Diary from the Inside 10 March – 3 April 2018 Part 112 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Saturday 11 March 2018

05.59pm – I was very glad to see this in the Daily Mail about Christina Estrada whom I know from Hollywood in 1989-90.

I went to her birthday party in Gstaad and really was of the view she was (dare I say it) ‘in love’ but it appears that Juffali (God rest his soul) had other ideas. Anyway, she will be OK and there are 75 million reasons why and actually many millions more, even. Caltagirone is from a famous family whom I also know but have never met him. I’m sure it will be a match made in the bank as they say!!! Christina is actually a nice lady, and all joking aside, I really thought what Juffali did was not correct but then I don’t know all the circumstances. At her birthday party, I saw a couple in love but again who the hell knows what a couple does behind closed doors. Didn’t Charlie Rich sing a song called ‘Behind Closed Doors.’ I don’t think I ever recorded that song – well maybe when I get to Italy!!!

06.06pm – Much talk about Trump and the North Korean leader meeting in person, well, about time too. At last some sensible action over what could have been – could still be – trouble beyond comprehension. That is the part of Trump I really like.

Sunday 11 March 2018

08.14am – I don’t know if any of you know just how silly human beings can be and Americans at that. In 1958 a giant Panda Chi Chi was going from Russia to the United States of America to a Zoo. Not much was known about Pandas’ in those days and I’m not so sure that position has changed 60 years on!!! However, the US immigration refused to allow Chi Chi to enter the United States of America because…..wait for it…..you sure as hell won’t believe it…..they refused Chi Chi entry because the Panda was ‘a communist’ and later the US immigration clarified ‘the Panda came from a communist country.’ Just how effing stupid can a human being be??? That goes to ask me the question:- do animals have any political affiliation??? I hope Caroline puts a photo of Chi Chi on my diary to show just how cute a Panda is! That leads me to recount a joke that a Crown Court Judge once told me:

“My wife is like a Panda.”


“She only wants to breed twice a year.”

In fact, Pandas’ can only conceive two days a year so a male Panda had better get his dates right!!!!

05.18pm – Still I am in no frame of mind to talk to anyone. Sometimes I just wonder if anyone gives a damn. I’m like an old man locked in the cellar and forgotten. It’s probably not so, but its how I feel and I hope I can change my feeling.

Monday 12 March 2018

01.06pm – For all those that may have written me off – look at the suffragette article below that is very much forgotten.

You see, the real first woman elected to Parliament was, in fact, a person who had been sentenced to death none the less, so from the gallows to Parliament. Prison is no bar to being in Parliament or leading a country – of late it is almost a pre-requisite – what can a Prime Minister know of freedom of the people if he/she has not experienced withdrawal of freedom? Tap into google: ‘How many world leaders past and present have been to prison then elected to political office.’ Get ready to be surprised.

01.10pm – I’m a big fan of Jane McDonald the TV presenter/singer. Her version of ‘Winner Takes It All’ is as good – if not better – than Abba. I hope Caroline sends her this message. There is a person who started out working the cruise liners and now is a great artist. My friend Chrissy Caine is as good as Jane McDonald and Chrissy can sing in foreign languages. I hope she gets the break that she truly deserves. We did a duet together with her husband, also, singing  apart, he also, is great. They are better than Nina and Frederick. Look them up please and play Chrissy Caines’ songs.

Tuesday 13 March 2018

07.06pm – I want to comment on two things:

1. The death of Sir Ken Dodd – a truly great man whom I met when Frank Brierley engaged him to open a supermarket in Corby in 1972 when I was but 17. Do you know who Frank gave the task of handing to Ken Dodd the fee of £1,100? Me!!!! How that came about – well, you will have to read my book. I thought he was a truly funny person.

2. Brexit – In 1973 when Britain joined the ‘Common Market’ its contribution was…..wait for it…..about £180 million which today is about £2 billion. Then in 1973, the total budget of the EEC was just £2 billion about £24 billion today. In 2015 the UK paid £14.6 billion but got back £3.9 billion, making a total contribution of £10.7 billion. The reason for this is that the Euro Club, as I call it, has increased from 6 members to 27 and most of the 12 members that joined in 2004 as well as Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain receive more than they pay in. Well, I won’t stand for it. Imagine you join the Whites Club in London and instead of you paying your dues the Club pays you??? A dream! When I lead Italy and I will – that will change. Everyone pays so “he who pays says.” Between 1973 and 2012 Italy (my country) received 80 billion to spend on regional projects, yet Northern Italy is by far richer than southern Italy. Where did the money go? Well, you heard of ‘clean hands’ – I will want clean accounts!!! Watch this space, no matter where I am.

