Diary From The Inside 1 – 16 January Part 108 by Giovanni Di Stefano

New Years Day – Monday 1 December 2018

07.10pm – Well, the New Year has started well and what starts well will end even better.

On New Year’s Day I received (don’t ask me how or from whom as I don’t know) documents that truly help me in many ways – for my conviction which is now seeming more shaky by the minute and how I have failed to be sent to Italy. Boy, are the documents helpful. Thank you to whoever sent them. On another note look at my stars prediction for this year!!!

Tuesday 2 January 2018

07.34pm – The New Year has started well but now and then one must always be on guard. I sent yesterday a, what we call, CPR part S4 letter and I really feel this time things will move. Also, I have received from well-wishers some excellent disclosures that have amazed even me!!! Things will certainly be different this year. You know what:- I am actually at peace with myself.

Wednesday 3 January 2018

01.29pm – In the film ‘School For Scoundrels (1960s) Terry Thomas tells Ian Carmichael “some of the most successful mornings comprise of those who rarely speak to each other.” How funny but how true.

01.30pm – Do you remember the other day I was talking about how ‘magic circle’ law firms never get audited by the Law Society? I wonder why that is so? And why is it that many in the ‘magic circle’ end up getting OBE’s, CBE’s etc? Why are they above the law? or is it that everyone knows they do nothing wrong so there is no reason to audit them? You know what? I will do a Freedom of Information application to find out how many times have ‘magic circle’ firms been audited? I know the answer:- Nil. And look at Slaughter and May – some slaughter (£22 million) and no relation to Theresa May!!!

01.34pm – I see that Donald Trump has threatened nuclear war by a Tweet!! If it was not serious it really would be comical. What a damn world we live in!!!

Thursday 4 January 2018

01.04pm – Do you know the only two days in your life-time that are less than 24 hours? Come on can you guess?? It is quite easy. Two days in all your life-time that are less than 24 hours??? Have you guessed?

1. The day you were born.

2. The day you die.

Those are the only two days that – for you – are less than 24 hours in the day. So what is the moral of the story? Eff all. Treat every day as if it is your last day and cram as much as you can into each day because it could (and one day will) be the last.

01.08pm – I see an Italian taxi driver with five daughters has won £25 million on the lottery. Good luck to him. My advice:- take all the money and go and live back in Italy. Get the hell out of this country.

01.10pm – Donald Trump is now on about him having a ‘bigger one’ than Kim for North Korea!! He is referring to the nuclear button. Well, it’s for sure that the US has a nuclear bomb that can destroy all of the North Korea capital and an 8-mile radius and 300-mile radiation but – and here is the rub in it – he can only authorise a nuclear strike but cannot order it. The military has to be satisfied that constitutionally the authorisation is as a result of the US being in peril or under attack. Would the current US Military refuse the authorisation? We will soon find out.

Friday 5 January 2018

06.33pm – Not one of my better days and possibly an element of some shame, I should feel. I always pride myself on my conduct and when it falls below the accepted standards then I need to feel ashamed.

Saturday 6 January 2018

07.54am – A lot of people talk about democracy but have no idea what it is, what it means, and what are the consequences of such. Well, democracy originates in Greece where it means ‘people power.’ In today’s world it might mean the same but it sure as hell is not applied. Anyone who wants a reason why not choosing democracy is a viable read to take, just have a ten-minute chat with the average everyday voter – you will be put off democracy for life!! Now talking of democracy I had to laugh when I saw Jo Marney with the head of UKIP and the age difference of 30 years!!! The part that made me laugh is the ‘turning London into a shanty town.’ In 1972 my Uncle Ray (a significant figure in my life Antony Arthur Raymond Hill) from Wellingborough attended a council meeting where planning permission was requested at the Pyghtle estate to build more houses and he objected saying if the council allowed it then Wellingborough would be turned into a ‘shanty town.’ How right both Uncle Ray and Jo Marney were!! Well said, Jo!!!

