Diary from the Inside 16 – May – 5 June 2018 Part 116 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Wednesday 16 May 2018

07.10pm – The article below is the very reason why this country is basically ‘effed.’

What is required is urgently to get back to basics and to get a grip on reality. When a hotel as prestige as the Connaught is forced by effing political correctness, to have to lower its standards in the dress code simply because of political correctness, then it means that most people are not able to achieve any kind of standards at all, so, it’s best to bring the level down. The government have diluted what was an excellent educational system and lowered grades, so as, to accommodate those incapable or unwilling to learn, and now, even in the dress since one has to accommodate weirdos!!! Yes, weirdos! If I were at the Connaught and saw Daniel Lismore wearing a canopy coat, whilst taking tea, I would say something to the management. Did anyone wear a yellow coat at Prince Harry’s wedding at the church ceremony? No, well please Connaught get back to the brilliant standards that you have adhered to for years and kick out anyone trying to lower those.

Thursday 17 May 2018

07.07am – Don’t you find it funny when ‘out of the blue’ you remember the oddest of times? Last night I remembered a file I saw just before I went back to Iraq for the executions of Barzan al-Tikriti and Awad al-Bandar. Nothing to do with War, but about Santiago Flight 513 (I think it was 513). Commercial flight 513 took off from some airport in Germany on 4 September 1954, and totally disappeared somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. It was assumed that the plane had crashed and all lost. Just one small problem, some 45 years later on 12 October 1989, the same plane landed at Porte Alegre Airport!!! The control tower had not received any communication and the plane apparently circled the airport before landing. When the doors were opened, the airport security discovered white skeletons of the passengers, and crew, in their seats. Here now is where my memory may let me down – the Captain was called Miguel Victor Curry (I remember his name because I like curry but not allowed to eat it) and he was apparently clutching the controls of the plane, and the engine was still running idle. Santiago Airlines went out of business in 1956. No one – the file said – from the airline or the Brazilian Air authorities ever commented on the alleged reappearance. The file questioned if ‘a time warp exits?’ why the hell did I remember examining a file kept at SIS? Why are the SIS keeping the files on what appear to be absurd issues in history? Rumours? Tittle-tattle? Gossip? You see, the intelligence business is about just that – gossip, tittle-tattle – rumours.

In 1993, I flew on a private jet to Porte Alegre and there was a hanger that was sealed!!! However, in 1993, I had not seen the file, but now I ask myself – is it where the plane is kept???

Friday 18 May 2018

07.09am – Tomorrow Harry marries his fiancé, and in the Democratic Republic of Congo the Ebola virus has again taken off, killing many. I personally wish Prince Harry all the good wishes in the world, and as a wise woman once said love conquers all except poverty and an effing toothache. The man is in love, and well done. I have had the pleasure of meeting both Harry and William ten years ago and found them to be very polite by nature. Good luck to both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. There was a joke going around that when the name ‘Markle’ was first mentioned, Prince Phillip thought his grandson was involved with Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. Funny that eh!!! Regarding the DRC, well the name of the country sounds great: –  Democratic Republic of Congo – well, not much democracy there – do you know what democracy means? Look it up, but it’s from a Greek word and it means ‘people power.’ Well, in the Congo not much people power there, let me tell you. When considering that the virus Ebola is now rife, well, that reinforces my theory and belief that Cancer, Ebola and all other viruses are in fact aliens! Mull it over and weigh up all the pro’s and cons! I mean, how come we can send a man to the moon, yet not know how to cure a cold, or why an anaesthetic works, or how to produce blood? The black death, hundreds of years ago, almost killed off all civilisation in Europe but here we are again. If it’s not a War it’s disease or is it an alien invasion????

