Diary from the Inside 6 – 17 June 2018 Part 117 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Wednesday 6 June 2018

(written 5/6/2018) Have to write this the night before to catch the first post tomorrow. I had the pleasure of meeting Mel B. at the Dorchester Hotel before this injustice happened to me. I was not expecting such a lovely person full of positive energy and with the smile of kindness. Amazingly, she had heard of me but sadly I could not name even one song by the ‘Spice Girls’ but she never held that against me. I see her soon-to-be ex-husband Stephen Belafonte has complained about Mel B. trying to kill him or some shite of that kind. First of all, Belafonte is not his name and he only uses that name in the belief that people will ask him if he is related to the singer which he is not! He says he is a movie producer but so was Cheetah the Chimpanzee in Tarzan in one Ron Ely episode. Why doesn’t Belafonte or whatever his name is, just face reality: – Mel B. is gone and the gravy train has dried up. I think he should just man up and start getting real. I wish Mel B. all the good fortune in the world for the future. I repeat she is a truly nice person and, a hard worker and, a great mother. Belafonte is zilch but the father of one of her children which is only that, he needs to get real, man up, and be as good a parent as possible but without the woman, he has hurt.

Thursday 7 June 2018

07.35am – In this country this Government has a Minister for women – Penny Mordaunt. There is also equal opportunities laws, race, and sexual discrimination. So, the question I ask is this: –

“Why is there no Minister for men?”

I await an answer from any Minister but won’t hold my breath.

12.22pm – I was so very sad to hear that Desmond De Silva QC (Sir) died. I first met him in the mid-1980s where he truly cut a fine figure as an Advocate. I sort of lost touch until he was made a prosecutor at the Rwanda Tribunal for the UN (it may have been Liberia) but I really got back to know him in 2011 when I was considering him to represent me at Southwark Crown Court. He was honest with me and told me he was not sure he would ‘last the distance’ but I paid no attention to the off the cuff remark. He gave me some great advice “prepare your case day in, day out, as they are out to get you.” Again, I paid little to no attention and did not prepare my case putting it all in the hands of others.  I really should have paid attention but now paying the price. Desmond De Silva QC was in my view the finest Advocate in the same league as F.E. Smith, George Carman et al. The law will miss him terribly and so will many defendants both past, present, and future. Rest in peace my learned friend.

Friday 8 June 2018

07.38am – Yesterday another well-known person died: – Peter Stringfellow. I met him in 2011, at the Dorchester Hotel, but only for about half hour, and I found him to be a truly nice and joking person. He told me he had the best job in his life, being surrounded by ***** but not being one!!! I had a good laugh. He also said that if one is in the business of anything you must have full respect for it. He was in the business of entertainment and women were the means to enjoyment, so, it was vital to hold them in the highest respect. I do agree, and he did have the highest regard and respect for women. In fact, he had more respect for them than anything. I got the impression he was a man who put others before himself. Look at it this way: – hardly a soul knew he was dying because he did not want anyone to worry about him. As I say I only had half hour chat but found him a really nice person. May God rest his soul and be at peace and condolences to his loving family.

08.217pm – The Court of Appeal has yet again exhibited intellectual dishonesty. The problem is, that the Court of Appeal fails to apply the law and prefers its version of interpreting law, and fact. It is so sad and probably one of the biggest scandals yet to be published. The problem is, that getting rid of a High Court Judge requires an Act of Parliament because they sit ex-officio the Sovereign! I dream that one day the Court of Appeal will be fit for purpose.

Saturday 9 June 2018

07.08pm – I recorded the song with the line: –

‘I can fly higher than an eagle, you are the wind beneath my wings.’

One of my favorite songs. Do get a chance to have a listen if it’s available. I may have put the track down, but not used it yet. The moral of the story is, that behind every man must be a wonderful woman, and more often than not, better for the woman to lead. I know, had I listened to my Consort, I would not be here now.

Sunday 10 June 2018

07.37am – No matter how much I loathe that the State has betrayed me, I can’t help feeling considerable gratitude to this State that made a little immigrant boy from Southern Italy dreams come true. I have travelled the world in private jets, super yachts, met Kings, Queens, Presidents, and been head of MGM.  A far cry from a little boy aged 10, ill in a council home reading a book on David O’Selznich, and Irving Thalberg, and dreaming that one day I would be like them. I was, and did, and made 26 films with great stars living in Beverly Hills and all before my 40th birthday. I did my job but never once believed that the State would betray and abandon me but despite that I say “thank you,” Grazie,” “Merci, ” and same in all the languages in the world.