Sunday 7 January 2018

07.14am – I was sad to see that Flavio and Elisabetta are divorcing. The 30 year age difference makes little difference until the older person gets older! Marriage – and I should know – is not so easy. You have to work at it and the hardest role is the woman. She has to get used to you coming back at night (when you do) talking about how the day has gone without a word about how the woman’s day has been. Then pick up all the laundry, mixed socks and the consistent missing of key days like birthdays, holidays, Xmas, Easter with some wild excuse or another. The richer you are the wilder the excuses and the harder the role of the woman and how do we men get away with it? Easy – money. Buy a new piece of jewelry of a fur coat or a new etc, etc. The wilder the transgression the better the bribe. You see for Flavio and Elisabetta all was great until the nitty-gritty of day to day life and the reality hits home. Flavio is a great guy – I know him but don’t know Elisabetta but she has ambitions, hopes, fears, views – Flavio should try and find them not just admire her body. That message is not just for Flavio but not a bad thing for me to consider also.

Monday 8 January 2018

07.58pm –

JTG 988D Hillman Imp £100 aged 17.

HBD 800N Fiat 124 £1,500 aged 18.

BDK 172K Audi 100RS part exchange Fiat 124 plus £300 aged 19.

TKR 524R rolls Royce £13,000 aged 23.

There were Alfa Romeo, Lotus Eclat (yellow) Phantom Rolls and Rolls Royce Corniche in between but how many of you can remember the registration of your first four cars??? Lord knows why I could but yesterday it just came to me. I wonder if by the grace of God they would be found on the internet still???? Doubt it but who knows. Now on Saturday night was the concluding part on the feud between Betty Davis and Joan Crawford. The parts were played by Susan Sarandon (whom I know before I made the Thelma and Louis film whilst at MGM) and Ms. Long another great actress whom I do not know. In 1973 I was just 18 but was in Los Angeles in Beverly Hills at 100 North Swall Drive (please don’t ask how I got to living in Beverly Hills but if you read my autobiography you might find out) and I used to go to the Pink Turtle Restaurant at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and I met Betty Davis. Remember I was 18. I remember having a coffee and a blueberry pie and cream with her, and we talked for about an hour. At the end, she asked me: “well young man, you talked about all but one thing you never asked me.” I replied, “sorry Miss Davis?” she said, “you never asked me about Joan Crawford.” I clearly replied, “who is she?” To which Betty Davis got up and kissed my cheek and walked out wiggling her bottom with glee!!!

Tuesday 9 January 2018

07.39pm – Today, I started work at 08.00am and finished just now and I’m tired as hell. Tomorrow will be the same and yesterday too. You know what though:- I’m proud of the job I do and do my very best. You see, in life it’s not important if you are King or Pauper so long as you do the best you can in what you do. Now have a look at the article in the Daily Mail today:- actually, my getting daily papers are thanks to Wayne and Wendy S who have been so very kind as to send me the papers each day – so kind. Look at the article:-

It’s absurd that a damned cat has more following than a Minister of the Crown. Is that how low things have reached today? A cat more important than a Minister!!! This country is going to the dogs and with that, I hope that the dogs can live in peace with Larry the cat!!!

07.49pm – Well done to North Korea. A great move by the President – make peace with South Korea and then the USA are basically screwed. That is if you don’t take into consideration the ‘D’ Factor – Donald Trump!!! You see he is unpredictable. He is one person I did not get to meet during my time at MGM but by what I have seen so far he truly is unique. Personally, I like him but he must temper his enthusiasm with discretion.

Wednesday 10 January 2018

07.44pm – The last few days I have had hardly anything to eat. I’m just not hungry and working with food makes my appetite even less – just not hungry.

07.45pm – Nothing much will happen before the 18 January when the Courts get back to work.

08.19pm – David Gauke is the new Minister for Justice – the first to be qualified in law in the last 5 years – so the last 5 years the Lord Chancellors – Michael Gove, Elizabeth Truss and David Lidington, none had even and O-level in law, but could make decisions in law that would affect the whole English legal system. Farcical!! However, now a lawyer (a city lawyer at that) is in charge and Sam Gyimah has been removed as Prison Minister, maybe we will get some real decisions made that are actually in the interests of this country. We shall see. Not much now will happen. Those incoming all will say they need time to understand the problems and by the time they understand anything (1) it will be too late to do anything about it and (2) they will be removed and a new person appointed and the political circle starts again.

08.24pm – Today, I lost (eff knows how) my dislike of spiders. One crawled over my face and instead of me screaming and running as fast as a Jackrabbit, on a promise, I calmly held the spider in my right hand and allowed it to run up and down my hand – then I got fed up, lost my dislike for it and allowed it to run away.

