Diary from the Inside 26 February – 9 March 2018 Part 111 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Monday 26 February 2018

07.26am – This case of Georgina Challen is one that I want you all to follow. In England, the way appeals are dealt with is that whenever an appeal is heard, the law to be applied is the law ‘at the time of the offence, not at the time of the appeal.’ So I want to see exactly how the Court of Appeal deals with this injustice. I hope for the best for Georgina who is correctly known as Sally.

07.30am – Something different:- how come in the whole of the Bible and more important the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John nowhere is there a physical description of Jesus!!!! The only one drawing was found in the Palatine Hills of Rome and the head was a donkey – that was, of course, to ridicule the religion. But it’s strange that nowhere, no one has ever described Jesus physically. I still believe, probably even more so, but I wanted to share that with you.

Tuesday 27 February 2018

07.09am – I heard on BBC news this morning the boast that the murder rate has gone down, and that the government policy is working to reduce the violent crime of murder and that is why capital punishment is not needed. Well, yes I agree that the death penalty is not needed but not because the murder rate has been reduced.  I will tell you why the murder rate is reduced.

  1. Medical interventions and techniques have developed so much that violent crime attacks that previously would have resulted in death (murder) are now so enhanced that lives are being saved. Medicine has developed so much that many lives are prolonged and saved. So crimes that would have been fatal are no longer so, especially in gun crime, the doctors are great at saving gunshot victims and that is to their credit and that reduces the murder rate.
  2. More people are staying at home because of the many more distractions – internet, games, satellite TV all those have an effect on the type of crime being committed. Forty years ago there were less sex crimes, no offences of child pornography, simply because no internet to share that rubbish with. The advent of new technology has shifted crime from violent crime to virtual crime. Thus the murder rate and decreased.

07.24am – On another front – brrrrrrr outside. The cold is so bitter and the cause ‘the beast from the east’ Even the weather has gone politically correct!!!! Talk about spin doctors!!!!

Wednesday 28 February 2018

07.27am – I was reading about Winston Churchill’s affair with Cara Delevingne’s great aunt, during his wilder years, that the ‘affair’ went on for a few years mostly in the South of France. Well, where else? What is fascinating is that both Delevingne and, also, the Duchess of Windsor were experienced lovers and knew how to perform the ‘Cleopatra Grip.’ Can someone please tell me what the hell is ‘Cleopatra’s Grip’???? Don’t be embarrassed to email me and my own views:- what a load of rubbish. people don’t have affairs because one of the parties knows how to perform the ‘Cleopatra Grip’ whatever that is! Apparently, the so-called ‘Cleopatra Grip’ was so effective on Churchill that he told his lover “you can make a dead man rise.” Well, there you have it!!!!

A = Success in life –

If that is so A = X+Y+Z

Where X = Work

Where Y = Play

and Z = Keeping your big mouth firmly shut and minding your own business.

Follow that formula and ‘A’ truly does make success in life!!!!

06.53pm – Oh my giddy aunt as, they say, I called my son and found out what the hell ‘Cleopatra’s Grip’ is!!! How embarrassing, I mean, how the hell could one ever hazard a damn guess. On a colder note, oh boy, oh boy, how it’s cold outside and lucky I’m not outside on the streets but inside in a 22-degree room. No news on anything else but then again, it’s snowing and the whole country dies when its cold in the UK!!!!

Thursday 1 March 2018

07.29pm – In Italy CasaPound Italia is headed by another Di Stefano. Watch this space, is all I can say. The guiding principles of fascism, not right wing but pure fascism ideology is what they advocate. As I say watch this space. They have taken many policies and advanced them, it’s simply great to see. I hope that Caroline places a link to my diary as well as my own Party the Partito Nationale Italiano. The leader is Simone Di Stefano, well done son!! (Not biological may I say).

07.38pm – I am so pleased that Georgina Challen has won her right to appeal against her conviction for murder. Now it’s only the right to an appeal and there is still much ground to cover but at least she has her foot in the door.  Let’s follow that case and see how it develops. I would love for her to win because her two children have lost both parents but the mother can be restored back to them. Sometimes the question of compassion must come into the law. It cannot be pure law – justice must also pop up now and again. I hope Caroline places a  photo of the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, London in this entry.

Note:– The Royal Courts of Justice not the Royal Courts of Law!!! It’s justice that must be dished out, not pure law, and for those reasons the issues of Heather Stephenson-Snell, Penelope John, and Georgina Challen, and many more must receive justice meaning, being restored to their families and the community.

Friday 2 March 2018

07.16pm – The whole week all that is in the news are stories about a few inches of damn snow. I mean, honestly, how do people in Norway, Iceland, Russia deal with the weather? They stop effing reporting about it because it is normal. What the hell is wrong with this country? Has it become a government of the feeble? Just deal with it and make sure all works as in other damn countries. You don’t hear about the snow or ice in Norway, or Iceland, for God’s sake.

07.17pm – On another more important front – well I’m not going to say eff all more.

Saturday 3 March 2018

08.05am – Gosh, today I have been unlawfully held and a political detainee for 1802 days, equal to 43,248 hours, equal to 2,594,880 minutes, (give or take a minute or two) I have been alive 22,881 days, equal to 549,144 hours, so I have been 4,24% of my life unlawfully detained. So much for mathematics. It is interesting to deal with statistics but they don’t change a damn thing.

05.56pm – The photo above was taken in October 1972. I failed my first driving test and six weeks later passed. I felt as free as a bird. Passed my test but no car at 17!!!!!!

