Diary from the Inside 10 – 23 July 2018 Part 120 by Giovanni Di Stefano

Tuesday 10 July 2018

07.03pm – I think I have nine more days of these strong antibiotics and, boy, I can hardly wait. My head wants to explode when I take the pills but let’s hope it’s all for the better. Not much really to say today other than Boris Johnson resigned as Foreign Secretary. He says that his conscience would not allow him to advance a cause he did not believe in. Well, that never stopped him in the past, and I saved his backside some years back, but never mind. I’m glad I was able to help because both Boris and his sister Rachel are, deep down, really nice people but have a sense of humour different from the normal. I like both Boris and Rachel but was annoyed he never lifted a finger to help me in my time of need, whereas, I went out of my way to help him when his backside was being scorched.

07.09pm – No post for ages. Who the hell wants to keep in touch with me anyway. I’ve been out of the loop for five years and four months. Boy, it feels like it was only yesterday when a serious injustice occurred. I allowed myself to believe those that by profession lie, but I allowed myself to believe lies from the State. Oh well, never mind. Time stands still for no fu—–!!

Wednesday 11 July 2018

01.08pm – I am saddened that Lord Carrington has sadly passed away at the age of 99. I had the pleasure of meeting Lord Carrington in 1990 and his first statement to me was this: – “please call me Peter.” That says it all. He was a true diplomat and true gentleman, and even though he lived to be nearly 100 and had a good life, I’m sad he died, and, even now, would rather Lord Carrington as Foreign Secretary at 99, than Boris Johnson at whatever the hell age, says he is. You see, one thing that Ambassador Rossi Longhi taught me is this: – foreign affairs are about diplomacy, good manners, tradition, and keeping your nerve. Lord Carrington had all of those, and by the way, I could not bring myself to call him Peter – he was always Lord Carrington. I had the same situation with the Marquess of Bath – his first statement to me in 2012, at his lovely stately home, “call me Alex please.” I could not. He was Lord Bath.  Gosh, even Roger Moore always got the ‘Sir Roger’ from me when others were around, and in private, now and then, it was ‘Roger’ but I always preferred ‘Sir Roger’ because it was a title he had earned. Lord Bath and Lord Carrington the same.

Thursday 12 July 2018

07.26am – The difference between Croatia and England is the photo above. Kolinda is the President of Croatia and that is how she looks and happy to be photographed. Would Theresa May be happy to be photographed in her bikini? Only ten years age difference? In Croatia, there are no Starbucks and no Costa Coffee shops. It’s about having two/three-hour lunches, where in England it’s a bite standing up lasting thirty minutes. The same in football – Croatia were 1 – 0 down but did not care because their attitude and culture would prevail. Regardless, I was hoping England would win damn it. So, Theresa May please get your bikini out and let’s all start having three-hour lunches.

Friday 13 July 2018

07.28am – I was shocked, shocked, shocked, to read that Elliot Management has taken control of AC Milan. First of all, I would never have allowed Li Yanghong, a person who clearly could not sustain funding AC Milan, to ‘buy’ the Club in the first place with borrowed money. Now, the time has come to take back control of not only AC Milan but of Italy, because the State is not present, and when the State is not present, it needs to be substituted before reforming the State.

Saturday 14 July 2018

06.06pm – There has been much talk about ‘heroes’ of late, including the England football team! I say poppycock to that. Let me tell you about a real hero who has not been much heard of. Her name is Hannah Senesh a Hungarian patriot and poet of World War II. She was actually a Paratrooper trained by the British to rescue Jews during the Holocaust. She was captured, tortured, and killed, by the Nazis and is a hero in Israel and should, also, be worldwide. In 1939, she graduated from University and emigrated to what was then the British Mandate of Palestine. In 1941 working at a Kibbutz she began to write poetry. Somehow, she was recruited into the paramilitary group called Haganah, and in 1943 enlisted in the British Army in Women’s Auxiliary Air Forces (something my friend Gerry Bayford knows a bit about) and began training with the SOE (Special Operations Executive). After training, she was parachuted behind enemy lines in Yugoslavia and fought with Marshal Tito and his Partisans. On 7 June 1944, she was captured near the Hungarian border and sent to a prison in Budapest. She refused to provide the code for her SOE radio, even when her mother was arrested and tortured. On the 7 November 1944, she was executed by firing squad, refusing to wear a blindfold. I won’t forget her poem found in her cell:

“One, two, three,

eight feet long.