Wednesday 14 March 2018

07.04pm –

‘Oranges and Lemons

say the bells of St Clements.

You owe me five farthings

say the bells of St Martins.

When will you pay me?

Say the bells of Old Bailey.

When I grow rich

say the bells of Shoreditch.

When will that be?

say the bells of Stepney.

I do not know

say the Great Bells of Bow.’

That is a well-known nursery rhyme but do you know the last part? Well here it is for those who did not know and be ready for a shock:-

‘Here comes the candle

to light us to bed,

And here comes the chopper

to chop off our heads!

Chip, chop, chip chop,

the last man is dead.’

Now, you see, I do not, in general, believe in the death sentence and I will explain why in a very simple logical reason. When a person rapes a woman, the punishment is not that someone rapes him. When someone assaults someone the punishment is not that he is assaulted. When someone robs from a home the punishment is not that his house is robbed. So when a person kills why must the extreme punishment be that he/she be put to death? The dogma of an eye for an eye seems to apply only to murder and in any case, will only give work to opticians and surgeons. As for a tooth for a tooth – well many are terrified of dentists.

Thursday 15 March 2018

07.10pm – Statement from Giovanni Di Stefano

Some weeks ago a newspaper published allegations that David Floyd was a Russian Agent whilst working for SIS.

This is absolutely not true. David Floyd was an honorable, devoted and loyal patriot who volunteered to work undercover in the sense that he pretended to be a double agent.

At no time did David Floyd ever endanger anyone working at SIS and, in fact, was able to obtain a considerable amount of information that Moscow deemed secret. Like Blunt and William Joyce, he has been betrayed by the State a State – that placed him in great danger whilst he was alive without a blink of an eyelid.

I have written to his son Christopher Floyd and I now call upon Alex Younger of the SIS to tell at least the truth to the Floyd family.

That David Floyd had a number of personal adventures should not detract from the fact he was a true patriot and should receive all the credit for his profession.

I urge Alex Younger to dispel the absurd allegations and allow David to rest in peace in honour.

Friday 16 March 2018

06.58pm – That below is how I feel today. I have been metaphorically put on a cross to simply die out of desperation that the management here can treat people equally.

There are a number of violations of the Equality Act 2000 in my regards but I cite Ephesians 4-31-32:

“Get rid of all bitterness, passion, and anger.

No more shouting or insults, no more hateful feelings of any sort.

Instead be kind and tender-hearted to one another, and forgive one another.”

So, I leave this evening with the above image. I’m not good at drawing but I guess you get the gist of what I mean.

Saturday 17 March 2018

06.32pm – Today has gone really quick. There are so many things I need to do before I move from here and, actually, so very little time to do it in.

06.33pm – Also, today, the Italian Rugby team nearly won its first game by beating Scotland, except that it was not meant to be because a late penalty and the word ‘nearly’ and ‘wow’ made the phrase academic.

06.35pm – I am sad to say that in my Unit here there are 148 people but 77% cannot read or write properly and spelling – well that is another matter because hardly anyone can spell properly. That is frightening, and a good proportion are actually shy at saying they have a problem with reading and writing. I feel so sad when I see young men who simply lack the educational skills to even read or write. What does that also say though? That those coming to prison are 77% of the underprivileged and under-educated. There is one great statistic though – out of all prisoners who attained a University Degree from the Open University – none have been re-convicted of any criminal offence. Now, what does that tell you? That education is the key to any form of rehabilitations. Unfortunately, on this Unit, people spend 60% of their free time looking for drugs or cigarettes. how very, very, sad.

Sunday 18 March 2018

06.22pm – One of the lines of my school song was:

‘Forward we go

steady and strong,

facing the future

in unity.’

Well, let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Monday 19 March 2018

12.42pm – I’m still here and no sign – today – of any movement yet.  Now last night I was thinking about a policy that Trump succeeded:- Immigration. Trump wants to limit immigration and to kick out those who do not belong. It’s obvious he knows or cares little about history – all of those in America today, except the American Indians are, themselves, forced immigrants!!! There are no Americans. What a hypocrisy that America today wants to limit immigration when they themselves are immigrants!!! Different situation in the rest of the world save Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. They are also all from immigrant stock or criminal in the case of Australia.