Monday 11 June 2018

07.17am – Am I being disloyal to the State by revealing some historic secrets? Well, if I am I’m going to add to the charges. Let me tell another secret that good men like Gerry Bayford and others who fought for this country against Nazism probably did not know: – when the Nazis parachuted anywhere, in the event their parachute failed they had a reserve parachute avoiding them being splattered down to earth. Now, you would think that normal eh. Not for England. I saw documents at the SIS archive ‘observance’ that men were complaining that British parachutes did not have reserve parachutes. When an enquiry discovered that each reserve parachute would cost £20, or so, it was decided by Churchill himself that ‘it is a cost that can be saved’ simply by not having reserve parachutes!!!! The result, in effect, was, that to Churchill the life of a parachutist was not worth £20 but then again Wars are always about money not ideology. So please do check anywhere you want, ask any parachute regiment military caught in the Second World War, whether they even knew there were no reserve parachutes! You see something like that may not have been a topic at the time – except that is to any parachutist that splatter down to earth with his parachute failing, and no reserve, and, of course, the family left behind.

Tuesday 12 June 2018

07.23am – Very nice to see Trump and Kim of North Korea ‘kiss and makeup.’ Say what you like about Trump he gets things done. It reminds me of my saying that “if you want to make your dreams come true – effing well wake up.So, well done to Donald Trump. Now, the next stage for Trump – if I were advising him – is to make a triumvirate – USA/Russia/China. Get those three countries into a club of three then their direction will ensure there are no more Wars. So, let’s see how things turn out.

07.27am – Today I wrote to Alberto Costa MP to say that I’m immensely proud of an Italian-British in the UK Parliament. I do agree with him when he said that he hoped the day would not come when he would be asked to vote that his parents (Italians) would no longer have a right to stay in this country after so many years. Not only do I agree with him but I also believe the EU should ensure that British Citizens who live in EU countries should retain the same right. At the end of the day in any divorce there has to be a compromise or it won’t work!!!

07.32am – Today buried in the Trump-Kim ‘deal’ there will be Brexit (withdrawal) Bill. Let’s see what blows on that.

07.34am – Well done to Matteo Salvini in Italy to close Italian Ports. No more rogue ships carrying illegal immigrants. Before one departs one must plug the gap first or it will be a vicious circle. Well done!!!!

Wednesday 13 June 2018

07.14am – I’ve had to take some matters in my own hands and deal with discrimination matters that simply I could not allow to continue. On the World stage, it does ‘seem’ that Korea peninsula may well enjoy some peace and potentially even a reunification. At the end of the day, it was the United States that created the 37-parole division!! They caused it, and it’s just if they put it right and frankly only someone like Trump could do it!

07.42am – Tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of the Grenfell tower fire. This country is full of mementos of disaster. In 60 years’ time, it will be forgotten. I will tell you a story as to why I’m right. In 1956 a boy called Tony Murphy went on a scouting trip to Whipsnade zoo and somehow, he fell into the lions enclose and was killed. The Scoutmaster Reverend Ronald Aylward who did his best to fight the lion with a metal bar. A real hero! The boy died and at the inquest the verdict was misadventure! Now, who remembered this sole event and the bravery of Reverend Ronald Aylward. No one but probably the family of the ten-year-old Tony Murphey and the Reverend. Why? Because it was 62 years ago and the bravery of the Reverend fighting the lion with a metal bar trying to save a ten-year-old boy was higher than most brave deeds. But it was a long time ago. So, I say lets all refresh please our thoughts for Tony Murphy and Reverend Aylward and may they rest in peace. If I were the government I would create a Reverend Aylward Award!