Two strides across, the rest is dark.

Life is a fleeting question mark.


One, two, three

maybe another week

Or the next month may still find me here.

But death, I feel, is very near.


I could have been

Twenty-three next July.

I gambled on what mattered most.

The dice were cast. I lost!!!”

RIP Hannah

Sunday 15 July 2018

08.03am – Yesterday I wrote about a real hero – Hannah Senesh. Look at the news report about the England team – See how they are described -‘heroes.’

What a crock of shite! Yes, they did well but they failed to win when they played real opponents and can hardly qualify as ‘heroes.’ By the way, the meaning of a hero is: – ‘One greatly regarded for achievements or qualities.’ (Collins English dictionary). Do you know who told me about Hannah Senesh? A writer called Alan White who wrote books one of which was ‘Kibbutz.’ He used to live in Rushden, and in 1972 I went to see him, and he told me about Hannah who he was planning to write a book. “She was a real hero,” he said. In the poem ‘A walk to Caesarea’ she wrote:

“My God, my God

may it never end –

the sand and the sea,

the rustle of water.,

the brilliance of the sky.

the prayer of man.”


She also wrote the poem ‘Blessed is the Match.’

“Blessed is the match consumed in kindling flame.

Blessed is the flame that burns in the heart’s secret places.

Blessed is the heart that knows for honor’s sake, to stop its beating.

Blessed is the match, consumed in the kindling flame.”

I used to visit Alan White regularly at his home Obelisk House in Rushden – I lived three miles away and he gave me his book ‘Kibbutz’ and ‘The Long Days Dying’ which was made into a film. I enjoyed our half hour chats, and he did inspire me to always ‘give it a go.’ God bless you, Alan White and Hannah!

Monday 16 July 2018

07.33am – The reason I noticed the above news report is, the fact that, a guilty person Philippe Moryoussef evades British (in) justice by going back home whilst on bail. In 2013 before my trial started, out of the blue, Alistair McCreath granted me permission to go to Palma De Mallorca for a few days. The message I got was “don’t come back” and “eff off Giovanni, this is your chance” and the likes. Well, I’m proud to say (even though it has cost me) that despite me being told officially not to come back, and no extradition was possible because the Judge had allowed me to leave the country – he made that clear in open court – and my employers and lawyers all saying “don’t come back,” I did. Why? Because I did not want to be a fugitive from justice, and I believed that justice would prevail. Well, 5 ½ years later I am sad that an injustice occurred to me, but I do not regret the decision to come back. I was raised to front problems not run. That is what Phillipe should do – get the hell back here.

Tuesday 17 July 2018

(written 16 July at 08.12pm) I need to catch the post so sometimes I have to write my diary in advance. When I saw that the police failed to comply with the law of disclosure in 4 out of 10 cases, it effectively means that 40% of people potentially convicted are innocent, in the sense of legally innocent. If the Crown fails to comply with the rules, any conviction is at risk. With a prison population of some 85,000 (say 80,000) then some 32,000 people should not be in prison. Ok, let’s say some pleaded guilty, that can bring it down to 25,000 people who should not be in prison. The problem is that no one gives a flying eff, who actually gives a damn about criminal justice? No one!! So, the amount seriously increases. What does the Court of Appeal do about it? The answer Paul Getty gave to the kidnappers of his grandson as to what he would pay – nothing!!!! A country is adjudicated by the State of its prisons and the workings of the criminal justice system.

Wednesday 18 July 2018

07.42pm – Well, well, well, my sweet Lord, I know one of the solicitors in the case above. How the hell was that so well hidden? How belligerent lawyers can be when under pressure…….

Thursday 19 July 2018

07.33am – That the police, now and then, gain advantages in a prosecution by embellishing the facts, well that happens a bit. That the prosecution misled the Court and the Jury by interpreting facts rather than saying how it is, well hell yes, most of the time. But that the Police. and the Prosecutors, and the Judge, and the Court of Appeal accept falsified documents to obtain a conviction rare. But on 17 July 2018 I was shown that it happened in my case, right in front of my own eyes, and almost making me believe that I did things in the past that I knew never happened, but to which my eldest son said to me yesterday: – “But dad, we saw the documents that showed you were wrong.” Documents!! No one, including me, ever challenged the documents were false. Why? Because it meant the Police National Computer had to be hacked and false entries made. I suspected, but no way could I prove it, and by the way who would give the order for such? To falsify, or create entries, in the PNC it would need the Security Services, the Foreign Secretary, or Home Secretary, to authorize it. Well, it has been from 17 July 2018 proved, now, and what will happen next heaven only knows but I hope finally justice will prevail.