Sunday 4 March 2018 (written Sat 3/3/2018 to catch the post

What do four women, three pictured below, have in common?

Doris Castlerosse the great aunt of Cara Delevingne the model; the Duchess of Argyll; Lady Docker and the Duchess of Windsor (Mrs. Simpson)? All four were known to use the ‘Cleopatra Grip.’ Anyone else wants to be honest and say they are also in the ‘Cleopatra Grip Club?’ Quite an incredible claim to fame that in 63 years I had no damn idea what the hell ‘Cleopatra’s Grip’ was and I wrote a book on Mrs Simpson and Edward, and the Royal Family. Maybe someone will start a real Club on the internet called Cleopatra’s Grip!!!!!

Monday 5 March 2018

07.58pm – Prof. Richard Toye from Exeter University produced a great documentary on Churchill, last night, about his affair with Doris Castlerosse who ‘died’ at the Dorchester Hotel, not long after Churchill paid for her to come back from the USA in the middle of the second World War. So anyone who has read my story on Churchill will ask the question:- was Doris Castlerosse the fourth person that Churchill killed? Let’s see what the Professor from Exeter University has to say about it!!!

08.01pm – The Italian Elections are over and as usual, no single party has a majority. You see the 5 Star Movement has policies that are not at all workable. So, like Labour, they prefer to stay in opposition leaving Berlusconi and the smaller parties to haggle it out and form a coalition. Is it not funny that both the real leaders of the 5 Star Movement (Beppe Grillo) and Forza Italia (Silvio Berlusconi) can’t run themselves for Government? 5 Star Movement – I mean imagine the Labour Party led by Mr. Bean? That is how absurd it has become, but then again in Shakespeare – Feste the Clown, and all other Clowns and in Dickens, those that seem mad are the most sensible!!!! So maybe if Mr. Bean did enter politics he may well win!!! So funny thought!!!

08.00pm – The weather is now better and my room 26 degrees and outside quite pleasant. Next Sunday its Mothers Day and I miss my mother a lot.

Tuesday 6 March 2018

06.53am – There is an old saying:

“As the Old Cock crows

the young Cock learns”

There is another one:

“There was once a time

air was clean and

sex was dirty”

06.57am – I want, yet again, to urge upon Cambridgeshire Police to review the murder of Janice Weston who, at 36-years-of-age, was already a wealthy outstanding company lawyer and, who was brutally murdered on 10 September 1983 on the A1. Her sliver coloured Alfa Romeo was found in North-West London but (according to the police but, which I doubt) yielded no incriminating evidence. Can Cambridgeshire police please re-open this cold case. So many much older cases are re-opened and solved so why are Cambridgeshire police ignoring this case.

07.53pm – When I looked back through my papers since 2013, boy oh boy, I came across a headline that brought the reality of my life back to the front. No matter what you do for the UK – they will always betray you – how sad.

Wednesday 7 March 2018

07.05am – I was looking at some of my old files and got rid of a lot, simply because over 5 years I have accumulated too much stuff to carry – but I found this old report of 2014.

Has anything ever come of this? I mean, who the hell is Allan Thornton? What a load of deception, yet nothing has been done and if it has, well its been kept really silent. I mean, he even claims to be an effing ‘Duke.’ The question is this though:- Does it constitute a criminal offence to deceive a government into giving you a title or recognition if the basis of such is deceptive! That is the question as Hamlet says.

Thursday 8 March 2018

07.10pm – I have to say a couple of things about the alleged poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury. The nerve agent VX was actually developed in Britain during the so-called ‘Cold War.’ There is plenty of stock of it in various places which is available for SIS to use if approved. The other issue is what role did Skripal still play with the SIS? It actually matters not a lot because he was here eight years after four years in a hard prison in Russia. There is talk that there is a prima facie case against that Russia was involved! Maybe so, but then SIS do exactly the same as do SISDE or other government security forces. Each country allows assassinations if approved by the head of the Security Services, but not necessarily the Head of the Government. Many things that happened in Serbia/Bosnia, rest assured that Tony Blair knew eff all about. Sometimes the Head of the Security Services does notify the Prime Minister or President but only after the event. So does Putin know what was about to happen to Skripal if it can be proved that Russia was involved? Not necessarily!!!! Remember also – a prima facie case is not necessary a verdict of guilt. Many cases go to trial because there is a prima facie case but not necessarily a proven case. In fact, 52% of cases have a not guilty return!!!! How can the State get it so wrong?????

Friday 9 March 2018

06.38pm – Have not felt at all like talking to anyone. I received an email from Caroline telling me about a lovely message from Yazmine a special friend of Carl’s. Well, if Yazmine is reading my diary a big thank you. I will never abandon Carl because his case is a great travesty of justice, probably of the greatest, and it’s not as if he is serving a couple of years – thirty years for something he clearly did not do. So, Yasmine, thank you so much for your lovely words of encouragement. As I said, the last couple of days I have not felt like talking to anyone. My lawyers are coming to see me on 22 March and I must wait to see what will happen. I have served now the equal of a ten-year sentence and I ask myself the question:- who did I kill? That, however, seems to be the destiny. You work all the time for the State; you give your all; you obey all commands until the commands are no longer justifiable and what happens? You become the target, I really don’t see that as right, but what the hell is right in this world?

06.445pm – I have a few mouth ulcers and am now under eight stone. I can’t remember the last meal I took sitting at a table. I look around me and see the only way of attaining anything is to kick off – but I refuse to do anything of the sort. No way – I will just continue.



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