Saturday 19 May 2018

07.57am – Last night I watched ‘Brief Encounter’ about a group of women in 1982 selling Ann Summer lingerie and bedroom aids. What was interesting, was the husband of one of the women, who lost his job, and sat at the table at tea time trying to tell his wife and 8-year-old son. Wow! It brought back a lost memory of my father (God rest his soul) in 1971, who lost his job being made redundant and I remember I was 16 and he was sweating at the table. I remember asking mum why dad was sweating and she said he had lost his job. I replied: – “well mum he can get another one.” You see, when we came to England, my father was allowed entry on the basis of two four years fixed contracts as aliens. So, he only knew one job in a shoe factory. The fact that there were lots of other industries he could not see it. Well, it took a while but dad did get another job at Alcon Design Products (double glazing manufacturers) right opposite my school playing fields. Anyway, funny how things bring back memories eh?

05.28pm – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have married and I’m so pleased for them. Two people in love deserve happiness. However, one has to ask whether the religious ceremony was legal? In the ‘Order of Service’ in the ‘Preface’ the couple are referred to as ‘Henry Charles Albert David’ and ‘Rachal Meghan.’ So, I must ask the question: – is that legal? Of course, the legal marriage is the one carried out in the civil ceremony, not the church, so, it may be OK, but frankly, it would have been better had the names been consistent. I think legally it’s OK but really one can never be too careful!

Sunday 20 May 2018

08.05am – You know you have to laugh – if it was not stupid. There has been much written about the banning of fox hunting with dogs. If my brain is not completely dead I think it was the Conservative Government that introduced an Act of Parliament banning fox hunting, much to the annoyance and dismay of the ‘hunt.’ Yet do you know who was one of the first world leaders who banned fox hunting? Come on guess, please. I reckon, if I don’t tell you, I bet a penny to a pound (I have neither though) you would never guess! OK, I’ll tell you: – Adolf Hitler. Hitler banned killing lobsters by dropping them in boiling water, he banned deer hunting and banned hunting animals with dogs. Of course, it was fine for the Nazi’s to hunt down and murder humans but not animals. You see how weird politics is. Himmler even considered SS killers should wear bells at night, so any little creatures would hear them coming, and run away, and not be trodden on by accident. Jeez, he even said that he liked the medieval German custom of putting rats on trial, and giving them a chance to behave themselves, rather than be exterminated. Most of the German regions actually even banned experiments on live animals – vivisection – while allowing experiments on live human victims in the concentration camps!! Yet, today, Germany leads the EU in one way or another, but I for one won’t forget the horror stories of the past, and under my leadership – Italy, and the EU members, will never fall under the Germanic spell again!!!!

Monday 21 May 2018

07.15pm – Well, you can imagine how I felt when I read the article in the Sun on Sunday! Need I say more regarding the corruption (intellectual) of some of the Judiciary? So, that is what it has come to now, is it? Well, I won’t take it going down without saying eff all!

07.21pm – At some stage I’m going to recount the part played by GCHQ on the incident that happened on 26 September 1983 at about 7 pm(ish) and how a Russian called Petrov, in effect, saved the damn world by not overreacting to what was computer hacking by GCHQ that showed Russia was under attack. The computers reflected missiles (three of them) were heading towards Russia at 14,000 miles per hour in short in 35 minutes. It was pure hacking by GCHQ of Russian computers housed at Serpukhov – is about 100km south of Moscow. Luckily, Petrov (I think his first name was Stanislav) did not overreact and world war averted. What GCHQ did was to fire infra-red sensors on one of the Russian monitory satellites and that picked up the reflection of the sun and the supercomputer at Serpukhov, is (already hacked by GCHQ) confused, this with the flare of a US missile, typical British tactics and now they want to say Russia hacks Facebook etc. Pure crap!!! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!!