07.58pm – Ha! It’s now been nine days since I received any post! Gosh, even a bill would be welcome. It’s five years plus since I saw face to face anyone in my family. Can any normal person survive this kind of situation? I guess that proves I’m not normal. Who knows – I just feel forgotten at times but then five years away – of course, people forget!

Tuesday 20 March 2018

07.22am – I was surprised when I read this news report about Lory Del Santo and I was even more astounded to note that Lory is 59 years of age.

My God I knew her in the late 1980s and look how time has flown us by! Then again I’m no spring chicken at 63. Actually today I am 22,892 days of age or 549,432 hours of age or 32,965,920 minutes – give or take a minute or two!!!!

07.26am – Brrr how cold it is outside. In my room, it’s 19 degrees when it is normally 24 degrees!!! By the way, I’m still here on Unit 4 – I mean ‘Unit’ sounds like I’m in some Russian Gulag that has ‘Units.’ The average age here is 27 and I’m 63 and I’ve been here since 3 July 2017 which shows my strength of character but also how the management has badly treated me. Despite such, I refuse to be bitter and believe in forgiveness. I was told when I won the case of Nicholas Van Hoogstraten by a senior member of the prison service that if ever I fell in their hands they would “make me pay and suffer.” I took it as a joke in 2002 but now it’s very real and nasty. Still, as I say, forgiveness is the most important aspect of life in, i.e. true society.

Wednesday 21 March 2018

06.23pm – I was talking to my son who told me he was sick of injustices. We discussed Carillion and agreed that despite £3 billion going adrift at the end of the day no one will get charged.

You see as I have said before:

“Give a man a gun,

he will rob a bank.

Give a man a bank,

he will rob everyone.”

The role of the accountants should also be considered in all of this. I raised the Carillion issue in 2015/16 when I noticed that since the Government paid them £300 million to maintain prisons, eff all was happening. So if I – a prisoner – was aware of something wrong, surely someone else should have been.???

06.27pm – One of the policies of my political party (Partito Nazionale Italiano) is to offer free education for all from the age of 3, until such time that a Ph.D or MD is completed with one provision:- whoever gets qualified for any provision from an Italian University, must remain in Italy 10 years!! Now look at the news report below is that not an article leading to such?

Let’s see if the UK political parties ploy follows GDS!!!!!!

Thursday 22 March 2018 – Unit 12 Room 5 Then Unit 4 Room 17

08.03pm – Well today proved that I am truly being discriminated and why is a mystery. At 11.40am I was happy as I was transferred to the Northside – Unit 12, and I was there for two hours only to be told at 14.00pm that on the Governors orders I was going back to the South – Unit 4. No explanation and it’s made me quite ill and physically sick. You see I gave 100% to this prison to help and subdue the high and volatile characters. I am loyal to my job. To be treated in this manner is beyond me and requires a proper explanation. I am truly upset tonight. The boys here all loved me coming back which made me proud. It does appear that after I won the Van Hoogstraten case the head of the prison service told me, way back in 2002, that if ever I was in the clutches of the prison service they would make me pay and suffer. It does seem that is the case.

08.10pm – I did not really know quite how upset I am over this. Sorry but later…..!!!!

08.15pm – Saw my lawyer only 15 minutes today as a result of this what seems planned exercise on me.

Friday 23 March 2018

06.57pm – Tomorrow the clocks go forward. I’m very upset and not at all well today after yesterdays debacle. I have a pounding headache, but I did see one of the Governors this evening and hopefully some good news to come. We shall see. I wanted to mention a couple of things about Boris Johnson. I have always liked him but he has gone too far on the Russia issue. Why? OK for one – he says that he knew 10 years ago that Russia was manufacturing nerve chemical agents that were banned. Assuming he is right then he should be prosecuted – again!!! Why? Because if he was aware of a crime and did nothing about it then he has committed an offence. Secondly, he says the World Cup is like the 1936 Berlin Olympics – and so what? In 1936 many supported Hitler rightly or wrongly. How could in 1936 anyone possibly know what Hitler would become in 1939, 1940, etc??? Russia lost 25 million people fighting Nazi Germany, although Stalin was probably responsible for half of that – the other half was lost fighting Nazi Germany. Let’s see what happens with the results of the toxic tests. I know one thing – Russia is not the only country that has manufactured Novichok – a few European countries have the capabilities, and one country needs just to look at themselves in the mirror!!!!