Thursday 14 June 2018

07.11am – Sometimes, what we consider to be the truth may not be the full story and, as such, one needs to look a little deeper into the facts. During the Second World War, a new department was started called the ‘British Political Warfare Executive’ which simply invented stories and passed them on to foreign travelers in the hope they would be spread around to foreign newspapers. They also spread ‘good news rumours’ in Britain. In other words: –


Well, it won’t surprise you to know – and forgive me for being controversial – that the department was never disbanded!!! It is still there today and still carries out the same tactics. So, please, let’s not put the whole blame on Russia etc., because as I say what we take to be the truth may not be the full story! Boom!!! Oh, by the way – what is the new name of the ‘British Political Warfare Executive’ – more on that later in the month but, in the meantime, do your own research and see some of the absurd stories that they passed off as the ‘truth,’ people believed them and acted on them. Come on let me tell you one such story: –

‘the Germans tried to invade the East Coast of England but Britain has a secret weapon – an underwater pipe that spreads oil over the sea. The RAF dropped firebombs and set it alight. German hospitals are full of burnt Nazi soldiers. The English Channel is full of burnt German corpses.’ People believed it and made them feel good. The story was fabricated. Yes, there were pipelines across the channel but the truth of invasion and burnt corpses a total fabrication. That department is today thriving!!!!’

Friday 15 June 2018

06.50pm – An actor called Leslie Grantham died today aged 71. He played the part of ‘Dirty Den’ in EastEnders, and in 1986 one of his scenes attracted 30 million viewers!!! When he was a soldier in Germany he committed a brutal murder shooting a taxi driver in the back of the head. He served under ten years in prison and when he was released he became an actor. That was in the mid-1970’s. Today, it’s impossible to come out of prison with a murder conviction and become an actor. In fact, for years no one knew eff all about his part but when the media found out after a few years on EastEnders things changed. His part was written out then he resurfaced but, frankly, once it had come out that he was a convicted murderer it was all over. Do you ever live down the past? Yes, look at Germany! What Leslie Grantham did was serious but nowhere near what Germany did, yet today Germany leads the EU and those who committed a single murder, served time in prison, are never allowed to forget what they did. Something does not quite add up. Anyway, I never met Leslie Grantham but I hope he now finally rests in heavenly peace as he deserves. My condolences to his entire family. He was a great actor and did rehabilitate himself. I hope others follow his lead.

Saturday 16 June 2018

05.26pm – I need to talk about Jonathan King. Yet again he finds himself in court facing charges of sexual assault between the years 1970-1980. Totally absurd to say the least. The Crown had their opportunity at three trials in 2003, when he was (wrongly in my view) found guilty of some offences, sentenced to 7 years, the man did his time, complied with all that was asked of him and two other trials were abandoned, because it was not in the public interest as he was already in jail!!! So, what the eff makes it in the public interest now some 15 years later? Leaving quite aside from that I caught the CPS falsifying a document (permission from the DPP to institute proceedings) Jonathan has been a model citizen all this time. I was at Maidstone Prison when he was released, and yes, he was a bit arrogant, but that was just a front. Since release, he has committed no offences and just got on with his music, even to the level he was being rehabilitated by the BBC. So, why now bring up charges of 50 years ago? Totally malicious and perverse. I advised Jonathan, when his licence period expired, to get the eff out of the UK – how I wish he had followed my advice. I wish him well, and success, and, he will always be my friend.

Sunday 17 June 2018

(written Sat 16/062018 at 05.38pm) – I need to expand more on the absurd, vexation, and the perverse case of Jonathan King. I hope someone from his team will read this: –

‘In historic offences the law to be applied is that of the time the allegations were committed – so since the earliest was 1970 then the law of the time is what must be applied – Further, not only the law of the time but also the criminal procedure rules of the 1970s NOT the CPR 2005 or 2014. That is vital and the law must be the sexual offences Act 1956 not the updated one. In the event of a conviction, it must be the sentencing guidelines of the time. What also must be checked is whether any of the offences required permission of the DPP prior to instituting proceedings. If that has not happened then the whole trial is a nullity, but that point J.K. knows because I caught the CPS falsifying an entry in the 2003 matter, and you know what? The CPS Official got an effing CBE or OBE, after the JK case. In any case, the police only went after J.K. because they were warned not to touch Jimmy Saville!!!! I saw lots of names in the prospective targets, even Lonnie Donegan and some others that appeared at trial and were either acquitted or convicted. So, I hope J.K. ensures all the procedural matters are dealt with and the Jury must be as a Jury in the 1970’s, not today!!!!!’













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