Tuesday 22 May 2018

07.19am – Last night a boy was stabbed to death in Islington at about 7 pm in front of the Town Hall. Yes, in open daylight and in front of hundreds of witnesses. Now, when an offence of this nature happens in such a manner, and before so many witnesses, and in daylight, it means the State is not present. No matter what apologists say, a murder of this type, in this manner, and circumstances, means those who did it thought, or knew, that the State was not present, and they would get away with it. Well, if the State was not present then it needs to be replaced and substituted by a State that is present. More on that in due course, but sooner or later the people will not tolerate a State that has no presence and will take action – do not discount an ‘English Spring’ of action. You know, it was not so long ago that Prince Philip and Mountbatten had moved the Military to take over from Harold Wilson. It never happened, and when the Government was asked why military tanks were at London airport? the reply was that it was an ‘exercise.’ That was not true and an ‘English Spring’ almost happened way back when. In those times, a murder would make the  front page, of every newspaper, for days, if not, weeks. Today, it hardly makes two lines in the local free paper. So, a warning to the State: – start being present.

Wednesday 23 May 2018

(written 07.50pm 22/5/2018) – Hey, what the eff is wrong with me. Today I saw Karen Todner and she asked my age and I said 64! What is wrong with??? Am I wishing my life away? I’m effing 62 now and will be 63, on 1 July 2018. Jeez, mathematics is not an opinion. I was born at midday, 1 July 1955. That makes me 62, and 63, on 1 July this year. Honestly, sometimes I do have serious doubts about my basic abilities to even subtract!!!

07.12pm – Trying to sort out now, my removal from this country without necessarily troubling the judiciary any longer. Have re-arranged my room and it’s incredible just what you can do with limited space. I have also written to the High Court on an interesting legal issue, a copy of which is inserted in this entry. Let’s see what blows eh!

If I am right, it will surely be complicated for the whole legal system of ‘appeals and crime 1818’ (love it eh)???

07.16pm – The front pages of today’s papers were full of some marathon team allegedly cheating and all this when there are 15 Wars going on around the world! Incredible on how fickle we are? But, you know, sometimes we need a bit of lightheartedness. When I owned Radio Penguin in Belgrade I banned any bad news –  only positive news. I banned reporting of War, deaths, crime, etc, and it was the most followed radio station in Yugoslavia it effectively was. Take a leaf out of my book BBC et al!!

Thursday 24 May 2018

07.29am – Golly gosh, or heck, we are almost in June 2018. How time flies by when you are either (a) having a good time or (b) getting old!

07.30am – I’m going to recommend you a book to read and hopefully someone with money, and good sense, will turn it into a film (there is me and my big mouth again giving people ideas – remember what Rev. Page said “Ideas are not patented”)

The book – don’t laugh at the title:

‘The Day the Queen Flew to Scotland for the Grouse Shooting’ by Arthur Wise

Now Arthur Wise (no relation to Ernie Wise) was a drama consultant and wrote under two other names John McArthur and Bryan Swift. The book (I won’t spoil all of it) is about an English Civil War and begins when a Cup Final between Newcastle United and Chelsea escalates into Civil War. While the Queen is shooting grouse in her Balmoral Estate she is abducted by the Northern Fraction. In the book, the North is the oppressed and poor part of the UK and the South is the Establishment. When the City of Nottingham declares its loyalty to the North the Government Southern Fraction has the city carpet bombed by 6,000 tonnes of carpet bomb, totally obliterating it. There is a great line when a Southern Brigadier says: –

“We’ll have every stick and stone in the North knocked down. We’ll sack your cities and burn your fields. We’ll knock down your factories and burn down your Cathedrals.”

As I said, the book properly dramatized will make a great movie or TV 3-part series. The setting is in the past in 1968, when the book was written. Read it.

Friday 25 May 2018

07.35am – Don’t worry Italian citizens the Eurosceptic government won’t last long and Partito Nazionale Italiano and Forza Italia will prevail into a government for the people!

07.36am – On another issue in this country (soon to be out of the EU thank God) there is an age of responsibility for all Criminal Acts. The Children and Young Persons Act 1933 s.50 says: –

“It shall be conclusively presumed that no child under the age of ten years can be guilty of any offence.”

