an extremely decent man. Eff knows how two brothers can come from the same parents!!! I will miss William Blair. I don’t miss Tony Blair at all and neither does the country.

06.29pm – What I did like about the article above regarding the UFO in a Suffolk field is that it seems the guy was telling the truth but then I never doubted it. I do not doubt that there are aliens around. As I said in one article:- how do we know that say cancer is not an alien that takes over our body? How do we know that animals are not really aliens who have made the earth their home? So there you have it and I was pleased the polygraph came back positive.

06.32pm – On the other hand what effing scumbag would steal stone slabs from a footpath? Just how effing low can you go in the criminal enterprise? Totally absolutely scumbags!!!!!

Tuesday 5 December 2017

06.27pm – Blast! The pain in my right leg is now acute and hurts like hell, blast it. I’m taking paracetamol like there is no tomorrow and still the pain is bad. You see I think it’s the damn bone that is hit. But, notwithstanding, I still smile. I don’t want too many people to know just how much pain I’m in.

06.28pm – Now I must make you laugh:- I had to read a letter to a man here who cant read or write. No ones fault but there are so many here who cannot read or write. It is what it is! Well, the letter was quite personal and in the letter the wife asks if she can ‘auto stimulate her own clitoride.’ Now, believe it or not, I had no idea what she meant by ‘clitoride’ but, of course, now I fully understand.  Today was like a scene out of ‘Porridge’ where Fletch reads the letter for one of the prisoners. The guy said to me “Mr Giovanni what does she mean auto stimulate…is something wrong with the car!” Well, I wanted to die laughing but he was quite serious. Tomorrow I have to create a reply for him. Wish me luck please.

07.00pm – OK let’s get back to the SIS operatives – historic that is that leads to the most unlikely main SIS operative from 1950 to this day! Although he has not been operative since 1995, the year my youngest son was born. The next is a surprise, well it was to me when I found out:- Baron Nahum who was an Italian Jew from Libya – yes look him up. He was a keen photographer and took many compromising snaps of ‘important’ people. Is it no wonder he died ‘suddenly’  aged 51???? Have you found the connection yet to the big name still to come???

Wednesday 6 December 2017

06.54pm – How nice it is to see dear Karren Brady – who is married to an Italian by the way – agreeing with me about those scum bags who stole Victoria Milligan’s prosthetic legs. As I said the other day – whoever did it can give them back and that is the end of the matter. If they are caught and, come to jail and, have not given the prosthetic legs back – well the position may well be complicated. Thanks Karen for agreeing with me. I hope Caroline and my son will let her know my feelings.

06.57pm – Well, tomorrow I have a legal visit. Let’s see if this time it does not get canceled and there are sufficient staff.

06.58pm – Today I received from the Ministry of Justice some disclosures how I am treated in the past 4 years 9 months and it is very interesting. I have also received the Court log from Southwark Crown Court right out of the blue. Wow!! Also, Wayne sent me OGGI and Vanity Fair. I mean, it feels like Xmas already.

Thursday 7 December 2017

07.22am – One of the consequences of giving people rights, and enhancing their rights, is that not all consequences will be properly thought out. The transgender situation is a good idea because the government is granting people a right they always had – great political spin and a bigger con!!!! No legislation was required to allow you to ‘feel’ whatever you wanted. If you ‘feel’ you are the opposite sex well that feeling is there whether there is legislation or not. Can you see how great the political con has been? But when you legislate what was not thought out was how that ‘right’ could be managed in prison. If you have time tap into Google Prison PSI 17/2016 ‘The Care and Management of Transgender Offenders’ which is the first time since prisons were established that special rules apply to a very minority (for now) type of prisoner. That is why male prisoners who ‘feel’ female and are still physiologically male are being sent to Bronzefield or other female prisons and committing sexual offences!!!! A totally bonkers policy and an absurd law that was not necessary. No law can legitimise your ‘feelings.’ The next will be a law prohibiting thinking about adultery and those who do will be jailed. You see the absurdity of the situation? If you feel you are the opposite sex carry on. Did not need any law that exposes problems as above.

Friday 8 December 2017

07.04am – Finally, some kind of a deal has been struck by the EU and the UK on getting the hell out of Europe. The next phase can begin and the sooner the UK are out then my life ambitions has come true. You see look at (for example) the situation with the International Criminal Court. The UK are founder members and main promoters. The US are nothing to do with it but the UK are main members and contributors, yet they don’t want to be made subject to its jurisdiction as far as British soldiers are concerned. How hypocritical! They want all other countries subject to prosecution but not themselves. They need to at least be like the US who told the ICC to eff off!!! The UK are always using their masquerade of hypocrisy!!! Get the hell out of the EU and get the hell out of all international bodies. That is the only way, or change the Government and start complying, and stop trying to behave as if the UK lead the World – they don’t – have not done for years and never will. The UK is a great country and much to contribute to the World but are stifled by the government believing their shite don’t stink. Well maybe it does not but it all depends on what you eat!!! This country needs a properly elected government.  If you can pick a jury at random then so can you pick 650 makers of parliament at random!!!!