Friday 20 July 2018

07.34am – I was absolutely shocked, shocked, shocked, to read that Sarah Vine’s daughter, aged 15, was attacked in London after the England v Croatia game. It’s absolutely absurd to use violence after, or before, or during, any sporting event. Teams are adversaries not enemies and attacking a 15-year-old girl, who incidentally is a polite, well educated, and gentle person, like her mother, is unforgivable. Sarah Vine grew up in Italy and I doubt this kind of incident could have happened in Italy. In fact, when everyone was harping on about how dangerous Russia was, well effing hell its more dangerous in London. Unlike President Trump, I don’t blame the Mayor of London. I blame the Government that has lost control of the State. There is no State, if there were, an attack on a 15-year-old girl could not happen. Never happened in Yugoslavia under Tito or in Albania under Hoxha, or China under Mao Tse Tung, or Italy under Mussolini, or in Iraq under Saddam, or in Libya under Gaddafi. Absurd it should happen in England over a football match!!! I wish Sara and her daughter, well as always.

Saturday 21 July 2018

06.29pm – Have a gander at the small news report below.

Do you remember the fuss made three months back about the so-called ‘sarin’ attack in Syria? I hope Caroline puts this news report on our front page, just to show how wrong the British were three months back. Have they learned no lesson from Iraq? The false information to join an illegal War? Why did they do this again without the proper information? The same with Trump, why the hell did he not check properly the information before firing a missile? More to the point, why the hell are the BBC and Sky not reporting this? That is why I say this country has no State! There cannot be a State if mistakes of this nature still occur can there? So, if there is no State in whose name did the US/UK attack Syria? Yes, blame it on the people. I hope that in the next elections no one votes!!!!!

Sunday 22 July 2018

12.51pm – We need to lighten the mood a bit and stop harping on about shite prisons, prisoners, and Courts. The whole world is not about misdeeds and the consequences of such. So, as I was once head of PCC (Pathe Communications Corp) which purchased MGM, I thought I would talk about Cockerels. Stop laughing. The Cockerel was the symbol of Pathe and it still is. But do you know why the Cockerel is the emblem of Christianity? Why are they up on church roofs to show which way the wind is blowing? Of course, you don’t. So, I will tell you. In the sixth century, Pope Gregory I called the Cockerel the most suitable emblem of Christianity. Years later, during Pope Leo IV reign (847-855) (I hope my memory is good) a cockerel was mounted on the top of the old St Peters Basilica in Rome. Later, that century, I’m pretty darn certain that Pope Nicholas I issued a decree that ‘all churches should have a Cockerel on the Dome or Spire’ in order to ‘serve as a reminder of Jesus’s prophecy of St Peters betrayal.’ Is it Luke 22:34 where Jesus’s prophecy is that before the Cock crows Peter will betray him three times. The oldest known weather Cock is the Gallo Di Ramperto, it’s been on display in the Museo di Santa Giulia in Brescia in Brescia since 1899. I saw this when I went to see a top mafia person who was in the witness protection in Italy. Another story for another time. The Cockerel was on the Spire for 1,000 years then it was brought down.

Monday 23 July 2018

07.24am – At the Sorbonne University in Paris, in 1910, President Theodore Roosevelt delivered a speech which all of us should embrace. I will include it in my next revelation because it’s important all of us understand the content. It was called ‘Man in The Arena’ speech.

“It is not the critic who counts; not

the man who points out how the

strong man stumbles, or where

the doer of deeds could have done

them better. The credit belongs to the

man, who is actually in the Arena,

whose face is marred by dust

and sweat and blood; who strives

valiantly; who errs, who comes short

again, and again, because there is no

effort without error and shortcomings.”

Don’t we all endorse that? Yes, I have ended up here but – and a big but – I’d rather this way than having done, tried, attempted, eff all. You see if you don’t try you not only don’t get, but you will always wonder ‘what if.’ Who the eff wants to be an ‘I wonder if’ person.  IWWI Club – I wonder what if’ Club has many, many, members and it’s a Club I will never even apply to join. Maybe that is why destiny and fate have  thrown me a lifeline. I never stopped believing in justice and it’s about to be displayed.














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