On the face of it nothing too contentious about that, save the age. Should it be higher, say 14? 16? 18? Or lower say 8? 6? Well, the law says that at the age of 10, a person knows the critical difference between right and wrong and can be sent to jail for life for any deed that carries a life sentence. So, the question I ask is this: if a person aged 10 onwards knows that difference, why don’t we allow anyone from the age of 10 upwards to vote? Surely, the difference between right and wrong is far more, heavier, a burden than voting? The voting age is 18 and Labour want it reduced to 16 but de jure really logically says it should be 10? Your comments?

Saturday 26 May 2018

05.51pm – Do you know when I realised that violence can never be the way to any kind of achievement? I would have been about 12, and at our school, it was the way that when two boys had a grievance it was resolved by a boxing match, in the gymnasium. I had seen one such fight between Mike Phelps and Steven Drage over a girl called Delia – a blonde. Well, outside my league at that age but they decided to fight and I was aghast as to how the crowd of boys shouted: “come on Stevie.” I wanted some of that, because being Italian and referred to as an ‘eyetie’ or ‘wog’ I thought if I fight too then I will win some adulation. It never crossed my mind I might get hurt. So, I picked a fight with Kevin Cole (we called him ‘Kevin Kaka’) and he was about as popular as me. So, I arranged with Mr. Derry the P.E. teacher, and Mr. Jones the woodwork teacher, the fight. A lot of boys came and round one I was losing and took a couple of hits on the face, and the crowd called out for me “come on Gio, come on Gio” and I got excited, and loving it so much so that I started winning, and hitting Kevin hard, and struck blood to which the crowd started chanting “come on Kev, come on Kev, show the eyetie.” But, Kev was finished. The sight of blood was too much and in the third round he threw his gloves in the ring crying, and the whole crowd went with him. I was left alone in the ring. I had won but I had lost the day.

Sunday 27 May 2018

07.46am – Yesterday I was reliving an incident that happened to me in 1967 at school. I won the fight and whilst I was losing it the crowd was on my side egging me on, but the moment I started winning the crowd abandoned me, calling me all kinds of racist names. I say racist because today ‘eyetie,’ ‘wog,’ are racist but in 1967 it was normal. The matter did not end there, when I went home I noticed my right hand had swelled up and was getting a dark colour. You see at school we put on the boxing gloves but did not put bandages on first. After all, we were boys, so when my parents came home I could not hide a right hand twice the size. My ‘prosecutor’ mother cross-examined me and of course, I had to lie and say I had caught my hand in a door. She did not look so convinced but it seemed to pacify her. The next day, of course, the truth came out. Kevin Cole lived four doors away from us and his mother asked my mother how I was after the ‘boyhood fight?’ Well, you can imagine the beating I received for not telling the truth. So, you see I decided then that whether one wins or loses there are always consequences in any fight. I deplore violence and although I have acted for many so-called tenant groups I have always said I do not advocate violence as an instrument for political achievement.

Bank Holiday Monday 28 May 2018

12.46pm – Do not worry about the kind of government Italy proposes because I know the President of Italy, Mattarella, who will never allow the ‘wrong’ kind of government. You see, in Italy until I arrive back and get back into politics, and when the public know what the UK has done to me, only then will Italy get back on top. I will not say much more than watch how Partito Nazionale Italiano and Forza Italia, together with the policies will bring not only Italy back in line but also the rest of the EU!

12.53pm – The whole concept of an EU common currency is not new. The Roman Empire had a common currency, but one of the disadvantages was that when the Roman Empire fell no one knew how, and in what form, to pay for goods and services. That is why each country prefers its own currency. The EU, however, is a whole country, I believe it is a Union of States, so the euro should last the length. I will never allow the euro to be abolished whilst the rest of the EU have the euro. If all EU members collectively wish to revoke the euro then that is another matter. Frankly, the sooner the UK gets the hell out of Europe the better for all others.