Saturday 24 March 2018

07.45am – There are a number of marches around the World today protesting ‘gun control in America.’ Why anyone from London, Madrid, Berlin, Rome, Paris etc gives a hoot about the law in America is beyond me but there you have it. So I thought I would give you a brief resume of funs in the USA.

07.40am – The Second Amendment to the US Constitution gives the right of people to bear arms. If my 63-year-old brain is working this was passed in 1791, solely as a need to defend a very weakened U.S.A. against attempts of recolonization, not just by Britain but by any major European Nations! To be able to maintain a militia that could quickly respond to any threat, citizens had to have guns. Again, if my history serves me right at the famous Battle of Alamo 1836 ( remember John Wayne’s film) it was 200, or so, Texan citizens who held out for two weeks against the Mexican army, that was ‘hell bent’ (John Wayne’s words) on keeping Texas! Guns are also a kind of defence against a tyrannical Government that tries to oppress the citizens because they would have the capability of fighting back. Further, as the US expanded West to California there was a real need for settlers to defend themselves against the Red Indians who were not happy at having their land stolen

Sunday 25 March 2018

06.32pm – A long day but by working hard I take my mind off the injustice that I am surrounded by including me. Tomorrow, five years ago, I will have served five years. Yes, five years! I hope, Alistair McCreath is proud of himself and has a true clear conscience!!! Look at the news article below:-

The UK has the largest amount of prisoners in the EU. There’s a surprise!!! Believe you me the UK would easily jail five times the number they do if they thought they could get away with it! Only the EU Courts sort of keep a lid on things. The UK would – if they could – jail you for dropping a cigarette on the pavement. In five years have I seen a lot of absurd cases. People being recalled to prison for the most absurd reasons. As I have said in my political statement for my Party – the window of a Nation is its prison policy. Think about it and then let me know if you think I’m wrong. I am not wrong. My client (ex) Manson has been buried. In death only five lines in a paper!! What a World eh?

Monday 26 March 2018

Tuesday 27 March 2018

07.40am – In the summer of 1979 I was given a task in Wales, and for a few years I couldn’t for the hell of me remember the place but I did recall the name ‘Devils Bridge,’ and for years I just did not know where the hell that was. Bingo – out of the blue ‘Devils Bridge’ is across the Afon Mynah in the Valley of Rheidol which is part of the A4120 roundabout twelve miles east of Aberystwyth.

I drove there in my Audi 100cs B50 139K and had my dog Sandy with me. I had to rent a Stately home in Clandysul (wrong spelling but that is how to pronounce it, correct spelling Llandysul) and had to generate a complaint from the real owners – and yes I succeeded but it was not for many years later that the whole damn purpose of the job was to out the ‘real’ owner of the Stately home which was then prosecuted. Why was he ‘outed’ and was it the real reason? Well, it was all very political but for a 24-year-old boy like me, I did it. Just imagine a 24-year-old boy renting a Stately home in Wales and destroying a room, so the ‘real’ owner of the house would be so pissed off he would come forward? You couldn’t make it up but that is how it was!!! Devils Bridge was all I could remember.

Wednesday 28 March 2018

05.26pm – I am so ill that I feel like just dying. A cough, the flu, the chest infection, and no medication to cure it. I just don’t know what has happened to me. I am so ill I really do feel like dying, first to alleviate the pain. Tomorrow I have been told I am moving. Let’s see how I feel tomorrow because last night was hell on earth. I was coughing all night. What’s the effing point of all of this? I may as well just exit this shit world.

Thursday 29 March 2018

12.42pm – Unit 9 V2, I have moved to a much tranquil Unit, at last something. I’m still quite ill but Lemsip may have saved me. I need to get better quick, quick.

Friday 30 March 2018

01.19pm – Am still quite ill in a crazy country where if you are ill in prison you basically need to have your own genetic resources to heal yourself because here zilch works. I will give you one example about this country. In 1840 the British Government spent £30,000 (yes, thirty thousand pounds) on education and £70,000 (seventy thousand pounds) on improving the kennels, and stables, at Windsor Castle. Since then nothing has changed! The Government don’t give a hoot about its citizens, and the citizens are impotent of doing anything about it. I predict things will change but not in my lifetime. I am really effing ill damn it and no one can help.