Saturday 9 December 2017

07.36am – Yet another one of my ideas stolen by (this time) Rob Rinder and made into a one-off documentary except, that, what they have done to the format is crap!!! But then again as Rev. Paige pounded into my head for years “ideas cannot be patented so keep your big mouth shut.Obviously, I am still not learning from my own guiding principles. About Rob Rinder – he is lucky because the role he has adapted over the past few years should really have gone to Jerome Lynch QC who was the first people’s court judge and who, by the way, is a great lawyer as opposed to Rob Rinder being a mediocre one. However, sometimes such is destiny – some shine others produce dark clouds over themselves.

07.51am – On a different note, a person whom I identified in Monte Carlo as having misappropriated money from various causes, Giancarlo Tulliani, has been arrested in Dubai on an Italian warrant. Look the guy up. He is the brother-in-law of the ex-President of Alleanza Nazionale Gianfranco Fini and, if I remember correctly, it was all about a house in Monte Carlo ‘inherited’ from someone or other. I identified him but it was not taken seriously or he used political connections to avoid jail but political connections have a ‘best by’ ‘eat by’ date and those have long expired. If my memory serves me right he was involved in slot machines. He was caught in a sting by the TV LA7 asking for an interview with the police waiting!!! Extradition awaits!!!

Sunday 10 December 2017

Monday 11 December 2017

07.02am – Yesterday Max Clifford died. I can now openly say that although Max did not actually work for SIS, namely he was not a paid employee, he did enjoy years of ‘close co-operation’ where he provided valuable information in return for money. He did obtain valuable information regarding his clients – Frank Sinatra was but one and that information was shared with the CIA but he never was allowed to actually be a paid employee. The whole question now is this:- Max was due for release in four months time so why did he die or was he quietly eliminated. Max had a hell of a lot of ‘stored information’ on many people, many who now hold high office and he was in the middle of writing his book. He was, of late,  grumpy and extra arrogant according to those at Littlehey Prison and not well liked. But I knew him, and I liked him, and his book will be published in due course.

07.08am – On a more happier front – happy birthday to my youngest son who is 22 today. I miss him so much!!!

Tuesday 12 December 2017

07.05pm – Well, just in case you thought I’d forgotten about the ‘names’ I’ve been on about the last two weeks, and if you thought I’m trying to now avoid saying the truly ‘big’ name who worked for SIS for decades, well you are wrong. But before I do so there are a couple more to add to the list and then we can disclose the big name:- Feliks Topolski was an artist who moved to the UK before the Second World War. If I am right he had two wives (and a couple of girlfriends) and I’m not sure if Judge Topolski is related to him – probably he is. I got to give it to Feliks Topolski – whom I never met incidentally – he was still painting the day he died but part of his real job was with the Security Services and some of his painting were sold to ‘people of interest’ to the UK and Topolski was a great cover. Next is Vivian Broozky who was of Polish decent who made the UK his home after the First World War and was an ‘industrial correspondent’ for many newspapers. He even founded his own magazines and died in Hampstead, ironically, a home that I lived in between 1982-85 together with a drummer with, Status Quo!!! I know, you couldn’t make it up but I just remembered he played not with Status Quo but Rick Wakeman. Yes, we shared a home together and I won’t even begin to tell you the goings on, which for my part did not include sex, drugs and rock and roll – well not much of the first, zero of the second and maybe a little of the third. So who is the big name and who connects to all of the names I have cited?  You have to read on to find out.

Wednesday 13 December 2017

07.35am – I received some photos of my grandchildren the other day and I noticed a common denominator with all of them:- it seems they have all inherited a minor similarity not to me but of their great-grandfather also Giovanni Di Stefano. The look, the mouth, the way they smile and glare at you – it’s just incredible because I did not inherit that aspect of the DNA in fairness my grandfather had four children Michele, Giuseppina, Cornelia, and Antonio all my uncles and aunties. Only two of them inherited their fathers look – Giuseppina and Antonio and most of them thankfully inherited his character – that was left to me, although, I don’t have his looks. But all of my grandchildren in one way or another have Giovanni Di Stefano’s (their great-grandfathers) physical look. I know that none of my children will agree but they never knew my grandfather because he died in 1963 but I say have a gander at the few photos of him that are still around. For my part, my grandfather was a great character even though he had weakness but he was, for my part, a much-reciprocated man. If you want to know more you will have to read my autobiography and soon it will be expanded to include much more about my early life that I did not include, especially in light of the project Famiglia which explores five generations of my family, and boy if you thought my life was exciting – you ain’t heard eff all yet, until you read about my great-grandparents. Having written this I really miss my father for loads of reason – he was my link to our family history.