Tuesday 29 May 2018

07.11am – Jill Cooper, the author, must be in her 80s now, I met her when she was in her 50s – a long time ago and much water has run under the bridge since then. It was nice to see her guide to a happy marriage above. I can tell you that dear Jill never complied with her own rules then and it was nice to hear her admit it some 30 years on! I thought her and her husband were a truly nice couple. It is on the question of marriage that reading some terrible tripe regarding Prince Harry and his bride Meghan makes me despair. Why are so many people so unkind? Why are people so negative? I wish both of them well and believe they will have a wonderful life together. Why do people wish people bad I don’t know? The previous holder of the title, Duke, and Duchess of Sussex, went through hell and ended up torn apart, but that does not mean that 200 years on the same will happen now? No, I have a good feeling for Prince Harry and his wife and I wish them well and those who don’t can get stuffed!!!!

Wednesday 30 May 2018

(Written Tuesday 29/5/2018 at -7.50pm) It is unfortunate that I have to be unpopular again with the British Government, out there are details of a secret that has been kept too long for it to be still a secret. Before D-Day which marks the end of the Second World War there was a ‘dress rehearsal’ but one which murdered almost 800 deaths. The ‘Chiefs’ within the allies decided that a dress rehearsal was needed to get the troops used to the chaos of an invasion. What location was chosen? Slapton Sands in Devon, on the 26 April 1944, the first troops boarded their transport ships and exercises were focused upon the actual logistics of an invasion. To simulate the channel crossing they circled off the English coast, getting into position for what would be first light on 27 April. The Chiefs set their watches for 7.30am – H – Hour – which was to be preceded by an artillery bombardment. Wait for this: – as many ships were delayed, the commander of the exercise, U.S. Admiral Don P. Moon set back H – Hour to 8.30am but owing to a ‘communication breakdown’ some of the landing craft approached the beach at the original time of 7.30am – putting them in direct line of ‘friendly fire.’ Sounds all very ‘dads army’ so far, does it not, except that 450 men were murdered by bombardment in this friendly fire. Now you would think that after such a start, and over 450 body bags were needed, the exercise would be stopped? No! The decision was taken to proceed, but on 28 April 1944 further tragedy struck when at 5.00am convoy T-4 which was carrying combat vehicles and the American 1st Engineer Special Brigade came under fire from German E-Boats which were fast attack craft. HMS Scimitar a Royal Navy Patrol boat had been assigned to protect the convoy but had been replaced, at the last minute, by HMS Saladin. But – yes another but – differing radio frequencies at Naval HQ meant no one knew about the changeover. HMS Saladin was late to get into position and this gap was fully exploited by the Germans. Two tank landing ships were sunk and a further two damaged. By the time the convoy had forced the E-boats to retreat, 749 personnel had been killed and 250 more injured. Many of the soldiers downed as – wait for it – they had not been shown how to put on their life jackets, correctly, whilst others died of hypothermia whilst – wait for it – they waited to be rescued. The total number of deaths was never released but files at the Ministry of Defence show that over 4,000, yes 4,000 people died but in reality, it was murder. Because of the proximity of D-Day, there have never been any reports about ‘Exercise Tiger’ and survivors were sworn to secrecy under penalty of prison. What is sad about all of this is, that at no time have either the British Government or the United States given a feather or a fig about remembering those that lost their lives and who were murdered. Did you know about Exercise Tiger? Were you taught about that at school in history lessons? No – I bet not! So, I say this that it’s about time the Ministry of Defence honours those that were killed, and high time the families of the 4,000 plus received recognition, this Government needs to apologise in Parliament to those families affected.

