Diary from the Inside 24 June – 9 July 2018 Part 119 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Sunday 24 June 2018

07.39am – I don’t know if you are aware but blood transfusions are common, also, in dogs. There are about 13 different blood types in dogs and they have to be compatible if the transfusion is to work. I can’t remember much from the lectures given by Professor Colin and Professor Marion Silver at Cambridge, but I am pretty sure I’m correct that there are 13, or maybe even more, blood types.  The only reason I mention it is, that it’s not a common factor and we just don’t think about it.

01.12pm – Funny how this country always wins tournaments before it even starts. England have just scored a goal in the World Cup qualifiers but my God they are playing Panama, a country that has no World Cup experience or even a league. Yet, despite such not only do the English believe they have won the game, which they should but on the performance, they have won the whole tournament, incredible, because it actually does not help the team.

06.15pm – What a day today, beautiful sunshine and I have managed to get a tan. England finally won 6-1 but, again, it’s only Panama so, the real test will be later if they get through the next stage. This year the team is really good and I hope the media do not put the team off by winning games before they are played.

06.17pm – I love it when it’s sunshine, and today is the day of St. John (Giovanni) a big festival in Italy.

Monday 25 June 2018

01.01pm – There are two sayings that come to mind, and made me smile – a third one I cannot put in writing – yet: –

  1. As the old cock crows the young cock learns.
  2. A man takes a drink, the drink takes a drink, the drink takes the man.

How all of this is relevant to the equation E=MC2, where E = Energy, and M = Man, and C2 = speed of light squared, well, I don’t know but I just remembered them. Oh, come on, let me tell you the third: –

Two bulls – daddy bull and son bull. The son bull standing next to daddy bull sees a few cows down the hill. Son bull says to daddy bull “come on dad lets run down there and …. a cow” Daddy bull replies “son, no, but, let’s walk down and we …. them all.”

OK, OK, OK, well now and then we need a little humour don’t we? Life can’t always be serious and divulging now! So, now and then, we need humour and I remember few conversations, or sayings/jokes, was said to me by the late Sir Roger Moore. It’s still funny, and true!!!

Tuesday 26 June 2018

07.07am – Talking about ransoms, who is talking about ransoms, actually? – No, well the other day I remembered a useless piece of information about King Richard the Lionheart being held hostage and paying the largest ransom ever. Well, believe it or not, I might have been wrong. I say, might, because it all depends how you calculate inflation. It comes down to this: –

When Germany ‘took over (occupied by force) Austria in the Anschluss in 1938, Baron Louis de Rothschild was the head of the banking family operations, well, would you believe that the Germans arrested him and held him prisoner. Being Jewish he would have been put to death but the German occupation was about money, for which Switzerland played a central role. Negotiations began for the Baron’s release and even Heinrich Himmler was involved. It is said that Himmler even visited Rothschild in prison. The banking family paid Germany $21 million which today would be about anywhere between $400-$500 million. Immediately after his release Baron De Rothschild went to South America, a strange place to go, and from there to the United States where, for payment again of a certain amount, became a US citizen. Funny thing about Louis de Rothschild, although, he was a ‘banker’ because of his name his actual profession was a chemist/physicist and even dabbled in archeology.

07.09am – Yesterday I received a card in red envelope with the words ‘open on 1.07.2018’ with that underlined. I will comply of course!!!!

Wednesday 27 June 2018

(Written 26/06/2018 at 07.45pm) – I was thinking how many years ago people were so gullible when it came to promises made by the State. During the Second World War American military believed that when the War was over every soldier would receive a free Ford Motor car. The reality was that each soldier received a free paperback book. Another interesting and laughable fact is that the British army in the Sahara Desert ordered a million sandbags. When the sandbags arrived, they arrived…yes…wait for it…already filled with sand! It’s almost as silly as the first items when the Americans landed in France on D-Day? Do you know? Have a guess? What would you think? Military hardware? Nope! You want to know? I’ll tell you: – 40 dentist chairs!! Where am I going with this line: – I’ll tell you! Now, much has been said and agreed over the third runway of Heathrow. There have been resignations from the Government, and one householder has said he will kill himself if they flatten his home! The UK will move out of the EU next year. The runway won’t be ready until 2022. Has anyone asked the question: – will there be a need for a third runway? Will anyone want to come to London more than those who come already? Why not wait until 2022 to see the demand for air traffic with the UK out of the EU before any decision is made? A thought eh??

Thursday 28 June 2018

01.11pm – You know all I hear is about how the police or the prosecution falsify evidence or corruption in trials and people want revenge. I say to them all – no revenge just reconciliation, please. There is little to no falsification of evidence and even less corruption – just people don’t like being caught. On a more positive front finally, I saw the doctor today and thanks be to God, finally, I have the medication to help me.

01.14pm In the next few days, I will be 63! My sweet Lord as George Harrison sang – ‘where have all those years gone?’ ‘Long time passing’ as Peter, Paul, and Mary sang. I hope the last few years of my life will be more settled and tranquil than the last few. Anyway, we will see what happens. Tonight, England play their first proper game of football which I doubt I will watch. It’s a good team this year, and I hope the media will leave them alone and not put too much pressure.