Thursday 14 December 2017

12.45pm – Some really great, great news today. After waiting over six months I have succeeded on the appeal of quashing my two unjust in the first place adjudications that were held on 6 July 2017. Thank you to the Ministry of Justice that really has lived up to its name. I am now ready to be repatriated to Italy and I hope that happens sooner rather than later.

12.48pm – Today I have another legal visit. Its a good day.

12.49pm – The big name who worked for the SIS will now have to wait a couple of days.

Friday 15 December 2017

06.48pm – Now if anyone things that I will allow Italy to have 2.9 million unemployed when I become Presidente Del Consiglio namely 11.1% of the working population – think again. I will be shortly republishing the Political Manifesto for my Party and all will be able to see the policies which have not changed much since when I formed the Party in 1995.

06.50pm – On a happy note today I received the results of my bowel screening and lo and behold I am clear!!!! Yes!!!!

Saturday 16 December 2017

12.51pm – I was absolutely shell-shocked to read in the Daily Mail about my friend Andrea Duder Webb the girlfriend of David Manners aka the Duke of Rutland. I was only two weeks ago in touch with her and I was so very happy that Andrea is with a really nice man. I simply could not believe the news report which I attach (to large to scan the attachment here is the link for the article as follows –  ‘Love rat duke is forced to call police after his Brazilian lover refuses to leave his castle and return to her house on his 15,000-acre estate (which he also shares with his wife and HER lover) following a row over a shooting weekend’ ) –  because that does not at all sound like the Andrea Duder Webb that I know. Having said that, I do agree with her that if one is to exclude a wife, live in girlfriend, or just girlfriend, from a party, must be by the host not third handed. Andrea can be temperamental even though as my friend she always conducted herself as a true lady despite that she was badly treated by the father of her son.  I only hope and pray that all is well with her and David, and, in fact, I’m sure it is or will be. David would be a fool to break with her but you know in life the heart is often a vagabond as Nicola Di Bari sang.

12.57pm – My dear Caroline has been racking her brain as to who the ‘big’ name is that worked for years with the SIS and how that person is linked to all the names I have mentioned who also worked for SIS. Well, I had to tell her yesterday and she was shocked, aghast, amazed and would never have made the link. So who is that person? Well, a secret is only a secret if one person only knows but in this case you will have to wait for just a wee while longer for all the be revealed.

Sunday 17 December 2017

07.01pm – After a very long day at work, I finally was able to talk to my fourth son (in order of appearances) as it is his 33rd birthday. I know that being ‘fourth in line’ children often feel left out. I know my second son Anthony sometimes felt left out but a parent loves his/her children all the same. That is what I told him today – yes we have had our differences of opinion and yes, he did get quite a bit of discipline (all of which I regret) but I love him – by God I do and woe betide anyone that lays a finger on any of my children or grandchildren. So a big happy birthday. I sent him a card with a picture of Heidi Klum’s legs – well a dream or two won’t do any harm even though dear Heidi would eat him alive, at least he enjoyed.

07.07pm – I read Karen Brady’s column in the Sun on Sunday. I totally agree with Dame Karen that The Ritz is still simply the best. I spent a lot of time there and in the late 1980’s I had a suite of rooms for months there – well, that is another matter for another day as to why!!! The last person I saw at The Ritz was Asil Nadir and his wife. The next time I saw him was – here!!! Oh well, there you have it, as Mr. Blair said. I also agree with Karen – it’s the only damn place where a jacket is compulsory but then I always wear one anyway.

Monday 18 December 2017

01.11pm – I was thinking about death yesterday – as you do (????) – and I thought to myself:- surely death is a form of age discrimination? Oh well we have to laugh, don’t we.

01.12pm – I saw this news report about UFO’s and as I have written in the past I do believe that, for example, cancer cells, leukemia all kind of viruses are in reality aliens and they keep the population down. So, what about these men in spaceships crap? Well, we don’t exclude anything but I take it all with a pinch of salt. I am of the firm belief that viruses, malign cells of all types are actually the real aliens. You may well laugh but just think it out please and see if it’s just possible. We all look out for weird men with round heads whereas, the real aliens are here with us that have occupied our bodies and it is those that kill us. Makes sense? Yes, of course, it does but you need to have lateral thinking logic strategy (not bad eh, I just inserted that phrase LTLS).

01.22pm – I have just heard S. Clubs Christmas new single which is the first damn song that actually has a melody. You see music today is not really music but then I’m stuck in the 1960’s anyway when music included a melody and a melody you could whistle too.


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