Saturday 31 March 2018

07.01pm – I am feeling better. I tell you I really thought the last few days that my number had come up, as they say. Despite all my illnesses, I have not missed one second at work. Last week I did rest for two hours, but other than that I have always been there for the 148 residents. Now all I must do is just carry on and anything good that comes along the way OK, otherwise I just get back into a regime so I can survive this injustice. Let me tell again how this country treats people:- the person here who has a year left to serve of a seven-year sentence is denied attendance at his grandmothers funeral because a grandparent…..wait for it…..the Government does not avert as ‘immediate family.’ That is the British Government. Without a grandparent, there is no parent and no parent no child, what could be more immediate family than that? Yet the prison service don’t recognise a grandparent as immediate family!!! I say again – thank eff that the UK is getting out of the EU for the fear and risk of infesting the 26 other member States! I’m sorry to say it, as such, but that is how it is. I say good riddance to the UK. The country will experience for real what it feels like to be alone in splendid isolation. It’s a shame because the citizens are decent honest and good people led by fools who think democracy was something extraordinary for very ordinary people. The Government should remember Cromwell. The people will only take so much.


Sunday 1 April 2018

06.05pm – Easter Sunday and Happy Easter to all who read my missives. I thought I was improving but the damn cough, and cold has come back grrrr!!! Never mind. Today few memories came flooding back and I don’t know why:- when my mother and I came to England, in February 1961, I was five years of age and I remember the boat crossing from Calais to Dover and my mother and I, and all passengers, where ordered to be on one side of the ferry because of the balance. That meant mum had not only to worry about me but nine suitcases all tied with rope. I recalled the fear and panic of all the passengers because the ferry should never have left Calais in that weather. Of course, somehow, destiny took over and we landed safely but to this day I hate boats!!! Even now as I write my back has gone cold because I was just a little boy with a blue woolen scarf, and a coat, frightened to death, not understanding eff all and being in fear of the unknown. The train from Dover to Victoria, I still now remember three men running towards me and I did not know which one was my father because he left when I was 3 1/2 years of age for England. Oh well, memories I guess not always so pleasant. Still, life moved ahead and I’m 63 but I remember those days and my first night in this country as if it were yesterday. I wish it were.

Bank Holiday Monday 2 April 2018

06.22pm – Worked today, and tomorrow, I am required to work until 07.00pm so I won’t be going anywhere. So much for the UK Government moaning that other countries break agreements. This country is notorious for such. This time I won’t be taking any action. I will just serve the rest of the time I have left, and when I’m in Italy and embodied in politics I will recalculate the formula. So, nothing much to report save that each day that passes the good citizens of this once splendid country are getting well and truly shafted!!! You know there is a  wonderful passage in Romans 8 : 24-25:-

“For it was by hope that we were saved; but if we see what we hope for, then it is not really hope. For which of us hopes for something we see? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.”

Now is that just not the truth? You know sometimes we need to go back 2,000 plus years to understand our psyche! Ah, there is another question I wanted to pose:- have you ever wondered why the generation that is able to read my diary i.e. post-II World War should be so damn lucky as to benefit for all the wonderful gadgets we enjoy??? Why was electricity not discovered say in the 4th or 5th century? Why was the car not invented in the 15th century? People had the same brain and capabilities as today. No psychological or physiological difference. I will tell you:- the Government loves ignorant citizens so they do not ask questions to pose problems. That is what has held up progress.

Tuesday 3 April 2018

07.22am – Yesterday Winnie Mandela died in South Africa. I never met her whilst I did meet her ex-husband Nelson Mandela twice, it does seem her courage over the 27 years that her husband was in prison was incredible. She did say something interesting that Mandela also said many years ago to me:- I asked him how he found being together with his wife after 27 years, to which he replied: “well, we have led separate lives and that has not changed.” In fact, upon release, Nelson Mandela never slept in the same bed with his wife again. Well, you can imagine the thoughts going through my mind – I have not been in prison 27 years but 5 seems long enough. Have I led a separate life with my family?? If I have, then will that be reflected upon my release? Of course, I truly hope not and Romans 8 comes to mind. In the meantime, I must just concentrate on getting well, and healthy, and getting back to Italy. It clearly won’t happen today but I do have a strange feeling that someone, somewhere, somehow things are being decided. I will continue getting better. I have  multi-vitamins and they seem to help. In the last week, I have lost eight kilos owing to this damned cold, cough, not sure that is good though.


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