01.18pm – I fully support Matteo Salvini in Italy and the Immigration Policy. Some say it’s too drastic – I say there is nothing too drastic as to keep out those who have no right to be there. So, well done Matteo. I knew Maroni, and Bossi, the previous leaders of Lega Nord. They paved the way for Salvini and Co, but they get my support!!!!!

Friday 29 June 2018

12.20pm – Here are two thoughts for you and I hope someone can answer the questions: –

  1. What would happen if no one voted at all in the General Elections with the word no one meaning that – nobody voted? How would a Government be chosen? Would it be a coalition?
  2. Currently, there is a 1st class stamp and 2nd class stamp for postage. What would happen if nobody purchased 1st class stamps, and everyone only purchased 2nd class stamps? Would the post be delayed or would there only be one class? What actually is the difference in 1st and 2nd class stamps service other than cost?

Let me have your views, please. Now, those who follow my diary will know that in 2015 I wrote to Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II asking that a general pardon be granted, taking 12 months off everyone’s sentence. Her Majesty referred my request to the then Government. Now, I see that Rory Stewart MP, the Prison Minister, wants to abolish sentences under 1 year. Well done Rory, a man with good sense, about time there was a Justice Minister that applied common sense.

12.27pm – A lovely day. I spoke with Charlize, my granddaughter. What a lovely little girl. She is terribly smart and sharp as a razor, a real Miss Di Stefano.

Saturday 30 June 2018

05.22pm – When I was at trial I was ‘requested’ to volunteer information about Barristers/Judges who banked abroad and anyone I had paid abroad. It was made clear that if I volunteered such information ‘they would go easy on me.’ That told me from day one that the result was pre-ordained. It follows I refused and the rest is history. So, it is interesting to see the above. Does anyone know who are the six Barristers charged? Let me know please if anyone researches the story well.

Sunday 1 July 2018 – My 63rd Birthday

07.55am – This morning a dove came to my window ledge. Never happened before. I don’t like the seagulls, pigeons, crows, or doves, eating food, as they bring infections but I enjoyed the dove today as it stared right in my face before flying away. I then turned the radio on to Smooth Extra and the song ‘Didn’t We Almost Have It All’ by the angel Whitney Houston – by the way we know she died in the bath with the bath water overflowing. I thus ask the question: – who turned the taps off?? Just a thought eh? What do these two signs mean: – a dove and a great song from a brilliant singer that died/was murdered???? Nothing! People today look too much into things and try to create answers from day to day life. What it does mean though is that it’s my birthday and happy birthday to me and thank you to my mother for bringing me to this world!!!

Monday 2 July 2018

07.26am – Thank you to those that sent me birthday greetings. I’m 63 but sometimes feel 163, and other times, the age, some say I look 36!!! Now, on to a more realistic topic – oil. Have a gander at oil prices, since 2016.

Why has the price of oil risen from $40 to almost double? Some say that the USA deliberately stirs up conflict in countries that have oil (Iran) in order to increase oil prices, which helps the US economy, which is an oil producing country! Or, it could be that the world is actually running out of oil – keeps that secret – falsifies geological reports, and that is supported by the fact that petrol cars are withdrawn in the next 20 years to electric cars!! You decide. It does not matter to me because by the time that petrol cars are banned I’ll be in another world!!! But it matters for the sake of the truth. Then again what is considered the truth, is not always the full story, so, a little digging into the facts is necessary.

07.03pm – Things do seem to be looking up but then again, I have had so many false starts that I won’t be celebrating too quickly. What I do know is that the weather is hot and the sun is doing me good. I feel good and healthier.

Tuesday 3 July 2018

06.53pm – The whole question is, indeed, as posed by the article above: – did Himmler commit suicide, as was the story at the time, or did someone from the allies (or another Nazi prison!!!) kill him? Well, you will have to wait until I get to Italy on that one. It is, though, such an interesting story and with a connection to William Joyce aka Lord Haw Haw!

06.58pm – Today is one year since I was wrongly and unjustly removed from the ‘open section’ of this place. However, as one person said to me “you have got over it at least and moved on.” Well, I have had little to no choice! What do you do when you are moved from Heaven to Hell? You get used to the heat!!! The last year, in any case, was a good bit cold, so, the heat from hell came useful!

Wednesday 4 July 2018

01.17pm – Unfortunately, the above is correct and factually accurate. For the many absurd complaints and the odd one, or two, even generated by me. Luckily, the few issues I have raised with the prison and probation ombudsman have been upheld. That means I was right but I have never sought any compensation, only a ruling that I was correct. You see, today, we live in a lawsuit culture where even fleas can sue the wind if they land on the wrong pieces of excreta (shite)!!! It is very sad but that is how it is.

01.12pm – Last night England got lucky in the penalty shootout with Colombia. They now have a real chance of getting to the final and with more luck, could even win!!!

Thursday 5 July 2018

(written 04/07/18) – I want to catch the post in the morning, so, I write this the night before.