Thursday 31 May 2018

(Written 30/05/2018) – Now, this diary entry is really for my wonderful Consort and issue (P.S. issue = children, legal phrase) and the theme is from the phrase ‘The Spy Who Loved Me.’ Well, anyway a quick amusing lesson from my spy school. How can you write a letter with invisible ink? Does invisible ink exist? This is what you need: –

  1. You need the juice of a lemon, a thin paintbrush and a piece of paper or postcard.
  2. Dip your paintbrush in the lemon juice and write your message. Put more lemon juice on the paintbrush after every letter.
  3. Leave the message to dry and send it
  4. When the recipient wants to read the message, they put it face down in the oven (the oven should be heated to 175 degrees or gas mark 4) it should take about 5/10 minutes
  5. This works because the heat of the oven burns the lemon juice but not the paper. Burning changes, the lemon juice and makes it go brown.

Now if you are holed up in prison in Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan you won’t find any lemons and not any ovens unless you get a job in the kitchens. So, what else can you use? Well, this is where a really good spy is in his element. What can substitute lemon juice? Wait for it –

  1. Sweat
  2. Saliva
  3. Urine

Not such healthy options but the spying game leaves no room for the weak or faint-hearted. Try lemon juice on a postcard to your friends for fun but tell them first.

07.48pm – Who was it that said: – “In youth, the absence of pleasure is pain, in old age the absence of pain is pleasure?” Let me tell you it was a British Prime Minister who was born in 1757 – and died in 1844…Oh well, OK, I know you can’t be bothered to check out his name so I will tell you: Henry Addington! You need to check facts always, so I will tell you a story about checking facts. The story comes from the files of the SIS: –

The Nazi terror attack at the French village of Oradour-Sur-Glane their revenge. They – the Nazis – murdered 642 people in the village, they marched into the town demanding to see identification papers and searched for explosives and weapons. The French resistance had captured an SS Officer and the Germans sought revenge. The Nazis pushed men into barns and put the women and children in the church. The killings began. 190 men were shot first and then the Germans burnt farmhouses. The Nazis, they burned down the church with women and children inside all screaming in pain whilst they died. 207 women and children died. Lord knows how, but ten survived pretending to be dead, when the war was over it followed the allies search for those responsible. In 1953 twenty were found guilty of a War crime at Oradour. Five were jailed, and two executed, to this day the village has been left in ruins as a memory to the victims with an English word at the entrance: – Remember!! The tragedy was that if the Germans had checked, the German SS Officer was killed at the village of Oradour-Sur-Vayres, South of Limoges. The Nazis killed people at Oradour-Sur-Glane to the North of Limoges – the wrong place!!! Remember!!!

Friday 1 June 2018

06.40pm – I found out today, that after eleven months out in the cold, I will be going back to the open section prison to my removal. How do I feel? Well, at least, I will be able to maintain better contact with my family who have suffered long enough.

06.47pm – OK let’s have a little humour and fact. Were you aware that toilet paper was first used by the Chinese in the 5th Century? The ancient Romans instead used a sponge (wait for it) soaked (wait…) in vinegar!! Ouch, I bet that must have stung! Yet, the first commercially available toilet paper had to wait until 1867, made by a New Jersey firm and was in the form of loose sheets! Perforated toilet paper made its entrance a few years before the turn of the 1900s and its virtually the same as toilet paper today. The actual inventor of perforations per se was a guy called Archer – no not Jeffrey Archer but Henry Archer who died aged 64 in 1863 I think, He was an Irish businessman who also had some kind of railway. Twenty years before he died, he took the idea of perforation to the Postmaster General, who before Archer gave them the idea, post office staff used to cut up stamps with scissors. Archer was given 5,000 plain 1 penny stamps and legend says he used 16 holes to the inch.  After, it was found that 14 more were best.

06.47pm – Now what toilet paper has to do with perforation and stamps, I really do not know, but I guess someone will be interested to read how they both came about.