Thursday 11 January 2018

06.33pm – Things have suddenly got much, much, better and I’m on my first countdown. That is all I am going to say for now. In fact, on all fronts, all is really going well and it seems the prediction for 2018 is going according to plan – albeit, an ever-changing plan but then all plans have to be flexible or they won’t work. After all, we are not robots, auto-motions or simple cogs in a machine. I am though very ruddy tired but will get through OK.

06.36pm – Now, have a look at this fool Assange, I mean what the hell is wrong with him? He has done 6 years cooped up in a room smaller than a prison cell and with less facilities. He has done now a 12-year sentence whereas for what he was accused of in Sweden the maximum was 5 years! Now, absconding from bail really carries little prison but the UK will be well pissed off because he has cost them millions in police time. Also, the UK has refused him diplomatic status. So as soon as he leaves the Embassy it will be C wing at HMP Wandsworth or Wormwood Scrubs and then – here at HMP Highpoint where he won’t get Unit 6/7 but will be OK anyway.

Friday 12 January 2018

06.49pm – Things are looking good. The immigration now has my ID card and all is going good. I’m not going to say more but the next few weeks I will work as hard as my age allows and do my very best in everything I do here.

06.51pm – I see that Carillion the works company that took hundreds of millions from the prison service are in financial problems. You see the saying:

“Give a man a gun

and he will rob a bank

Give a man a bank and

he will rob everyone!!!!”

How effing true. You know what pisses me off more? I’m here for hundreds of millions less than what Carillion have done, and BHS, and all others, especially the prime banks. You know what though? I must now look not to yesterday, or even perhaps today, but for tomorrow and after. I can’t do eff all about yesterday but I may just may be able to shape what tomorrow brings. At the end of the day though its all written in the Stars and our destiny is written in advance by the fates. As King Lear said:

“As wanton boys to flies

are we to the Gods:-

They kill us for their sport.”

Now, this weekend I will be making a short statement of importance on William Joyce better known as “Lord Haw Haw.’

Saturday 13 January 2018

07.27pm – A very long day because of my work and the hours and how I want to do the very best job possible. OK, I know some criticise me but I will always do my very best possible in any job I do. I refuse just to do the minimum – no one must always do the best possible regardless. Tomorrow I must write out my statement on William Joyce (AKA) Lord Haw Haw.

Sunday 14 January 2018

06.20pm – There will be a public statement from me this week on two matters:-

Oscar Wilde, and

William Joyce AKA Lord Haw Haw

I am very tired as am working 14 hour days straight through. as I said before I want to do the very best job possible and I don’t care whether the job is in prison or in Government (not much difference anyway.)

Monday 15 January 2018

07.59pm – I do sincerely apologise for the last few days diary entries being short but I  have been truly working hard from 8am – 7.30pm and as I have said many times I want to do the best job possible. I note Carillion has gone ‘belly upwards’ with 1.5 billion debt and 600 million pension shortfall, and the sink in my room that can’t be replaced because Carillion took £250 million from the prison service and has in effect not given fair value – fraud!!! But no one gives a damn so why should I?

Tuesday 16 January 2018

07.30am – I am watching ‘Everyone Loves Raymond’ and its the episode when Robert finds a toy in the cereal pack and Raymond says, that the toy is his because the toy was found in his home, in his bowl and cereals he bought!!! Well, that reminded me of my cousin Giovanni Carrea finding a sixpence in the garden of my house and I would have been about ten years of age (1965) and I said to him the same – that as the sixpence was found in my garden we should at worst share it and at best he should hand it over to me. I remember as if today – Giovanni was on his bike and he looked me in the eye saying, “finders keepers, losers weepers.” I did not have a clue in hell what he meant, but he neither shared the sixpence or gave it to me and I felt an injustice. In those days sixpence could get you two kit-kats. You see, I would have shared the find but not Giovanni. He has had some bad luck in life but growing up with him was nice because we were not only blood cousins but friends. He is a brilliant academic and I do, in fact, have missed him because after our mid-twenties we sort of lost touch. Thinking now how that was possible because we were so close – how was it possible we lost touch? But that is life. Oh well!!! In fact, I will ask Caroline to send me what happened to the main actors in ‘Everyone Loves Raymond’ and see if Giovanni Carrea is on social media. His daughter, my niece, is an actress because when I was at MGM she contacted me. his brother Mario, my older cousin died suddenly about ten years ago. I do miss my family a lot.



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