Now, at 9pm ITV will show Susannah Reid’s documentary on Graham Birchwood. I know Graham very well from Swaleside prison and looked into his case very carefully in 2015, and 2016, whilst I was there. The biggest problem in his case, as I wrote to Susannah Reid, is that at his trial for murder, facing life in jail, he was defended by a Solicitor Advocate who told Graham he was a QC which was not true, of course. Now, whilst the solicitor advocate has a right to an audience in the Crown Court you sure as hell don’t use one for a murder trial, you use only a Queens Counsel (QC – silk). That means, that the defense was prejudiced right from the start. I never evaluated whether Graham was guilty, or innocent, but I do know he did not get a fair trial because there was no equality of arms, and, as such, he was convicted and sentenced to over 30 years in jail. I was moved here and could not help any further but Graham Birchwood did not get a fair trial and I hope some lawyer will be able to help him. Guilty, or not guilty, can only be truly ascertained if there is a fair trial. There was not!

Friday 6 July 2018

07.12am – Having a bit of a tough time as I have two weeks of very strong medication, co-amoxiclav 250mg, three times per day, and boy, oh boy, do I feel it! The next thirteen days will feel like thirteen billion years.

07.15am – There is another so-called episode of the use of Novichok that has hit, yet again, in Salisbury. Two innocent bystanders have been tragically affected. The question is this though: – is it Novichok or could it be another nerve agent? The evaluation is important because the UK Government blames the Russian Government and all this in the middle of the World Cup. Can I put another scenario to you: – If the nerve agent used was not Novichok then what other could it be that gives the same symptoms? Methanol has a facsimile effect and the CIA, SIS, and other security agencies, have actually used it to eliminate those that the Government of the time identifies. Exactly the same symptoms and death is fairly certain. The strange thing is that Methanol is found in most dry cleaners’ shops – oh, I bet you were not expecting that were you? So, why don’t the law enforcement agencies have a re-evaluation and can someone check if dry cleaners’ shops were in the vicinity of the Skripal and the two innocent victims that fell ill last week? You see if Methanol is identified then it puts a totally different factor on what has happened. It does not absolve the Russian Government because the SUR, also, use Methanol but it will show that there are alternatives.

Saturday 7 July 2018

06.23pm – A very warm day again but I’m not complaining at all. I have a nice sun tan but the medication is taking its toll on me and I’m not feeling so good. I have to continue taking the medication. Grrr…!!!!

06.26pm – Someone the other day asked me why most payments in international trade are in US dollars and blow me down I remembered, as I do, of course, that in 1944 there was a conference in the United States where delegates from 40-50 countries tried to create an international monetary system. For the UK Sir John Maynard Keynes attended. In fact, Milton Keynes was partly named after him (the Milton was John Milton who wrote Paradise Lost) and at that conference – which if my wizen brain recalls was held in Bretton, New Hampshire.  It was resolved that gold and oil would be traded in what was then the most stable currency, the US dollar. It was in the 1970s that Arab countries and the, what was then few countries, of the EU (EEC then) wanted gold for the dollars they held to combat inflation. Nixon was brilliant as the US President he did not want Fort Knox drained of gold so he decoupled the dollar from gold, but by then the dollar was the currency of the world!!!

Sunday 8 July 2018

08.08am – England beat Sweden, and Croatia beat Russia on penalties, so, the semi-final of the World Cup, on Wednesday, will be England v Croatia. Shoko Asahara, however, will never know what the result will be because he was hanged as per the news report below.

What is my view on the executions? Simply this: – he has been waiting over 20 years to be executed, far too long to wait. I’m not convinced on the death penalty but if it is to go ahead, and be the will of the people then, and only then, due process should be swift. When the UK had capital punishment from sentence of death to the gallows, I think, was no more than a couple of months. In some countries it’s instant. In Iraq, from sentence of death to execution it’s the same day. Talk about speedy justice or rush to judgement….

08.14am – Damn the anti-biotics are strong as hell and make my head want to explode. It’s the first couple of hours that make me feel bad but after which it gets better. Well, pain is instant and from then onwards gets better.

Monday 9 July 2018

01.08pm – Last night I had what I call a eureka moment. A bit boring for some, I know, but it’s all about The Criminal Justice Act 2003 s.174(i)(b) and The Criminal Procedure Rules 2014 (SI 2014 no. 1610) R38.6. Now, all that mumbo-jumbo jure language will not make much sense to many but to me and Alistair McCreath QC, it may well have consequences of a legal nature. I say ‘may’ because at the moment I am not well physically and have little energy but my medication will cease in 10 days’ time.

01.12pm – I see that David Davis MP has resigned as the Brexit Secretary. The rats leaving a sinking ship except that Theresa May MP is no sinking ship. Believe you me Mrs. May MP is a brilliant person and brilliant PM. I believe her to be facsimile to Churchill as PM. Whatever can be said about Churchill, and I have written about him, as Prime Minister he and his strategy saved the UK from Nazi Germany. That is why I say Theresa May is also a brilliant person and one whom I hold in high esteem. She was at Oxford the same time as my cousin but I don’t want to say anything on that but I bet Theresa will remember Scamps Disco in Oxford!!!

01.16pm – Life is all about coincidences eh some good, some bad, some nice, and some embarrassing!!!













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