Saturday 2 June 2018

08.13am – I have a lot to be thankful for. Despite much winging in my part about my health and I have been close to the mark in the last five years, I tested negative for colon cancer. Now a friend of mine, here, has tested positive and is in, and out, of hospital all the time. He is two years older than me and a nice guy but even today he is in hospital after having part of his colon removed. So, I guess I need a bit more positive attitude. I’m 63 next month so what do I expect?

08.16am – I note that the ‘intern’ government will need to wait just a while longer. You see time stops still for no one.

08.17am – I see also that the US/N. Korea Summit on 12 June is back on. That will be a kind of ‘getting to know you’ affair. At the end of the day the only ones who gain out of War are the aliens, that I believe are on our planet already in the form of illnesses that we can’t cure! If you want to understand War please read or go see the play Major Barbara by George Bernard Show and most important read the preface. It’s an important view of what the world was, became, and remains. When we could have it so sweet, we still choose to be confronted and elect borders to everything. More on that later.

Sunday 3 June 2018

07.55am – Much has been made about the so-called ‘Windrush’ scandal. Over 500,000 qualify as those immigrants who came to this country, and who are part of the so-called scandal about so-called deportations. A closer look at the facts and figures, however, show that out of 500,000 migrants 63 were deported, and of the 63 deported 32 were convicted criminals who would have been deported anyway, under the UK Border Act 2007. You see, any foreign national convicted of a crime in England and Wales, that attracts a sentence of 12 months or more, must be deported. That means 31 were wrongly deported which means 0.0062%, which is hardly such a troubling factor. Of course, society does not want any mistakes and each of the 0.0062% (31 people) of 500,000 have their own story but it’s not such a massive hoo-ha!!! In fact, no one talks about Windrush anymore not even Piers Morgan.

08.04am – My golly gosh or heck – Swedish born police officer, Alexandra Kunicki, is suing Scotland yard police for ‘racial and sexual’ bullying! The facts: – her colleagues hid her chair when she went off to get a cup of tea! But she admits she consumes 112 units of alcohol a week over the limit! What an absurd thing the law has become! That she has even been allowed to file a case of such a nature, makes a mockery of the whole damn system. I would have taken and moved her warrant card to a waste bin!!!

Monday 4 June 2018

12.56 – I remembered the other evening that, on occasion, I used to fly first class and the family, tourist, or business class, so, I thought of a small cartoon that might make you laugh because in this shite world we need a good laugh, don’t we?

Well, maybe my children did not find it funny but I had my reasons. In fact, I rarely used to fly on the same aircraft, because I felt if anything happened at least one generation would still be left!!! It does sound a bit odd but now and then the children would come to see me in first class, but generally speaking it was a good arrangement, however, I never did that with my youngest – where I went he went! Happy days!!!

01.01pm – Today, has not been a good day but we must always keep a smile. It’s better to laugh than to cry. At the end of the day all the tears in an ocean cannot change destiny, so, it’s best to make a laugh about it. There is always someone worse off than you, and the bottom of the chain is when you are no longer one of this World.

Tuesday 5 June 2018

06.31pm – Some really great news about prostate cancer these days, which makes me quite happy, however, I would easily, and without a second thought give all for me just to get a cure or solution for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) so my son would be OK. He is OK because he copes well and I don’t understand why him but at the end of the day all the questions in the world my son just gets on with it which credit to him. I don’t know how I would deal with it – but if only someone would concentrate on Multiple Sclerosis it would be great.

06.35pm – Much has been made of the Jeremy Thorpe matter, but as Caroline reminded me it was our story on Norman Scott that actually was the real common factor and foundation for the book and TV film. Not many knew that Norman Scott was not his real name. He had been under observation by MI5 for some time, and, of course, I was made aware of all in the 1990’s. Luckily I made some notes but at the end of the day Mr. Justice Cantley was right about him – “a self-absorbed fantasist who seeks self-promotion regardless of who he hurts.” That has not changed. No CPS will ever resurrect a prosecution. There is eff all to prosecute.













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